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  1. The username is CPsinceDay1... Judging by the childish and immature post I’m assuming you’ve been a Carolina Panther for about three and a half years then?
  2. Well yeah. Judging by your rep you are probably the Saints fan that posted it.
  3. Say what you want about my opinion but I would MUCH rather have Darnold than Trask.
  4. I personally fugging love him. He just needs to be coached up and polished. Physically there is absolutely nothing stopping him from being elite. And he certainly appears to have the drive to be great. My expectations are high.
  5. Pre draft on the huddle: “Tepper is going to ruin this team. We need to get this coaching staff and Tepper out of Charlotte. All he cares about is soccer. He wants a QB and he’s going to interfere with the decision making to get his guy. He’s another Jerry Jones.” During the draft on the huddle: “This staff doesn’t know what they are doing. These trade downs are stupid. Look at all the talent going off the board. These guys don’t seem to have a plan. Half these rookies won’t make the roster. It’s all about Fit being able to say Darnold cost us nothing. We have to get these guys out of
  6. What are remarkably stupid opinion lol. We have greatly improved our team. Last season we had a new HC, OC and DC and no real preseason due to Covid. But we will be worse this year with an easier strength of schedule? With all due respect, just stfu and move along. Shouldn’t you be busy studying the Broncos playbook anyway? I mean you’ll be backing Lock up this year Teddy. That’s a big responsibility.
  7. I disagree. There’s no way the are getting Horn that far back. He’s likely going right after us or to Dallas. Farley has legit question marks around him and Horn is the best press CB in the draft. He’s also a freak athlete which this staff definitely values and has an attitude they want on defense. I wanted Sewell going into the draft but I had predicted we would take Horn before the draft took place. I knew he was our guy and they didn’t want to risk losing him. I genuinely think he was their top priority entering the draft.
  8. Oh you told us. We all feel stupid now. And as for all the A- to A+ grades our draft has consistently gotten, you better go email the likes of CBS etc and tell them to. Look, draft grades obviously don’t mean poo but the reality is this draft was objectively good, even if it didn’t fall how you wanted it to. It’s done now regardless. But I suspect our staff is very happy with the results. As they should be. They did great.
  9. For better or worse, I think Brady Christensen has the job unless he just really performs poorly in camp. For what it’s worth, I think he can handle it at least decently, but it is obviously a risk banking on him this season.
  10. I would appreciate it! I tried to edit posts during the draft and just had a 50% success. It seems like after a certain amount of time passes we lose the ability to edit. Though it could also possibly after we get reacts or quotes to our post.
  11. We can only edit after a short amount of time now. After a few minutes go by our edit option really does just disappear
  12. People are also forgetting how much use the #3 WR gets in Bradys offense. Look at Curtis Samuel last year as a pass catcher. Brady utilizes 3 WRs heavily. Having three legit WRs at his disposal is a need. Perhaps not our biggest need, but a legitimate need nonetheless
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