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  1. Well yeah. He’s the only one in the break room. Nobody else wants to have lunch with him.
  2. In fairness, the same can be said about Fields and that’s who people that hated the Horn pick wanted us to take. I understand positional value but both have been pretty meh thus far.
  3. Secondary. And that’s only because we’ve finally invested draft capital into the position.
  4. Like everyone else, I’m ready for Rhule to leave. But the obsession some of you have with this man is unhealthy at best. Literally can’t have a single post without it turning into a Rhule sucks extravaganza
  5. Baker won’t be able to help himself 4 games into the season. That’s just in his nature. For better or worse, he will definitely bring some pop as you say
  6. I just posted as soon as it was reported. So did everyone else though it seems lol
  7. Oh, you think the best QB in the league would have success against our defense the same way he does 30 other defenses in the league? No poo, genius
  8. I’ve been on it since day one. Was my favorite QB in the draft at least a month before the draft went down. Love the guy.
  9. Tore a tendon in my middle finger in college playing basketball. That was brutally painful but the road to recovery wasn’t so bad. BUT I snapped my Achilles playing basketball in a YMCA league at 26. That was horrific. The pain was intense and making a full recovery took over nine months. I still have a wicked scar and while I can run around, hike, play sports now etc I will still sometimes get an aching feeling just above my heel if I’ve been working out or running extensively. ACL injuries are no doubt terrible but snapping your Achilles results in losing pretty much all of the burst and spring you had in that leg. It just doesn’t ever work like it used to after the fact.
  10. CMC is just probably the best RB in the league when he’s on the field so this doesn’t surprise me. The quest is do we get at least 14 games out of him this season or only 8?
  11. Anything is possible. Look at the Milwaukee Bucks. All it takes is that one special player and you can win a championship. The likelihood is low and it’ll have to be through hitting a home run in the draft (probably twice in the span of 2-3 years) but it is possible
  12. I have noticed. He’s built that hard earned reputation brick by brick lol
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