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  1. That’s exactly what he’s doing, and if I’m not mistaken, he had little to do with that. In fact he has basically zero experience. And Rhule hired him. Tep clung on. Hmmm seems familiar. God help us if Fit has really any say in this. He needs to let the qualified football people decide. And I don’t mean Reich. Reich is the kind of guy that thinks faith similar to his, and the ‘amount’ of it is some sort of factor.
  2. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/amp/nfl/news/carson-wentz-trade-frank-reich-colts-jim-irsay-apologized/oiawr2uz0rn3g2yaajbaigte Reich is a superior offense play call designer. Absolutely NOT a QB guru. People on this forum made that up for some reason. It’s not the same.
  3. Caldwell, Brown and McCown need to determine the pick. Tepper, his wife, Reich and Fit need to stay the fug out of it.
  4. People who hate on those cities aren’t too aware of what other cities are like. Those with history/culture/character also have a lot of issues that come with that diversity such as engrained disparity. Lots of raff. Some don’t want to deal with that. As I get older and have lived just about in every mid to large city, both Raleigh and Charlotte are fantastic, above average cities to settle down for those over the age of 30.
  5. MCCown is the only person I trust evaluating QBs to be honest and that’s not really saying anything. I have no idea if he will be a good evaluator but that unknown beats what we do know - Tepper and Rhule’s GM both inept/little to zero experience, Reich has made god awful QB evaluations based on religion… Hell I even trust Morgan more than any of them. I hope Brown has some say as well.
  6. Thielen is easily a better WR for a rookie than Moore is. Moore might be the most overrated player on the team ever.
  7. LOL you guys just eat up whatever these guys say we are superbowl contenders without a known QB lmao he’s here because we offered him the most money.
  8. Y’all need to stop with the Houston talk, we aren’t getting anything for that madden draft swap let alone a ransom Stroud or Young I’m good so long as if it fails Tepper empties the building, hires helps, and doesn’t cling onto any staff or GM like he loves to do if he succeeds he will be on a, albeit unnecessarily long, road to redemption lastly for those thinking Reich is some sort of qb guru, might want to check his recent past evaluating qbs….not sure where you all get that from. He’s made very questionable calls.
  9. He’s probably more concerned coming from a winning team to a losing one and pathetic franchise since Tepper took over. He came for money.hopefully things change also why you’d put bojangles in your body is beyond me
  10. i find songs based on pedophelia cringe but to each his own
  11. I agree. But I’d be ok with him being a 2 if we can get a true #1. WR is just one of those positions people will have to accept overpaying this year either money or in years because of how it is. But I’d rather do that than ruin our #1 overall development.
  12. TDs since 2018: Moore - 21 Theilen - 45 just sayin
  13. Cam has said he has no problem being a back but he reminds me of an uncle Rico type who prolly thinks he’s worth at least 15-20 mil a season as a back up and actually should be starting. He still has a chip from taking on minimum money after being let go from the panthers thinking he had a market…as his dad says ‘Dollar Bill’ only to find out he wasn’t good enough to even create a market and won’t let it go, much like his stans probably a couple more years of that and these threads before it’s official
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