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  1. I mean yea you can also say the Colts, Seahawks and Giants made the SB with a poo oline over the past 20 years… the other 37 teams? Had a top oline. Its great to see exceptions to the rule but it doesn’t make a point.
  2. This is dumb he isn’t coming here. Could be the Dolphins but they’re coach rebuilding and only oline in the league worse than ours. Saints is a great fit but I can see how he’d see their cap and how they’d need a rebuild soon. Broncos unlikley. Pittsburg could be drafting their QB but this would be my second guess. First guess is the Colts, that’s the best fit imo. If Brady retires, good fit there as well.
  3. Aside from the bengals, you’re watching the top olines in the league…tho hard to tell because you’re, to a much larger extent, also watching the top ds in the league
  4. Grop sucks ass, he got real lucky I really hope he does not come here
  5. I live on top of a mountain on the wasatch front. 9ft snow, trenches to my front door. I don’t even use the heat if it’s above 25. Con to getting use to this is if it’s above 50 I’m sweating like hell and when I go back to the Carolina’s I’m literally suffocating
  6. Yes, we most certainly do. Exceptions to the rule aren’t exactly a solid basis for persuasion.
  7. still trying to find short cuts and cheat codes that only work on solidly built teams that took years, or Madden, instead of drafting one for second year in a row with a top 10 pick lol what a joke
  8. Nah..not quite. But you’re not wrong, they’re very very close. Quite impressive they have gone this far. They pretty much mirror what the Panthers would be with a elite QB and better coaching. They won’t go all the way imo, but are only a couple oline pieces and experience from easily being SB contenders, not just playoffs. The titans on the other hand need to figure it out now. Their oline was built for Henry. If they miss out this year I don’t think they’ll make it back.
  9. Another’s teams trash is rhule’s team’s….trash
  10. Just history. I believe there there were 2 maybe 3…teams in the past 20 years that made the super bowl with a below average oline. Their QBs? P manning, super sayan eli manning and russel Wilson. HOF and experienced. And that’s just below average. Bengals are like 26th. The lowest ever was Wilson’s at 23 I think it was…actually I think the colts were 28 But anyways if the Bengals make it, it would be pretty impressive. Granted, Burrow is playing lights out so it wouldn’t be a complete shocker. Yea but that’s the playoffs. It’s even more rare a team without a top D makes it…that’s why the chiefs were so impressive along with a mediocre o-line. Mahomes is just that good. but exceptions, not the rule. I expect top olines and top defenses to be in the SB this year just like every other. And the worse those are the better the QB. if a qb is going to mask a really bad oline, it’s going to have to be elite play and nothing less It’s why even though Borrow is a superior QB, And I expect Tann to play worse I also expect the titans to win. my 2 cents
  11. Bengals poo oline is going to be exposed.
  12. it’s not like you can even say other teams were mistaken too as he immediately went after god forbid Surtain jr. outshines Horn (possible)… then not only did Rhule pass on a stud franchise LT because he thought he was a G, and a franchise QB because he had Darnold, he also couldn’t even pick the right CB lol
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