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  1. I think we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves by saying we're headed to a superbowl...the team is definitely better than the dumpster fire of last year, but to go all the way is a bit much IMO, especially with Tampa keeping all of their starters. They're the team to beat, for sure...if we can at least win once, I'd say we have a chance, but without at least one win against them then they'll wipe the floor with us in the playoffs
  2. You're probably right, but I was under the impression that the coaches were going to try as many OL combinations as they could, so I figured he would get some looks at tackle. But maybe not. Even so, at the very least he should have some battles with Brown. How he handles those should be informative enough.
  3. I'm holding off on getting too hyped until we see how he does against NFL-level opponents. Going against Burns or YGM should be a good test, but this tape makes me optimistic. Can't wait for TC this year...
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