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  1. Honestly, hard to find too much fault with these predictions. Bucs on paper are the clear favorites in the NFC South, IMO the Panthers and Saints have good rosters overall but major questions at QB and OT for the Panthers and secondary for the Saints. I likewise see the Falcons bottom out this year. I'm all onboard with the 10-7 prediction and hopefully a wild card. Ultimately, it would be nice to just be in the race all season long at this point. 2017 and especially 2015 are getting long into the rearview mirror at this point... Rhule needs to prove his meddle at the NFL level this year and at least have a team competing for the playoffs.
  2. I feel like the offensive line definitely has better depth than last year, but there are still a lot of questions about having 5 guys that are both starter caliber and can play well as a unit. If Christensen (or anyone else) looks good at RT, I think the team needs to strongly consider putting Moton on the left side. Moton looked really good at LT in the short amount of time he played there. Maybe he's not the dominant LT he is at RT, but it still is probably by far our best option. This may have been forgotten over the years, but Jordan Gross played LT in college but was put at RT his rookie year to help with the transition. Gross was moved to LT when it was determined Travelle Wharton was a better guard than tackle and the team never looked back. It seems like versatility is perhaps the most important thing Rhule looks for in offensive lineman. If so, I hope Moton at LT remains on the table unless there is someone else who looks markedly better. Maybe Erving can lock down the LT spot (or someone else for that matter) and Moton can stay at RT. But the bottom line is no matter how we get there, we need better and more consistent play from our LT if we want to have a top-tier offense.
  3. Exactly... the members on this board follow the team much more closely than the average fan, and I didn't know this guy was on the roster... he was never anything more than camp fodder anyway... still a dumb decision
  4. Nice post OP. Standing out on ST is how a depth guy like Pride can have a lasting career in the NFL. It's also been so long time coming since we had CB depth. Can't wait to see what Phil Snow can do with a full deck on defense this year.
  5. You're weirdly emotionally invested in this for some reason... I've been around a long time and don't usually indulge trolls, but while it wasn't universal, there were plenty who viewed him as a steal: https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article229754369.html https://www.pff.com/news/draft-the-advanced-numbers-suggest-will-grier-may-be-the-steal-of-the-2019-nfl-draft He's not, but I'm not wrong to point out he was viewed quite favorably when we drafted him... do yourself a favor and learn to chill a little... this is just an internet message board
  6. That is simply not true... especially in the bottom of the 3rd where we drafted him... if he didn't have any flaws he would have went much sooner... he was viewed as a steal bc he was viewed as a guy who could come in as a high end backup to Cam and potentially a long term starter...anybody can make a pronouncement 2 years after the fact... doesn't change what was being said about him when he was actually drafted
  7. Grier was really good in college, and many pundits thought he was a steal in the 3rd round, and some guys thought he was better than Daniel Jones who was taken top 10... I watch a lot WVU football and I think he is being completely honest... Grier was awesome in the wide-open spread offense of the BIG 12 where he was usually only making 1 read... like he said, the game is much faster at the pro level, and defenses are much quicker and better at disguising coverage... Grier has the physical skills to be a NFL QB Hurney made plenty of mistakes, including Grier IMO given our other needs, but he certainly wasn't alone in thinking Grier was a good value with upside where he was picked. I think Grier will have solid preseason, but as long as Brady and Rhule have their obsession with Tommy Stevens, I don't see a path for him being on the 53 man roster... maybe we can trade him for a conditional 7th or something to a team looking for a 3rd QB near roster cuts.
  8. I think Grier could definitely lose the QB3 spot to Tommy Stevens... I think we will keep 3 QB's, but Stevens will be the guy b/c he does other stuff But it's certainly possibly Stevens is TE3 with Ian Thomas being the odd man out and the Panthers only keeping Sam and PJ as the QB's.
  9. Teddy should own what he said... he knew it was going to be controversial when he said it... if he thought it could have been "taken out of context," he should have kept silent or phrased it another way... Joe Brady was his guy, and he threw him (and Rhule) completely under a semi rolling down I-85... you can't just walk something like that back once it gets out...
  10. Great post OP... nice to have some quality threads this time of year
  11. His niece goes to the charter school my sister-in-law teaches at in the Lake Norman area. He came to speak to the class 3 years ago when she was in 3rd grade... the kids were super impressed that his job was to "protect Cam Newton." Class act and he will be a great addition to this area on top of being the anchor of the offensive line.
  12. Nah, super nice and smart kid... don't know what happened to him post high school but wouldn't be surprised if he changed his name
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