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  1. It honesty doesn’t matter. Corral’s ceiling is a back up. A worthwhile FA isn’t coming here. Tepper sucks as owner and will keep Fits. And this franchise isn’t going anywhere anyways until the draft a franchise QB, which will likely come from a top pick. Until that QB is drafted, it really, honestly doesn’t matter what scrub is out back there.
  2. Rhule 100% believes his bullshit, self preservation, he’s just to dumb too realize it which is self destruction. the enigmas of life
  3. who the fug gets five years in the NFL? besides Tepper who the fug thinks it takes that long? absolutely nothing in history says that. everyone and their mom knows it’s three years wtf
  4. not only that but it’s a common fallacy that because you don’t play football you can’t possibly understand how that kind of contract can ruin a team honestly I’d imagine even a somewhat regular fan understands that Lamar has talent for sure but he would literally be collecting shopping carts if he didn’t
  5. we really should make a yearly December sticky thread to go over all the unrealistic and highly complex scenarios that need to happen for playoffs seeing as it’s been a theme for over half a decade and all
  6. i think people who blame refs only watch the panthers on Sunday literally every other forum for every NFL team has the same poo find threads from the losers of the past 15 super bowls or whatever and you’ll find it. every loser for every game, go look, you’ll find it. coincidence? no. i have seen teams tee off on tons of well known qbs. people can’t get past their emotions and bias. there are no conspiracy’s, the refs are old ass men. they are awful. they are a relic and their purpose can be cheaply replaced and more effectively carried out by technology but nothing will change until people start dying and new generations take over, ones who care for competitive accuracy instead of some ‘human error is part of the game’ status quo bullshit but for now, it’s just the way it is, and the evolution will be slow
  7. if we win the Super Bowl i will consider it
  8. Those are severely dysfunctional franchises. Of course we are too at this point but I’m not sure that was your point. I could be wrong but I still think we do better with our first rounders than them…and I would trust a QB this franchise picks vs. them. But again, they are the few this is true.
  9. I think people are hopeful because our division sucks nuts not because we won a game…not that it’s any better but there are so many bad teams in the nfl it’s fuging ridiculous. I’ve never seen it so bad…so #1/2 is out of reach. I mean the Texans could not beat their local high school. Don’t get me wrong I’m all aboard the tank train, but only for #1/2. It’s not happening. And so does it really matter? Meh. there is nothing to suggest we will be good next year so there is that. I’m fact with a new HC we will prolly suck. Adding a top DE or WR isn’t a bad idea. Hell trade down and pick up ammo for next year to trade up sounds good too,
  10. Bro. That dude is learning behind Darnold, PJ, and Baker. Plus some Rhule in there. Unfortunatley he has probably regressed just sitting on the bench.
  11. I was referencing the game thread. Didn’t think of it until then. The butthurt is still well and alive. There are Baker ones too, I have met those at games this year…as weird as that sounds.
  12. As I’ve been saying since week 3. I think some Cam Stans still disgruntled and butthurt. Some Brown fans in there too. 11 weeks on the bench vs. a top D and looks like a grade F (maybe even F+) vs. F-/practice squad. None of our QBs can read the field. Sam at least has an arm and leads the league in rolling yards and TDs.
  13. I still stand by what I’ve said which is it is way too early. New GM and HC, still a year left with the option, then the tag after that. I get that’s what makes him valuable but he will hold his value. Let the new HC and hopefully GM decide. Aside from that Burns has been ran over more than one game this season. Yea he is doing well against 2nd/3rd string olineman today but he should be judged as a whole. Just my opinion. Huddle loves one game conclusions.
  14. I mean aren’t the broncos oline makeshift? Pretty sure they LT is injured. Burns saw the opportunity to show up. Look at that $.
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