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  1. It’s not insane, with a conviction, yes. You really believe cheap ass businessman ‘pie chart’ JR paid multi millions, not to mention lawyers, and maintenance of NDAs for…what exactly? Just no publicity? When he was already on his way out? Then he basically disappears from everything anyways? Only after he failed trying to do his ‘own investigation’ into his own crimes…lol, surely you’re not that stupid. And that’s just what was known about. The investigation ceased after he bailed. Come on now. But it looks as if money and NDA’s actually do work. Look at your response. Money bought him the benefit of the doubt because he paid for it. Paid for NDAs. That’s fuged up. You’re supporting that type of behavior/corrupt ness when you minimize what happened all because he paid for it. Really sad. In my view, someone paying for that poo means guilty above and beyond and then some. In my view and considering the steps he took, something bigger happened we will never hear about it. Money won. And the fuged system handed the trophy over. But, as clearly evidenced by your response which garners consensus around here and in Charlotte, paying the system and swaying public opinion works and works well. No argument here. So long as you can afford it. And until that changes, NDAs, payouts and cover ups will always be allowed and utilized. Really sad.
  2. Yea…except it wasn’t a scandal, it was likely sexual assault on felony levels. Unless you think multi millions of dollars and non disclosure contracts were handed out like candy because of a ‘scandal’. Explaining that would’ve been one quick fight. JR should have went to prison where similar ‘characters’ were placed except they didn’t have money. Snyder is no different. They’re similar men and similar mindsets. JR selling was first and foremost about staying out of prison and secondly hiding that he’s actually a huge piece of poo human being. Thank god his cringe statue is gone and they really need to rename the UNCC stadium.
  3. They are subject to legal ramifications in some situations such as, say, blasting on a media platform for no purpose other than for defamation. That can include monetary. But it’s not that simple. NDAs are not some sort of top secret kept until death issuance no one has a right to. NDA’s are a ‘private contract’ and are not exempt from the law. They aren’t exempt from a judge. The information is not even exempt from lawyers. They especially, aren’t exempt when similar behavior branches out into other, similar, separate crimes. Even if unrelated. NDAs can be ordered to be disclosed under a variety of conditions and what the media does with it, should they be able to obtain the information, is not in the control of the designee or parties of the NDA.
  4. There are no KNOWN positives. We can rehash all the hopeful ‘positive’ threads from last year and come up with the same things oline, defense, coaching etc. Tell me, how did that work out? We can say our oline is better, coaching has improved, Horn and CMC will be healthy blah blah. In reality, logic says 2022 is going to be bad. The changes largely replace what was lost. At the very least, the changes aren’t going to justify twice the wins to end up over .500. The changes aren’t that impactful. Mainly QB and the dline. To me there are only two positives. 1. The oline will be better. Yea we can’t know that but I’d bet it all on this. Why? Because we were arguably the worst in the NFL. We almost literally can’t do worse as long as they show up. Is this really a positive? I shall take what I can get. But more importantly… 2. It’s the make or break year for Rhule if Tepper has any sense whatsoever. Which means we can be done with this stupid experiment. I highly doubt if this season isn’t a winning one Rhule will be kept, despite this 7 year Jay-Z bullshit from Tepper. It’s not happening. So just get ready for another 5 win season, or by some miracle an overachieving .500 and enjoy it knowing it will likely be the last year of this circus because that won’t be enough.
  5. fwiw i wore black helmets on game day when I played back in the day in the Texas heat/sun…but we practiced in white helmets…there is a noticeable difference but when your vagina is pampered in a dome, black is less of an issue
  6. Is he really on the hot seat though? I mean I get coach/owner speak and most NFL teams and history are set on 3 years, and can only hope that’s all it is when Tepper starts talking about his Rome/Jay-Z/5 year/7 year ‘analytics’, but I got to say there is a more than comfortable part of me that thinks Tepper just may be that stupid…mainly based on observation.
  7. Lol… Well Quick is possibly the worst…whatever you want to call her. She’s been wrong consistently.
  8. derp. that wasn’t the point and i’m Mexican idiot But the nfl is politics, you either ignore it or are too stupid to realize it the point wasn’t that either the point was how comical and backwards poo is when Watson is considered winning the lotto while suspension is being reviewed and meanwhile Ridley is suspended for a year. that’s all. get it snowflakes? everything is not butthurt offensive, chill
  9. The NFL has basically came out and established their rules: 1. Don’t be a white man and make offensive comments. 2. Don’t mess with their money. 3. Whatever a certain group of people are mad about that particular week on the news, don’t be a part of. (expires in 3 months) Everything else under the sun is 100% fair game.
  10. Yea try 75% and that’s a deal because no one is offering anything for a player you clearly are getting rid of. So owe 100% or 80% + get a 5th rounder and fight that urge to do what Browns do best (be stupid). 10 m just to compete for the starting gig is just plain dumb. Only thing dumber is paying flaccid cam 10m to start 2 games. Let’s not double down plz
  11. /rant Yea emotions are ok ala Delhomme but when people start saying they or someone is ‘passionate’ about something…it’s basically code word for annoyingly overbearing it’s not a compliment the greats are emotional, which is ok
  12. Statistically I think they there were ranked 31…so yea not last I guess. Am I forgetting a year the oline ranked last? I think the lowest it ever ranked under Cam was 23/24 if I remember correctly. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-final-2021-offensive-line-rankings If you have another measuring stick besides that, I’d be curious where it ranked the Panthers. I get it, start Corrall because Darnold sucks ass. Which basically covers Rhule fug up. But I disagree, I’d start him because he’s ready, and the team is somewhat stable. I disagree throwing him in there for any other reason. Joe Burrow is simply an anomaly. For one it’s apples to oranges as Burrow was a MUCH better prospect than Corral. Second that is literally the 4th or 5th time a team has made it than far with that bad of an oline since 2000. So 22 years. And the times it did happen before Burrow was the Manning’s. So HOF qbs. Burrow really was an anomaly on so many levels. It was extraordinarily impressive.
  13. p.s. everyone needs to calm their tits for the 2022 season. It won’t be pretty, I assure you.
  14. Last year we set historical records in the oline category, even for this franchise. An oline that was responsible for almost putting Sam in the hospital long term simply due to laziness and shitty mentality. CMC got hurt per usual. An OC who was eventually fired and a shitty interim OC. And Robbie is…well nuff said. Then you have Rhule governing it all. We can’t perfect everything but throw Corral in that situation and you pretty ruin any potential there is to begin with. For what? Because Darnold sucks ass? No thanks. I say give it 4-6 games. Let’s wait and see how all these changes mesh together. If a lot of that has obviously improved and it’s mainly just Sam sucking ass again by all means. I just don’t want Rhule to ruin a QB with potential to try and save his sorry ass, I mean hell even Cam couldn’t come in and over come it. A rookie sure as hell won’t. We as fans need to realize Corral isn’t here to save the franchise. If everything still looks like poo. Keep him on the damn bench until (hopefully) the new regimen next year.
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