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  1. How dare you. Lol. They are still the most comfortable shoe ever.
  2. Only 5 mil. Heck with he and Darnold it’s only 23 mil this season. Still well below th threshold. I like it!
  3. Nice. I am really pulling for the kid. I do think his accuracy on the move is elite. Let’s see how he picks up Macado’s system. While I want him to start day one it is probably better to have him learn and develop what it means to be an NFL QB first.
  4. LB What a tragic decent from the days of Luke and TD. What a shame. I am really excited for Brandon Smith. But he may need time to develop. But with our current depth and Wilson’s legal issues he may play from day 1.
  5. Well you can say he definitely was not on the Baker trade wagon. He nailed the 2018 draft. He ranked them: Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Mason Rudolph, Baker Mayfield. Also wanted to draft Mahomes in 17’. Let’s hope he is right about Corral
  6. Wow. Great presser from him. Certainly like him better than most of the OC’s we have had in the past. I didn’t realize he coached with Campen at GB. Hopefully they are still on the same page and can recreate some of that MOJO.
  7. The intriguing thing for me is the “what if” possibility of all this. What if we got our franchise LT and QB with little draft capital. That would set this franchise on a whole new trajectory. Will that happen? Who the fug knows. But we can at least hope. That is what this time of year is for before it all comes crashing down to reality.
  8. I trust Macado as a OC. He has done well in the past and was one that had Mahomes high on his board from what I remember. If he thinks all Corral’s issues can be worked on then I am all on board. At this time of the year like any team it’s good to have hope. Hopefully it stays that way when the season begins. I hope he can win the starting job outright. Though I get he feeling Darnold will start the season.
  9. Well. We get to enjoy this for the next couple years. Raine Michaels
  10. Drew Hartlaub tam a 4.22 40. GTFO.
  11. I guess Barnes was good value. I thought he was just a Rhule round 7 Baylor flier. If he fell that far and Rhule knew him he probably said he was worth the pick.
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