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  1. So why were we prepared to trade multiple assets for Deshaun Watson again? I don’t want to hear that this draft class is unknown territory. Either you’re willing to take risks for a potential franchise QB or you’re not.
  2. I understand this assessment. But this was a rare offseason where there are potentially 4 franchise QBs in the draft. We were already willing to mortgage draft capital for Watson. Now we are going to surround Teddy with even more talent, likely win more games next year, and still not be in a position to draft a franchise QB.
  3. I actually commend the 9ers for showing the balls to put them in a position to draft a QB. They now don’t have to worry about luck.
  4. We will roll w/ Teddy and/or draft Mac Jones. Win some meaningless games next year, go 5-11, and miss out on a franchise QB. But don’t worry! We will take calculated risks and use advanced analytics in the process of keeping this organization irrelevant.
  5. Panthers are absolutely drafting Mac Jones and gonna act like that was the plan all along.
  6. Anything other than this is straight cowardice and acknowledging complacency with mediocrity.
  7. We’re really about to draft Mac bring your lunchpail to lunch Jones with pick #8 aren’t we.
  8. Lol. Come on Tep let’s see them brass ballz you like to talk about.
  9. I would be happy with any scenario that has us drafting someone not named Mac Jones. Drafting Jones screams desperation from the front office. but yeah sign me up for fields
  10. #huddlebros tryna explain how this is actually the biggest conspiracy in sports history.
  11. This thread is an example of why more women don’t come forward after being assaulted.
  12. I’m all aboard the Fields/Lance train. Do whatever it takes within reason to get one of them. We are going to be a more talented football team next year with or without Teddy. We will likely draft lower in next years draft as this team clearly does not believe in tanking. Get your franchise QB this draft while you have the capital and position and don’t throw poo on the wall like Mac Jones hoping it sticks.
  13. Only way we draft Jones at 8 is if we truly believe he is a franchise QB. While I don’t think he is a franchise QB in the modern NFL I do trust the staff and organizations due process. I think we all should until they prove otherwise. I would prefer we trade up to a potential trade partner and guarantee one of Fields/Lance.
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