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  1. One thing is certain... we are a long, long way from the days of trotting Kaelin Clay, Sunshine, and a busted-up Funchess out there trying to win a playoff game... It is and will always be absurd that a better team wasn't put around Cam in his prime
  2. It would as bad as rescinding the franchise tag on Josh Norman in 2015 or how badly the team handled the departures of Smitty and Cam...
  3. I was in a college fraternity with that jackbag (he was kicked out for constantly starting fights, creeping girls, and almost burning down our fraternity house in his drunken douche-baggery) involved with the Jon Beason lawsuit... He got everything that had been coming to him for years... I know he carried around a laminated card around in his wallet to impress woman claiming he was on the Panthers practice squad (this was in the early 2000's when it would have been much harder to verify that information for fringe practice squad players... I don't know what position he claimed but I doub
  4. There is nothing that will make me happier a Panthers fan that to get the Bucs in Week 2 and get a season-defining win against the reigning SB Champions like we did in 2003. I just looked at the power rankings and absolutely no one is giving us any respect (most I've seen have us last in the division). But they did in 2003 also, and I feel we have just had the most transformative offseason we've had since that special season... Who knows what will happen, but I think we crushed free agency and the draft. This team (on paper) is much, much improved from last year. I tip my hat
  5. Yep. One or the other is better long-term. I also firmly believe part of the passing on Fields is to legitimately give Darnold a chance this year to see if he can become the guy he was projected to be. If Darnold fails, I think we will again be all-in on Watson (provided he settles his legal/civil issues) , and have better assets to facilitate a trade
  6. Fair points... I don't think anyone should see Leno as the "answer" at LT, but I would feel a lot better if we signed someone like Leno or Okung for one more year to have an established veteran presence while Christensen and the other young guys continue to develop. I like Irving for his versatility, but I would feel much better having someone who is an established LT
  7. Hoping that number is right... and that would give us plenty of cushion to add a few more quality guys to round out the roster, sign our draft picks, and still give some space to sign someone during the season if there are injuries.
  8. This was the source I was using: https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/carolina-panthers/ Whatever the number is, it can go up when/if we cut Jansen by roughly $1M Even better if it's more in the range you are saying... where did you see those numbers?
  9. Panthers currently have about $15M in cap. Need $5M or so for draft picks, so we have the means to add some more talent. Especially since the salary crunch from Covid is going to cause some of these veterans to take 1-year minimum or near-minimum deals
  10. This afternoon is when the next wave of free agency commences, as teams try to round out their roster post-draft. Here is a list of some of the top prospects- In my opinion, OT, S, & LB are still areas we could address:
  11. You're probably right... Fitterer should still vet the situation out
  12. True... and Christensen might be great... just a tremendous amount of risk not to have someone you know can start at LT to begin the season. I would much rather have a dependable and proven guy like Leno (who has started every game over the last 7 seasons) even with a lower ceiling as an option than just rolling with Cam Irving, Trent Scott, Greg Little, etc. and hoping we can make do. Best case for everyone is that Christensen is able to lock down the LT spot... that's a huge ask for a 3rd round rookie though This is a tremendously improved roster outside of the glaring questio
  13. True... which is why we are going to need to be aggressive with the money (within reason) to convince him to come here Adding Leno with the other draft additions we've made would give us a legitimate O Line and would leave Darnold's development and performance the only real question mark (on paper) for a tremendously improved roster
  14. Exactly. Way too much of a risk to go into the season without another option. I've read though that Leno's college coach is now with the Colts who also need a LT and they are the favorites to sign him... one can hope though
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