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  1. pretty sure thats a blumpkin not a crumpkin

  2. I know right Captain was going straight down syndrome mode -_-

  3. You are still my friend... YAYYYY

  4. (my best bobby boucher voice) I'm sorry .. will you please still be my friend?

  5. I can't wait to see that game then .. it should be either a shootout or a nitty gritty fight for field position.

  6. I dunno it all depends on what your defense is good at defending .. we have been focusing on screen passes and deep balls here lately. emory and henry screens ,bubble screens , smokes and slips .. they seem to be getting great yardage .. along with a new type of wildcat we call the hammer where we actually have a passing threat back there in bruce ellington.

  7. The QB is playing well so far.

  8. His backup is no slouch either .. but knowing spurrier he will probably just abandon the running game all together -_-

  9. He was blocking in a wildcat play for bruce ellington .. and he got a guy blocked into his knee.. he tore his acl and mcl and there was some cartlidge damage as well. It didn't look as bad as it was .. couldn't happen to a nicer guy though honestly.

  10. Only in your mind my young padawan :P

  11. That's only 1 though .. you have to play that kind of talent every week.

  12. What about it ? I'm aware we lost to them .. that was also excruciatingly bad officiating .. and i'm usually not one to blame anything on refs .. but that game was disgusting.

  13. lol ACC my good sir .. If you beat the gamecocks I will give credit .. until then .. I cannot.

  14. lol not a thing :P but then it doesn't really have to.

  15. Well the new MK brought back the 2D style so it's not like armageddon ( which was garbage) should definitely check it out!

  16. I hear you on that Trilogy was my favorite , Rain has always been my favorite character and that's where he was the best.

  17. lol i dunno .. i was just saying you had a face i guess .. so i told whoever was on the account that had a face to go to the thread :P but thanks for checking it out :)

  18. lol it came out in april I think :P

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