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  1. It’s a fresh slate Sam is as old as some rookies he is a rookie that had a couple years to play in the nfl if he erased that in his mind we will too , let’s give him a fresh start and then if he is bad we can bash him but until week 3 let’s give him a fair chance . Let’s hope for the best we don’t need him to be mahomes we need him to be decent enough for mccaffrey to punch it in
  2. We’ll find out preseason and week 1 what we have in darnold I think he’ll be fine I’m not expecting him to throw 35 tds but I could expect him to have around 20 touchdowns this year .
  3. I think it will be Erving but he reminds me of okung not in a good way with that being said I’d go Daley but also want to see what we have in Brady
  4. I think horn is the next darell revis he’ll win rookie of the year and chinn might be defensive player of the year or burns will darnold as mvp
  5. I herd he has looked amazing but so has Marshall should be a nice treat in preseason , man I can’t wait
  6. I think he will be a solid right guard as a rookie , lt will be Erving question is he better than okung ?
  7. We’ll see how it plays out , 2014 we had a terrible offensive line and 2015 they played decent enough to get us to a Super Bowl . Pff is all preliminary data at this point it’s all speculation for the most part .
  8. I was a little intoxicated, I shouldn’t drink and post on the huddle lmao
  9. I’ll tell you a story , I remember 2014 after that seahawk lost I was like only if we added some key players we will be amazing . I was at school at Texas a&m with the girl I was dating at Buffalo Wild Wings and I was not surprised and was not happy when we played the jags and won , it didn’t hit me until we beat the Texans , remember cam did that flip and when I seen the jags beat the 49ers I was like maybe the jags ain’t bad and we’re actually very good , we were very good loved being at the game vs the giants when Odell and Norman went at it . I got those vibes this year I think we are
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