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  1. National announcers talking about how the Canes were headed for being shut out for the 3rd time this year when Aho scored. Glad he shut that fool up..... The boys need to know they are fighting against the media, league, and ref sentiment. It's the Canes vs. the world.....and we need to play like it. Every night.
  2. Gotta hope having that last line change allows Staal and his line to shut down the Boston 1st line. They've done it well at home and the team has played better overall at home. We put ourselves in a bad situation making this series come down to 1 game, at least it is at home. #LetsGoCanes #TakeWarning
  3. I think most of us were prepared that Boston was going to get a game at home. I question a lot of the calls and non-calls again tonight. I really don't understand it, at all. I know Boston is the large market team etc., but at some point does RBA, DW, and TD have a discussion with the league with tape backing it up? Maybe it would make no difference and it's already been done. Last thing: why does the ice in Boston suck? It was apparent throughout the game. I saw our guys lose their edges; pucks skipping, jumping, and rolling on both teams. I think that was part of our dismal power play tonight. The puck wasn't coming in clean off of quick passes and even pros can't tee it up on a rolling puck. On to Game 4.... #TakeWarning #LetsGoCanes
  4. Ian Thomas has the most value as a blocker. That being said, I have seen him whiff on assigned blocks and get flattened as well. He's made a handful of very good catches in 4 years, but he usually goes down quickly when contact occurs. He isn't one to fight for those extra yards. He got paid a lot more than I thought he was worth, but I suppose the FO thinks more highly of him than a majority of the fans.
  5. Gotta keep the momentum and focus up....stay sharp and beat these bums.
  6. Damn straight, refs letting them play dirty. I hate NHL refs....
  7. I don't normally wish ill on folks, but these Boston azzholes can suck a phat penis. They are trying their best to hurt our boys and that's some bullshit. I want one of their heads on a stick.
  8. You have to remember that even though Barnes played for Rhule, he also played for Aranda and played even more than he did under Rhule. Aranda is a good coach and Baylor had a very good year last year. I think this pick was excellent even with the Rhule/Baylor "ha ha's." We'll see how he pans out in camp, but if Wilks can coach him up he may just surprise people. I will say though he does have an injury history from what I read about him.
  9. Hard to believe they would have taken Pickett over Neal there or Cross. We would definitely be a special kind of stupid if that had happened. Maybe the Football Gods saved us.
  10. Corral played against the best all around defenses in the SEC and did pretty dang well (not including non-conference games). Nothing against the other QBs, but they didn't play against the most stellar defenses all season long. I think that should be looked at as well.
  11. Seeing that around the Twittersphere.....if Fitterer and Morgan tell him this is his chance and to tone his attitude down he is better than Darnold. We can't take on any of the money though, like at all.
  12. OK don't burn the place down with this pick guys.... Just support the 7 year plan - Kenny Pickett
  13. The only way we should trade back is if we stay at 11 or higher..... Just my opinion.
  14. The Canes haven't been playing as well for sure, gotta hope it's a blip in their season and they can get some momentum going into the playoffs. The D has to be better and Freddie has to be better for sure. The offense also needs to find some rhythm.
  15. You stay mad too - I suppose it sucks that both of us are Panther fans and our teams couldn't win the National Championship. I mean you guys were a lot closer and up by 15 so congrats!
  16. Hahaha your boys lost a 15 point lead and a chance to be National Champions. I feel sorry for you.
  17. He won't ban me because he knows better. Go stick your nose further up his anal sphincter.
  18. Took it to the lounge because Carolina fans started getting facts served to them? What a B*tch move.
  19. Now you are threatening me? What kind of mod are you? We have a difference of opinions and you are telling me to chill?
  20. It's an apt comparison, two epic collapses. I apologize that it happened to your Tar Heels.
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