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  1. ViceTV occasionally makes episodes available for free every week/month on their website. No idea is/when this would be one of the choices, but it could happen
  2. The services all care, they're just trying to figure out a way to minimize inappropriate pw sharing while not alienating their paying customers. It's a balancing act. Hulu offers a $2 plan for college students https://www.cnet.com/tech/services-and-software/hulu-unveils-2-plan-for-college-students/ 50% of college students don't pay for their own Netflix account https://www.odt.co.nz/star-news/star-lifestyle/star-entertainment/why-would-we-pay-when-we-can-get-it-free-students-access Sharing of Netflix and other streaming services aren't often discussed as collateral during rel
  3. Just watched the VICE TV episode FANATICS of their Dark Side of Football series. It's a look at various intense rivalries and how over -enthusiastic fans cheer... and fight... for their team I think we can all hope (and be happy) that Panthers fans would never be featured in a show like this. (Panthers-related? Rodney Peete is mentioned in a highlight) https://www.vicetv.com/en_us/video/fanatics/6078b80f0eec0e11a81846c2
  4. Netflix (and other streaming services) are going to start cracking down on password sharing: Password sharing is believed to be done by more than 1/2 of Netflix subscribers (thus cutting into Netflix revenue just a smidge) One method Netflix is using is to prompt a streamer to enter a 2FA code at random times if they believe that the account is being used outside of the primary location. Sharers may not be happy having to field calls from whomever/whenever so they can Netflix & Chill on someone else's schedule or timezone https://www.insidewalessport.co.uk/netflix-revea
  5. Future planning: set up a special hotel fund for that eventual away game in Vegas. Early reports are that hotel rates are SUPER ridiculous for every home Raiders game weekend this season. Wouldn't be surprised if that stays the norm for future years - so book early if you can. Some example rates for opening weekend? Excalibur: $300/night + tax Luxor: $350/night + tax Mandalay (two queen beds, standard room): $745/night + tax (a week later, that same Mandalay room will be just $200/night)
  6. no matter what away game I'm at, I find the biggest nearby opposing fan and buy them a beer. Guaranteed friend for the game
  7. Not really "unlimited" in the pure sense of the term. From YouTube: As long as you maintain your membership status, live TV recordings will be saved for 9 months. Other programs will vary based on agreements with our content partners.
  8. It's more about providing a way for CNN to continue to make money as cable subscriptions (and the associated cash inflow) are cut. While the primary CNN news should still be available "for free" on OTT boxes and supported by advertising, CNN+ is looking to provide some sort of in-depth storytelling that they don't have the time/ability to cover on their main news feed. CNN's Headline News with Lynn Russell and the other anchors was fantastic. All the news you needed to hear in 30m chunks. Worked great until local cable companies decided to splice in local news breaks in the final 5 mins w
  9. Forgot to add: LOKI on Disney+. A look at a different area of the Avengers universe. Its a fun action series that supposedly helps to setup the next phase of the Marvel Universe (kinda like what Wandavision did too). SCHMIGADOON on AppleTV+. If you like Broadway musicals (and who doesn't?), imagine what it could be like if you were literally trapped in one. Think Groundhog Day mixed with some Rogers & Hammerstein production numbers.
  10. Wellington Paranormal - CW. Three seasons of goofiness have been filmed by the makers behind WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. Season 1 just started airing a week or so ago, catch up on previously aired episodes on the CW website. Taking place in the WWDitS universe, this show follows a New Zealand police department's various investigations into weird happenings around town. Think X-FILES meets AIRPLANE! and The Office. Speaking of.... What We Do in the Shadows season 3 starts up in September. Season 37 of THE CHALLENGE begins early August on MTV. It's Survivor, but if it w
  11. Who's this? (Wrong answers only?)
  12. KEM or COPAG playing cards are generally seen as the "best" plastic playing cards. I've also had good experience with the 12-pack of Bicycle cards available at the local Sam's Club or Costco (I prefer the Big Pips because they're a bit more fun and easier to see across the table when the dealer is laying out the community cards, but that's a personal preference. Bonus for using a 12-pack? Once the decks start getting dinged up you have spare decks to swap in as needed. If you're doing tournament - which some folks prefer since it puts everyone on an even $ playing field - then you'll pr
  13. No issue inserting/replacing national or regional ads with localized ads. Cable networks and streamers do it all the time. National broadcasts usually reserve the ad spot at the :50 for local ad sales, which generally are used by the local affiliate to pimp their late night news or other specialty programming in addition to any premium local advertisers that are around. Broadcast commercials are pretty much hard-coded to :30 or :60 spots, so it's relatively easy to do a 1:1 replacement. Streaming gets a bit more difficult, as you may end up in a situation where a 1:1 replacement isn
  14. *SOMEBODY* is paying for it. And if that somebody is distributing their feed without the express permission of the NFL and its broadcast partners, where any other use of this telecast or any pictures, descriptions, or accounts of the game without the NFL's consent.... then the FBI should come knocking on their door. They won't, but that disclaimer gives the FBI and the NFL the opportunity to do so. They won't necessarily go after the recipients of the feeds, but they *could*. Think back to the Napster/Limewire days of illegal file sharing. Once Apple and other technology leaders (al
  15. Continuing the previous threads about the future of Sunday Ticket -- a new entrant has entered the bidding war. Apple is putting a proposal together that would bring Sunday Ticket to AppleTV+. (You wouldn't need the actual AppleTV streaming box, but would still need to subscribe to the + service) Apple isn't the only streaming service or network kicking the tires on Sunday Ticket. As we've said in those previous threads, the NFL wants their money, but they also want to go with a service that can provide the largest audience as well. Is Apple the right choice here? I'd suggest
  16. Taking a step back from the money piece -- any commentary on whether a 3 year old should have a "favorite sandwich", and that it's from Starbucks?
  17. Amazon Prime is offering 2 months of "select channels" for 99 cents during Prime Days. Among the opportunities: Starz Showtime Paramount+ Discovery+ AMC+ EPIX and more As seen on the "TV Recommendations" thread, lots of good stuff to binge on any of these + network offerings.
  18. What about the alternative "Chugga-Lugga Choo Choo Choo"?
  19. Agreed. that's in the OP: FIRST: this goes without saying --- "good for them, and we wish them well. Obviously what they have works for them".
  20. If you need one ---> "The Roku Ultra 4K HDR streaming device is $30 off at Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon today, which drops the price to $69. This is currently Roku’s high-end model, and it apparently has 50 percent more range than the previous model, with a faster quad-core processor that makes channels launch faster" I suspect that there will be similar/more streaming device deals as we head into Amazon Prime Days
  21. As seen in https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/10/business/starbucks-shortages.html This 33-year-old is treating his 3yo with a $5 Starbucks sandwich to go with his own $5 coffee habit. No word on whether she's also getting a coffee order, or how often they make this trip. If it's once a week as a Sunday morning treat, that's one thing. If it's every day, then we have a problem. Most retirement stories talk about how you should stop (minimize) ordering out the fancy coffees. What isn't talked about are stories like this one that bring up how young parents are also using their expend
  22. I'm curious about how it took 9 years before the twins arrived. Maybe she had said she didn't want kids until she was 30? He has a 20-year old son, so maybe they were waiting until he was 18 to take that step. He's going to be the 75 year-old at the twins' graduation, fielding questions about how proud a grandfather he must be, with his 20 year old son having to continually say that he's not their father. In their favor, they must have enough in common over the past 11 years to maintain the relationship to the point where children are a thing.
  23. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/im-59-my-wife-is-33-we-have-2-year-old-twins-i-pay-for-my-mother-in-laws-rent-the-time-has-come-for-me-to-cut-the-cord-11623314458 While the entire Q&A may be interesting to those who are enjoy reading money/retirement-related "Dear Abby" type columns, let's focus on the opening paragraph: The author says that he's 59, his wife is 33, and they've been together 11 years. No word on whether they've been married that long or anything regarding how they met. I don't know if that's even relevant. They've been together since he was 48 and
  24. SmartTV makes things "easy", but is starting to become problematic for consumers. Vizio announced with their most recent quarterly filing that they made almost as much money that quarter by inserting/selling advertising and viewer tracking info on their SmartTV platform than they did selling hardware. https://investors.vizio.com/news/news-details/2021/VIZIO-HOLDING-CORP.-Reports-Q1-2021-Financial-Results/default.aspx (approx $38m vs $48m) Roku, which started as a set-top box (OTT, or Over The Top), has gotten into producing their own exclusive content in addition to trying to be the best
  25. Here is an outdated calculator that will provide that answer to you - all services = $121 monthly. https://www.theverge.com/a/online-tv-stream-price-guide From Bloomberg a few months ago: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-26/disney-netflix-hikes-bring-cost-of-cord-cutter-package-to-92 Per the article: Nearly a third of households subscribe to four or more streaming services, and that leaves out the majority of news and sports content
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