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  1. Is this John Elway and Josh Allen's nephew? I really don't want the Panthers using all their draft capital to move up because it would take almost everything we have. Those are the consequences of being a middling to below average NFL team. I believe AR will be there at 9 and as many questions as I have about him, his ceiling may be higher than any of the others in the draft. If the FO does its due diligence and Reich and unnamed OC and QB coach are onboard with thinking he can develop into an NFL QB then let's go.
  2. Well I was completely wrong about the boys being tired and maybe coming out flat against the Sabres. I will continue this trend if the Canes will keep proving me wrong.
  3. I hope the guys play hard so they can get a day off (which they'll probably get anyways unless they look like dogwater), but I wouldn't be surprised if we look slow tonight. We've played some really tough games and have had to come from behind quite a bit lately so on the back end of 2 in a row I am not expecting the Canes A game. That being said, they have definitely defied my assumptions in games where they came from 2-3 goals down and also when we had a revolving door at goalie so I don't put it past them to shut out the Sabres and keep going strong. #LetsGoCanes #PleaseDontGetDownByMultipleGoalsAgain
  4. I read more and Rhule is set to make MORE at Nebraska (those poor fools) than he did with the Panthers. All this offset salary BS is a money grab from Rhule that also probably benefited Nebraska as well as the Big 10's revenue payments will probably just keep increasing as time goes on. Yes, Tepper signed him to that contract but Rhule is trying to extract more money out of the Panthers than is reasonable. I hope he gets his ass handed to him.
  5. and the arbiter will take his agreement with Nebraska and the fact that his salary is heavily deferred to the later years of his contract into accountant. Also, if his contract with Nebraska is full guaranteed I don't see him winning anything other than the difference between what he would have made in his last season as Panthers coach vs. what he will be making or is guaranteed at Nebraska. Rhule probably thinks Tepper will just cut him a deal for a few million. It's a scumbag move, but the rich only want to be richer.
  6. @WelshPanther Your range of emotions in this thread is hilarious! Gotta keep the faith brother!
  7. Wilks wasn't considered for any other HC positions that are open. He isn't seen as a HC anywhere else in the league. I really wish him the best, but I think he's more suited as either a DC (which I still question) or an Assistant Head Coach. Reich isn't a sexy hire, but I will support him and hope he puts together a really good staff.
  8. I understand the whole appeal of attending an outdoor hockey game, especially in NC; but I can't say I would want to sit in the nosebleeds or really anywhere I couldn't see the action well. It will be interesting to see if NC can get one of those upper 60 / low 70 degree February days!
  9. Reserve a slice for me. Although the memes are good!
  10. Let's enjoy our W tonight and not look or think too far ahead....I don't want to go to sleep thinking about all that!
  11. Yeah, as long as Necas keeps playing like this. If Jarvis levels off that may help us a little. A "prove it" bridge deal for him??
  12. Alright, everyone give each other some victory pie. Talk to you next game hopefully!
  13. Necas really bringing it this year. He has the potential to be right up there with Aho and Svech. His skating and ice vision are very, very good and it looks like he has really worked on his shot too!
  14. I am calling Aho.... Baiting my hook right now!
  15. Svech had that shot, good save by their goalie. Glad to have those posts backing up Raanta!
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