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  1. Heard we are also interested in signing Usher Cooler for goalie depth for the Wolves.
  2. Dude, Waldo is Japanese.....if we land Sam Darnold he sees it as Sam Darnoldson leading the team. C'mon man.
  3. you talking about Bridgewater? He won't let our OL feast on him, he checks down all the time!
  4. I said we couldn't ride Reims and Ned just isn't ready. I guess Mrazek will be back sooner than I thought, but man I hope we are talking to the Coyotes about Keumper.
  5. Washington Swampcats, Washington DoCs (District of Columbians), Washington Power
  6. Can the NHL send out memos on game days where sticks to the face are going to be allowed, I saw at least 5 that could have been called last night?
  7. Pot Roast is good and all, but can we get a nice Beef Brisket up in here?
  8. I'll just say the DW can show up and make that $$$ for little effort. If McNair and the Texans want to make his life miserable he can go half ass it with that kind of money to be made. Is that being professional? No. Is it giving McNair and the Texans the same amount of respect they are showing him? Yes.
  9. I can't for the life of me understand how a former professional athlete can hold a grudge like this for so long over the course of two owners and front offices now. It's a profession, you can and most likely will get traded, waived, fired...however you want to put it. Did someone in concessions with the Panthers run over DW's dog or cat? He needs to grow the fug up....at some point.
  10. Unfortunately the disrespect the kid showed Cam won't fix that shoulder. Ron and Marty owe Cam an apology for the atrocious offensive lines they put in front of him during most of, if not all, his career here.
  11. Sorry bro, I live in the school district where this kid plays football and trust me he isn't underprivileged. The school he goes to is also one of the best high schools in Pennsylvania. I am not saying that he isn't being sincere though. Also, he won't be an NFL player. He's a good player on a small high school team.
  12. Nice that we've reached the "out" with his contract, but there's plenty to cuss and curse Hurney about.
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