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  1. I have 4 PSL seats in Section 540, Row 19 for the Panthers. The past few years I have traded a couple of Panthers games for Charlotte FC games, but the guy I had traded with didn't renew his Charlotte FC tickets this year. If there are any Charlotte FC season ticket holders that are interested, please DM me and we can work out a trade. This is my preference so I can avoid Ticketmaster and their BS fees. Thanks!
  2. 100%. It flies under the radar given all his other blunders, but the Miles Sanders' contract was atrocious, and it only looks worse after a year.
  3. I felt this in my soul. Good post
  4. This isn't about Bryce Young in a vacuum. This isn't really even about BY9 per se. And I don't give a crap about other fans. What I do care about is being able to come to this board and have discourse with Panthers fans that actually have some context & perspective for the things they spew. It's not about agreeing or not. I could come to this board for well over a decade and have that experience. And I disagreed with many, many people. None of whom acted like this current cast of trolls. Now, there are literally people with clown avatars attacking any take you have that isn't overwhelmingly negative... It's effing insanity. And I'd be willing to bet everything I've got the website traffic has plummeted. Obviously, the team's performance is a factor, but there are so many users than used to be regulars that have disappeared from this board. For reasons similar to mine. And dude, I've been a PSL owner for 20 years... trust me, I got thick skin when it comes to the Panthers. I'm just trying to provide legit feedback and constructive criticism about the direction of this message board.
  5. I will say I'm proud to have made it 19 years and never have received a warning before now. Goes to show you where this board is currently at... Measured takes by long-time Panthers fans with actual perspective... Absolutely Not!! Hot-Takes by Literal Clowns... By All Means, Yes!! I've always liked you CRA and appreciated your takes, but the moderation on this board makes no sense to me. Regardless, I do appreciate that you're willing to remain and wade through this cesspool... it's not a job I would want... I guess Jeremy decided this place was hopeless... I do hope once this franchise turns around, so can this board. And I realize being the moderator for a message board for a team like the Panthers that has been godawful for years can't be easy... Hopefully (for all of us), things will turn around, and you will get to be the moderator for a board that means something again. 2015 was insane with the amount of non-Panthers fans coming here to try to talk poo... it's hard to overstate how fun this board was... Now, it's just our own "fans" attacking anyone who dares not be overwhelmingly negative... If this isn't the nadir both for this franchise and CH, I hate to see how much further the abyss can go...
  6. Cmon dude... you've been a moderator for years... You really don't remember the discourse around here in 2017?? CMC was hated by many, many people. Especially after the season Kamara had. Anyone who doesn't seem massive parallels between that CMC/Kamara debate vs. the BY/CJS debate is lying or misremembering IMHO. And to your 2nd point, Bryce doesn't deserve another season? So, the book wasn't written on CMC after 1 season, but it is on Bryce? My avatar is of Cam and will always be. No one will ever take his place for me, but it's insane the number of people activity rooting against this team (and then talking trash to those of us supporting them). Man, I'll take my next month hiatus from this place, but I'm simply astonished at the revisionist history. I miss being able to have even remotely objective discussions on this board. People getting dragged by trolls every single time they try to post anything is exhausting... BTW @CRA, appreciate the warning. I'll see myself out, just like SCP and all the other posters worth a crap who got tired of this cesspool always favoring the poo-slingers... This board allows clowns to troll all day long anyone trying to have reasonable discourse with zero repercussion, but if you push back against this depressing and inane s-show and all the nonsense takes, then it's no good...
  7. I'm old enough to remember the people who wrote CMC off after his rookie season. Was too small, couldn't break tackles. Was a completely wasted pick. Complete bust to take him top-10 when the Saints drafted the OROY (Kamara) in the 3rd Round. We live in a hot-take society. I hope Bryce does better and 100% think he can, but none of us have a crystal ball. Just interesting how things have changed (i.e. CMC vs. Kamara). And it's like that with multiple players. Cam was never seen in the same vein as Andrew Luck of RG3 early on... the NFL creates their own narratives, and many of them outlive their actual truthfulness. It is still wild to me the amount of hate Bryce has received. Let's see what this season brings...
  8. All this talk about Centers misses the point IMHO. We have massively upgraded the overall quality of this unit. That is the most important thing. Other than Icky (who certainly has the potential), every other lineman is a proven starter in this league. So while I understand the question about Center somewhat, to me it's a bigger deal that we are actually putting guys who have proven they can start out there over a wing-and-a-prayer type players like we've seem to have done for many years now. I think the overall quality and depth is much better. They still need to prove it on the field, but I'm not that concerned about moving Corbett to Center. As we gave out over $100M guaranteed to linemen this offseason... that's not neglect.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up keeping 4 RB's with the new kickoff rules with Blackshear being the primary KR. Canales has said over and over that he intends to run the ball, and then run it some more. Brooks is the best RB prospect in the class, and it is a need. We may never have a RB quite as dynamic as CMC again, but Hubbard, Sanders, & Brooks is a quality group. We should be able to get production from that group if the Oline does their jobs.
  10. Would have loved to have had him back here (bought his jersey for me and my sons), but just ultimately glad he didn't end up in Atlanta. Reddick is chronically underrated...
  11. Burns is obviously the better player. But in its totality, I'd much rather have Wonnum at this rate and resign Brown to a mega-deal with the Burns money. Much better use of resources. We still need to sign another OLB and probably draft one as well, but this is a good start.
  12. I'm feeling like we have upgraded the run defense with signing Robinson & Jewell, but pass rush is still a massive chasm right now. Hopefully we sign at least one OLB tomorrow
  13. Tackling is what Josey is being signed for. Let Brown & Robinson eat up the blockers and let Josey go to work. Certainly not as versatile as Luvu, but hopefully a great fit for what Evero is wanting him to do in this scheme.
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