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  1. I agree on the first part not the second part tho. Either the Jets cut Darnold this year or next, at least the draft picks haven't proved how bad they are in the NFL yet. Plus they are cheaper. Very likely none of them are the answer at the end of it all. I would rather draft an OG in the 3rd 10 out of 10 times then send it for Darnold.
  2. As long as we pick a LT and a CB before this, whatever follows is whatever at that point. If we do pick a QB, at least play them enough in 2021 to know if we still need a starter and not that purgatory he could be the guy but he hasn't played BS.
  3. If you don't eat then you don't have to poo.
  4. I mostly notice the corn on it's way out. Good luck!
  5. He was still on the Cowboys? I thought that dude was out of the league years ago.
  6. This would be 2 bad QB moves in 2 years. Just stop, a trade is only good for the Jets. If they release him then fine, but fug giving up any draft capital for him. I wouldn't even trade a 6th or 7th at this point for him.
  7. If he isn't healthy enough then you can't rely on him. KK being healthy would be the exception, it's time to go elsewhere.
  8. The D improved by leaps throughout the year despite limited roster with positives, looked good at times and showed a lot to look forward to. Even with the additions so far this offseason, it's looking like another step in the right direction. Our D outplayed our O last year, as a unit and statistically. Link Brady has some prove it to do this year. I hope he does but so far it's TBD at best. Snow proved a lot of my fears about him wrong. Garoppollo is a backup level QB that the 49ers overpaid for. The fact he had to sit for 6 months after being in the league 3 years should have been a huge red flag. Really weird hill to try and defend. He had one year where he played 16 games and at the age of 28 and he looked like an area where that team could improve even if he could stay healthy, his 6th year in the NFL. Link
  9. Sitting doesn't fix bad coaching or bad team management. It just delays the inevitable. Look at our D last year, good coaching make a huge difference and makes it worth playing the young guys even if it sucks early. Each prospect is a little different but if they are not having immense issues in camp then sitting shouldn't be the go-to move just because they are young. There are tons of 1st rounders that flame out or become backups because of terrible situations and the fact that is who they always where regardless of who picked them where. Once we get an actual QB, then it's way more specific and less theoretical. Garoppollo was a huge mistake conceptually and the fact he had to sit for 6 months with the niners says more about him and that mistake then the process you are supporting. R Wilson went in the 3rd round, started all 16 games his rookie year and didn't need to sit. Cam did it as the 1st pick. We won't know if they have to sit until we know they need to sit. We are perfectly fine simplifying for a young QB, last year wasn't very impressive offensively. Looked like we relied on the talent at WR to bail us out, mixed in with good old power running once CMC went down. Pretty basic really, lots of dump offs and guys open deep. I hope to see the complex side, it's just not going to happen until we have more talent at QB and on the oline.
  10. Good comps. I keep forgetting how much more R Wilson ran in college. Watson is intriguing but there is something about Fields' game that is different that's bugging me but don't know what.
  11. I think Cam lite. Cam was power and Fields looks a good bit less physical. Both have an arm but Cam looked stronger. Fields has some great speed. I'll go with Cam lite. I don't know much about his personality, looked like he had fun with the other players a bit like Cam did from what I have seen.
  12. I have no idea what this crew really thinks. I do know its lying season. We will see some on draft days and hear some more along the way. Top 4 QBs all have upside and we would improve this team at least marginally. I'm trying to not fall in love. Lawrence is off to be ruined by the Jags, we won't have a chance. Wilson looks great with some room to improve, we won't have a chance. Fields looks good, kind of hard to not knock him as a Cam lite but it seems to fit. Lance has huge upside and looks like he has a great foundation to get there. Jones is a no-go for me, like a bad version of a Matt Ryan clone.
  13. Can he keep learning and improving? I don't mind unfinished or imperfect at all if the prospect can keep refining their game. The luxury of getting a polished product seems to have gone out the window when the NCAA changed their rules years ago.
  14. Nope, reps over mentorship every day. A new QB doesn't need a big professional older brother, they need to get on the field and start to make plays. The only negative from reps are if the coaching staff puts them in a position to be Carr'ed. That would be a bad staff, we actually have good coaches now. The beginning of the year is a perfect time to have a limited playbook and get a QB up to speed. If we are talking Teddy and smart moves, that ship sailed when we signed him. I'm not trying to be sassy either, it's all bad options in regards to Teddy and good is off the table outside of fantasies. The money that is spent is sunk and doesn't matter, it's gone. What does mater is does the staff have what they want? The new GM has zero ties to Teddy so no handcuffs there. The coaching staff sat Teddy for an XFL QB so if they need to squeeze a couple of million somewhere then they can start with Teddy. The fact we saved a June cut says we are keeping our options open. Those numbers are also incorrect. The big number in my angle is 8 million if we June cut Teddy. Sign a QB for 2 or 3 million that can show a new QB how to do the office part of the job and spend the rest on a chunk of Moore's up and coming contract would be a huge win to me. Now if we can't draft a QB that's where we will see how desperate we are and if the new GM can keep the crazy train on the tracks.
  15. I never really liked his game, thought he was massively overpaid based mostly on his speed. I could see us drafting a CB 3rd or later and then rolling with what we have this year, see if any of the 2nd year guys step up and hit a new level of play. I still don't see us getting a good+ CB before next year.
  16. 15 TDs in 15 games he played. Link. That's terrible for a starting QB that 'knows the system' in this modern NFL with 3 1,000 yard WRs. He was also pretty bad early, by the end of week 6 he had two 0 TD and 2 Int games. Link. He leaves the top wide open except for one throw I remember and when the field shrinks he can't get it into the endzone. His highlight is he threw for just under 250 yards a game he played, solid for a backup. If the staff goes with that again then we know exactly what we are getting and will see. I also don't get why he would be a perfect mentor, game reps are better then a mentor and if Brady can coach we are just wasting money on Teddy. We can June cut Teddy, sign a cheap pro-backup to 'Anderson' the new guy and just play the rookie. We already proved that Teddy doesn't win many games so why not put the rookie out there...if we get one of course.
  17. Both CBs sub 6', Williams being 5'9". Kind of makes sense for later round picks. Meh, looks like more of last year. Might have to wait to 2022 to make a big swing at a starting CB.
  18. Top 4 QBs, then LT and then trade back at 8. The rest is just noise at this point.
  19. Great. Meet Mr. Chinn lol. Either way they were getting a top 5 talent. Might as well clear the board a little for us.
  20. Absolutely Still, their history leads me to still not belive they don't fug this up and I really should after the moves they have made.
  21. Hard to be a Fins fan. Their owner sucks. They have another new QB who is far from good yet. Even with all of the picks they have accumulated this offseason it's hard to belive they won't waste them. Hain't wrong tho. Rosen sucks and waiting for Miami to be good was like waiting for the Browns to get good, miracles are hard to hope for year after disappointing year.
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