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  1. Unfortunately, we probably won't know how it really went down until well after both Rhule and Fit are gone, and maybe not even then.
  2. No GM who gave a up 2nd and a 4th for Sam Darnold gets to be called great. That's a deep hole to dig out of.
  3. I'd look at the Jets Mike LaFleur as well. He had Flacco playing well and even had an UDFA Mike White putting up numbers last year.
  4. Johnson is an OC. He doesn't' coach Okudah. I'm on board.
  5. I picked up Garrett as well. I hope Zach Wilson uses Garrett as much as Flacco did.
  6. [I can just see the huddle posts now: "Look at his record as a starter", "Undrafted guy , he's just like Jake, LFG!"]
  7. Good news, everyone. I dropped DJ Moore from my fantasy team (weird league with no bench slots). This invariably means he will go OFF on Sunday. You can thank me later.
  8. There was a story that came out right after the trade that the only reason it got done was Tepper told Fitterer/Rhule that if it didn't get done by July 4th, it wasn't happening. The trade happened July 5th. We know not everyone was onboard with bringing in Mayfield and there was internal conflict on making the trade. Had Tepper not stepped in, the internal struggle would have continued and the trade might have happened even later, if it happened at all.
  9. Strange that his height wasn't an issue when he was leading Cleveland to the playoffs?
  10. It's three midgets standing on top of one another in trench coat. You've got the Sean Payton interpretation of the WCO McAdoo inherited, the more traditional WCO he ran in Green Bay, and a heavy dose of the RPO plays that Baker and Corral would have experience with from their college days. Those midgets are wobbling an awful lot and the pants are slipping down...
  11. We started taking the kids around 8 years old, but only to preseason games. Their attention span was only good for about one half, so we'd go back to the hotel at half time and I'd watch the second half from there.
  12. I thought this was going to be about how in the world Tua was allowed to go back in the game on Sunday.
  13. I said week 8 if Baker doesn't improve his play. The next four games are Cardinals, 49ers, Rams, Buccaneers. A record of 2-5 after those four games is well within the range of outcomes. At that point, pressure will be mounting on Rhule, Darnold will be recovered [from his injury] and Rhule might want a "spark".
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