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  1. He is the definition of a dawg, love this guy. Dan Morgan was not lying when he wanted to fill out this team with the right mentality.
  2. Same here brother, love Xavier I think he’s gonna become a quick fan favorite of the team. He already has gone viral for his country accent, we have no face of the franchise currently outside of maybe Derrick Brown in terms of media attention. I would not be surprised if in the next 4 years Xavier becomes that media darling we used to have in the 2010s with Luke, Cam, Josh Norman, CMC, etc.
  3. Cam was a good teammate, stood up for Kelvin after the loss of his mother. Honestly his leadership was one of his best traits, I hope they can rekindle their relationship I remember they were very close prior to everything.
  4. Yeah that combo of tearing his acl and losing his mother really impacted him. I don’t blame him that’s a really tough situation, and it didn’t seem like he had a good crowd around him at the time. He was frustrated and started to blame everything around him for why his career was falling off. Blaming Cam for being inaccurate, the front office etc. Kelvin was a very talented person. Hope he is doing well.
  5. That’s a very introspective response wow. Very sorry to hear about your parents, and I totally see your point of how losing both parents in such a short duration at a young age could really affect him. I think Xavier is gonna really help us with our team mentality and work ethic.
  6. I totally get that rationale, I think Xavier was the exact type of player there were looking for in terms of mentality and personality. I think we’re betting in the long term that he’s gonna work his ass off and he has great physical traits. Obviously very different player than Kelvin Benjamin but both are very physically talented. But I bet if you gave Kelvin the work ethic and mentality of Xavier that his career would have looked a lot different.
  7. He is country country but same here haha
  8. Haven’t seen anyone post about Xavier Leggettes backstory. It’s actually a really inspiring and powerful story. If anyone is interested I made a video about it linked below.
  9. Wasn’t the biggest Sanders guy when I thought he was going in the second round. But, this is a great pick here can’t complain at the value here. Sanders and Tremble is a great duo between their abilities.
  10. Trade back with all these guys on the board is wild
  11. Dude I’m not here trying to argue about weightlifting, I’m just pointing out it is objectively a red flag that he has a one percentile player metric. Do you disagree with that?
  12. Having a 1 percentile bench score being a D1 Football player tells me he has a potential risk of not being hard working or being weak. This guy has been with a D1 strength program for 4 years, the differential between college and Pro strength programs is marginal. Hate on the gym all you want, just a reflection of discipline and work ethic.
  13. You used an incredibly broad statistic, I explained why your statistic comparison was invalid. And proceeded to use a more specific example for my argument and explain its use case, I can go all day man. You clearly don’t know much about football and especially the NFL Draft. Just keep hating and making invalid arguments it’s funny to watch.
  14. Pac 12 isn’t the SEC… Leggette is a vertical threat he averaged 17.7 yards per reception, you aren’t throwing this guy “bubble screens” all game. You’re using him downfield and winning vertically, that is why the panthers drafted him. We were never looking at short and intermediate weapons, it’s why Ladd wasn’t our pick.
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