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  1. Move to Europe and make the team play on painted concrete. It's cheap and you can have a game and concert the same day!
  2. Also, did Microsoft sponsor the Lady Byng this year?
  3. Losing Necas would be worse than a majority of Canes fans think. When he's on he controls the puck with speed and gains zone entry so well, he is still young. He should be considered part of our core.
  4. Neither Freddie or Pyotr were going to win this series for us. Our special teams let us down big time and got us in a 3-0 hole. The PK got better, the PP was pretty much non-existent. Our team's shooting % was 8.5. 8.5!!! Atrocious. It was 11.2% vs. the Islanders. The Rangers shooting % was 12.7% against us, around 14% against Washington. Bottom line is we sucked offensively....again. Pyotr or Freddie had to play lights out to win this series and it didn't happen. Freddie in Games 1, 2, 4, 5, 6: Pyotr in Game 3:
  5. Gleason is ass?? I definitely would like to see Jeff Daniels move on to Chicago or somewhere else, but Gleason is not ass.
  6. I can accept ticket price increases when that money is being spent to make the team and facilities better, unlike what Tepper has done in Charlotte. Dundon has a ton of respect from me. Also, you said a mouthful with that last sentence....Donny and the Committee have a lot of work to do. Priorities IMHO is getting Guentzel and Skjei re-signed. I love Pesce, but Skjei doesn't get hurt as much and Pesce doesn't have the offensive upside. Guentzel is a no brainer. I also strongly believe we should keep Necas, he is too fast, skilled, and dangerous to just let go. He has had some "WTF" moments but he is relatively still young. One other hail mary I'd like to throw out there is getting KK off the books for something of some value, but it's most likely a pipe dream.
  7. I wholeheartedly and respectfully disagree with wanting RBA gone. It would be a huge mistake.
  8. Rod wasn't on the ice for any of the goals the Canes scored or the ones we let the Rags score. Hockey is a cruel sport sometimes and I've said winning a Cup is probably the hardest championship to win in all the major sports; what with the salary cap in place, injuries that can and do happen to key players, teams/players that go on "heaters," and just plain damn puck luck. The Canes were the better team, but didn't perform and/or get much luck at all this series. Refs were decidedly against the team (not saying this is why we lost the series, but it was obvious). Games 2, 3 and 6 were winnable games for us and the guys didn't play up to the moment, they played nervous, scared, "not to lose hockey," and lost both of the OT games because of it and blew it tonight. Game 1 was the only straight loss and unfortunately Freddie must have been wearing his Toronto undergarments tonight. He deserves a lot of the blame tonight, but I can also say we had a couple of other guys that helped the collapse. Orlov comes immediately to mind tonight and in one of the OT games when he just over skated a puck, to me he made (throughout the season) some of the most consistently dumbest plays I had ever seen out of the Canes defensive unit under RBA and Gleason. Losing absolutely sucks especially to this POS Rags team who can go fug each other, the refs, and the league officials who absolutely want them in the playoffs for as long as possible. Trocheck can suck a fat cawk for his petty bullshit and I hope karma brings Trouba that broken neck he so richly deserves. All that being said, I don't believe RBA should be thrown under the bus AT ALL. We could have won this series and there wasn't a specific decision he made that cost the team games. The players didn't step up in the moments when they needed to, our PP was terrible all series, our PK was terrible in Games 1 and 2 and let us down in Game 6. We tightened up in the OT games, our goalies were plain average or worse in 5 of 6 games with Freddy losing any sort of mental toughness tonight. We rarely saw the Canes play the way they can play and when that happens in the playoffs say hello to the end of your season. I've mentioned it before, but to win the Cup every one of those guys who laces em up and gets out there on the ice has to leave their blood, sweat, and tears out there every single night whether you are playing the Jr. Canes or fugging Rags. There is no tomorrow, there is now and the Canes have not done that in the playoffs. We've had tough breaks with injuries (Svech last year, Fast and Pesce this year, etc.), scoring issues, etc. but since I've been around the whole time the franchise has been in NC this iteration of the team has never shown some of the heart and grit that the teams did when they improbably went to the Stanley Cup finals vs. Detroit, won it all in 2006, and made the ECF in 2009 with overall less talent than we have now. I don't want RBA to go, he didn't lose any of these playoff series. We can question his moves and in a few instances rightfully so, but I don't want to go back to where we were. Daniels can go to Chicago, evaluate the roster, but this isn't an RBA issue and I don't think it's a Gleason coached D issue. I think it's the players who have to understand an off night during the playoffs can't happen, play your game, don't overthink it, leave it all out on the ice, and take on the "us vs. the world" mentality. Hell, the more I think about it the more this team may need a good sports psych. This series could have been 4-1 or 4-2 Canes, instead due to tightening up and nerves getting the best of the boys we lost 4-2. It SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, but no need with some of these crazy azz takes. and BTW I know we all want to attack us not getting an elite goalie, but 5 out of the last 7 Cup champions didn't have what I would call an "elite" goalie. In most cases those teams had serviceable goalies who played up to the moment to win the Cup with their teams playing well in front of them. The two Cups that the Lightning won with Vasilevskiy are the ones where I believe elite goaltending put them over the top. tl;dr: This series loss isn't because of RBA, y'all are having knee-jerk reactions, our PLAYERS need to bring it when it's playoff time...they haven't, and sometimes the hockey gods aren't with you.
  9. Trouba is a tool and he's a step slower. I don't typically wish ill on any athlete, but when he crashed into the boards headhunting Necas the other night I really wanted him to be hurt because that's the karma he deserves.
  10. This is true, if our PK/PP were even half as effective as they were during the regular season I think the series is 3-1 Canes, but it hasn't been. Need to steal Game 5 and get it back home and win that one and then lots of pressure on the Rags in a Game 7. They know they've gotten very lucky in their wins, a historic collapse would be justice for them. BTW, can't believe how hateful Trocheck has become. He been a true arsehole this series.
  11. Staal won't go to another team, he's signed for another year....maybe 2. He may retire, but I don't get that feeling.
  12. Dude, if there is one player you shouldn't criticize it's Aho. He's doing what he's supposed to be doing, he's had some pretty good chances and made some good passes - he is FAR FAR away from our problem here. To be fair the only criticism of the team overall for me is special teams. That's what is killing us. (I won't mention league/ref bias because those things aren't real /s)
  13. I agree with this, would love to see Daniels go coach Chicago. Maybe bring Justin down to the bench? I believe we'll be younger and more inexperienced next year, and our defense will be different. Still question signing Orlov. He probably had his worst season with us since 2018-19 or 19-20 seasons while playing less minutes. He was a luxury I don't think we had to have, but that die has been cast now. Next year who should be back? Aho Svech Jarvy (gotta get him signed, bridge deal so we can sign Guentzel) Guentzel (gotta hope we can sign him to a fair deal that won't cripple us) Necas (I know there will be debate, but he is very skilled and won't be easy to replace) Staal (if he doesn't retire) Fast (please let him stay healthy) KK (boy that "reasonable" contract isn't looking so hot and I don't think we can get someone to take him off our hands...will take a sweetner to do it) Kuzy (another gamble that looked good for about 3-4 games now looks bad, buyout?) Martinook only if it's a really team friendly deal...no more than $1M/yr Noesen - think he's gone, team has to get the younger guys in Drury - will be interesting, fine 4th line player but shouldn't overpay Turbo - again, it will have to be a very friendly team deal if he wants to stay, otherwise I think Turbotime has expired Lemiuex - signed for another year to be a healthy scratch most of the season Slavin - back Burns - back Orlov - back Skjei - I hope we can re-sign him to a fair deal Pesce - don't see him back in a Canes sweater Chatty - would like to re-sign to a fair deal TDA - hasta la vista Who should get the call to the roster: Morrow - welcome to the deep end kid FUS - really think he is going to be good Blake - let's see what you got young man Honka - actually rated higher than Morrow by scouts Nadeau - see Blake Suzuki, Gunler?? Of course who knows what the brain trust is going to do! Going Young: Guentzel - Aho - Jarvis Svech - KK - Necas Nadeau - Staal - Fast Blake - Drury - FUS Lemiuex Slavin - Burns Orlov - Skjei Chatty - Morrow Honka Andersen (1a/b) Koochie (1a/b) Perets Heck I have no idea........
  14. You know it's interesting to see what I assume are grown men/women(?) having total meltdowns about these games. Canes aren't playing well, it's obvious we miss Pesce because our D has not been as good - no real backup plan on D because TDA is washed and our prospects aren't ready. We look slow and even with Guentzel playing well we still don't have enough. Shesterkin is playing pretty well and the Canes seem to run into a hot goalie and decide they need to find the perfect shot before throwing pucks at the net. Burns has definitely slowed down, Staal is another year older, and I think the team just tightens up in the worst moments. It's almost as if the Canes would be better off as a lower seed, the underdog....trying to beat the odds. Winning the Stanley Cup is incredibly hard and we are seeing why....that OT goal wasn't on Koochie, it was an insane redirect by Panarin. If anything Orlov overskating a weird puck carom gave the Rags that chance. Canes have to score more than 2 GPG to win, they haven't really done that. I do think no matter how this series ends up (yes, I am still holding onto the slight chance we have to win this series), that the offseason is going to be one of change. I really want the Canes to lock up Guentzel, he is a guy we need. I think Pesce might be gone, Staalsy might retire, Skjei isn't going to be cheap, we should re-sign Necas contrary to what a lot of fans think. Gotta buyout Kuzy, let TDA walk, see if we can find someone to take KK off our hands. Change is a coming.....
  15. Hold on Noesen played? I never heard his name called the entire game... 6:48?? WTF?? I am surprised.
  16. yeah and then let our guys that get the dirty goals like Noesen put a rebound home....oh damn Noesen was scratched.
  17. The Isles had the last change the last two games as well. Happy we got one in NY. Now time to take care of business in Raleigh.
  18. Guy that works in the arena told me that Guentzel really likes it here and felt right at home from the beginning and that he lived at Rod's for a little bit after the trade. Likes the system here and the team, gets along really well with everyone especially Aho, Jarvy, Burns, and Staalsy. He isn't going to be cheap, but we need to sign him - he is a part we've been missing for 3-4 years.
  19. How about the Utah Unicorns, or maybe the Utah Swarm or Utah Salties
  20. Necas and Turbo have been playing pretty well lately, like Necas is skating really well and keeping the puck in the offensive zone for us. I see what you are saying and if it all does play out that way we can sign Guentzel and Skjei and I hope we could retain one of Necas or TT. I think TT will be cheaper than Necas.
  21. Yeah, have to agree with you here. We would need to sign Chatty, but I have faith that we can find 2 other serviceable defensemen from our farm system or in FA.
  22. Hahahaha love to see Booins fans leaving early...... Fair weathered bishes!!
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