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  1. Rattler will transfer and try to rebuild reputation. That's what Jalen Hurts did and he still got to the league.
  2. With the way Williams played on Sunday, I expect the Chiefs to bow out of the Mack trade talks.
  3. That's the KOD (kiss of death) right there. Sam's done.
  4. "It was one game, and the regular starter was healthy again. I don't think it's an indictment of Christensen in any way. Offensive linemen take longer to develop than other positions, for a lot of reasons. Physical strength and stamina are up there, since they've never done this as a full-time job before. And the difference between college offenses and many NFL ones is vast, requiring much more classroom work before you can make it seem smooth. So even for good rookies, it's still a massive adjustment." Yes, Christensen is a rook. There are multiple rookie linemen playing and contributing for their teams. Brady should be as well.
  5. We need a new Center badly. FA, or draft, we can't go into 2022 with Matt Paradis.
  6. Caleb Williams is not eligible until the 2024 NFL Draft. Do a Riley/Williams package like Arizona did with Kingsbury/Murray?
  7. It's the right move. If you want your team to be defense-forward, you need your whole team built around that. Run the ball, no turnovers, play good defense, and make just enough plays in the passing game to win. It's classic Rivera. It's classic Fox. It now seems like it's also classic Rhule/Snow. This philosophy can get you to 8-9 wins. On rare instance, your offense can get hot and make a bit of run, but it's a far more difficult way to try to win. Not only are the rules slanted toward offense, but as you've seen, there are just some phenomenal athletes on offense. Those guys are going to be beat perfect defense. Think about the TD that Horn gave up in Week 1 to Davis, or the TD that Thielen scored yesterday. (a small aside: its clear Rhule is a figurehead/motivator for Snow, but philosophically, Rhule's longtime mentor is the leader of the team).
  8. No one cares that he's younger than Joe Burrow anymore...
  9. Moton looked awful on the left. Erving to LG, and Christensen to LT. Keep Moton on the right.
  10. I hope Joe Brady was watching the end of Dallas/Patriots. Diggs sat on the route for a pick six. The very next play, McDaniels called a double move on his receiver. Boom. 75 yard TD.
  11. You know what no one talks about anymore? How tall Kyler Murray's.
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