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  1. Dude was my favorite QB in the class for a long time. I was in the Corral camp long before the combine rolled around. But since drafting him I keep getting more and more excited about him every day. I really feel he will be our QB of the future. Fingers crossed.
  2. I am very thankful that it turned out the way it did. Alternative scenarios would likely not have gone as well as the way it ultimately played out
  3. If you cry hard enough about Sam Howell and talk enough poo about the players that we did draft then maybe the universe will realign to give you what you want. So just keep throwing shade at all of our new players. That'll surely help your cause in the long run.
  4. I said a month or so ago that I wanted a LT but that if we did go QB I liked Corral the best. I did not want to take him at 6 and frankly didn’t think it would be possible to get both a blue chip LT and Corral in this draft without giving up way too much so I’m honestly thrilled with how this has played out. That said, I think Corral will need some time and backing up Darnold for at least the first half of the season is likely in his best interest. So I don’t think Rhule will be hurting him by not playing him immediately. In an ideal world you would sit someone like Corral for the whole season this year but we need to get him out there at some point to figure out if we can move forward with him or need to target a QB in next years draft. But I really do like the kid. I think he has a real shot at starting in this league. He still needs to develop but he’s got some attributes that I don’t feel any of the others had. And his quick release is special.
  5. I think there was lol. I feel like I remember that posted here back then.
  6. As a Panther fan and long time Huddler, my favorite draft moment is the year we took Star. This place is always arguing over who we should take. This year its which LT vs which QB vs trade down with a small few in the DE camp. All of the arguments are fine but rest assured, at the end of the night some people will be aggressively angry with the pick, hoping the player fails to prove their opinions right while swearing they are done with the team until Rhule and perhaps even Tepper are gone. But there year we took Star is the only year I can remember where nearly this entire board was rejoicing. We had been talking about Star for nearly a full year saying we needed to somehow get him. And going into the draft we thought we picked too low and that he would be gone before the pick. We announced Star as the pick the very second we were on the clock and its really the only time I can remember that almost every single Huddler was happy about the pick. Star had a good career here but was certainly nowhere near our best pick ever. But that draft was really fun because we had all been wanting that guy for like 10 months are longer and we got him.
  7. Your immaturity is surprising even for an online forum. And people won’t take your sports opinions too seriously when they can’t take you seriously in general. By the way, stating you don’t care what I think followed by playing the victim card to a mod sorta contradicts itself lmao. Take care champ.
  8. Yesterday you went on this bizarre crusade against Walterfootball. Fair enough. You don’t like them. I’m personally indifferent towards them but can’t say I’m a fan. But today you say “Waltersfootball is the only one reporting their. Gonna need to see someone else reporting it before I believe it” @Varking proceeds to inform you that Peter King and the Athletic are also reporting it. And then you accuse him of being a shill for providing you with what you specifically asked for. More sources reporting it. Your post yesterday were kinda cringe as it turned from you not liking Walterfootball to belittling @Varkingfor citing them. But now you are just coming across as a childish baby. Take a break. It isn’t a good look for you.
  9. I think it started after BigKat decided to make an ignorant statement about how he will be pawning his rings without considering he has been in the league for a long time. I am not "so happy" for him as much as I just respect his body of work. Dude has never been a starting caliber RB but has worked hard to stay in a league that most people bounce out of within a couple of years. I don't think people are popping champagne bottles for him, its just a nod to him after one poster decided to make a stupid remark about him based on him not being a star player.
  10. Not really. Dude might not be a star and might not be on a big contract but he’s been cashing checks in this league for a long time. Good for him.
  11. Damn. I was thinking he was coming in next year. That’s unfortunate.
  12. Well currently we look like the favorites to land the #1 recruit in the country. GG Jackson is a 6’9 PF and the #1 ranked recruit and currently the rumor is that he’s leaning towards us. So if the core returns then we look damn good next year
  13. He’s on the verge of winning the national championship in his first year as the HC after a pretty bad start to the season. He gets emotional and wears it on his sleeve. I don’t know how you wouldn’t want to play for this man. The incoming recruiting classes are going to be incredible.
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