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  1. LOL. Shouldn't you be crashing a plant somewhere? If you make it back, we leave at 10.

  2. Nutcase. I'm at SCADA Lab for half today. I'll call you in a bit

  3. Well, if so, that's an improvement from the real translation. Shouldnt you be posting pictures? I liked the Denise Milliani vid. I have a friend who had her as an avvie.

  4. I would but you are usually face down drunk at the bar. Speaking of which, next time we go-a-drinking, you better pay at least your half for the hookers and blow...

  5. Just so you know I pronounce your name Pinch-E Gay... Have a nice day.

  6. Welcome Back! I see you was able to add you old account...lol. I can only view my old one. I just wish we could get the old join date back.

  7. Hey Mike. Just letting you know that I too have had my account jacked. Oh wel, this is the new and improved Pantha-San

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