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  1. I get where you’re coming from dude, I will say I disagree with you at the same time respectfully. Burns has 100% developed over his rookie contract, both in his play style and body. Him dropping 12.5 sacks last year clearly didn’t impress anyone but he did this in his age 24 season. Not only has he already improved but it’s very reasonable for him to develop throughout his first contract due to him coming into the league so young. Burns floor is currently 12.5 sacks, his ceiling is a 15+ sack guy, you pay those guys the bag. Especially given his trajectory of finally going into a proper 3-4 defense, not Riveras fraud 3-4. Burns in the correct role will prove to be even scarier using his elite burst and bend to terrorize QBS and playing a 3-4 LB will allow him to play to his more natural role in run defense allowing him to be a complete player on the defense.
  2. “31 pro players who sustained ruptures and found that 32% of them never returned to play in the NFL again.” .http://fas.sagepub.com/content/2/6/283 “players in particular use explosive accelerations, sudden stops, and changes in direction, placing increased stress on the tendo-Achilles complex.“ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7708715/ Donte tore his Achilles last year on November 10th in the Falcons game. A full year would put him returning week 9 this season. And that’s just him returning, I’m not banking on him being the same player. Regardless, up until week 9 that leaves Jaycee, Cj, Taylor, Stantley as our top 4 guys. If Jaycee misses any time we’re going to be in a horrible situation and it could be a bad situation anyway if Cj doesn’t take a big step forward this season.
  3. Good points, but also Donte will be out for a solid chunk next season to start. Tore his Achilles late in the season, legit the worst possible injury for his position. Takes away athleticism and honestly that’s pretty much all Donte is. He’s a fast dude with good ball skills, but he’s under sized and without his speed he will be a bad corner baring a complete recovery somehow. CB is an issue!
  4. I want to see what the Huddles expectations are for next season. So let me pose three questions for yall to answer! What is our best case scenario next season? What is our worst case scenario next season? Where do we most likely finish in our division?
  5. In total honesty as bad as I think the Bucs are, I could see them stealing a game from us. Hopefully not, but I have a massive fear of our CB room and especially our depth. If Jaycee misses any time we’re going to get fuging torched. Bucs still have Chris Godwin and Mike Evan’s out wide, could get ugly and turn into a shootout with our revamped offense.
  6. Even if Baker is an average QB, that Bucs roster got substantially worse this past year. Brady barely made the playoffs last year with that squad, it’s old and injury prone.
  7. Who doubts CMC’s 2k season? I respect people voicing their opinion but acting like your opinions are facts are two totally different stories. Back up your claims with statistics or facts or else what you say is totally irrelevant and should not be taken with a grain of salt. Not sure if Dj Moore plowed your wife or something damn wtf did this dude do to you? I’ll take you up on that, I bet you that Dj Moore exceeds your lowly expectations for next season. Loser has to change their profile picture to the liking of the winner, you in?
  8. Had a down year for sure in terms of YAC last season but from his rookie year 2018 on his YAC rankings placed him(12th,8th,16th,#12th) respectively. Ironically he has placed elite among receivers in YAC, probably his best trait. Probably need to throw on some more game tape before you say something as illogical as that.
  9. TMJ is my personal breakout player this year, has the natural talent needed to be a star. Has just needed proper coaching to develop his route tree and the nuances of the position. We have the coaching staff to do so!
  10. Historically speaking the first overall pick QB will start week one. It’s rare to find one who does not, me saying that doesn’t define Bryce or his future it’s just using basic logic to choose the most likely scenario.
  11. Just to be clear, Bryce young will start week 1. People always over react to coach speak!
  12. Looking forward to a big jump for this big fella!! Let’s go Icky!!!
  13. Lock in! Time to prove your worth big fella!
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