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  1. It was the call of a team that wanted to make sure they didn't improve their draft position by accidentally beating the Bucs
  2. Loved their decision to go for it on 4th and 2, then banged my head against the wall when they called a QB sneak on 4th and 2
  3. With how bad he has looked, I'm not sure a team is giving up anything more than a 4th for him
  4. If you think that is bad, Glennon was 1/2 passing for 4 yards and an INT at the half for the Giants today
  5. And by another roster, we are counting the NFL, CFL, AFL, XFL, and Divisions 1, 2, & 3 college football
  6. Byron Bell was never this bad... And that is saying alot...
  7. Man, just when I want to vomit watching Darnold attempt to throw, I vomit because the oline is made up of 4 cones and a serviceable lineman...
  8. 1 yard in the right direction, followed by 9 yards in the wrong direction. Our offense has no clue which way to go
  9. Did you go to Baylor? If so, Rhule will hire you as OC next year.
  10. I think Brown has a case of the Kawann Short's - when the guy actually cares, he can dominate. Unfortunately it looks like he is just going through the motions in 75% of the games he plays... Gross Matos is probably the most important player to our run D
  11. Knowing how dumb Rhule is, watch us score a TD with 10 seconds left then send the kicker out there for the PAT and we lose by 1
  12. God this punter sucks. Can't even punt it 40 yards in a freakin dome...
  13. I don't know, we need him to suck bad for us next year for the top pick for whoever the top 2023 draft QB is
  14. Can we fire Matt Rhule and hire the current Baylor coach? Maybe we can become the NFL pipeline for all Baylor coaches and players
  15. Unfortunately I have watched this team too much this year to know the defense just gives up once they lose all faith in the offense, which frankly... I can't blame them
  16. We also haven't had our usual 3+ turnovers giving the other team points or a short field
  17. Wow, I just realized the Saints have a worse home record than the Panthers road record.
  18. Time for the defense to (hopefully) mail it in after the depressing result of that drive
  19. This team playing for a long FG with a scrub kicker is exactly the type of decisions I want to see in our tank for pick #5
  20. This team is going to find a way to accidentally win...
  21. Time for a 30 play, 20 minute drive that ends in a double doink missed 20 yard FG by our no-name kicker
  22. Damn, was Matt Kalil trying to block him or something? That is insanely fast
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