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  1. Yea I kind of agree but he does needs space, one hand clip pretty much anywhere on him and he will go down. I think the oline is a bigger concern for these plays personally and will get young killed
  2. it’s absolutely baffling to me that after watching this shitshow for so long setting historical suck ass records fans don’t want a coach because just because they don’t like the guy’s personality when all he does is win and will put Tepper in his place, like what holy treasured part of this pathetic franchise exaclty are you holding onto that isn’t good enough for Harbaugh lmao it would never happen because he knows football and would tell Tep to step aside but damn if he could just be brought in and let him do WTF he wants, what will he mess up on the worst team in the league for the past half decade with an engrained losing culture? Anyone? noOoOooo don’t let Harbaugh taint this 1-15 team with his doichebag personaLiTy’1! Lol
  3. Hmmm typical Tepper 180 fashion? hire carfax coach with no experience fail hire a dinosaur with a lot of experience but that’s wants to be the OC too and call plays and takes them back when reassigned fail hire someone that doesn’t even know how to call plays?
  4. Some people here have the same mindset as Tepper, that money buys success. To a good candidate, being able to be in environment you think you can succeed matters and culture matters, money not so much. You’d think Tepper failing miserably even with his willingness to spend would be something people see and he’d learn from. Anyone notice all he’s attracted is used car salesman who leveraged his offer with other teams (Giants), and half retired coaches looking to go out with a bag? Money isn’t everything, and Tepper has been turned down by good coaches for good reasons.
  5. normally you don’t have coaches pick the GM it’s a backwards dynamic, weird, and doesn’t work…really only done with all star HCs but since the alternative is numnuts, I guess we have no choice even if I had no clue how or who to pick a GM, I’d demand dumbass Tepper get rid of Fit and let me pick names out of a hat
  6. I keep hearing that Carolina is enticing because Tepper will let the coach bring in whoever and give sources to do it is this uncommon, are their examples of otherwise? I’ve never heard of a HC strapped because the owner didn’t want to pay for a staff seems coaches get who they want long as they’re willing and available
  7. not sure I understand…hating to lose has literally zero do with being qualified to make decisions
  8. works for me. normally I’d say pass but at this point I’m barely holding on to even watching the highlights. thats coming from tailgating and making a whole day of it in person at the stadium. im really not opposed to any coach who will put up with Tepper. I don’t even need wins. I’d kill for a nice, completed pass.
  9. Everyone? No one had another opinion or thought? No one? Since it’s not turning out, and the alternative appears to be, I’d think that’s very concerning isn’t it? Thats bullshit or people knew they didn’t have a choice anyways. I find it very difficult to believe the entire building unanimously came to the conclusion Tepper did.
  10. It’s not that you can’t it’s that it’s beyond idiotic. It shows a completely inept franchise to the highest degree to turn down two first and a second to just let him walk. Just like Peppers, but that situation was even worse since he flat out said he didn’t want to be here with time to trade him. Good franchises don’t do this, they’ll always trade before they take a loss. The Panthers will look even more stupid than they already do. In fact, I’m not sure there is coming back from that if we aren’t there already.
  11. I’ve been hesitant on Brown but this year he has been a mauler. Just tossing anyone aside in his way. I would for sure pay him rather than Burns. Burns is a such a non factor sometimes it’s ridiculous he’s wants to be paid like he consistently makes a difference. I think Brown will be harder to replace in the long run.
  12. because Tep and his wife are meeting with you weekly to have a 3 way vote on what happens next
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