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  1. Exactly my point brother, was saving the CMC point as ammo if someone had a rebuttal.
  2. #1- sign him to a reasonable deal 24-26 mill yearly. #2- Franchise tag him and let him show his worth going forward #3- Tag and trade him, he is bare minimum worth what Montez Sweat went for (2nd round) and I’m optimistic with the increased cap space more teams are comfortable paying for a edge threat, driving up his price.
  3. Remember when people here said Dj Moore wasn’t a true #1 receiver… yeah it’s the same people saying Brian Burns isn’t a #1 edge. If he leaves this team for nothing we’re gonna once again look like a bunch of idiots across the league.
  4. We have so little talent on this team, and have drafted horribly in recent years that we don’t even have that much outside of Derick Brown and maybe Jaycee to really pay big bucks. If we get nothing for Burns then this front office is incompetent, he’s a 25 year old with 46 sacks over the last 5 seasons. You do not let that player walk for nothing.
  5. Respectfully can’t stand when big media companies try to have guys who cover the entire NFL to devote a video to specific teams and issues. These guys clearly haven’t watched enough Panthers football and I don’t blame them they got enough on their plate. Would rather watch a true fan or a niche channel talk about something like this. They lost me at letting Burns walk for nothing lmao.
  6. Good player yes Old player yes Over complicated yes Will this ever happen no
  7. Honestly I’m not sure if we can even afford one of those guys. We can hypothetically but that would mean Burns walking, Luvu walking. Or pushing back cap into future years which is not something a team as bad as this should do. We aren’t one player away, and free agency is not how you build teams with no structure. I hope we invest in the draft, look at the Packers with their young WRS(Jayden Reed, Romeo Doug’s, Christian Watson) not of those guys were first rounders.
  8. Honestly I was just kinda surprised you wrote that. Do you have an arguments to my points made? Not even tryna be a dick, maybe I’m missing something.
  9. Lmao I’m sorry but signing both Higgens and Evan’s is laughable. Do we have infinite cap space now? Are we going to let every player we need to resign hit free agency? Respectfully this is not madden.
  10. Helped turn around Geno Smith in Seattle, helped baker turn around his career in dramatic fashion. Young, very personable, high energy, coach. Will most likely have a lot to learn being a newer coach. But, as a person seems like a great dude and at the very least will help create a more positive culture. ^ good watch to get to know him
  11. I’m not tryna be a dick but why the fug would we be focused on pushing the cap down the line. We have been doing for this for years, it’s what’s gotten us into this mess. This whole time we should just actually been rebuilding, you can’t half ass a rebuild. We are gonna to most likely suck next year regardless of adding a few pieces. Eat the cap now, resign our blue chip guys, and fill out and rebuild the roster through the draft.
  12. Dude we’re on a literal Panthers Fan message board… Also no I’m ashamed of the front office putting together this complete failure, and wasting their fans time and money.
  13. This has been the worst season I’ve ever fuging watched, this year was a waste of all the fans time and money, along with the players that actually gave a fug about this team and played their hearts out. Thank god CMC is not being wasted on this team, hoping that dude wins MVP and a ring
  14. How are you not ashamed now brother?
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