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  1. Sounds great part of me wonders how our current oline outside of a couple names would do in this rookie OL camp lol
  2. In reality, Norwell has played at least average and far from ‘failing all over the field’ since he left but has struggled to stay on the field due to injuries. Both Turner and Norwell are almost identical in stats. I don’t blame anyone for Turner over Norwell, it was the right call simply because he was younger. But slacking off after being paid and dealing with injuries are two different scenarios. At least Norwell will give you bare minimum average play even including his injuries AND let’s be real doing that on the Jags is impressive. Where as Turner got paid and immediatel
  3. Yes. Paying 2 quality olineman money is not a bad thing and Paradis will be gone after next year. Other than QB oline and dline are most important. I know in Panther land it’s the norm to pay LBs, RBs, and washed up olineman but in reality those positions are not as important. Has this team paid any quality long term olineman since gross and R Kalil left? I can’t remember any. Maybe Williams 1 year deal for 8m. Maybe Paradis who has sucked for one year and average last year. Turner? Until he was traded. Wish this team would stop trying to squeeze by with the oline year afte
  4. I’m not too concerned, you don’t get anywhere in without being able to beat good teams Panther fans have a habit of thinking success will finally come once the Saints cap catches up with them or the older QBs in the south finally retire... but in reality if the Panthers only means of success is for others to fail, well that’s not exactly a sustainable, winning mentality sure it’d be ideal to have the Patriots bullshit schedule every year they’ve had last two decades but ultimately it shouldn’t matter if the right people are in place and make effective proactive decisions.
  5. Exactly. Despite his past years showing no pattern at all it’s painfully obvious that in 2021 he has become a raging racist. I bet he has white players at the top of his RB and CB lists.
  6. You need some serious help with comprehension. There is literally no one who thinks this. Your life must truly suck being this confused about what people say and reality.
  7. I don’t think his production is all of a sudden going to be even more with a better QB. He’ll be covered more with a QB who makes him a deep threat and the QB might be rushed less. No one was scared TB was going to hit DJ 50 yards down the field lol and they played like it. Did teams ever send help? I just remember a lot of 1v1 and that was without cmc. I still think he’d be as good though, and more importantly the possibility of a 50 yard bomb with a better qb will open up the offense.
  8. That’s not exactly a risky/hot take - it’s all but written in stone. I’m just saying I’d rather have TB and/or a rookie than trade a high round pick for basically nothing (Darnold). Trading TB and giving picks for Darnold is basically the most wasteful route you could go IMO unless you have a QB that you believe is your guy, you know will be there at 8, and don’t want to sit him and start him day 1 which is not only impossible to know but doubtful.
  9. meh we can build the team with TB for another year without trading picks and I don’t think he has ‘it’ to be the future. Who knows though he could be Allen and just need more time. But I’d rather draft a raw QB to sit for a year or work on building a solid team than trade anything ridiculous away. But I’m a fan more concerned with how we look 2023 and beyond more than being continuously butthurt I’m not instantly gratified.
  10. TB is just going around like A Smith and Fitz as a bridge QB like most teams do until they get their guy. No need to add to dead money though if Panthers don’t have a plan, which is what I assume they’d do before trading him. But other than dead money there’s sense in keeping him if we get someone like Lance and sit him until midseason or whatever. Point it options go with TB and despite throwing Grier out there and tanking before the season has even started - there’s a better plan in place I’m sure.
  11. “Multiple sources who have spoken with Belichick this offseason said he does nothing but rave about Newton and the effort the quarterback put forth in 2020,” Volin writes. “The only problem Belichick is concerned with is Newton’s arm strength, with Newton having suffered multiple shoulder injuries in the last five years.”
  12. Google is your friend, you can learn things like this isn’t true. You’ll also learn what is true - that DUI laws are pathetic. But the truth isn’t ‘edgy’ enough now days so no one will care to change it.
  13. You people and your hate for TB....it wouldn’t make any sense. Yes TB is overpaid but he only has one year left - but for fans it seems to be this made up franchise crippling contract. By trading you’re then adding another 10 M to whoever you try and pay and find to be the QB for next season and you limit all of your options. So you fug your cap for a year just so you can get rid of TB? For what? Only way I see that as a good idea is if you have a sure fire QB you’re drafting and you plan on starting him day 1. Or you get a QB you plan to start like the Stafford trade. Don
  14. 4th ranked oline and a back who average 5 yards a carry.. No sorry, some receivers and a qb is all they need.
  15. “If you are unfamiliar with Rapsody or her music, she is considered one of the best lyricists of our time.”
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