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  1. They don’t need a top-5 player. I don’t even want to know what the cost would be for that.
  2. A goalie named Bob and one of the greatest chokes in NHL history and Boston refusing to sit their injured goalie.
  3. Yeah I can’t stomach to watch. And certainly not pulling for Florida
  4. Disagree respectfully. Memorial Day is simply for those and their families who payed the ultimate sacrifice and that’s it. It is fundamentally different to Veterans Day.
  5. If the hornets trade the #2 pick and it’s not an absolute fleecing by us, I will never support this franchise again. I will pick a new nba team with a competent owner and front office. I’ve already refused to give them any more $ until they actually demonstrate a commitment to winning and producing a winning product.
  6. Give me scoot. All of his interviews are A+. That kid has kobe mentality and wants to be great.
  7. Tulsky needs to be promoted to GM and Waddell can remain President. No more “we almost signed this guy” or “we made them a generous offer for that player” and striking out. This team could look very different after next year with the UFA/RFAs we have coming up. Time to nut up in the off-season and if that means making some tough decisions, so be it. Re-sign Freddy. Give Aho the C. I’m hopeful this off-season transforms our top-6. It’s needed to take the next step.
  8. Does he? That’s literally the first I’ve ever heard that.
  9. Yeah I’ll turn my attention to the nba finals. Not watching. What’s and Florida lol.
  10. Sounds like a Jeff Daniels thing to me. The pp sucked with Svech healthy and has for a long time. You cannot tell me a PP with the skill of Svech, turbo, Aho, Jarvis, necas, etc. should be scoring at less than a 20% clip.
  11. Fire Jeff Daniels. Tuevo and Necas and one of Pesce/Sjeij are pieces I see being moved for a top-6 forward. Give Aho the C for fugs sake.
  12. I think the pp would improve immensely from addition by subtraction aka handing Jeff Daniels them walking papers.
  13. I don’t think so. Got swept by what, 4 goals collectively. Would a healthy Svech and patches move the needle in this series? I say maybe. The burden of blame falls on the front office. 10 million in cap space for Poolparry and Ghost is a gross reality in hindsight. Big changes needed in the off-season. See y’all in October.
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