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  1. I think if we aren't sold on the remaining QBs at 9 and we can't move then we take one of Quinten Johnson, Jordan Addison, Jaxon Smith-Njigba.
  2. I have heard in the last year that Brown, Horn, DJ, Shaq, Icky along with others are busts. That is my frustration. That is stupid. That only comes from people who don’t understand football and realize development from college to pros is a real thing. Yet I’m told frequently here that I don’t understand football. When the reasoning behind it is continuing to support players like Derrick Brown for example. This season sucked. I couldn’t agree more. But these guys did continue to fight in the second half of the season. And I respect that. And they deserve credit for not quitting.
  3. I don’t think they will change and I don’t expect much pie lol. I’m tired of the fanbase constantly bashing everything. Some things absolutely deserve to be bashed regarding this team. But suddenly Horn is a bust, just like Brown was a bust, just like suddenly DJ was a bust just like to start the year Icky was a bust, just like Shaq was a bust. etc. It’s a joke
  4. I was in the tank the season camp after Rhule was canned. You can go look. But I’m proud of how our team has responded since then. And yet I’ve been criticized for saying I’m proud of that lol. It’s ridiculous
  5. And this obviously isn’t directed at those who don’t do this. Hence not everyone is pooing this post. Because they aren’t the ones constantly bashing everyone on this team week in and week out.
  6. Warranted. Been hearing them bitch for 3 years. Bitch when we lose. Bitch when we win. Bitch about the last HC. Bitch about the new HC. Bitch about players when they play at a high level. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Sometimes bitching is absolutely warranted. But in this case I’m presenting how stupid they sound the rest of the time.
  7. No you have criticized some for two whole seasons after they had just been drafted. And cheered for them to throw away the season for a top pick. Its pathetic. But hey, fug Derrick Brown, amirite? He is a terrible pick and a bust. Just awful.
  8. Lets just poo on every single player on this team. Lets poo on them for not giving up on the season and lets poo on them for not tanking. Because clearly, we want a bunch of players out there who don't want to win and just don't give a fug in general. Then we could get a top 3 pick. So lets start by shitting on the players for playing hard all year. Then after we do that, lets poo on our best players for any reason we can. Lets do that for at least a decade. Lets start with Cam. Lets poo on Cam for turnovers even though he had NO protection on the offensive line and carried us to a Super Bowl and a league MVP. Lets start with him and then lets just keep shitting on all of our best players without context all the way to current day. Lets poo on Brian Burns for leading our team in sacks. Lets say he's overrated even though opposing teams are willing to give up two 1sts for him because they realize hes an elite talent. Let's poo on him for being undersized or not good against the run, or not getting to Brady enough. Nah, fug him. Who is next? Jaycee Horn. Lets poo on Jaycee for getting his wrist snapped on a play that any CB in the entire league would have had their wrist snapped. Lets say he is a wasted pick even though he is an absolute elite CB with size, speed, strength and not afraid of contact. He can shut down pretty much any WR in the league. But as a fanbase, can we not agree to band together and poo on him and make him feel like he is not appreciated? Lets poo Derrick Brown. Lets call him a bust for two straight years. Lets give him no support and make sure he knows we don't want him. Even though he has been an absolute anchor to this defensive line this season, lets poo on him at every single opportunity. Lets poo on Shaq Thompson. Lets get together as a fanbase and let him know he is completely unappreciated and we don't want him. Lets talk about how we should trade him for a 3rd round pick so that we can draft his replacement in the 3rd round and poo on him next season. Lets poo on DJ Moore. Lets poo on our most productive WR. Lets poo on our best offensive playmaker even though he has continued to put up 1k yard seasons with bad QB and a different QB every single year. Lets talk about how we should trade our best offensive weapon for a 2nd round pick so we can poo on that guy next season. Lets poo on DJ Moore for not catch enough TDs even though he has been one of the most explosive and productive WRs in the entire league for the last 3 years. Lets poo on Icky after the first 2-3 games of the season. Even though he is just a rookie and is making his first few starts, lets just go ahead and poo on him and call him a bust. Even though he has helped us improve our offensive line immensely this year, I don't want to miss a chance to poo on a rookie starting in his first game. So lets go back in time to week 1 again and make sure we poo on him even harder this time, okay? Lets poo Terrace Marshall Jr. Lets just say he is a Rhule guy and a 2nd round bust. Lets not give him a chance to get some game time and develop, lets just go ahead and write him off as a bust now. Just like Derrick Brown, fug him. Lets just keep shitting on him. Hey, lets go back in time again this season before we trade CMC. Lets poo on him a little more. Lets make sure he knows that even though he is one of the most dynamic playmakers since Marshall Faulk we still don't appreciate him or what he has done for our team. Lets bash the fug out of him and just call him injury prone. Even though, like Cam who we already poo on, we ran CMCs body right into the ground, fug him. Lets poo on him. That's what a good fanbase would do and no doubt players will want to come play for a fanbase that will absolutely poo on them no matter how good they do. While we are at it, lets poo on coach Wilks. Lets poo on him for daring to make any attempt at winning football games. Doesn't he know tanking this season should mean more to him than trying to win a HC position for a team he has supported his whole life? A team from his home town? Doesn't he know we don't appreciate his run first, heavy defensive play? fug Wilks. Lets poo on him for making this shameful season somewhat respectable and giving this team an identity. Keep pounding... this team and its players into the ground. Don't stop you guys. Don't be proud of them for continuing to fight when the season was over. Don't be proud of them for running hard, hitting harder and continuing to play when we were one of the worst 3 teams in the entire league. Don't be excited about how much they have improved since week 1 of the season. How far players have grown and developed in the last couple of season. No, fug players like Derrick Brown who half this board poo on for the last 2 and a half years. Even though he has become a monster inside and proved you ass clowns wrong, lets poo on the next guy we draft after two games. I have been a member of this board for over 10 years and the thing I admire about it most is how much poo we give to players unashamedly. Its really great. Its super cool to see a bunch of overweight internet nerds talk poo about guys who work their ass off to improve and continue to fight all season. You guys are the real champions. Keep shitting on everyone. That's what makes Jaycee Horn jealous of how great you are. You miserable bunch of absolute muppets. /s
  9. Depends on the injury. Despite the narrative you are trying to spin about my position, I haven't been inconsistent whatsoever. His first injury, as I eluded to, was concerning. The last one was unavoidable and would have happened to any player in the league. So he has one injury in two years that would bring the "injury prone" narrative into consideration and he bounced back from that this season. So if he has another non contact injury next year, sure, I will be alarmed. If he has another unavoidable hulk smash injury next year, then no. I won't call him injury prone based on that because that would be fuging stupid.
  10. Can hardly call him injury prone. The foot was a fluke and is cause for concern. This was entirely different. Way too early to label him injury prone, Anthony Davis, etc. That's completely unwarranted. I remember last year people saying "CMC will never play another full season in his career" and meanwhile hes beeing getting 20+ touches a game and leading the 49ers offense with a 3rd string QB to the playoffs.
  11. More than likely none. Nobody would have avoided the last one. It was a football play. Sorry to hurt your sky is falling vibes and feelings but the "Horn can't stay healthy" narrative is way too early and unsubstantial.
  12. Based on what? That last injury was unavoidable. So he has had one such injury in two years to dub him "injury prone" This take is literally bitching just to bitch. There is no reason to think Horn wont stay healthy other than his foot injury.
  13. Man this place is absolutely miserable sometimes. Yeah, its all Burns fault. We should have had him covering Evans down field all game. Sigh...
  14. This take is getting tiresome. Horn is elite. This last injury was basically unavoidable. Horn will be fine.
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