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  1. PC should probably stick to your one liner posts, no one can prove shaq is average without stats which you seem to hate yet offer no alternative and in the same breath think your emotions prove he’s great while referencing a contract from Hurney as proof the team feels he’s great too lol homer and a fan are different fans can be critical and homer’s cant youre the same guy who loved the KK extensions and signing despite other ‘idiots’ not agreeing with you while his contract crippled the team same person who thought Fox and Rivera were the greatest coaches of all time and d
  2. Is there another source you use besides PFF?
  3. 20 million for a 4-3 LB and he is ‘under appreciated’ lol. I could’ve appreciated BB a lot more for a lot less. How do you appreciate that? So the contract isn’t his fault, fine. But neither was Teddy’s…where is his appreciation? As a fan of the team I can’t appreciate Shaq for 20 million sorry. Shaq is not Luke and he could easily be replaced. For every solid tackle he whiffs, and he cannot blitz worth a poo. His dumbass contract will be the last of Hurney’s that will cripple the team in.
  4. Just that old southern redneck accent confused with words like were, was, is saw and seen. Charlotte feels like a small town because…it is one. I’d actually call it a mid sized city. But I population size is skewed because of the area that actually counts as ‘Charlotte’. I do miss the trees though and it is a nicer city, no doubt about that.
  5. Really just depends. Since the best ones are still playing (Jones and Evans), who are both on track to be better than Smitty. Smitty is not the best WR or even second IMO. We can go back and forth with excuses and justifications all day long but those are the facts.
  6. when stadium finally gets finalized: tEPpER WILL NOT BUILd a DOmE1! You HearD it fIrST fRoM me fOlks, tolD yoU1! -Trainwreck
  7. They forgot to mention when he ripped open his hand punching through his wife’s parent’s window on Christmas after getting sloshed instead of visiting with his kids which resulted in a protective order. Multiple players from different teams in NFL have spoke out they do not want him in the locker room period. That says a lot. I think one team even had him come work out for them to ‘assess his mental state’ (forgot who it was) and very quickly said fug no. He is unstable and surrounds him self with unstable people (shocking).
  8. you always say this ever time someone was signed to the number 1 speculated team by literally everyone else
  9. That is correct, unless you happen to be in an area DirectTV does not service (rare). Then you’d be able to stream it separately. There is absolutely no legal way for a fan of an out of market team to watch live games without DirectTV. And it will cost you $3,000 to do so. Either update your virus protector or get your lube ready.
  10. Not sure if you moved, but you can ONLY stream NFL ticket without a subscription if you are NOT in an area DirectTV services.
  11. Balls. I just read more articles and it appears you’re correct. Some are just outdated I guess. So if you just want NFL for the next two season you MUST have DTV with: 69.99 x 12 months (first year NFL ticket free) 109.99 x 12 months + 300.00 for 2022 season. = nearing $3,000.00 for two NFL seasons lol In 2021/22 are we really in an age where this is necessary? I mean really, this is extreme. This is why people illegally stream it. Just offer an NFL package to buy and stream instead of a selling point to coax people into an inferior broadcast provid
  12. Kinda slow around here so perhaps this topic will interest someone. DirectTVs rights to out of network games are up at the end of this season. ESPN+ is likely getting them and claim they will make it much easier to stream out of market games. As an out of market fan this is glorious. I’m tired of shady sites of ads, malware, poor quality etc. I just want to watch my Panthers and relax. I don’t mind a reasonable fee (though I think it’s insane the NFL basically punishes and outcasts it’s out of market fans in the name of local marketing and revenue, but that’s another topic). As
  13. Over the years hasn’t there been a lot of vets not in attendance? I think Cam always did, but a lot did not.
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