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  1. The ravens are preparing for having the highest paid player in the league you gotta cut a few good players out to get that done. I saw an article said they thought he outplayed what they can afford bc he was rated the 11th best center. We got a good center who still in his prime.
  2. After reading this I guess you are ok with Rhules five wins annual ceiling because that’s what that statement sounded like. If he struggles we’ll assume those are losses. Him struggling would be strip sacks fumbles coming off his side. A couple of those change a game real quick. That whole trade him scenario is far fetched, he couldn’t crack the starting lineup last season and we had one of the worst rated LT playing. So after a couple preseason games and what 3 games we trade him? And then finally give our franchise the time to develop into his new role? Or he plays all year and we basically sit the first offensive player taken in the draft? You said a nice return how much football does he have to play to get us a nice return kinda determines if we wasted our franchise LT first year?
  3. It’s continues to show Rhule struggles to evaluate players I have a strong feeling Deonte Brown could give us similar results to his college tape Rhule just doesn’t like giving young guys chances imo. The weight things seems like bull… let him play himself into shape we had guards getting run over literally last year. You telling me they’re better then Brown? Not a chance, 3 year Alabama starting OL gave up one sack in 3 years. In Rhules eyes he’s fat and didn’t do enough as rookie to play but those other guards have experience so that’s all that matters. Hence why our line ranked 31 out of 32 teams at the end of the year (pff grade) which from the eye test was one spot to generous.
  4. I thought your starting offensive line needs to time gel work together as much as possible to know each other’s tendencies. It’s like we do things to make it harder on our players, not playing BC last year when we knew he looked liked the best option. Now we’re intentionally not giving the best LT in the draft a chance to get acclimated as early as possible. What the F… did Cam Erving do to earn his spot all year last year someone help me understand this man’s logic.
  5. Man stop the madness it’s a video game that spends more time assessing researching and studying these players then any of us do. It’s a very accurate depiction of players skill sets. Luckily we’ve upgraded for peanuts. That seems like a good situation for us now we just have to develop him but he’s basically on par with a first round qb.
  6. I said that to myself a week ago I see top tier teams seem to have that structure. I’d like to give ‘em two to three days to get isolated attention but hey what do I know about coaching.
  7. Mods I need to be able to unlimited pie this man.
  8. This is the number one question. Cheap doesn’t seem like it makes sense for any pro bowl level player. Why would offer his services for cheap you’d never sign up for a job and look to save the job money. He’s worth a decent two year deal and he’s excellent against the run and a decent pass rusher. We can scheme up blitzes and pressure but our run D was atrocious he makes to much sense. No one goes into the season thinking we are tanking we trying to win and you need skill players to do that.
  9. Lol based off what? Or that’s just a feeling you have? Based off Chris Simms qb evaluation over the last four years he’s been very accurate with his assessments. It SEEMS like Corral has the tools to be a excellent starter will our coaching staff actually coach him up to his potential is my question.
  10. Typically seventh round dbs don’t pan out it’s a long shot. Not to be a downer, but if he becomes an top gunner or even above average I’d say we got excellent value throughout the whole draft. If he starts at gunner I’d say that’s a major win for us that speed with our new punters hang time etc could really help our special teams.
  11. Lol I had to laugh myself, he’s as pro ready as Pickett will he pickup the playbook quickly and get that aspect down packed is the only thing holding him back. Start PJ we traded up and considered him our qb 1 for a reason.
  12. Foles ran a rpo system to perfection dam near he’s had the skill set he has the knowledge if we can split Sams money with someone anyone in a trade (highly unlikely) I’d do it in a heartbeat. He’s a better starter hands down until Matt’s ready to be thrown to the wolves.
  13. Do you attribute those stats to our poor o-line and Sam bad qb play? What are his cap hit numbers this year? That’ll help put it in perspective average of the two and he’s way more valuable then a 4th-5th or any comp pick possible. A young qb needs as many weapons as possible to try to be successful early on.
  14. That maturity seemed to be what they leaned on seems like a bonus going into a professional job, especially nfl quarterback. Adversity makes you tougher let’s see how it plays out.
  15. That was bad it gave outsiders a good glimpse into Matt’s NFL mindset which as of now is very questionable. If you think a second team all pro LT is better slated at guard you sir are Lost. For you to stick to that assessment after the whole dam season shows lack of evaluation or lack of mental adjustments because you’d have to adjust your evaluations to what the nfl says is elite. And that’s first or second team all pros and even a pro bowl players.
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