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  1. Suzuki is on the cusp I believe and FUS is looking strong. Hopefully he keeps getting better and stronger in Sweden and comes back next year wanting to make the big team....he certainly already plays like he wants to.
  2. I mean we messed up when we didn't draft Howell.
  3. I am waiting for a Clay Aiken halftime show with other special American Idol guests. HYPE!!
  4. Me either, but you being at the Monday Night Game - pictures or it didn't happen!!
  5. What if we quit throwing our rookie QB under the bus two games into the season?
  6. Our Tom Brady or Brock Purdy.....
  7. Need some of this from the Panthers to certain refs over the years.
  8. Time has a funny way of working itself out. We have Young and I'll support him until he shows he may be a bust. A career, two games doesn't make.
  9. What receivers? You mean those slow guys with no moves who are covered like blankets in the dead of winter? When you have those type of players you better put some sprinkles and icing on that vanilla offense you are throwing out there.
  10. Again, we don't have the offensive weapons to give Bryce any help. Sanders and Hubbard aren't running the ball well, we are missing two starting guards, our wide receivers are either unproven, hurt, or old. Hurst is our best receiver at this point....and he's the only REAL TE we have. Hand over the playbook to Brown and let Bryce start slinging it especially when he reads man to man coverage. Everyone who says he doesn't have an arm is wrong. Does he throw ropes like Cam or Stroud? No, but he can make every throw that is needed in the NFL. Here's the thing - who does he have to throw it to?
  11. said X-rays were negative - a high ankle sprain will keep him out a while for sure though. If it's a broken fibula, yeah call it a day.
  12. Young can make some of the throws he has missed, he's a rookie with what most NFL front offices said was the WORST set of Offensive Weapons in the entire league. I agree with that sentiment so much. When you see Hurst getting doubled at times you know your offense stinks.
  13. Guys calm down it took Jay-Z seven.......
  14. Some rumors out there that Babcock made some off handed comments about player's wives/girlfriends. Also, he even asked some of them what they thought of his wife. Dude is a little weird (actually a lot).
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