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  1. Rihanna isn't the best singer ever no... I don't disagree, but generally her music is entertaining... Beyonce's music to me is generally awful. I'm the same way, my musical taste is varied... I listen mostly to 90s rock, AiC, Deftones, STP, Sound Garden, etc... I also like old school rap LL, Dre, Snoop, etc., 80s music, Pink Floyd and CCR, some older country (modern country sucks ass)... and everything in between...
  2. That blessings song is just ok... like I said at least R&B and Hip Hop songs mostly have a decent beat... Absolutely... there was some horrible music in the 80s and 90s... like I said, not all modern music is bad. Example: Beyonce is bad, she needs to be quiet and just be hot. Rihanna is good, she needs to keep going what she's doing... Dpantherman and I have these discussions quite a lot...
  3. I guess this can go along with the "age" topic... as I'm sure I'll be labeled an old geezer... Don't get me wrong... some of the music coming out now I really like... ...but WHAT THE fug is this?
  4. I got traps from my grandad... I got bigger traps by picking up heavy things.
  5. I'll be the first to admit I'm not really objective on this as I hate Brady and the Pats with a burning passion... However, I agree with the punishment (being as objective as I can) for two reasons... 1) This is the second time the Pats have been caught breaking NFL rules to gain competitive advantage. Everyone is saying the deflating balls isn't a big deal, and in the grand scheme of all things NFL I agree... However cheating is cheating. Rules are in place to maintain order and balance among the teams and how do you determine what rule is more important than what other rule? Brady, by
  6. We'll have to ask Lola but I don't think the skin tone is really a factor.
  7. I guess if you have bony arms women tend to notice things like cargo shorts...
  8. idk how I missed this thread so far, but I'm wearing camo cargo shorts sitting at my desk RIGHT NOW.
  9. I mean I really feel sorry for the Jags... and I hate it when any player is injured.
  10. Finally saw it last night (long story) but I'm kind of on the side with Zod here... it was just meh to me. It wasn't as good as the first Avengers or GotG imo. It was good, but not great. Too many slow parts and the plot was just so so, and Ultron as a villain didn't really do it for me. Honestly I think they were trying a little too hard to setup the rest of the MCU in this one to make it really stand out as a great movie. Other thoughts: Scarlett Witch is hot... good lord they had some nice shots of her boobs. The whole Black Widow/Banner thing seemed... idk, off?
  11. How dare you besmirch a great Sith title by using it to refer to Bill Bellicheat??? He is not worthy.
  12. How the fug you get "probable" out of this I have no idea...
  13. Which direction is the banana spinning?
  14. Please let this be in the new Star Wars
  15. Doing deads has helped my squat tremendously... my back is sooooo much stronger than it was.
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