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  1. I am a old-school Panthers homer, but even I can't defend a lot of the decisions Rhule has made. It is malpractice that he did not get Christensen more reps at LT and Deonte Brown more snaps at RG. It is malpractice that he picked up Darnold's 5th year option so quickly. It is malpractice that he signed Erving and Elflein the 1st day of free agency. It is malpractice that he scapegoated Cam for his failures. And the fact he didn't let Cam close out the season will always stick in my crawl. It's hard to feel anything over than this will be a waste of yet another season continuing down this path with Rhule. We haven't been in playoff contention come December since 2017. We are a bottom-tier team right now, and it's hard to see any pathway to this team being competitive anytime soon. I will always love the Panthers, but this really is as bad as it has ever been being a Panthers fan. I know this is a common sentiment, but especially given everything else happening in the world and how pathetic this team has been, I like everyone else have started to feel apathy creeping in. I have never once sold my PSL tickets over the past 16 years, but I probably will at least some this coming season to try to break even on what will almost certainly be another lost season. What infuriates me even more than the financial black hole this has become is the fact my sons have gotten into the Panthers over the past 3 years, and the team has done nothing on the field to repay their investment (although them seeing Cam's return was cool). But that is literally it. I am not a fair-weather fan, but Tepper needs to realize he owns the failure of the past 4 seasons since he is the common denominator. Panthers Nation deserves better- we have been loyal and the team has not rewarded that in any manner for a long, long time at this point.
  2. IMO a lot of the defensive issues can be mitigated by having an offense that can actually pull their weight and not keep them on the field so much. I think that had a lot to do with them breaking down both physically and mentally as the season progressed. Not saying there wasn't some regression, but I think 75% of it was due to the complete lack of complementary football from our offense and to a lesser extent special teams
  3. Absolutely, unequivocally, no. He's the most talented receiver we've had in a long time.
  4. Reddick has proven more than Burns has. I truly don't understand the hate or why people think he shouldn't be a priority to resign. Reddick is every bit as good or better as a pure pass rusher and plays the run better than Burns. I like Burns, but he is a liability against the run. Watch the tape. I love the fact that we resigned Luvu, but I cringe to think that means we are just going to let Reddick walk. I cannot fathom how people think letting a proven double-digit sack guy walk is good business. If we don't resign him I could definitely see Atlanta (who just released Donte Fowler) or the Bucs (to pair him with Shaq Barrett) will sign him and he will terrorize us for the next few years. I had no opinion on Reddick to start the season, and thought like many that he was brought in solely as a Rhule guy. And while there was probably a lot of truth to that, he more than surpassed any expectations I had. People seriously need to watch the film. I understand the argument about being undersized against the run a little bit, but damn if he doesn't win against his guy in pass rushes consistently. His pressure rate was near the top of the league. You can never ever have too many guys that can rush the passer or cover corners. Getting Daviyon Nixon back healthy and upgrading over Brayvion Roy will help playing the run. Also, don't get rid of Denzel Perrymen. But Reddick just had the best pass-rushing season since Greg Hardy in 2013. He was Peppers level elite in rushing the passer. Letting Reddick go would be the worst decision this franchise has made since guaranteeing $18M to Darnold. Don't let one stupid mistake lead to another. Resign Reddick.
  5. Hell you could easily make the argument Reddick had the best overall season of anyone on the team. I would lose even further faith in Rhule if we don't try to resign him. Guys who can get double digit sacks don't grow on trees. The worst move the Saints have made recently was allowing their salary cap to get so jacked up they had to let Trey Hendeickson walk and sign with the Bengals, helping lead their defense to a SB
  6. Reddick was by far the best pass rushers we had this year. It is absurd he didn't make the pro-bowl. He is a proven double digit sack guy and proved he wasnt a one-hit wonder this season. I hope the naysayers keep the same energy when Tampa signs him to replace JPP. I think he should be the first priority to resign on defense
  7. Even as someone who wants Rhule gone, I think he has done pretty well on his hires all things considered. I wasn't happy with the McAdoo hire at first b/c of all the dysfunction from his HC tenure in NYG, but he does have a solid record as an OC. And he was probably the best we could do given our current (non-ideal by any stretch) QB and OL situation. The ST hire was good. I would certainly be happy with a top 10 ST group after the sorry ones we have had. And literally any OL coach would seem to be better after the abomination of this year. I am glad to hear he's had multiple Pro Bowlers he's coached. Other than finding a franchise QB, finding an OL coach who can actually develop guys is arguably our biggest need. My overall excitement right now is still pretty low, but since it seems Rhule is getting at least one more year, I hope these moves pay off. At least we are starting to get some substantial NFL coaching experience
  8. My thoughts exactly. I've been a fan since the beginning and a PSL owner since 2006. Like others have said, unless/until I find out Rhule is gone, the feeling is worse than 2001 or 2010 bc there is currently no hope. These last 4 years have been brutal, but this year has been the worst. I love the Panthers to my core, but this feels like an increasingly one-sided investment
  9. As tough as it is to admit it, you're right... hard to see any pathway where we are good next year. The thought of Matt Rhule for another year is soul-crushing... I will not forgive him for not letting Cam at the goal line and/or not putting him at the end. What a waste of 2 seasons (really the last 4). I'm just tired, man. This effing sucks
  10. Everything is better under Tepper (sound, WiFi, etc) except for the one thing that matters... wins!!
  11. Rhule needs to be let go after the season, but in spite of my anger towards him throwing players under the bus for his failings, he has not done anything that warrants anything other than him being let go after the season so he can go back to college where he belongs. Rhule is not Urban Meyer on any level where he is just a bad human being. I think Rhule wants to do well but just is not equipped to succeed at this level. That failure is as much on David Tepper as anyone. Asking people at Christmas to raise an exorbitant amount to fly a stupid banner when their money could literally be spend better anywhere else is like other have said, simply idiotic.
  12. Fire Matt Rhule. Matt Rhule is responsible for this abomination of an offensive line
  13. It's about time... absolutely no reason to not see what we have there
  14. He absolutely is, provided of course we pay him what he is worth. To me, he has to be priority number 1 to resign. Maybe 1A to Cam being 1B. Only Julius Peppers, Luke Kuechly, or Josh Norman (2015 only) have had seasons like Reddick is having. May be the best FA signing in franchise history. He should be a Pro Bowl lock and has a chance to be both All-Pro and outside chance at DPOY.
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