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  1. Imagine your Nippleshorts okay, Tolbert has been the starter for years now you want him to clean both Tolbert and Brockel...literally all i've been reading and you know it ain't that easy
  2. It's been a very long time since i've commented or replied to anything on the huddle, and Brandon Wegher/Lee Ward make me want to comment all fuging day, this is amazing to watch.
  3. Habusake from Okinawa and Palm Tree Island
  4. ^^^Boo, without makeup and her fake hair she looks like a meth head for serious.
  5. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you for your service, my Warfighter Brother....

  6. Thanks for the sig comment. More importantly, thank you and all the others for your service!

  7. what are you talking about when you say peps disease, i googled came up empty

  8. Thanks for the reps!

  9. Britneck w.............t...............f.............dude
  10. Tigris river near LSA Anaconda/Balad
  11. C-130J right now pcsing to Charleston to work on 17's

  12. what kind of jets do you work on?

  13. I was a jet engine mech for 10 years in the USAF. Good to have you on the board.

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