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  1. Hey they aren't average, 9-3 is good when you have a bad D and your offensive coordinator is chicken poop. The refs were horrible because they knew State needed a win for a better bowl game, it's to put more money in the NC educational system pockets.
  2. I am glad Carolina has their HC in waiting in Longo. Program will be in fine hands! We are going to go out and get all the 5 Star Kickers.
  3. It was those damn referees, they knew State needed another win to get a better bowl. They always do this to carolina, same thing next week to help Clemson have a chance at the CFP. /s
  4. We miss Tro and Nino - more than the Committee thought we would. I especially think not re-signing Nino was a mistake, we could have matched that contract that Nashville gave him. We may have had to get creative, but we could have. KK started the season pretty well but has fallen off the last 7 or so games. They bet pretty big on him and so far it hasn't been good. If he is a bust we have an albatross of a contract because he is getting paid 2nd line money and producing more like a low 3rd or 4th line center. The slow start for Turbo didn't help and his injury hasn't helped the team at all. It has Rod shaking up the lines which I thought were pretty solid as the season started: Teuvo Teravainen - Sebastian Aho - Seth Jarvis Andrei Svechnikov - Jesperi Kotkaniemi - Martin Necas Paul Stastny - Jordan Staal - Jesper Fast Jordan Martinook - Derek Stepan - Stefan Noesen (Note I wanted to see Drury play instead of Marty as he needs to gain NHL experience, and our current situation shows this) The above was the starting O vs. the Kraken and it makes sense. You have Aho centering Turbo and Seth. Turbo sees the ice well, passes well, and has a laser of a shot. Aho is Aho, he can pretty much do it all. Seth at this point is a pure sniper in my opinion. He is young and still learning, doesn't see the ice as well. Second line is roughly the same principle: KK sees the ice well, but is not the scoring threat that Aho is. He's there to get the puck to Svech and Necas who both have cannons to score. Like Turbo, Necas is also a great passer and sees the ice well....in fact he's played that role better than Turbo this year. Third line is what it always has been with Staal at center and Fast playing on his wing. In my opinion we didn't replace Nino with anyone we signed so you have Stastny who has good hockey IQ playing there. Stastny isn't as fast as Nino, isn't as physical as Nino, and doesn't really play in front of the net at all trying to get those dirty goals. Also, Stastny's natural position is center which doesn't help here. We lost a scoring threat for the Third Line when we let Nino walk. The Fourth line is again what we've always rolled with: bring energy, work hard, change the flow of the game with the least amount of shifts. Stepan is fine as the center here and the injury to Kase really changed things as Noesen was put into a long term NHL starting gig for the first time. Marty is Marty, I really thought either Noesen or Drury should have started ahead of him so they could get NHL minutes and see if they could hang. Rod chose Marty and as always Marty has played hard. Rod trusts Marty and obviously doesn't think Drury is ready. The D hasn't been as good. I don't think Burns is as dynamic as we thought he was and it doesn't look like Slavin and him have good chemistry. I didn't think I would be saying this either, but the loss of de Haan exposed our 3rd line as a little weak. Coghlan hasn't really shown that "two way" skill yet and isn't as sound as Chatfield defensively. Really though the biggest problem is Burns....if he doesn't wake up and start playing like we thought he could this season might not be what the fans were looking forward to. Finally, Freddie hasn't been last year's Freddie and got hurt (again). Raanta is who we thought he was. Koochie is playing well so far, but our D and forwards have let him down. tl, dr: The Canes didn't do as well in Free Agency, and trades as they thought. Injuries have hurt. We are discombobulated and I don't think it's going to get better until we get healthy and Burns pulls his head out of his arse.
  5. I think unless Staley and the Chargers make the playoffs he may be out. Spanos isn't one to wait to make a change when he even has an inkling of the thought. Payton would love to be in LA. He'll like the weather and love all the attention.
  6. Oh I was only talking PP, but yes Noesen or Marty on the 1st line is not good. Agreed, Staal needs to be on the third line. I also have said Marty was expendable, but he's a Rod guy. I give the guy his due: he does play hard every time out. (Although playing your heart out doesn't make you a starter in any sports league.)
  7. I agree for the most part. I did look back at his year in Arizona and he did have that tendency, although again he didn't have the talent there as well. Maybe Wilks would have a different view if he trusted his QB and his coordinators.
  8. I like Wilks a lot....as a Defensive Coordinator. I think his ceiling is there. He just is too conservative to be the Head Coach. Win or lose I want a HC that will play to win and not let their foot off the gas. I know we have to find a QB and some other pieces, but please for the love of little baby Jesus, find a head coach who will get a lead and then play prevent defense and only run when on offense.
  9. I think next year is Smitty's HOF time. He'll give one hell of a speech too!!
  10. Ugh no, Duke wouldn't want Rhule or his staff. Elko has done a really good job turning that program around.
  11. If no one else will go to the front of the net on the PP then put Marty and Staal in and they certainly will. Seriously disappointed with our PP with the skill we have. This team needs to bring more passion to each game.
  12. Are you already preparing for the referees to be the reason why Carolina *may* lose the ACC CG? Is it OK that Duke fans think the only reason Carolina beat them was because of the referees? It's an interesting take. I always take the approach that my team has to beat both the other team and the refs and not leave it to the zebras to make the right calls, and if you can't do that live with the result.
  13. Detroit has to be excited....if their FO can draft decently.
  14. Turbo hasn't had a great start to the season, but let's don't throw him under the bus so quickly. He has been a very important player for the Canes for many years.
  15. I think they would too and the results may support it. The ACC isn't great by any means this year. I think Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Tennessee would all beat the best ACC team. I think Florida would give the best ACC team fits....
  16. Who is the worst 1 loss team? Probably either Illinois, Carolina, or Liberty. I might would say Illinois....
  17. Buffalo and New Jersey are both playing wide open hockey. It's like a race when you play them. It will be interesting to see if our D can slow them down.
  18. Glad we came away with a well deserved win, but we can't keep taking all these penalties and hanging our goalies out to dry. 2 of the 3 goals Tampa scored tonight were PP - one a 5 v 3. We need to be a smarter, more disciplined team.
  19. I think the opposing team can choose if they want to take the penalty on the PAT or the kickoff. I may be completely wrong.
  20. @JawnyBlazehe did remove his helmet outside the field of play, but then came back onto the field with it off celebrating with his teammates. You know these refs aren't giving a team like the Panthers any benefit of the doubt and were more than happy to throw that flag. It was a mistake by DJ, but it didn't cost us the game. We had other plays/opportunities to win and didn't cash in. Don't die on this hill bruh.
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