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  1. Bought and paid for by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers i.e the Glazers.
  2. This is pathetic....I mean really? I suppose any reason to go out and celebrate. LUL
  3. That kind of stuff made Smitty who he was....that chip on his shoulder carried him far! He left it all out on the field and love him or hate him, he was a great receiver and was the type of player teams love.
  4. Man that's a lot of wood.......
  5. Yeah that was a fun time in Panthers history! My dad and I went to a couple of the games and he brought his scanner and it was, like you said, a proverbial sh#t talking festival. If I recall correctly I believe either Dom or one of the defensive coaches said something along the lines of "we got to fug the QB up the azz all day long, rip his azz wide open till he don't want no more." The chatter was really fun to listen to. I think it lasted maybe 3-4 home games (@Clemson).
  6. It isn't terrible, but it's more than Petr and Reims and the Canes are hesitant to spend big money on a goalie with term since the whole Mongo debacle.
  7. I believe we did go after Lehner but he wanted more $$$$ than we were willing to pay!
  8. The only issue I have with Petr coming back in the postseason is rust, it could be costly. Maybe he'll be able to get back before then and get some games under his belt before the postseason. He was off to a great start. All that being said, our defense is better than they played the last couple of games. I am sure RBA will let them know about it.
  9. I have a couple of thoughts on Turbo: I think he is definitely rusty coming off being sick and will eventually get back on track. He won't be traded because he is a good player on a terrific contract. Ultimately, he may be shifted to a different line to get his "groove" bac If we do trade for a goalie I expect a D-man and pick(s) would be traded.
  10. Again, I am not trying to knock on Reimer here (or even Ned - who I don't think is truly ready), but we can't put all our fortune on Reims and Ned if we are truly going for the Cup. That being said, I don't know the timetable for Petr's return.
  11. Yeah our special teams sucked tonight! I think the boys are a bit fatigued, a little rest should help....and an ass chewing by RBA will do.
  12. Well can't win them all, but overall not a great game for the Canes. Hope Necas is going to be alright, although he will be missing some games for sure.
  13. Canes are looking a little tired at the point of the game. We may really need to think about finding another goalie...... Just to clarify, I like Reimer but we can't ride him and he just made a great save!
  14. I was wondering if I was really hearing that? I suppose it's a catchy little diddy.....
  15. Yeah, lady luck wasn't with us as we controlled the previous 5 or so minutes.... You know 5 goals against isn't a real good look tonight.
  16. Just a thought I've had since Wardo left Carolina and then retired: Mrazek and Reimer have been so much better in shootouts than Cam ever was. Anytime a game went to a shootout back with Cam I always felt like it was pretty much a loss.....
  17. Yeah I agree, got to remember all the little things Aho is doing out there...dropping dimes, going against other team's best D, his forechecking and backchecking, presence on the power play. We probably aren't 6-1 without him!!
  18. I met Charles too, he was very nice and he's completely honest on air and in person.....you know how he really feels whether you disagree or not! We need more people like him!
  19. You have got to give to get whether we like it or not. I still don't think it's going to happen, we will either get a QB we like at #8 because our draft intel will be good enough to know what is going to happen 1-7, we may trade up if we feel like we can get a QB we really like, or if we just can't get what we want at #8 we'll trade back a little and get an extra later round first and maybe a 2nd if we deal well.
  20. Man Trocheck has gotten off to a hot start, I hope this bodes well for his entire future in Carolina....he must like Raleigh! Also, having Nino and Dzingel on the scoresheet early in the season has to give them confidence as well....again I hope they keep it up. Finally, kudos to our taxi squad....they have really played well.
  21. Dude, I already posted a link here in the Canes Reddit. Someone replied this place was toxic......sadge.
  22. We seem to be getting better over the last couple of games, really surprised after the time off.....we were swarming the puck tonight and looked good. Dzingel and Trochek looking good so far and we know it's only a matter of time before Seabass and TT get it going as well.
  23. Mac, you can ease up bro you will be drafted mid to late round in the 1st. It's going to be ok!
  24. If we are smart and we put in our system to be smart then our system of talent can take over the other team's system and systematically our system will allow our smart talent to provide a winning system.
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