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  1. He was born to be an X outside receiver. Great news.
  2. I'd be all for bringing him back cheaper as the slot guy, especially if Marshall takes a big step forward and we move on from Robby. Get the band back together.
  3. It was more creative than most so I gave them their due I'm also a 90s kid so
  4. Trust me, they're better than most. The Chargers had the best schedule reveal video but Panthers was easily top five. And they do a good job year round, as well
  5. Did you see the schedule release video? I follow the Panthers as well as the Niners, Ravens, and Vikings on Instagram and there's a clear difference. What you're Saying is probably true but also, the Panthers social media team is objectively good.
  6. They're great at what they do. They just need a team that can match their energy
  7. I thought he passed the eye test in the Louisville game to open the season but didn't watch him much after that. It's very easy to talk yourself into him. Hoping he's our version of Tony Romo or Dak or Brees. Rooting for him to succeed.
  8. I'd love it just to witness the drama of it all
  9. Yeah they really screwed the pooch picking up that option on Sam's contract. Just a terrible situation to think about, trending towards getting worse
  10. I'd be fine with him. Panthers need someone to put Darnold on the bench. They also need someone just competent enough to get through the season but not win too much so they can adequately tank next year too. I can't imagine wanting to try and take more shortcuts this rebuild. Sam can't be allowed on the field and they have to eat his contract a year. Jimmy would fit the bill and his contract would come off the books soon, too, meaning cap room with a rookie QB at that juncture. This is the year to trade down and fix the offensive line, Rhule dug us this hole and they need to lay in it.
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