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  1. The western world is full of people that would follow a loud extrovert off a cliff before following a confident introvert that weighs things out. It’s sad. Some of the best leaders of our time were quiet but strong leaders by example. High ranking military, doctors, scientists, inventors, and musicians are vastly dominated by these types. And presidents like Lincoln. It really makes no difference and isn’t an indicator of anything but damn does western culture love their loud mouths.
  2. Due to NDA’s we have no clue how bad it got with JR. But the fact people think it wasn’t bad just proves how NDAs work for rich people it’s disgusting. But hopefully logical people can assume that after millions of dollars in payoffs and several NDAs…it was actually a lot worse than what we will ever know.
  3. You’re the type that says fug Cam who wanted franchise money when he was cooked and played himself or because he didn’t fall on a fumble.
  4. It’s easy to say Young wont work out, most QBs don’t. Even top picks. It’ll be easy to say you were right if he fails. Much bolder to say he will be a starter with a better situation which is more important that Young himself. For me , I don’t really care all that much. It’s be great if he does work out but believe it or not, this franchise has much larger issues. Will this FO get its head out its ass? That’s a much more important question for this team moving forward imo…and in relation to the QB, whoever that may be, is very important. id rather the Canales and Morgan work out than Young
  5. he’s an intelligent guy and it’s no wonder he’s been great in his roles thus far he still comes off very new and fresh to me, which is to be expected and can be a good thing, but with that (really like any newly promoted or new manager etc) I hope he doesn’t get in his head too much, start to overthink things and focus too much on details it just kind of muddies everything, but time will tell and he seems like a quick learner and will adapt…something we as panthers fans are not used to at all I’m very skeptical but as far as excitement, it’s for sure higher than Reich or that other guy
  6. Doesn’t make it ok. I know rich people live on this planet where different rules apply to them but you don’t invade a strangers personal space like that. Would you walk up to someone and remove their hat? No, not malicious but he should be corrected.
  7. Either he is or he isn’t but I think the worst thing that can’t happen is he is mediocre imo 6-8…maybe even 9 wins depending will hurt this team more than anything especially with Tepper as owner
  8. That was really just a light hearted joke, with some truth in it at the same time I’m not arguing on the internet with anyone lol I’ve stated my 2 cents that’s all there is for me but you may need to take a break, it’s not that serious
  9. If I had to choose between a random huddler and Tepper to call plays for my make believe team it wouldn’t be Tepper, just sayin
  10. And he is using the data to critique play calling. Are we still defending Tepper. You know damn well he meddles. Good lord. Thats not how people like Tepper operate. Hopefully that is obvious to you seeing the past 5 years. He’s the type to learn a little or some, but not a lifetime worth and then thinks he knows more than the lifetime guy and starts ‘critiquing’. The only thing he should be doing is focused on results but then he’d have to consider firing himself so…but I would NOT want him thinking he has clue clue and instead surround himself with people who do. see - 49ers franchise history
  11. Very excited about this and this came from a doubter the first 1.75 seasons. Bro proved me wrong. Beast.
  12. Nah it’s a ‘bonus’. All casinos have crazy bonuses. My guess is he didn’t read the terms. Probably a stupid rollover where he’ll need to spend 500x what he wins to ever cash out lol Or did read them and didn’t care. I guess it is just a bunch play money for entertainment I guess.
  13. There are a lot of examples from players coming from college basketball to the NFL. Though it’s not lineman. But it’s possible.
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