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  1. Exactly. We don't even have an OC yet. Reich is still putting the staff together. None of the coaches are likely to have done any deep film study yet or meet with the prospects. The staff doesn't know who the staff wants yet.
  2. Good interview. I didn't like how often he brought up Tepper's name when talking about evaluating the draft class as well as the free agent class. Dave, you've hired some sharp football people. Let them do their thing and stay out of it.
  3. They've all got flaws. Here's a predraft breakdown of a QB every single one of you would beg us to draft if you knew then what you know now. Take a guess? Justin Herbert.
  4. Sounds similar to some of the personality criticism that Justin Herbert received. Not saying AR is Herbert by any stretch, just that both were labeled as soft spoken.
  5. Exactly. We're going to have to evaluate Rhule/Fitterer and Fitterer/Reich separately. You could even get more granular and really evaluate it as: 2021 - Rhule/Fitterer 2022 - Rhule/Fitterer/Morgan 2023 - Fitterer/Morgan/Reich
  6. He's 64. This is probably his last gig. I don't think he cares.
  7. Matt has had a year to work on a more challenging playbook than he had at Ole Miss, but he'll be just like every other starter on April 1st learning a brand new system. The injury concern remains, but the bottom line is, if we draft a 1st round QB, that player is going to be given every opportunity to win the job.
  8. I feel confident this question about who will be calling the offense will come up in the press conference on Tuesday.
  9. Wasn't there something in that other thread that said Reich was going to be Wilks OC? Now, it was Johnson?
  10. I think you could make a reasonable case that if you don't hire Reich as HC, you don't get him as OC. Reich would have likely taken the Chargers OC job if his choice was between being the Panthers OC and the Chargers OC. Herbert versus no QB. Chargers weapons are probably considered better than current Panthers weapons.
  11. Keeping Campen likely increases our odds of resigning Bozeman. Win-win.
  12. "I recognize our level of QB play now." - CMC
  13. Which would mean comp picks for the Panthers, correct?
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