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  1. Who do we pick up instead? (“Anybody” is not an option. Name some suggestions)
  2. We’ve all seen worse would you rather lose 10 games in a row with the Cardiac Cats?
  3. I’d still rather be a Panthers fan. cause even when we have bad seasons, we are still a better team than those others.
  4. For once, I’m glad this isn’t a Nationally broadcast game
  5. All these TV announcers need to stop saying RPO like every viewer knows what RPO is. (Like how we all know that WTF means Why The Face?)
  6. Who was that Panthers fan on the shot clapping on third down? Why contribute to stadium noise, etc if you don’t have to?
  7. I’m okay with this. Offensive line isn’t consistent enough to guarantee a win, YET.
  8. Today, first time making homemade pizza from scratch. None oF that prepared boboli crust first “00” dough sample out of the 500 degree oven? Not bad. Or quite ready to share with others yet, but not bad.
  9. it worked for the Braves, apparently...
  10. oooh, hadn't see that. Interesting. Houston, Seattle: $13 Dolphins: $10 Packers: $183 Chargers: $4 wonder if it's based on merch sales or something similarly able to determine who is "a fan" and what comprises the fan revenue. The article isn't good in showing the footnote detail
  11. As a non-fan of the Stones, I'll say that practically every song here is ranked way too high on the list. They're just a blues cover band, after all. https://uproxx.com/indie/rolling-stones-best-songs-ranked/ This list is also flawed. The writer themselves say that the #2 song is better than #1, but #1 is their personal favorite. That's just lazy. I'm okay with #3 and #6. Heh: Satisfaction is at #26. Amused at how many "top radio hits" are really buried in the mid 40's-50's section of the list.
  12. This is from August, before the season started (didn't see it posted earlier). https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2021/08/05/the-nfls-most-valuable-teams-2021-average-team-value-soars-to-35-billion-as-league-shrugs-off-pandemic-year/ The breakdown is a bit more interesting Forbes says that the change in value from 2020 to 2021 is up 14%. The "win-to-player-cost-ratio" is 58 (compared to, let's say, the Bucs who's win-to-cost ratio is super high at 215, or the Seahawks at 133.) someone with better insight can share whether a high ratio or a low ratio is good. The Jaguars' ratio is just 15.
  13. Lowes has "officially licensed paint colors". Our color? "Carolina Panthers Blue"
  14. If you're looking to paint your TV-viewing room Panther Blue, you may want to grab your paint sooner than later. Might be why they haven't painted the endzones blue this season. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-10-20/the-color-blue-has-joined-the-growing-list-of-material-shortages
  15. Congrats to Kyle Gamble for making the list for the Panthers he treats every game like it's the most important game of the year and truly believes that the team needs fans to believe the way he believes. https://www.nfl.com/honors/fan-of-the-year/2021/panthers
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