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  1. Why didn’t the chicken wear pants? Cause his pecker’s on his head.
  2. This is definitely a fair assessment. And I know some dislike calling him “basically a rookie” but I think it is warranted to some degree. He’s shown he has much more potential than what he showed in NY and he’s still really young. Hopefully he can correct some of this with coaching? He’s very talented. I was already on board with him from an arm perspective. I didn’t imagine he could be this much of a threat on the ground. I’m willing to be patient. The talent is there and I think he could be our QB moving forward for awhile if he can continue to improve. But there will be some sloppy moments (and sloppy games) going forward.
  3. They needed to float this idea out when the Ravens were looking everywhere for a RB. He would have seemingly been a good fit there in a power run scheme. Not so much here I'm afraid. Talented player but not a great fit.
  4. The injuries suck but they will be without some key talent as well. That Oline is taking a loss without Collins and that is not someone you want to lose facing our team. We also have a long week to prepare and they will be on a shortened week having played Monday. That gives us quite a lot of extra time to rest, recover and game plan for them. Ultimately I could see this going either way, but I am certainly not going into this "scared" by any means. The extra time is a big advantage for getting the next man up acclimated and ready. I know I have oddly built a reputation for being a dumb homer here simply for supporting the Darnold trade (which how is that working out so far?) but I think we win this one. Mainly for our long week to their short week advantage. That's a pretty big deal. Either way it falls, I expect this game to be close. But this is definitely one we can win and I think the extra time gives us the advantage, even with having to travel to Dallas. We'll find out soon.
  5. IF he proves to be the prospect people hoped he would be AND Jaycee Horn returns healthy next year and is the prospect we hope/believe he can be, suddenly we have by far the greatest secondary Carolina has ever fielded. Two CBs drafted in the top 10 just one year apart (insanely young and on rookie deals) along with a superstar safety. Add to the fact Jackson is playing awesome, Shaq is playing awesome and we have an incredible Dline with two nearly unstoppable pass rushers... our defense in the next few years could be absolutely unbelievable. This could be the beginning of what could be the most feared defense in the league in a couple years time. If these coaches really can coach up players to help them reach the next level. The potential of this defense is genuinely unreal.
  6. People here told me we should trade three 1sts for Zach Wilson... no. I will not stop repeating this over and over for the rest of the season. The reactionary meltdown children that throw a fit when they don’t get what they want should be embarrassed. Cause I’m damn tired of hearing that poo every season.
  7. It’s almost like some of us somehow managed to withhold our judgement on Darnold based on factors such as the Jets terrible roster and Gase’s terrible track record. Huh.
  8. As already stated though. Rhule has had him for 6 games lol. If you are pinning it on Rhules it’s more showing your bias towards disliking him because Rhule has barely used CMC since he’s been the coach here.
  9. I hear what you are saying but CMC is still quite young. He’s essentially not even played under his new massive contract yet considering he only played 3 games last year. We are two games into this season. So if we are suggesting he can’t handle that workload over two games a season then we have a much bigger problem. Again. I find it more likely that this is related to being a short week of rest especially when there’s a definite correlation between injuries and Thursday night games.
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