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  1. Honestly, Herbert was one of the harder QBs to figure out pre-draft for me (I feel like I have been decently accurate on predicting how well QB's would be for the years we have been looking at QB). He was high on the draft boards prior to his last year in college and then had a down year and slipped a bit. Coming from an Oregon system that does not translate to the NFL at all, I was a bit worried if his college play would translate to pro football. Obviously he has been very good, but he was one of the QBs that I thought was the hardest to figure out whether he would be good or not in the NFL. And although it sucks not having that franchise QB, we got an absolute stud in DB that I feel like would have way better numbers if he had more talent on the d-line and didn't get double-teamed non-stop
  2. Honestly, if Burns got credit for a sack for beating The lineman guarding him but whiffing on the sack, he'd be a top three pass rusher. It's pretty crazy how many times he beat his guy and had a free run at the QB and completely wiffed. I think that is why PFF and other systems like that grade him high even though his stats weren't what you'd expect for a guy that got the contract he did. Even a couple of years ago, I thought he was one of the best pass rushers that never could sack the QB.
  3. My problem with trading back from 33 is that I think there is a pretty big drop off after the top 50 of the draft. If we are trading back, the other team better be giving us a huge deal like next year's first. Otherwise, ignore them and get our top pick of day two
  4. Probably one of the most dominant linebacker performances I've ever seen. And funny enough, I feel like everybody was on the cowboys in that game. Then we took a dump all over them
  5. Let's pray to God we don't look this bad in the playoffs... Just stay healthy, let rod tear a new asshole in this team, and move on
  6. Aho and Jarvis play too well together to split them up. Guentzel has seemed to click with Aho/Jarvis also, so I wouldn't touch that line. Marty-Staal-Fast have to stay together (when Fast gets healthy) because of how important they are to locking down opposing first lines. It comes down to how you want to build the other two lines. I agree with the person above of doing Svech, Kuz, and TT together and putting Necas with Noesen and Drury/KK. I would have KK as the odd one out.
  7. Only way he comes to this dumpster fire of a team is if we give him a multi-year deal or pay him like $5 million more than every other team
  8. This league looks more and more like a joke with each passing year...
  9. Fast is too important to that Staal line to sit. We are going to rely on the Staal line locking down opposing teams first lines in the playoffs. Noesen provides much needed offense on the 4th line and good net presence on the PP. Agree it comes down to KK or Drury. The fact that Drury has been better on faceoffs and is better defensively gives him the nod over KK to me.
  10. As bad as he was for us, I don't know how many times we asked him to go match up one-on-one without safety help against elite wide receivers. I still think back to that win and in game against the bucs two seasons ago where we just literally told CJ to cover Mike Evans one-on-one with zero safety help....
  11. Well said and 100% agree. Even worse we made that trade to the 49ers, whoever one knew was going to be one of the top five teams at the end of the season, which significantly hurt the value of those picks
  12. I think the 49ers should offer us a discount for switching picks with them because we gave them CMC for practically nothing. Trade them 33 and our worst draft pick this year to move up to 31
  13. Just watched the highlights and I'm pretty confused at all of the negative talk towards kooch in the game. Literally all four goals they scored were the result of breakaways off completely inexcusable turnovers. Literally those type of turnovers are the crap you would see from a low level CHL team - We did it four times in the game...
  14. They were pretty much in cap hell because of some of their contracts. Mike Williams could never stay healthy, Allen is getting older and also had some struggles with injuries the past 2 years, Ekeler is pretty much like a Darren Sproles that can somewhat be replaced, and Everett isn't anything special. They obviously lost a lot, but they had to shed a lot of salary because of the contracts of Bosa and Mack. Harbaugh has always been a defense first person, so not surprised he valued his top defensive players. Long story short, it is highly unlikely they are trading Herbert
  15. It seems like the quality of talent in next year's draft is significantly worse than this year. If we trade for a 1st rounder next year, it better be to a team that will finish in the bottom half of the standings. Getting a late 1st rounder next year would be a huge net negative IMO
  16. Bears won that trade, but lets not forget that Keenan Allen has had a hard time staying healthy the past 2 seasons and is over 30 years old. Still, he is definitely a good possession receiver that knows how to get open
  17. I think the only player I would trade up into the early 20s for would be if Brock Bowers somehow fell that far in the draft. I might look at moving up to 31 to get ahead of the Chiefs if there is still a really good WR we like since that shouldn't cost us much. Otherwise, stand pat and get a WR at 33 or 39 - there should be good one there
  18. I think if our defense is somehow better this year, it will only be because of 1 of 2 reasons: 1) our offense improves significantly, which means way lose turnovers and a much higher TOP. We were god awful in both stats last year 2) we go defense heavy in the draft and the rookies ball out + Horn stays healthy and plays the entire year Otherwise, I don't see the defense performing better this year than last year, which is ok. If the offense doesn't improve significantly, then we should be very worried
  19. Only thing missing is signing DJ Khaled to play in the trenches for us
  20. Burns is nowhere near the level of dick that Merriman is. And I can't be mad at Burns - dude got paid. Good for him
  21. Tepper pull a Jerry Richardson and be forced to sell the team before the season starts
  22. Lol, so all I need to know about Shawn Merriman is that 1) the dude was a chronic PED user, 2) he chokes women, and 3) he is a broke loser. Cool. How many twitter followers does he have? 15?
  23. Damn, did Shawne Merriman get cucked by Tepper? I don't think I've seen this much attention from one person on the Panthers since the SuperBowl. Oh wait, I lied. As much attention since our retard owner threw a drink on a Jags fan
  24. I mean... we are still splitting with them each year despite having a joke of a roster. So they aren't too far away from being as bad as us it feels like
  25. Aren't the Saints stuck with Jordan because of his terrible cap hit to get rid of him?
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