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  1. To his credit Cooper Kupp the one Wr he said would be a big time player and he was right about him. He's missed on a lot of other WR but CK he was dead on.
  2. In no way should we let go of Adam T, what we need to do it seems like is add a major free agent like Tee Higgins then add a mid level like Curtis Samuels back to go along with Mingo and Adam. He’s to reliable to let go we need him in the slot and all over the field producing first downs. Maybe we bring back DJ Chark if we can get a good deal done to build off last year and because football’s a rough sport I expect injuries to all positions if you’re deep you’ll be able to maintain through those injuries.
  3. I like the thoughts but I'd say Brown called that play and he's getting better and better as a play caller. Not Tabor, Brown deserves all the credit for that situation.
  4. I second that, hearts bigger then I woulda ever expected. Joe Burrow lite Phillip Rivers tough I've been extremely impressed with that.
  5. He's shown one major attribute that might set him apart his durability is what we're hanging out hat on right now. If he can manage to gain arm strength he's shown he can withstand A Vigorous Beating. And let me Loudly I applaud that and it's a starting point. The best ability is Availability besides that his arm strength scares me but hopefully that'll improve with a off season of training like rampart training all summer no days off.
  6. I think that's to much for Burns as of today. I'd love that trade personally but he's not performing like he did week one or two he's playing like he usually does a flash here and there washed out on other plays. He was hyped up and upset to start the season probably thinking I can show out and get a huge payday, as of now we might get a 1 and Jameson if we're lucky. We need Burns to turn it back up dominate a game somewhat so a contender can come running but it's hard to see two picks let alone two and a player when he's got a foot out the door based on no long term deal in place.
  7. Frank giving us this information may be a nail in his coffin, should've kept that to himself shows major incompetence if Brown has us looking like a normal NFL offense that'll be another nail imo because he's a offensive coach we have our whole defensive staff that basically runs things without him. If the O is better without him calling plays what's his benefits to us? As to the question I believe we'll see more innovative plays called I'd say more of a Mcvay type of offense lots of motion with creativity built in. Compared to what we've seen slow long developing routes and heavier doses of play action passes way more frequently.
  8. Major conversation starter especially with waitresses and massage therapist I definitely meet a gorgeous young lady who lived in high point awhile ago just from the gear and she made my weekend let's say. I'll be back wearing my gear again in twk weeks when I return to get my gamble on again.
  9. Real fans stay loyal to their team I respect the loyalty I'd do the same. Shoot I was in Miami last week with a friend to gamble at the hard rock casino wearing my Panthers gear all weekend even though we didn't even go to the game I had to show my loyalty.
  10. trucpfan


    Very high on both of them to be honest, TMJ keeps running he has a 50-60 yard TD. Or Bryce connects with JM he has a 99 yard TD definitely a young star type of play one was on Bryce the other on the Wr they should be really working on their deep connections all week. That would've changed the game if he connects on either we'd be singing the praises of either WR so to say we've given up on them after one game where both had a chance to make a major impact but barely fell short seems a little premature. I'm judging players in a 4 game window we should completely know who's who after week 4. But I'm still expecting both WR to have big impacts the next few weeks.
  11. Yup they definitely will until another player signs after them and tops their deal. It's just the way it goes I hope some under appreciative fans are ready to see them get a big bag. Sounds like a smart and reasonable plan.
  12. Lolllll I'm dying laughing this is the most ridiculous take on here today hands down. A short term bump for a 25 year old elite pass rusher who's getting better in all phases in his game. The way he's handling it wtfff he wants a new deal came to camp gave it his all showed up week one and dominated the game until turnovers and short fields allowed Atl to put up points and take control of the game. The way he's handled this is a reason to give him a little more if you know football he's not missing anytime and still was our best defender week one how's he handling it to you because he's done everything it takes to be a company man now it's time to pay that man what he deserves based off the growing cap and range of salaries for players similar to his elite level of play. Pay that man and add more talent to this team if we plan on contending in the near future it's simple.
  13. Naw if you watch Chicago last year or yesterday JF and their lack of playmaking helped them secure that number one draft pick. He doesn't scan the field and throw players open in his 3rd year. It's all check downs or him taking off running it's really an elementary looking offense.
  14. Ummm guys this new defense might get Burns 32 a year omfgggg it's better suited for him and it f..... Shows
  15. I believe this whole heartedly we're going to run the ball like the Jonathan Taylor era in Indy. Bryce will make plays but we're definitely going to run run and run some more. Sunday I estimate we could see close to 180 in rushing combined between the backs 120 for Miles and 60 for Hubbard. We haven't seen our top free agent addition in action yet and that leaves a lot of intrigue in the fan base.
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