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  1. Are we adding Drew to the Tepper-Wants-A-Veteran-QB discussion?
  2. if it makes anyone feel better, the Falcon's schedule is being classified as "brutal" https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2022-nfl-schedule-winners-and-losers-vikings-eagles-benefit-while-falcons-raiders-get-tough-slate/
  3. Rome didn't have a plan. A PLAN.
  4. It's printed on the schedule release promotional t-shirts. Certainly doesn't sound like total abandonment.
  5. HA! https://nypost.com/2022/05/13/nfl-schedule-2022-chargers-take-urban-meyer-shot-in-savage-video/
  6. The Panthers video was ranked pretty high on many post-release review lists. Good job to the social team. Usually at the top of this year's list? Chargers:
  7. Welp, there goes the neighborhood. https://deadline.com/2022/05/olivia-culpo-reality-series-discovery-plus-1235021487/ Hopefully it will be filmed during the season, so CMC won't be involved.* *Unless he gets hurt again, in which case...
  8. Or, as was just shared above --- maybe it's being retired as part of the Game experience but is being kept as the Community/Outreach/Charity side. Would be similar, I suppose, to how McDonald's has basically retired Ronald McDonald and the McDonaldland characters to solely represent the Ronald McDonald House charities and not the restaurant, happy meals, generic marketing, and food offerings.
  9. maybe it's not about getting rid of the mantra specifically, but that it's something that's not recognized for what it means outside of the team/fanbase. How often do we hear it have to be explained on broadcasts when it comes up? Nobody has to explain "go pack go" or "j e t s jets jets jets" as a crowd chant. Maybe its that the phrase doesn't sound menacing when heard en masse. Could be that "pounding" is one too many syllables to yell loudly. (counterpoint: "TAMPA" is two syllables, but the letter structure has harder sounds vs the softer ones in "POUNDING") Would be curious to hear a speech and language expert's opinion on this thought. All this is to say that it's possible that it's not trying to sweep Keep Pounding under the rug, but that from a crowd chant viewpoint, they may be looking for something more desirable that merely *sounds* better in the stadium.
  10. Source: https://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/Tom-Brady-joining-Fox-Sports-17165440.php
  11. Final two or three games should be nfc south opponents
  12. Still kinda liked Rodney. IIRC, he wasn't controversial. Got the job done, nobody overly hated his performance on the field. And didnt' we pretty much always win whenever Holly sung the national anthem?
  13. Morning radio show out of Washington DC was talking about it, and they called out Charlotte specifically for some reason. (Technically, they called out The Villages in Florida as well - and then spent some time pondering why Salt Lake City was as high on the list as it was)
  14. Olivia Culpo twirls on pole during 30th birthday with Christian McCaffrey https://nypost.com/2022/05/09/olivia-culpo-celebrates-30th-birthday-with-christian-mccaffrey/
  15. I'd be surprised if the 49ers week one game on the east coast got scheduled for 1p. too many 1p games that first sunday may bump it later. Could be wrong. Probably is wrong.
  16. I just like how excited Ickey is to be in the building, playing for his childhood (teenagehood?) favorite team. Watching his post-draft videos and comments show so much pure joy and happiness. If he lives up to the promise of what he's supposed to bring to the table, I hope he sticks with us for a lonnnnnng time (and keeps that smile a'going.)
  17. The Panthers have gone 6-21 at home over their past 27 games https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article261209532.html
  18. https://www.studyfinds.org/new-orleans-genital-herpes/ U.S. Metropolitan Areas With The Highest Genital Herpes Rates: New Orleans-Metairie, La. (20.4%) Salt Lake City, Utah (19.2%) Cincinnati, Ohio (19.1%) Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, N.C. (19.0%) Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, Fla. (19.0%) San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, Calif. (18.9%) Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, Nev. (18.7%) St. Louis, Mo. (18.3%) Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, Ore. (18.1%) Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas (18.0%)
  19. And lots of folks were upset with the commercialization of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. yet all that $ avoided saddling Georgia/Atlanta/local taxpayers with footing a bill for temporary facilities. Private funding can work.
  20. getting back on the topic of buy-and-hold... without naming the stock, the prices, or the amount you have invested: what is the biggest gainer and biggest loser (percentage-wise) in your portfolio today? For example, if you have stock XXXXXX that you bought 21 shares for $100 back in 1986 and it's now at $200, you only need to reply with "100%"
  21. I get what you're saying, but the 3% figure is misleading as it doesn't take into account underage or those who are otherwise unable to subscribe/use a streaming service. Netflix has ~220m paid subscribers globally. What I'm saying is that once you have a subscriber, the only way to get MORE money from that account that's already on the hook is to raise rates, advertise, or cut costs. Otherwise you're in a constant battle of user churn - folks who sign up for a month, binge everything, then leave for a year. Ain't no money in that setup, and where Netflix could find themselves in trouble. And Facebook has already run into that wall as well, in terms of increasing their userbase. And the same holds true for any of the tech companies that aren't diversified in their offerings or are too reliant on a single type of income stream. Tech isn't going away, which is good. Question is, which horse are you willing to ride on?
  22. There's a push in financial news this past month+ (well, more so than normal) that the best way to balance a market like we're seeing is to ensure you have a relatively strong passive income stream from dividend-paying stocks. AT&T used to be fantastic with a ~5-6% yield (it's now closer to 2% due to recent shenanigans). With some reasonable planning, it wouldn't be too difficult for the average investor to get anywhere from $50-$100/month* in dividend payouts (which could then be used to either reinvest or make new purchases). [*YMMV on the monthly amounts, figures listed here for info-purposes only] There are plenty of sources online that identify strong dividend-paying stocks that you can own for payouts in each month of the year (rather than owning a bunch that payout the same quarter schedule), which would also help with diversification and money flow. Motley Fool, Marketwatch/CNBC, Kiplinger's are three that seem to be reasonably okay in what they write about. Yes, dividends aren't sexy vs buying/selling stocks and cashing on their sale price. But if you're able to make an extra $1200/year (or more, depending on how you get there) without having to pay too much attention to daily trends -- it's something to consider (see earlier disclaimer about whether internet chat boards' free investment advice is valid or not)
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