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  1. Yeah big pass, rather see Grier start then spend a high pick on a bad qb. Have y’all seen Mond throw it’s not pretty. Jamie Newman > Mond
  2. Maybe he can be our Shaq Barrett signing.
  3. If ur inferring about my post I’d love to hear ur opinion
  4. For sure. Sign him to a one year prove it deal, worst case he doesn’t workout here and he signs elsewhere after the season and we get some sort of comp pick in return.
  5. Jesse James ain’t really an upgrade probably at best a solid #2 TE. So for cheap I wouldn’t mind this move. Don’t see the point of Janoris hes 32 and were not exactly ring chasing next year. For cheap id like the move but the timeline doesn’t really work here. Kyle Rudolph I’d like a lot, he’s on the older side at 31 but his game has never really relied on athleticism. Would be a average #1 TE for a couple more years, plus since he was released we don’t lose any sort of comp pick through signing him. He also would be a nice calming safety blanket for whatever young qb we end up giv
  6. Lemme think... an old veteran OT who just tore his achilles and has basically zero chance of playing next year. This definitely reminds me of someone’s free agency strategy lmao. I’m concerned hurny has infiltrated the huddle
  7. Call me crazy but could this possibly have something to do with Curtis Samuel?
  8. Personally I think teams are trending towards keeping a developmental QB as the backup.
  9. That is a stretch, his speed and bend is not even close to burns. Looks like a strong player who plays the run well. I doubt he goes any round higher then the third.
  10. Time to make some trade offers to the Washington Football team. Let’s sign Rashuan Gaulden and get our 3rd rounder back!!
  11. Good point, my worry is how are we gonna have any sort of o line with so much cap going between Watson and Teddy. Especially given Watsons injury history we could be setting him up for an injury just like the Bengals did with Burrow this year.
  12. Think about this, we Trade for Watson... guess who is still on the team and is literally the backup QB? Teddy is not exactly a trade asset but there’s no way that trade happens without sending Teddy to the Texans. You really think we can afford Watson and Teddy on this roster??
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