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  1. That's why he is still on the ESPN payroll. He was never a feature writer until they laid all the really insightful reporters/writers off. He's cheap and fills the void.
  2. It looks as if Dougie can be protected or dangled in the expansion draft. Interesting times this offseason. I will say Bean had his moments, but no doubt he needs to get stronger and have a good D-partner. Keane may push if he really is the prospect that he was touted to be.
  3. I agree that Tampa Bay has quite the roster with Point, Stamkos, Kucherov and top it off with Vas. Then to be able to go out and get Savard because of Stamkos. It's really insane.
  4. Unless we sign him we can't protect him if I am thinking correctly, he's a UFA. I am no means an expansion draft expert.
  5. One can only hope. No team should be allowed to be over the salary cap and allow players who sat out the entire regular season and parts of the season to play at full strength. I hope it is the Islanders they play, but if it is the Bruins I will be pulling for Boston.
  6. You know overall I agree with you on Dougie, but he was better on D his first seasons here. We can attribute it to playing with Slavin to a point, but Dougie went "old school Dougie" this season. If you recall before his injury last season he was at the very top of the D-man list on both sides of the ice.
  7. He just looked a step slower this year @Stumpy I am really glad that Stamkos didn't poke check the puck away from him into our goal at the end of the game.
  8. Even at 5M we are stretching ourselves a little. If we get the Dougie back from 18-20 then I'd do it. This Dougie I would only want to give 4M max.
  9. We definitely got hit by the injury bug at a bad time and then had to play through a very physical series with Nashville. Nino and Tro kind of regressed to their baselines as the season wore down. Svech didn't take as big of a step up as I thought he would. Aho is a solid player who draws the opponents top checking line every night. TT was not as solid this year, probably due to his concussions. Necas I think made strides, but he has to get stronger. That battle with Maroon behind the net right before Tampa's 2nd goal put his relative strength on display. Staal h
  10. Back at you...I am sure we'll have some off season and draft chatter. Always like keeping up with the Canes and Panthers.
  11. We do know we need Marley Drugs to place national ads next year, boys get your scripts in so we can have Marley girl inspiration once the games move to national only....
  12. Dude, if I see another weak ass Bean pass I am going to throw my tea cup out the window.
  13. With the other saves Ned has made this season into the playoffs I would have thought he would have easily saved that one.
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