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  1. Could use a #1 corner too, would help him get home more by giving him the time.
  2. He doesn't have to be a #1, he wasn't drafted to be. Filling a #2 or #3 role still makes him a good pick. If we don't go Qb, I think we draft a #1 CB this year. The sting of loosing Bradberry won't be over until we do.
  3. This just reaffirms my expectations of a good future. Roy is excellent depth playing a position that we have lacked depth at. Pride played well for where he was drafted and will only improve, Daley has showed he could play and I could see Miller being a great rotational piece. We knocked last year's draft out of the park! I'm really excited!
  4. Draft a 3 tech project DT late and roll with what we got. We weren't bad at DT last year and we have more important needs atm. Obada actually wasn't bad playing inside on passing downs.
  5. You trying to see how negative you can go? LoL
  6. My heart don't beat no fear and that ain't hard to see!!!

  7. Negativity spreads like a cancer as posotivity spreads unlike cancer but spreads non the less. I wish trolls would kick rocks if your not contributing to the thread then your useless.

  8. Is a great asset and a need not the same thing? Not saying it was an immediate need, saying it was a luxury need, I mean we are kinda stacked lol.
  9. Yea, wouldn't say it was a great need but a great luxury for a formation that we want to use.
  10. When he did see playing time he balled tho and now he's got a year under his belt.
  11. Coleman's long gone I feel and I feel derrick with our line and toldozer will have plenty of room, he is actually quite shifty contrary to what people think.
  12. He was a rookie, he will see more snaps this year...he really came on at the end of last year!
  13. I agree, and this would make me hate Seattle more then I already do, as I see derrick as a steal...big and freakishly fast for his size.
  14. Really sold on Hunter after watching highlights, looks to have good hands and if he's really that good of a blocker....we coulda really used that in the sb.
  15. Guarantee we go lesser\ high quality..maybe 4 players out of the draft.
  16. Which of the two henerys do you see falling further into the second giving us a better chance of trading up and nabbing him, I would love both! I really see us trading up a few times in the draft and snagging a small pool of gems.
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