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  1. He should be 100% before game one in a couple weeks
  2. Seems like exactly what’s needed to get a in-depth look at 1st and 2nd stringers against different competitors. Playing against the same players they may get familiar with a play call or formation, as well as they may have different strengths excellent NB coverage. Where as we have decent NB play leading us to believe we have a advantage from the slot when actually he’s a jag vs others but a beast vs lower level talent.
  3. To me this means to expect a passionate hard working player. He’s definitely looking for a multi year deal after this and our defense gives him the perfect opportunity to do that. One year deals mean go crazy and get paid so I’m leaning towards him going crazy this season I love the value we are getting.
  4. Robbie isn’t doing anything in terms of looking for a new deal from the looks of it. He’s working out in Fla around family and some trainers. I follow him on Instagram and if you look at his post like two days ago he’s working out with a training staff, But if you scroll in the comments some dude (prob a huddler lol) ask him if he’s coming back his answer “Duhh”. Its not mandatory he’ll be at mandatory and is ready to rock. He’s got a huge featured in the confidential for the upcoming season. We are purely speculatively making a issue about nothing he’ll get so many reps between mandatory and training camp sometimes you gotta enjoy your time so you can focus when at work.
  5. The funniest part is I’ve been waiting to run to the store since 39 lol wtf
  6. So you’re comparing jags to a man who never played organized football and has all ready turned 25. Lol that’s funny
  7. Sometimes I’m a crazy optimistic person but to me this is simply a good opportunity for him to play with weapons strengthen the team with top tier talent at OL etc. If we duck next year we get our QB
  8. Loll you’re hilarious you must be a stat sheet checker they won they division and should have beaten the eventual world champs Wtffff are you talking about. They only dipped last year because they traded the best wr in the nfl.
  9. You’re discrediting what a elite QB does for a team he becomes the future all you have to do is add a few more pieces and we become nfc champ game contenders.
  10. The writings on the wall it’s either a elite top 5 QB or a rookie with a ton of weapons.
  11. Man that would be legendary asfffff
  12. Which seems like a big risk transferring to a much smaller school but it paid of as he said himself. I believe he has all the tools to similar (not jumping the gun) to Wesley walls.
  13. First tweet in two years I put starting LT to spice it up
  14. This is hilarious but in all seriousness it's actually a good idea nowadays social media is everything especially the younger generation I bet if people push this it would have a minimal impact on him. Not saying he signs but that's a fan base that shows support who doesn't like that. But the small chance it goes Rae Rae wrong is a little to close to home.
  15. Yooo this is perfect MOTIVATION for Chicos laid back azz. Seriously thou I think Getts saw something in the way he coached the end of last year when it was desperation time. He again put on his attack game plan when staring a must win in the face. Now he leaks a little info he coaches us to a playoff appearance saves his job and our seasson win win. ( i hope)
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