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  1. I think it’s going to be a panic for qb early on, I got Sewell as the best player even better than Lawrence . Sewell would be a highway robbery if we were to get him , he is the best lineman I have ever seen after watching his film the man is a freak at all levels , I just hope he falls . I’d be fine with him or pitts . I believe we should treat darnold like he’s our draft pick being 23 years old he’s basically a rookies age with nfl experience guy was great in college and showed flashes with a terrible jets team give him weapons and a line and we’ll see full potential. I think this panther te
  2. Sewell-best I’ve seen David mills - insurance if darnold doesn’t work out
  3. Sewell is the best lineman I ever seen just hope every qb goes early so he drops
  4. Binged watched like 20 of his highlights from 2018-2020 I think he might be something special with that being said we need Sewell, slater or Kyle pitts. We basically got a first round pick for the price of a 2nd and 6th . Can’t believe he’s only 23
  5. The kid is 23 basically the age of a rookie so it’s like we are getting a rookie with some nfl experience. Let’s give him a fair chance I think it will work out and he will be our franchise qb . Darnold to arnold will be a legendary combo
  6. Excited for darnold never had a fair shot with the jets being so bad
  7. I like this now we can trade back and get more picks or Kyle pitts or ot but I’m hoping for a trade back we need a lot
  8. Let’s be fair I don’t want Mac but no one said tua was good because of his offensive line , running backs and historically great wr core , jeudy , ruggs, waddle and smith
  9. I’m going to get my pizza and beer and for the longest time on draft day I’ll be surprised who we pick, haven’t been surprised in a long time
  10. He’s a very good athlete but I think we won’t live up the hype and definitely not the best qb in this draft
  11. Love: fields and lance like :Mac Jones hate: Wilson because he’s fragile , didn’t play quality competition can’t read a defense Trevor Lawrence- you might call me crazy but this is the most overrated player I have ever seen , he is not accurate with the football and can’t read a defense idc how quality his arm and speed is he reminds me of a poor mans Andrew luck but Andrew luck was much better on a worse team than Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence won’t be a fraction as good as luck , he’s going to be a big time bust . Screen shot this if you want
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