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  1. I want to believe that this means they aren’t really that worried about the Burns situation and it’ll be sorted tomorrow… but I’m starting to think maybe we still just really have no idea what we are doing.
  2. Depends on the chips we are talking about. A bag of Lays barbecue okay, maybe. But Garden Salsa SunChips? I’ll keep the chips, thanks.
  3. Nobody anywhere in this thread said they didn’t want him. They simply explained why it was unrealistic we could have retained him. Stop with the dramatics.
  4. Yeah I really liked Mingo a LOT but remember getting poo for saying this on draft day. Mingo could honestly be a steal there but if not, we definitely passed on the bigger need.
  5. On one hand we are unfortunately in a position where we have to take gambles to have success. We are in a small market competing in a league where players openly discuss teaming up together at big market teams to win titles. We will never be that destination. So we have to take big gambles to find success and from that understanding I’m alright with it. The problem is we have the worlds biggest idiots running this team for the last decade. Jordan is still the best player ever in my eyes but an absolute joke as an owner. We have had nothing but clowns for GMs and our coaches have more often than not been in the same circus with them. It’s not even the moves I’m unhappy with at this point. It’s the clueless why they draw their conclusions to make them that make following this team so painful.
  6. As stated, it’s basically pay it to him or let him walk. I’m brought he’s overrated, but he’s still the most talented player currently on the team and very young. Would rather overpay him then let him walk for nothing.
  7. As a rule that’s been true but that’s not exactly how NBA max contracts work. It was basically pay him this or lose him. We did the right thing.
  8. The dude has an infatuation with the flashy WR position. Tried to tell me OBJ has been a good teammate and hasn’t caused his teams any issues since his Giants days and we should sign him. This was after the Browns suspended him from attending practice of course lol. There’s a group of guys that think nothing is more important than the WR position. This is because it’s a sexy and exciting position. You can put him in that bracket.
  9. Yep. I’ve been saying for awhile that Shaq is a really good LB that had the unfortunate task of following some all time great LBs
  10. After the last few years, I’ll take it
  11. Nah Ridder starts. They are prepared to sink or swim with him.
  12. I’m no Jake Delhomme hater but you can’t compare him to Cam on talent. Give Cam prime Smitty and Moose and there’s no telling what he could have accomplished
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