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  1. Why are we worried about running by backs lmao, that’s probably one of of deepest positions by far, we are already heavily invested. Hubbard is our rb3 that’s pretty damn good to be honest. Let’s focus on the O-line, MLB, and DE for now. A good rb 4 is a useless luxury.
  2. This is exactly why espn is dumb, I would be shocked if we finished as the worst team in the league.
  3. Wow so amazed this is an absolutely game changing idea.
  4. One of Cams most underrated traits was his ability to make presnap reads. Coach’s throughout his career gave him the power to be the general of the offense for a reason.
  5. Couldn’t agree more, it’s easy to forget he literally had zero time last year to learn the playbook or build chemistry with his receivers. Cam will regardless be a better QB next year just having the ability to have time to learn the playbook.
  6. Cam is a standup guy, hard worker, and most importantly a great teammate for everyone on the team. I’ve yet to hear anything but massive praise for him as a teammate, Sam is useless in regards of Coralls development aside from competition for starting. Sign Cam have all three battle it out, and regardless of who wins you have a great mentor in Cam and a honestly really solid competition with Cam, Corall, and Darnold. We kept 3 qbs last year with one of them being PJ, I think keeping three is the move going forward in 2022 as well.
  7. Thank you for sharing this, legit had no idea Tarik went through all that. Prayers up for him what a tough dude with a big heart. I hope he gets signed, I would be happy with him here. I can’t imagine losing a brother let alone two and then one getting serious brain damage.
  8. Is our team so amazing that we could truly compete with a true game manager at qb? We both know any other QB trade/signing is just Rhule tryna save his ass, let’s roll with our group heck we just drafted a first round talented QB according to our guys.
  9. Very true man we really just had to pickup his 5th year option. Personally I see no reason to cut Sam, just let him play out his option year and let him walk. I am actually very optimistic about this team our Oline could actually be decent looking at who we signed this is gonna be a real ground n proud offense with a really solid defense. Last year we gave up such bad field positioning every drive to our defense. My hot take is we make the wildcard in the weak NFC.
  10. I genuinely agree our offense was so limited and Sam can definitely take a large portion of the blame for that. But, our offensive gameplan was also limited because no QB in our offense had any time in the pocket so we couldn’t throw the ball deep heck or even medium. Teams knew Sam struggles with pressure and just blitzed his ass all day and with CMC out our first read was not often a good option. Honestly Sam is probably one of the worst QBS under pressure I’ve watched, he’s 95% never going to be anything more then a backup. But there is a perfect situation where our oline holds up and CMC is his first read just like for the first 3 weeks last year. Let’s make Sam look good and get something of value in return of him.
  11. This is a question I have for everyone, if Corall was on the team last year with his current skill set would he have been our best QB?
  12. I agree with you but the drop in production could be on some level linked to the loss of Paradis then Erving/Eflein on the oline. Then Darnold’s shoulder injury, I digress im not a Darnold truther I just could see a situation where with a better OC/oline that he proves himself enough for another team to sign him next offseason and net us some sort of comp pick. Then Corall gets a year to learn the system and he gets his oppurtunity, or if Darnold is really poo again we draft a rookie next draft and have a QB competition.
  13. Solid point, just shows the difference between a franchise QB and whatever Darnold is. One counter argument is coaching, as Burrow has a legit offensive head coach in Zac Taylor calling plays vs us with a college football passing coordinator and then Rhules college roomate at OC calling plays.
  14. Dude I was posing a hypothetical situation I legit said imagine, I by no means am saying he will breakout but to act like it’s impossible is just as wrong. Not even trying to be a homer I’m just posing that there is a situation where Darnold shows enough for another team where they would sign him to a deal netting us in return a comp pick. Also I think his tendencies to rush reads and force throws is 10x worse when he faces consistent pressure, like his pocket presence with pressure is poo but non pressured throws he is probably around the 25th best qb in the league.
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