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  1. Didn't want to bump a thread from Nov 2021 onto the main timeline, but what was shared by a different team's employee then seems to hold true today -- that everything we were/have experienced starts with the owner, and that coaches may be hampered in what they want to do with what ownership is requesting/demanding.
  2. Every off-season there's some amount of hope and anticipation. Might need to lower that expectation a smidge for the 2024 season
  3. NBC with an interesting clip showing Love, Farve, Rogers all throwing passes while taking small leaps off the ground… just like Bryce seems to do.
  4. Have very briefly met her and Dave twice. both times, Dave was kinda meh about meeting the fanbase while Nicole couldn’t have been nicer.
  5. The team stinks The team stinks OMG WHAT A TERRIFIC DRIVE Love this team!
  6. Seems like they may have found it (nope, spoke too soon) now they need to find that screaming woman and move her away from the broadcast. It’s not like there are a ton of fans left in the stadium right now, should be easy to track her down
  7. The CBS audio crew needs to figure out which hot mic is out in the rain and turn it off
  8. The Nissan Heisman commercial with Bryce spreading mulch on the field rings too true when Bryce says “could use a little help here”
  9. Price adjustments are the same for NY or SF players vs CAR or CIN or GB markets that have lower costs of living. Look at the number of players who choose to make CAR or ATL home but play elsewhere. There won’t be any addt contract salary changes because they are an international players. If it turns into an issue, I could see the team subsidizing food or housing outside of salary cap accounting. But I do t think that’ll be necessary at the salaries the players make.
  10. Player compensation is dictated by Salary Cap + wacky accounting surrounding signing bonuses and payment structures. League minimum salaries are the same for new players regardless of whether they sign in Miami or any other market. This should apply equally the same in MC, LON, or any other international or expansion market. Team compensation comes from rev share from TV and other fixed inputs from the league. Sponsorships/Merch/team-specific revenues are unique per team and market Mexico City is less of a concern from a player/game recovery issue -- flight times aren't that much different from east/west coast scenarios and the timezones are the same. LON games would probably be built into east coast road trips + bye week combinations for both sides of the ball If the NFL didn't think there was a market outside the US, they wouldn't have expanded London games to Germany. I don't see an expansion overseas happening in the next 4 years -- but within 10 years? Better chance...
  11. This economic analysis doesn't appear to cover the specifics you're asking about with regard to player compensation - but it does show the type of analysis that London and the NFL go through for some cost/benefit work: https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/8925_attachment.pdf ESPN's coverage of the report: http://en.espn.co.uk/more/sport/story/361901.html
  12. "International House of Pancakes" didn't start as an international business. A more serious counterpoint: MLB's "World Series" is not World Wide. Better example: KFC is not isolated to Kentucky, and the three-letter branding de-emphasizes the original "Fried" name. The NFL can get by as an international brand, even with "National" as part of their name.
  13. If the NFL is going to EXPAND, they'd be looking at London or Mexico City first to get the ball rolling for more International play. If Austin is going to get a team, it would more likely be a relocation -- like how the Bills previously threatened to move there. But.. the Dallas area is clamoring for an AFC team (since New York and LA both have two teams in their metro areas) so there's potential for that to happen before Austin. Still, as many others have said in this thread - the NFL likes having a team in the Charlotte/Carolinas area. While fans may be sour on the current edition of the team, Tepper has shown he's willing to throw $ around (still would have liked to have seen the Rock Hill facility built out, even if local gov't couldn't figure it out)
  14. Tonight's INSIDE THE NFL didn't hold back on comments Chad Ochocinco said that changing out the HC isn't going to make a difference if the player quality is still the same under new regime. They threw in comments about Tepper being a billionaire and playing with a shiny toy. "That's not how football works" Worth the 3m listen, starting around the 17m mark into the hour
  15. 'Highly successful and likable' people are never afraid to use these 3 words, says psychology expert“ I WAS WRONG https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/28/highly-successful-and-likable-people-use-these-3-words-says-psychology-expert.html
  16. Anybody who's confident enough to tell Tepper "NO" But would Tepper hire anybody who's willing to stand up to him?
  17. ...or walking on the sidelines during games. NO
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