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  1. So is Coghlan that good or was last night an aberration. I know TBL didn’t have most of their starters on the ice, but still.
  2. Well, wife is out of town and some kind soul just gave me their ticket for tonight so guess I’m going. If anyone wants to drink a Storm Brew tonight hit me up.
  3. Don’t post that on the main board. I’m done trying to convince the majority of this board to invest their fandom in the Canes.
  4. Wife is out of town all week and I’m off work. Probably make the drive tomorrow and watch the boys. This is my first pre-season game ever - is it worth going?
  5. We’re a QB, head coach, offensive coordinator, and offensive line away from being a playoff team.
  6. So is baker. He’s missed several throws that would have moved the chains.
  7. Rhule has opted for Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, and now Baker Mayfield. Tepper has been extremely patient so a plan to get a franchise QB through the draft would have probably been acceptable by Tepper and definitely the fans. Rhule needs to lie in his grave with these QBs.
  8. Unless CMC breaks one, we’re gonna give the ball right back without crossing the 50. Baker is god awful.
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