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  1. Next year is the right time to extend Moton and DJ Moore, he's going to be better with an actual QB
  2. Franchise his now and pay him next year when he plays great again and the cap rises. This guy shouldn't be going anywhere. They can still sign Samuel and add a starting corner and LB.
  3. This guy made the best decision for himself given the information provided at the time, let's attack his character for fun
  4. Imagine questioning people's integrity like this to get attention on a message board, get a life
  5. Might demand too much money, gives you a good red zone threat but doesn't do much after the catch. OJ Howard is coming off injury and might get cut by TB to save 6 mil, might be worth the reclamation project look on a one year deal. TE is low on my priority list but don't mind having a legit guy there like Cook.
  6. This mock is better https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2021-nfl-mock-draft-quarterbacks-taken-with-first-four-picks-patriots-grab-mac-jones-panthers-trade-up/
  7. They're bad at making moves and if they trade Watson the criticism likely will be they didn't get enough for him, it fits the pattern
  8. The Texans know this isn't realistic, they're just blustering trying to play hardball with Watson and setting the trade bar high to cover their asses and make sure they don't lose leverage. They haven't shown anything that says they can get good compensation for their players, they let em all walk or traded them for nothing
  9. I'm not gonna date you no matter how much you quote me, Elmer fudd
  10. Yeah same, I'm just telling how I'd talk myself into it. Good discussion, outside people talking poo notwithstanding
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