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  1. That was the big talk after we drafted him. It was after an interception pick 6 against Alabama by another player if I recall correctly.
  2. Fitterer looking at Gualden’s RAS score.
  3. My 3 leg dog is more athletic than that fool.
  4. It was a good article of both his good and bad points. One bad part was “An issue that shows up in Darnold’s film is that he doesn’t do a good enough job of getting to his checkdown. ” He better work through that with CMC in the backfield. And more likely it’s having CMC will help him get better at check downs. LIsn’t it ironic that we are going from one extreme to the other. We just jettisoned “Checkdown Charlie” and replaced with a guy at the other extreme.
  5. Damn I can’t wait for training camp this year. So many battles going on and so many interesting stories. I can’t wait for the pads to come on and see the Oline battles to start. Really pulling for guys like Brown and Moore play well. Also really want to see Marshall be unleashed. I am really high on him.
  6. Who the hell was covering him on that. They got smoked. So nice to be actually excited about prospects after the first round. What a new concept.
  7. So with that comment I will take it that there is something to Robbie not being at OTA’s.
  8. A competitive competition at TE isn’t something we have had in a decade. First bc of 88 and then lock of talent and depth. It will be a fun addition to training camp.
  9. Sean Chandler has some NFL game time experience. Also works on ST’s.
  10. Why not Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor while you are at it.
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