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  1. Was remarkable at GT bc all they did was run and didnt throw to anyone else and he was still an incredible deep threat
  2. Deebo Samuel is basically what CMC would be if he just played WR
  3. If CMC switched to WR and played for the Patriots he'd be a Wes Welker type of guy. That with DJ Moore here is how you recoup the value of that contract
  4. CMC is 511 200lbs coming out of Stanford before putting on weight. The same as Reggie Bush. Another elite athlete who should've played WR bc they weren't suited for RB long term. CMC should play the Curtis Samuel role in an offense but he's a much better player than Curtis so he'd produce a whole lot more. That with DJ would be great. Chubba can be the RB once he gets in the weight room. It could work
  5. CMC should just...move to WR. RB is not good for a naturally 5'11 200lb dude. He can change his number back to 5 and be an elite slot guy, RB is hurting his career
  6. Damn cmc got nicknames like this already? Lol We down bad as a franchise right now, it sucks
  7. Beat me to it. This is the perfect escape route for him
  8. Ditch us like Patrino ditched ATL, it'd be doing the next coaching staff a favor. Someone from the Kyle Shanahan tree? Sean McVay tree?
  9. I mean he is a Hurney pick and the South Carolina DT was right there in state but I'll give him some time though
  10. He signed a long contract, he gone be here a while
  11. Donte is one dimensional and we have a type that he doesn't fit, I expect him to be in Washington next year
  12. The money they save not signing Donte they could spend on Brandon Scherff
  13. They should go forward next year with expectations than Horn and Gilmore are the outside corners. Maybe extend Gilmore 2 years, that could work for both sides since he wants to get paid. Taylor could be the third corner. Donte didn't get good til this year and still, he looks like a guy to cover fast dudes and not goof route runners. I'm happy he's gonna get paid somewhere but the Panthers should let him test the market before overpaying.
  14. He's not good yet. He's got power for days but hasn't made a big impact yet probably due to not being the best athlete. I could see him being a late bloomer like Donte Jackson who doesn't actually get good til contract year.
  15. Jonathan Allen, 93, their best defensive lineman available, is really good and could have a good game against us
  16. Howell absolutely fits here, esp if they do some draft magic and take an OT like the NC State guy in round 1 and find a way to trade up for Howell in round 2. It'd be ballsy as hell
  17. Arod got drafted after Alex Smith. Brady 6th round. Mahomes never played in structure and ppl questioned if he could. Sexual predator had question marks and wasn't drafted in the top ten. Josh Allen simply got good but wasn't accurate in college or his first two years. Justin Herbert looked like crap at Oregon bc he didn't fit their offense at all but got drafted off talent and is basically the second coming or Elway--no one predicted this. Russell Wilson went in the third round. Lamar Jackson is a RB according to smart people on the internet. I can't see why anyone would be afraid to draft Sam Howell. The fact he might not be drafted in the top ten due to what people feel about the class overall should be looked at as a positive for him.
  18. I don't know what people are looking at when they say they don't think Sam Howell isn't at least a mid first round pick. He's mobile and can throw deep, teams are building around QBs like this and a lot of them look good. And when you consider how every elite QB in the league currently either dropped in the draft due to doubts or had a big question mark surrounding their selection, I don't see how you can be scared of drafting him. Pickett isn't my favorite prospect at all but I wouldn't criticize a team who drafts him in the first round bc of all this either.
  19. Best short yardage Panthers TD since Deshaun Foster vs the Eagles in 2003
  20. It's gonna happen. Cam is gonna help. Jaycee Horn is gonna get healthy just in time for the playoffs
  21. I could see it. The defense could force some turnovers and Pj could scramble around and provide a spark. Will Cam be on the sidelines cheerleading? If so that would be a lift too.
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