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  1. Some of the best nickel CBs are undrafted. I wondered at first if Hartsfield was a case of Rhule's fascination with "position less" players, but Myles is legit and looked really well playing nickel
  2. I'm not totally exonerating Sam, but this is not all on him and he showed more moxie on that last drive than Teddy ever did in spite of unacceptable drops. I'm not saying he's the answer but it's hard to scapegoat one guy when there is such a colossal amount of blame to go around
  3. I like seeing the fire from CMC in his press conference. Joe Person and David Newton should be thankful they don't have to go against CMC in a blocking drill after the equal parts asinine and invasive questions they kept hammering him about his health. It would be like CMC asking Person if he's been rocking that same goofy hairstyle since high school or asking if David Newton has job security at ESPN b/c of his mental retardation condition...
  4. Asset management. Sign the defensive guys to keep the defense strong. Reddick and Jackson are musts in my opinion. Gilmore is wait-and-see... No reason for either party to commit until he's on the field consistently To your greater point, like Fitterer said, you almost have to build an Offensive Line through the draft b/c there is such a dearth of good linemen and teams aren't going to let them go under hardly any circumstance. Plus, you have the benefit of a lower cost structure for your offensive line so you can pay other players Good drafting is ultimately the key to all this working long-term b/c it allows you to build your roster with a substantial number of guys on rookie deals while having the cap space to reward the guys who have earned it and allows you to augment selectively through free agency. Hurney could never produce a consistent winner b/c his drafts really did suck after the 1st round when you view his tenure in its totality. The Panthers were usually very top heavy with little depth and a few injuries could and did derail multiple seasons. Especially now with a 17th game, drafting well and churning the bottom of the roster is of even greater importance due to how many guys you need to play over the season. Rhule & Fitterer are much more forward thinking in both seeing and planning for this attrition.
  5. Mods need to lock and delete these nonsense threads
  6. Great guy- just can't handle the mental pressure of being a NFL kicker. Which is a shame b/c he has elite physical talent as a kicker But ultimately nothing matters if you can't put it through the upright when it counts
  7. Before the start of last season (meaning pre-draft/ pre-free agency), the Panthers had really only 1 somewhat proven blue-chip defensive player in Brian Burns Now, by my estimation, we have arguably 6 : Brian Burns Derrick Brown Haason Reddick Shaq Thompson (he finally looks like a worth successor to Luke/TD) Jeremy Chinn Donte Jackson More importantly, we have 5 other players that are on the cusp and/or have blue-chip potential: Jaycee Horn CJ Henderson Morgan Fox Daviyon Nixon (Definitely top-end talent on film) Yetur Gross-Matos That doesn't even include the other non blue-chip guys on defense who are still solid contributors: Jermaine Carter Frankie Luvu DaQuan Jones (good player but older) Marquis Haynes (honestly could see him signing elsewhere for more opportunity b/c he could start for some teams) Juston Burris Bottom line is this, In less than 2 years, this team has added high-end talent across all levels of the defense. Truly remarkable what Matt Rhule & Phil Snow have done
  8. Hoping for a physical, brutal game that ends in an OT tie with the Cowboys tired for next Sunday
  9. Wild card. It's hard to envision winning an actual playoff game with this offensive line. Now, having said that, this defense is going to keep us in most games. But TBH, Darnold and CMC have overcome this offensive line more so than actually benefitting from it... and I don't see the team being able to magically upgrade until after the season. Hope I'm wrong, but honestly, even sniffing the playoffs after almost every national pundit picked us to finish last or near last will be vindicating enough for this year.
  10. Who could we possibly draft in the 2nd round better than what Sam Darnold has been? Who could we draft in the 3rd round that fits the athletic profile and potential of CJ Henderson? The answer to both is no one... Enjoy what we're building here... we finally have people who know what they're doing
  11. People hate on Ian, but he has looked ok as a pass catcher, and much, much improved as a blocker. Thomas completely cleared his guy out of the way on Tremble's TD run
  12. It is amazing how well everything is working out with the team rebuild. This team is in much better shape roster wise than I would have thought possible after where we entered last offseason (arguably the worst roster on paper in the league). That being said, we still have 14 games left with a bad offensive line that I'm not sure can be improved much until after the season. Darnold has been tough and Brady is trying to scheme around it, but it is going to be an ongoing issue that can hold us back. Also, special teams is still bad. The defense can and has masked a lot of our deficiencies, but they still remain. I do think we can compete for the playoffs this year. I still question whether we can beat the top teams with this offensive line especially.
  13. This is the type of secondary you need (combined with this insane pass rush) to truly have a chance against the elite offenses
  14. Thank you... that's the real question... if you are picking up more talent than you are trading away it's a win... This version of Sam Darnold for a 2nd round pick?? Absolute no brainer A top 10 CB pick with 3 years left on his rookie contract plus the 5th year option for a 3rd (Dan Arnold was probably worth a 5th which we got back so Henderson basically cost us a 3rd)?? Absolute no brainer Think of it as just using your draft picks early... and from that perspective, the Panthers are absolutely killing it... And we have plenty of cap space for resigning guys, FA, to boot
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