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  1. Naw not a chance I know his good friend he’s set on a contender and doesn’t want to play with a rookie qb I’ve heard that from one of his partners who literally hangs with him. But if that wasn’t the case I’d still believe he wants to contend strongly for a chip I like where we are at now but don’t see us on the level of Buffalo or KC or Baltimore. Do you think 10 million more over 3 years is enough to persuade him when he’s made a hefty amount the last four years. I hope he changes his mind and plays here close to home I’d go crazy we’d be a threat offensively to anyone we play.
  2. I totally agree with your thoughts m, but we’re fans of our team. He’s in the league trying to win his first ring what seems best Buff/Baltimore/KC or a unproven rookie. One thing is that he’s gotten a ton of money last few years so I’d say he’s probably not worried about the bag as much as others may be. He just wants to win and contend for a chip. He doesn’t even wanna play with Dak it’s hard for me seeing him wanting to play with a rookie again especially after Kyler even if Bryce is totally different it’s hard to get over that experience.
  3. He doesn’t want to play with a rookie qb he just stated that in a recent podcast with B Marshall no way he doesn’t goto a perennial contender.
  4. Yea we didn’t have a creative offensive mind last year at all. I’ve seen the he can’t track the ball well, but I’ve seen that has been discredited with his college tape because you don’t forget how to do it you just might not utilize the skill set as often which can lead to rust. But curl routes and out routes like just seen, don’t require tracking of the ball to any serious magnitude we need to put him in position to excel we have deep (TMJ/DJ) wrs we have slot wrs we just need to get him the ball in different scenarios down the field not so much as a running back but hitch slants and curls where he can make a man miss and pick up chunk yards. Between Frank Thomas and Jim we should be able to draw up a lot of creative ways to attack using all our weapons.
  5. Shows his leadership and dedication to getting to work imo I love the mindset most of rookie deals are set very little wiggle room so why not get to it
  6. They did say there’s no cap on staff Teppers about to cut another check.
  7. I agree completely I understand your logic and won’t even argue that I think he’s better then you’re giving credit for but do you think a rookie TE would have had more of an impact this season then Hurst? Do you think we should have drafted and played a rookie over him and how do you view Mingo as a AJ Brown type or a jag? Because that matters I seem to see him as a young Deebo S type of wr I can’t see a rookie TE having more of an impact then Mingo is going to have this season
  8. What’s your criteria production or just your projection for each player?
  9. That’s my thoughts getting groomed or mentored by Thielen will be huge for both. AT value to our team is major he can really help those two take off. Along with coaching but I just feel like he adds to much still being a player but a very willing teacher from his Justin Jeff days they said he really helped him take off.
  10. He’s not coming here my boy was just with him they’re both from the Clemson Greenville area he said it has to be a contender. Basically between Bills KC and another team but the bills have a deal in place to extend him pay him more if he’s traded there so I’d bet on the Bills.
  11. That’s a really good scenario for each qb Levis might make some noise in NE.
  12. Lol wait I’m confused now I thought BY was the processing machine with escapability like a young RW. Let me reread the other threads lol
  13. I too think that’s it’s really odd being we have enough money and definitely have a need. Does anyone think Cade is enough at G to fill in or take over for BC.
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