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  1. Half of the rushes were garbage time runs vs the Saints with the Saints run blitzing and Carolina trying to run the clock out. Not really judging his worth on mostly garbage time carries behind an o-line that got zero push on run plays
  2. When your secondary can cover when you blitz 6 or 7, they will also be top 10. Literally every time we blitzed, we got a sack or Winston throwaway. Some of them were coverage sacks. Really impressed with how well the coverage was today.
  3. Not sure Jameis can do much when he is under pressure in 2 seconds most plays and all of his receivers are covered. Outside of maybe tucking it and running more, there really wasn't much else he could do. First INT was bad, but they were probably not in FG range. 2nd INT he got hit from behind as he was throwing.
  4. Phil Snow has called one hell of a game! Loving the overload blitzes when we get teams into obvious passing situations
  5. Anyone else think we should just go for it on 4th every time and go for 2 on every TD? Then we can just not waste a roster spot on a kicker
  6. Is Aguayo still in the NFL? I think Rhule's plan is to continue adding worse kickers
  7. We need more throws like that. We have super elusive WRs. Just dump it off to them and let them make a guy miss
  8. Damn, better throw and that is a TD. Robbie had a couple steps on him
  9. At this rate, we are going to have to put defensive linemen on the oline
  10. The only way to perfect this half is Zane Gonzalez nailing a FG from 60+
  11. I love that we are still throwing. You know Sean Payton would run the score up on us - let's fuging do it to them
  12. The pressure we are getting on Jameis is crazy. NO o-line is just getting abused every play
  13. Wow, 73 is terri-bad. Like most teams backup players are higher than a 73... But honestly, the real question should be who the hell even plays Madden anymore. That game has been dog poo since the mid 2ks
  14. This. The guy was just a camp body that probably wouldn't even make the first wave of cuts to 75. No point in keeping him around and sending a message to other players that they can make hits like that.
  15. If Tampa can get away with blatant cross checks and holds right in front of refs, they aren't calling anything on Tampa. We have a better chance of scoring a short-handed goal than the refs calling a penalty on Tampa
  16. Mission for period 3 needs to be to hurt as many Tampa players as possible. If we are going to be as undisciplined as we were the last half of the 2nd period, at least hurt someone in the process
  17. Please someone just fuging blindside hit Kucherov and kill him. Get justice for Tampa's bullshit of bending the rules to have Kucherov play in the playoffs
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