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  1. Totally agree. When even one musician is too much for the room, the mgmt should figure out how to suggest appropriate use of the volume knob
  2. Alternative: The receiving team decides before the kick if they WANT to apply Fair Catch rules, in which case they do the above. If the receiving team decides before the kick they want to attempt to run it back, then we utilize the original kickoff rules as usual This way the receiving team can either take a chance on where the ball lands OR gets an opportunity to run it back. Oh yeah, and the kick itself is from the 20yd line (or should it be the 25)? AND if the kickoff goes through the uprights? It counts as a 1pt field goal for the kicking team and they get to kick again.
  3. One solution to the kick situation: Kick the ball down the empty field. Wherever it stops rolling on its own is where the receiving team gets to start from. If it's a touchback, goes to the 20 yd line If it's out of bounds, goes to the 40 yd line Sure, you won't have any 100-yd kickoff returns this way, but it adds some skill aspect to the kicker position.
  4. Why not say "anything fair catch" goes to the 10yd line, no matter where the fair catch was signaled. Touchbacks go to the 20-yd line.
  5. fair catches are supposed to eliminate collisions, etc. By adding a max of 24 yards to any fair catch opportunity, we're going to see fair catches on almost every kick. There's no way to pin a team back at their goal line to do a 75-yard 2 minute drill with no timeouts left to get within reasonable field goal range. Now it'll be a super-exciting 45-yard adventure. yee-hawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  6. I dont hate the 4 week advance notice. Would have preferred 6 weeks from both a fan and a player perspective, but even that might not allow for making TNF a meaningful game
  7. If Green Bay can host a draft, Charlotte can too
  8. They need to have a better Fair Catch signal that is extremely clear to a casual observer player running down the field More issues have been caused by half-hearted or late signals not being seen.
  9. definitely using bullhorns and drums
  10. Support sections for soccer are not unique. Atlanta has a solid one as well. I think it adds a lot to the soccer game experience. Biggest difference would be that NFL rules state no outside noisemakers are allowed, vs Soccer's use of drums and horns by fans during game action.
  11. Panthers-related: the only other time a playoff game was not broadcast (or simulcast) on a network was when ESPN carried the 2015 ARI-CAR wild card game (it was not aired on ABC, as would be typical for an ESPN production). That game probably did air on WSOC locally, so local fans probably didn't notice.
  12. For the first time, a streaming service (PEACOCK) has been awarded a playoff game broadcast. (before, playoff games would be on one of the major networks) Like all NFL games on cable, Peacock’s playoff game will be available to watch over-the-air in the participating teams’ home markets, and most likely on an NBC affiliate. The game will also be available to watch on the NFL+ app. No word yet if this would be included as a Sunday Ticket event or not. Also, no word if this would require the paid version of Peacock or if it would be accessible to all Peacock users since NBC sells commercial time to help subsidize the darn thing. If it's the former, that sucks. If it's the latter, then they better get their app working better than it does now. And they better have the infrastructure to handle it -- remember all those times Amazon would crash due to high demand, or HBOMax during the Game of Thrones airings?
  13. not going to happen anymore. No more dedicated NFC/AFC networks this year
  14. the good news? Greg Olsen has set a new standard for quality ex-NFL player announcing. It'll be a higher bar to clear for fan acceptance
  15. Collingsworth never bothered me. Let's go back to MNF Classic, where ABC took non-football people and put them in the booth. Howard Cosell was 100%. Dennis Miller was entertaining to a point (but I can understand why the bulk of viewers hated him)
  16. I enjoy going to Panthers games in Tampa. Watching the Panthers in New Orleans can be fun (although the Dome is a wreck). Bonus points to the REAL saints fans who recognize the Panthers Sam Mills jersey and offer high-fives. Atlanta's MB stadium experience is fine by itself. Good food, good prices if you shop around. The local fans, however, aren't always the most pleasant to be around, depending on the section.
  17. Matt Ryan Announces He’s Joining CBS Sports As NFL Analyst https://www.si.com/nfl/2023/05/15/matt-ryan-announces-joining-cbs-sports-nfl-analyst
  18. the Music Experience and SciFi museums (same building, separate admission) are worthwhile. the top of the space needle? pricier than you'd want it to be, so only do it if you have the $$$. Bonus point for being next to where they film the exteriors of Grey's Anatomy Take the boat tour up through the salmon ladder locks Don't touch the Gum Wall. Don't touch the Flying Fish (unless you're willing to buy one). Try the chowder (it's good!) at the chowder house next door to Starbucks #1 . Don't have coffee at Starbucks #1. Go hiking nearby, wine tours as well.
  19. Agreed. The *city* is only good for so much time. The *area* is wonderful
  20. It's not HARD KNOCKS. It's better. The NFL is releasing a documentary about draft weekend, featuring four teams: Panthers, Colts, Cowboys, and Jags. The show will air on ROKU "sometime before the start of the 2023 season". ROKU is also adding an NFL Archive channel to its rotation, airing hundreds of hours of curated/official programming from NFL Films. Roku says they want to make this documentary an annual production. source: https://fox59.com/sports/colts/upcoming-roku-documentary-on-nfl-draft-to-feature-colts-richardson/
  21. a larger number of prime time Carolina games may impact the number of out-of-town Panthers fans getting their money's worth out of a Sunday Ticket subscription. Might reach a tipping point of "go to bar" vs "stay at home"
  22. Our last MNF game was in 2018 v NO.
  23. thought our rivalry back then was SF. There was some good SF games in that era, IIRC
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