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  1. I like Tepper's willingness to search for any advantage available However, with that many on-field assistants, there should never, ever be an issue with a play coming in late, right?
  2. I have no expectations, but I hope he can come back and be a nice rotational piece like Haynes, who quietly had a nice season. Haynes played in 15 games in 2020, ranking third on the team with 4.0 sacks while tying for the team lead with two fumble recoveries. If Burns & YGM can both be starter caliber players (Burns already is), then I think guys like Haynes, Obada (who can also play inside) and Miller form a pretty good group, especially if we find another starter to go along Derrick Brown with Kerr and Roy providing depth. It's certainly a better collection (especially wh
  3. This man obviously has unresolved mental health issues and/or the beginnings of CTE. His statement is nonsensical. He annoyed me for a long time, but he is just pathetic at this point. Can not move on with his life and wants someone to blame for his unhappiness.
  4. Literally any draft compensation would be found money. It would be a boon to the Panthers to find someone to take on his contract and let us off the hook, regardless
  5. Outlandishly disrespectful... Quarterbacks (and all players) are fair game for criticism online and in the media... that is addressing them in their professional capacity and it comes with the job and the large paycheck. Addressing anyone like that in their personal capacity is over the line. This kid obviously wants to be internet famous. In the immortal words of Iron Mike, “Social media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.”
  6. You need to look at his actual pressure rate, which is near the top of the league. Burns played at a Pro-Bowl level this year in spite of a lot of double teams, chipping, etc. He was absolutely snubbed. Other than Shaq Barrett, there is no one else in the NFC South that is comparable to Burns as a pass rusher, especially since Cam Jordan seems to be in decline. I want Watson, but the idea that giving up Burns isn't a big deal is absurd. He's one of the most talented players on the Panthers roster, and he hasn't even hit his prime yet. Burns will be a double-digit sack guy yea
  7. We can make plenty of cap for the right person. The issue is not spending on guys we're going to regret after a year like Teddy, Matt Kalil, etc. Anybody who watched a Steelers game down the stretch knows Big Ben is washed, way more than Cam even. We need a QB, but hard, hard pass on Big Ben. He still has an arm, but he's been hit too many times and makes awful decisions at this point to keep from getting hit. I don't blame him for not wanting to get hit as someone approaching 40 myself, but he needs to retire.
  8. Goes to show you the Panthers have plenty of flexibility to sign someone if they want. With the cap going down, very few teams are going to be promoting themselves to be big spenders, but there still will be some contracts that will break the bank. The Saints are going to have to find at least $10-$15M to sign Jameis in their horrific cap situation. Given that, we can find a way to sign anyone we want to. The real issue is whether you regret the contract after the first year, somewhere the Panthers increasingly find themselves (Teddy, Matt Kalil, etc.) The problem of having
  9. Preach. Even if we lose Samuel, with CMC coming back we have weapons. And while you can never have "enough" weapons, fixing the offensive line and finding the right QB are light years more important. That being said, I wouldn't mind Njoku but to me that is one of the last dominoes to fall we need to worrt about
  10. I'm old enough to remember the Carolina Growl days... And yes, while the discourse here sucks sometimes, this board definitely isn't as hostile as in the past. I can remember "Fire Hurney" threads as early as 2006. Who knew then we were going to get 15 years worth of those threads? I'm willing to bet if some analysis was done, threads calling for Hurney's dismissal constitute the most popular threads in the illustrious history of the Huddle
  11. Exactly... hard pass... I'd seriously rather just roll with Teddy and build the team and be back in the QB market next year. I'll be the first to admit if I'm wrong, but there's no way to me Jones is an upgrade
  12. I feel like we will to get rid of Teddy and ask for a 2nd in return, will probably only get 3rd if it actually goes through. Needing to dump Teddy will drive up the price we have to pay
  13. Very true. Supposedly Stafford's top 2 choices are the Rams and Niners but they don't or won't spend the draft capital. Outside of that, he wants to be somewhere warm. So I guess that's good for us if you wanted him.
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