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  1. Agree that we need someone to help Chinn....not sure Jackson would want to, but not a bad idea. I've had enough of Franklin and Chandler not knowing what the fug is going on.
  2. Dallas exposed our D-line and we are now getting gashed left and right in the running game. Then when teams show success running our LBs are getting sucked in with play action and the middle of the field is wide open. Never thought I'd say it so bluntly, but damn do we miss Shaq. LB is one of our weaknesses as well and when your best LBer is out it hurts. Also, this is on the offense and not moving the chains. Reminded me of how we controlled Philly and their best drive was off a turnover (excluding the miracle drive we put together to tie the game). We have a terrible O-line. We have average to sucky linebackers, terrible Safeties in Franklin and Chandler and this is what you get. I think after the 3-0 start and what should have been a 4-1 team coming into today we all got caught up in the hype. This team is another year away and possibly 2 from being a contender....and that's if we don't fug everything up in Free Agency and the draft.
  3. Gilmore was and is still on the PUP list....he couldn't have played today no matter what. Damn y'all. As for Henderson, I think he is still learning the system and is banged up. I don't care if it was a coaches decision or he was listed as injured...he doesn't change the outcome of this game. What we need is a competent Safety to play along with Chinn.....we are getting beat with Franklin and Chandler back there fugging up coverage whenever the opposing QB has time to throw.
  4. Stepan and Bear kinda low key additions that have really been nice the first two games. TDA playing well too - more up tempo than Dougie was which can be a blessing and a curse. As many have said Fast is really overlooked, but that's cool I hope teams continue to overlook him. So far I'd say the team looks really focused and I haven't seen too much wandering around on the ice from the guys. Hope Freddie gets a little better at rebound control. Let's go Canes!!
  5. If he will actually make physical contact with the man he is supposed to block he is an improvement over Daley and Miller.....
  6. Dougie valued the $$$$ over a better chance at winning a Cup. The almighty $ always wins it seems....
  7. I know I may get a lot of crap about this, but as good as Dougie was for us we may just need TDA's edge and tenacity on this team. Our PP looked really active and solid last night and TDA didn't back down from any part of the game.
  8. Ned staked out to a 4-1 lead and the Red Wings couldn't hold it....again he doesn't have the Canes D in front of him anymore. Time to see if you are an above .900 goalie or not...
  9. I think the jury is still out on that one, probably won't know until a few years. Ned could have a really rough season in Detroit.
  10. I have to say Andersen's rebound control seems a little shaky tonight. Hope he calms it.
  11. Well we shouldn't be feeling as much pressure as we probably do since the real score is 4-2, but maybe the guys won't put it on cruise control.
  12. Turbo is having a game and man if we can keep passing like this all season we can be big trouble!
  13. That's a goal if they overturn this Rod is going to roast the NHL....and they deserve it!
  14. We are taking advantage of our team speed, especially when they roll ol' Chara out there!
  15. It seems like we are letting the Isles get right in front of Andersen a lot.....
  16. Mike said that's how his parents say it so that's how they are going to say it!
  17. I want to see the overhead camera angle on Barzal's supposed goal....if it went all the way over the line then fine, but we don't get to see that shot? WTH? Until I see that the score should be 2-0. Hope the guys keep flying like this tonight, very good start overall...except for the ref screwjob.
  18. Those Heels played a hell of a game against Florida State though.......I watched.
  19. I mean after that epic 4 play 27 yard drive he led them on I am sure he felt like Superman....
  20. The offense has to put points on the board when we get turnovers at midfield and on their side of the field....we put up 3. Also, the defense needs to decide not to fight for the ball to score a TD.....that damn debacle in the end zone cost us 5 points because we couldn't just let one of our guys grab the ball....fighting like they were getting the last Christmas present under the tree. DAMN!
  21. Honestly our secondary other than fuggin Franklin played well today. Everyone asks about Henderson...did you hear his name called? No, that's a good thing....he wasn't beat today. Jackson played really well overall....our defense was great. Our offense and special teams lost this game. The ST coach should be fired, Daley and Miller need to be on the sideline and Brady and the coaching staff have to decide what kind of offense we can run with the protection Sam is afforded. The offense played like crap, Sam played like crap, ST were crap and Franklin who isn't an NFL starter continued to play like crap...hell where is Russ Cockrell when you need him.
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