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  1. I wouldn't miss Gardiner, Bear, or Marty. I honestly wish we could get rid of all three somehow and sign Necas and Rodrigues. Also, a huge no to Subban.
  2. The actual $$ is less than the $5.46M. They went for Burns to replace DeAngelo.
  3. Keane going to be given a 3rd line opportunity??
  4. Yep, Penguins got a decent deal. He could have made more, but I would have worried at the end of his contract. D-men can fall off quickly.
  5. Regarding the whole Malkin/Letang rumor: Eklund throws things at the wall and sees what sticks 98% of the time. Hockeybuzz isn't reliable at all, I am shocked it is still around.
  6. Yeah, mine as well. It also showed Robbie can actually speak in English or that something traumatic has happened to his brain between then and present day.
  7. I'm feelin' you. What's that bear doing?
  8. Very apparent even in the Pens series. The refs and league are carrying the Rangers to a possible SCF appearance. That NY market is just too good to pass up.
  9. Ah yes, the posts......sometimes the Hockey Gods just aren't with you. That was the case in the Rangers series, but not the reason we lost. I don't know why we didn't have better net front presence on the PP and even 5 on 5. It's like we just moved away from it. Staal has been good at it, someone like Nino would be good, I know Stepan had played net front in his career....it still boggles my mind that he didn't get any playing time in the series, maybe RBA thought he was a step too slow, nagging injury??
  10. I just can't believe the difference in Necas from last season/playoffs to what we saw down the stretch and in these playoffs. I almost have to believe his lack of maturity got the best of him and since he was benched he got a chip on his shoulder and half assed it for the remainder of the year. We don't need that and if Rod and the front office feel the same he has to go. I am just surprised because he never seemed like "that" kind of kid.
  11. We welcome all new Caniacs to the board for discussion. Ask anything and all of us other non-experts will chirp in and try to help you out.
  12. I think the only way we'll know what we have with KK is if he is at C all year. The Canes either struck gold with that OS or they may have poo'd the bed, only time will tell and it will take putting him at C and keeping him at C IMO.
  13. I am also intrigued by your thought on being able to get Chychrun for Necas. I think at this point it would take more than just Necas, and I don't think the Canes want to mortgage the future when they have no huge issues on the blue line.
  14. Agreed. Also, 2.5M for a pretty serviceable 3rd Line Dman is not unreasonable at all. I think Bear will be back and hopefully after 1 year in the system will be better. I don't know if Domi is back, I think it depends on how much he is asking for and can get.
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