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  1. At least Sam is gonna know where the pressure is coming from 90 percent of the time. I give it 6 weeks before Brady is the LG
  2. Must be more about Monk we don't know about. Instant heat off the bench and best finisher on the team arguably, letting that go bc of a weed suspension when it's legal in half the states anyway is lame as hell. I'd prefer to have him and Bouknight.
  3. Dick Hammer is the one, after the mono debacle Sam needs a bold move. He'll probably get some of that USC MOJO back at least after week one since the Jets have bad corners. Leggo DH
  4. Honestly only thing I dislike about this draft is knowing how many times I'm gonna log into this message board and have to read posts from folks who never played sports or get off their couch calling Deonte Brown fat and out of shape
  5. Kenny Robinson, he red shirted last year
  6. I'm 1000% on board with the defense being better next year.
  7. I'm convinced we got way better today
  8. Every bit counts if it means DJ Moore is here long term
  9. Draft was already too goated, they had to nerf themselves to appear mortal
  10. My immediate thoughts as well, looks like a yes
  11. Nickname is Pork Chop too. I hope everyone is happy now, you hard to please mfers lol
  12. Starting RG, please shut up "we need oline" crowd
  13. Imagine crying bc we hadn't drafted a GUARD yet. Yall can shut up now lol
  14. Kenny Robinson Jr was drafted in the fifth round last year, projects as a deep safety. He essentially red shirted this past season, might figure in the coach's plans. I don't hate it, see if you have some talent in him.
  15. Oh yeah, solid pick. Thought his pre-draft hype was a bit much but fifth round is great for him.
  16. I wasn't expecting this pick at all and was convinced he would go to a Shanahan zone team like the Jets or 9ners bc he kinda gives off a Mostert vibe
  17. Because they already did and have more picks to go, sheesh
  18. Plus you can patch together a decent offensive line if you have two bookend tackles and they clearly feel they have that. We should be encouraged that they have a plan based on analytics and productivity and have gone all offense so far this draft. Not sure how you can't get excited about that.
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