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  1. I love the fact that I yell, scream, curse like a sailor more than most men watching our Panthers.....Women love football too!!! and maybe....I might would give JR a lap dance to have those tickets
  2. I'm in a fantastic mood today..I'm not gonna let that dood get to me.... I'm ready to get drunk and chill around the fire....I bought a Panthers gear shift knob for my Jeep...so I gotta get MrPF to put it in for me..I mean...on for me
  3. so are you saying the the world = the huddle or huddle = the world
  4. fug yeah it is!! I'm ready for some adult beverages by the fire pit whilst I play with my puppy dogs :) and p.s. that asshat was snarky first
  5. Wow, you're a total dickbag dude....I wasn't even responding to you in the first place. I was responding to Madhatter and please don't condescend me with your holier than thou attitude either..it's a fuging message board..no need to a complete asshole ...if you don't like trite and overused statements, maybe you're the one that needs to avoid online forums and message boards Good day
  6. um.....I was just saying to never underestimate any team ... and I don't think I like your tone
  7. Jesus.....what's the TL;DR version .....Panthers are awesome????
  8. We had a kickass lead at halftime against GB and look what happened? I never underestimate teams...when you do, that's when you lose. We have to be playing EVERY game like they're the best team in the NFL side note: I personally CANNOT go through another 4th qtr like last Sunday..I couldn't talk the next day and I about had 4 heart attacks
  9. Ladies! Ladies! Calm the f*ck down!! MPF is here to make everything alllll better
  10. well my bad..I haven't been on here in 3 months..
  11. I am doing a 10k in April..so I upped my mileage a little fast from 4 miles to 6 miles...so I did 12.5 miles between Saturday and Sunday..I am a little sore today...I HAD to run yesterday..it was waaaaay to pretty to go to the gym and be indoors I think it's time I bought new running shoes
  12. I do log what I eat for the most part...when I stop doing that completely, it starts to show... having a doggie now that loves to go run w/me helps keep me motivated..the minute I even so much as look at my running shoes...she's on me like white on rice
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