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  1. Some good news about special teams. It’s getting better. Last year at this time, it was getting worse. PP has climbed up to 22nd in the league at exactly 20%. PK is on fire and have climbed up to 7th and 81.9%. Getting better.
  2. I have hopes KK will become the eventual 2C. He’s younger than Svech and if he does become the 2C, that contract is highway robbery. I’d also like to Necas get a shot there but he needs to work on his FOs. The team has a lot of flexibility with the cap and assets to go after an elite rental or a Meier type player via sign and trade. This team could look very different in a couple of years. This should be the year you go all in.
  3. I would take a physical winger who can bang and score and a 3rd paring defenseman at the trade deadline please and thank you. Don’t think we are going to outbid NJD nor should we for Meier. He will elevate their already potent offense. Need to keep up in the eastern conference arms race.
  4. Alright team, Red 25th anniversary Aho or stadium series Aho jersey? *have a black home Svech already*
  5. We looked visibly tired that period which is to be expected. Have to hold the fort this period.
  6. I wish but Aho seems like the type to bolt if we don’t do everything we can to win a Cup. A franchise like Boston or the Canadian teams won’t hesitate to expend all available resources in quest of a Cup.
  7. I’m tempted to buy an Aho jersey. He’s a UFA next year. So we resign him? Rather does he resign with us.
  8. Saw it in person. Was wild and loud. Now….time for some Taco Bell.
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