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  1. I can only make it to one game a year. This year, I'm going with a good friend who is originally from Minnesota to the Vikings game.
  2. It is nice to here and certainly better than if we were hearing the opposite out of camp.
  3. Don't we already have a former SEC QB with injury concerns who came from a gimmicky college system on our roster?
  4. Eagles also had one of the easier brackets in the playoffs. Bye, familiar division foe in NYG, a team with 0 QBs in SF.
  5. Early odds are already available for the 2023 season, so it's time to take a peak and see if there's any value to be had in the NFL futures markets. The Super Bowl futures for 2024 updated directly after the Chiefs win and put Kansas City as the betting favorites once again at +600. Last year’s losing team, the Eagles, had much bigger futures odds around this time last year than the Chiefs (they opened around +3000 and were available at +2200 or bigger for much of the summer) and gave early investors an easy hedge opportunity in the big game. For today, we’re going to take a look at some teams with longer odds who can perhaps pay off in similar ways that the Eagles and Bengals did for bettors over the last two seasons. Even if you’re not ready to pull the trigger, these are all teams with decent paths to making a run in 2023-24 and worth keeping an eye on as the off-season progresses. Mentions Jacksonville and Detroit and then... Carolina Panthers +5000 Carolina’s hiring of Frank Reich gives the team an experienced offensive-minded head coach who has produced winning records in three of his five seasons as head coach. As we saw last year in Jacksonville, getting someone of that caliber can change the dynamics of a team very fast. The Panthers also sit in a division ripe for the taking. Three of the teams currently are in flux at quarterback (including the Panthers), and the other in Atlanta has a very thin talent pool at several key positions. A lot will depend on getting the right fit under center, but the Panthers do have the ninth pick in a draft where many are expecting four quarterbacks to be taken in the first 20 selections. If they hit a home run at that position in the draft or in a trade, Carolina could become the class of this division quickly. Given their recent hire at head coach, that would make them a potentially very live threat in the wide open NFC once the playoffs begin. [Credit: Peter Overzet of Fantasy Life]
  6. But pretty much everybody was top 10 in BOTH points scored per game [offense] and points allowed per game [defense].
  7. He's got a prior relationship with one of those former defensive coordinators (Dennis Allen).
  8. Chad Henne announces his retirement with a beer in hand after the Super Bowl.
  9. I'm going to be optimistic about the new staff until they give be a reason not to. The 2022 season is over. We're 0-0. Next year, we go 10-7 and win the South*. *all predictions wrong or your money back!
  10. As long as the perception is that offense= eyeballs and defense=boring, the pendulum won't swing back. It's just a question of how long before it's basically Arena rules out there.
  11. Reid has a significant experience advantage over Sirianni. That might make a big difference if the game is close in the fourth quarter.
  12. You might want to investigate the history of QBs drafted in the top 10 and how soon they started their first game. The history may help you set a reasonable expectation if the Panthers choose to draft a QB in the top ten.
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