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  1. Clearly we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Enjoy mediocrity and QB purgatory.
  2. You think Rhule had final say on the background of his new OC? This is my point. This is a call Tepper has to make. You can bet there is information being shared between the league office and teams inquiring about Watsons availability if traded for. Rhule has had his chance to pick his QB. Twice. You make it for him this year and when he inevitably flames out again, your new coaching staff has the most important foundational peace in place.
  3. I’m in the camp that Rhule is only still here because of his contract. I think he’s 1000% more fireable next year and if Tepper has any inclination of running a franchise, he is already preparing his preferences for our next staff. You don’t let Rhule use our only pick in the top-100 to draft a QB. You just don’t.
  4. Thought processes like this are why the panthers will forever live in mediocrity. 3 of the 4 remaining teams have certified franchise QBs. The 49ers are an outlier and hyperbole. They are the exception. I said go get Watson. Nowhere did I say he solves all of our problems, but he solves the biggest one.
  5. So what’s your solution? At some point you have to do something. Whether the Panthers do what’s necessary after acquiring Watson is irrelevant. You first have to get the QB. I don’t have confidence in Tepper to hire a competent coaching staff. Do you? Getting Watson at least gives the team a better chance at competing. If they fail to build the roster around him afterwards, we can have that conversation then. But I’m so sick of operating in fear in what could go wrong. Take a fuging chance. Sam fuging Darnold is our QB.
  6. Lol. This is a loser mentality. Look around. We are on the verge of becoming the Lions now. Trading for Watson changes the course.
  7. I don’t care what other holes we have. Having a franchise QB fixes our biggest need. The rest will fall into place. Rams have been trading draft capital away for half a decade and are fine. I want to win a super bowl. I don’t care about the nuances of a process and future implications.
  8. Yeah an off-season to address those needs + Watson
  9. No way cotton balls Tepper didn’t watch divisional weekend. Ain’t winning poo in this league without a star at QB. Do what it takes. It’s time. Let the dookie fly throughout this thread.
  10. With Watson in 2023/2024 and a new coaching staff we are. Period. Won’t convince me otherwise.
  11. Yeah do what it takes to get Watson. Idgaf.
  12. Tyreke Hill makes world class NFL athletes look slow.
  13. Comparing Josh to Cam is a compliment to Cam. Allen is 100% worthy of that comparison and then some.
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