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  1. If one could dream I wish Tepper would back a couple of Brinks trucks to Ozzie Newsome's home and bring him aboard as the President of Football operations, hand him the keys to BoA and say "it's all yours Ozzie, do what needs to be done, I fugged it all up and I am going to let you and the people you bring in decide how to fix this poo show I created." I know, it's a pipe dream....can't understand why Tepper can't see why he needs to stay out of the football ops and stick to his hedge funds. Those billions built a big old ego......
  2. Anyone talking about another team around the greater Austin area needs to understand that as long as Jerry Jones has a pulse it ain't happening. He wasn't happy about Houston getting their franchise back as the Texans and there was some wheeling and dealing behind the scenes about Dallas retaining TV market rights/shares for a certain number of years around the Houston area. Anyways, I don't think the team is going anywhere. We are in the lowest of lows that most of us can remember, but I'll say this: I am glad my home state has an NFL team - nothing stays the same forever.
  3. I think Evero has done an admirable job with the defense with basically the entire secondary and a lot of our defense hurt at one point or another. Deuce is a good RB coach, I think he's helped Hubbard have a little more attitude when he runs. I am not sure about Sanders, although I think he's playing hurt and for that I give him some credit.....CMC didn't play when "hurt." I believe Mingo is making some progress as WR and Thielen has played well, I don't think Chark is in the right system to help us and TMJ is a child so not sure about the WR coach.
  4. He does have crappy footwork, it's something that he should and the coaches should already recognize and should be working on. Not sure that he can't see the field because he typically doesn't have a lot of time to go through his progressions without having to figure out which way to run for his life. Throw in the fact that his receivers aren't getting separation and that's a bad combo. Thielen was his outlet most of the season and the Titans doubled him and took him away. If the Panthers were smarter they probably could have had Thielen clear out underneath the corners/linebackers and had the RBs and TEs catch passes underneath all day. I saw maybe two such plays. I am not sure of his arm strength. He's made some throws that take a good amount of strength, but really I haven't seen him have plays where he really needs to rope one from one hash to the opposite sideline. I do wonder what his arm strength really is.
  5. I don't personally feel like he needs to be in there, if anything he'll get killed by the end of the season behind this patchwork, garage sale offensive line we have. I have no problem with him sitting....at all. I just haven't passed final judgement on him as an NFL QB because of EVERYTHING that has happened to this team this year. So many injuries, not the greatest collection of offensive talent....etc. etc. I almost think he should have just been the backup this year. Whoever made the choice to take him (and it looks more and more like it was the Teppers), so it is what it is....can't blame him for everything is all I am stating. Bad personnel, bad scheme, coaching that doesn't adjust to what's happening at least offensively and here we are.
  6. Dude, you are literally beating a dead horse. We get it, it's all Young's fault. This entire season was ruined the minute we drafted him. We can't be objective and fair, Bryce sucks plain and simple and is dragging this team down. We need to just cut him right now and roll with Dalton and Luton backing him up. (I think we got Luton back?)
  7. so what you are saying is that the Commanders and Giants actually game plan around their suckage?
  8. I swear Donte Jackson is pretty well done now since his injuries. Never was CB1, but was a serviceable CB2. He may can play the slot?? Maybe...
  9. Second double move of the season for the Panther's offense.
  10. We are going to need some of our receivers in the secondary soon, it might work since they don't get many chances to catch the ball on offense.
  11. Right side....Moton still our best OLman
  12. Is our play calling so vanilla and piss poor because of Frank or because of our terrible personnel?
  13. Well, for all the Bryce haters, if we just keep letting the defense hit him he'll be permanently out of the league in a couple of weeks.
  14. Does anyone know Tepper's email address? Seriously, bomb the dude's email box!
  15. As I don't really want to put any credibility to the Panther's coaching/scouting staff - has there been any other scout/former NFL QB/talent evaluator who has been on record as saying that Bryce doesn't have the arm strength required to play in the NFL? It used to be scouts wanted QBs to show they could make all the throws and had the velocity to be an NFL QB. Was this even discussed?
  16. Wow, every facet of this team is terrible. Honestly....
  17. We aren't watching a Tarheel reciever being tackled......
  18. Hekker is just playing at the rest of the team's level, he doesn't want to make the rest of the guys look bad.
  19. That fumble is 100% on Icky who isn't a LT in this scheme of Frank & Co.'s. No QB would have been able to hold onto that ball where Young was in the process of throwing it.
  20. We are going to have more players on the IR than on the active roster
  21. BTW crazy throw by Love there....showed a lot of arm strength but that was dangerous!
  22. Good question, I have no idea other than the security guard thought he was a fan running onto the field trying to get into the locker rooms?
  23. You know, it would be nice to have some imagination on our offense......
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