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  1. I was for the Rhule hire. Maybe it was the Penn State connection. Not sure. But it looks like I will be getting a lot of yard work done on Sundays.
  2. You know it’s bad when this fanbase is begging for Brady C at LT. Ugh.
  3. Well it looks like I will be getting a lot of yard work done again this year. Painful to watch so far.
  4. Run stopping is my concern for this D. If he can help let it rip.
  5. Can’t blame Barnes. When you look at our CB depth he was probably looking for an easier path.
  6. Big boy Deonte Brown cut. That’s what happens when you get a QB killed.
  7. Happy the big man made it. He balled out this preseason
  8. Think Cordorelle Patterson. A little running and catching. That might be nice.
  9. They were gonna cut him anyway. Looked bad in preseason. So we basically trade a 7th for a 5 th. Take that any day.
  10. Man I have no idea about if he will work out. But Fitt is great at not giving up a lot. And he makes the season interesting as hell. better than these Numbnuts
  11. I can live with that room. Hopefully Macado has a plan for him since he knows him. And since Josh Norris says he is the worst WR in the NFL we didn’t give anything up for him. And I like it simply because it’s making the Huddle loose their freaking minds.
  12. You’ve seen an oblique injury before. Here Love has a terrible one. It’s so swollen.
  13. It will be refreshing after watching Sam the Zombie last year.
  14. I think I will be patient on this one. Hell what do I know. I was on the Kyle Allen train for a bit. I just didn’t realize that train was in a carnival.
  15. Thanks T! How refreshing to have late round guys like Shi and Taylor doing well.
  16. How dare you. Lol. They are still the most comfortable shoe ever.
  17. Only 5 mil. Heck with he and Darnold it’s only 23 mil this season. Still well below th threshold. I like it!
  18. Nice. I am really pulling for the kid. I do think his accuracy on the move is elite. Let’s see how he picks up Macado’s system. While I want him to start day one it is probably better to have him learn and develop what it means to be an NFL QB first.
  19. LB What a tragic decent from the days of Luke and TD. What a shame. I am really excited for Brandon Smith. But he may need time to develop. But with our current depth and Wilson’s legal issues he may play from day 1.
  20. Well you can say he definitely was not on the Baker trade wagon. He nailed the 2018 draft. He ranked them: Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Mason Rudolph, Baker Mayfield. Also wanted to draft Mahomes in 17’. Let’s hope he is right about Corral
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