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  1. Think the oline was ranked somewhere in the 20s before this game. After tonight they’ll be competing for bottom of the league. Don’t know wtf this OP was smoking, this team will never go to post season with that oline unless they shatter NFL historical records doing so.
  2. Don’t fuging go for it, make it two possession in 4th east call
  3. The fact this franchise can trot out garbage at oline year after year is borderline insulting to anyone they want to play QB.
  4. Yes but….a loss to the Texans and Mills is…otherworldly pathetic.
  5. Gross retired 8 years ago. Thus far they drafted little and got lucky with a one year rental with Oher. In 8 years. This isn’t about time anymore, this is about competency, which is lacking. That’s what’s disturbing. If they don’t build an oline they will not make the playoffs. It will never happen.
  6. There is a lot of issues here. The offensive gameplan revolves around one player and your investment in his back up is a 4th round rookie, this is after the fact you have no clue how to run an offense without running him into the ground with an unheard of 30 carries all the while behind an oline completely ignored. It’s pathetic. but but but he wants TeH CaRRiez!!!1 but you should know better. He’s a competitor, who cares want he wants.That poo won’t last. It didn’t last year and it won’t this year. build a legit team already and stop the stupidity. You should not lose an entire team because your RB is injured.
  7. No thanks. We let the guy who fell for players ‘all of a sudden ‘getting it’ their contract year go (Hurney)…hopefully reasonable money yes what he will want? f no
  8. If your entire gameplan revolves around cmc you’d think this team would pay the price to have a solid back up in his place
  9. Lol even still..I’ll take romo or aikman over any of the other trash announcers
  10. This oline is really holding back all the potential who woulda thought
  11. Man if Darnold could make better reads sometimes he could really be something, he has the arm and mobility…it’s all mental good news he’s still young, as time goes on and he gets comfy these things should come
  12. meh my view, 27 glorious inches in a luxurious 2.5 hotel while house is being renovated and yea, that is full 720P definition
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