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  1. Too bad you'll miss the Munich game which is after Oktoberfest
  2. They had Panthers london merchandise. Keep in mind European sizes run small. You may need to up your game from L to XXL
  3. Fox’s former No. 1 NFL analyst won a Sports Emmy Tuesday night for Outstanding Personality – Event Analyst category. "When he stepped on stage to receive the award, the former tight end addressed the elephant in the room by naming Brady, but also making a joke about the ESPN+ Toy Story telecast that also won an award on Tuesday night replacing everyone in the category,
  4. the largest indoor pickleball facility in the world is in Macon GA. (Your joke is still valid about the championship) https://www.gpb.org/news/2023/12/21/worlds-largest-indoor-pickleball-facility-opens-in-macon
  5. Retrofitting the JAX stadium, with a covered seating area. They'll play in the stadium during most of the construction (with one season limiting capacity to the mid 40k's), and playing one season in Orlando before returning to JAX. Locals are wondering why they're putting this much money into the stadium if the team plays 2 games a year in London.
  6. For a concert, it's supposed to be incredible. On non-concert days, you can see an IMAX movie designed for the Sphere. People I know who've seen the film say it's kinda awesome... but not worth seeing more than once. Go for the experience more than the film itself. Both situations, it'll be a pricey ticket. =_=_=__ I do recommend getting the best $12 burger on the Strip: the No Pants burger in the Absinthe courtyard at Caesars. (ticket to absinthe not needed to grab the burger).
  7. (for comparison: last year Vegas had us at +6000 to win the SB, in mid April'23)
  8. I don't think anything shifted with the schedule release. Mid April, Vegas was offering the same odds. They're also doing +2000 for Canales to win Coach of the Year
  9. August 8th to even week 1 would have been a long time for "plenty else to do and see" to kill time Notes: * the Mirage is closing in July for a three year refurb/construction * wouldn't be surprised if the Copperfield show at MGM closes soon/quickly, based on recent news publications
  10. Liked this as a schedule release video vs the painting thing
  11. KC's wasn't bad, but unsure if it warranted a repeat of last year's. MIA: short, to the point. No fluff. NO: Honest. "Every year we assign the interns the job of the release video". Bonus points for the pretending to not know who Drew Brees was Tennessee's? Still funny - even if they had to edit in other comments to make it work
  12. Bears: funny takes on other teams, including us
  13. See all the Schedule Release Videos here. Have heard Tennesse did a sequel. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/2024-nfl-schedule-release-videos-001630412.html?guccounter=1
  14. It was amusing, but won't win any awards this year. You'd think they'd auction off those signed paintings for charity
  15. Why do we need to watch the NFL Network show? Here's the schedule https://twitter.com/Panthers/status/1790894974994633012
  16. if you live in the local team market, it IS on broadcast TV. These plans really only affect the out-of-market viewers, primarily
  17. would love it if Vegas were Week 5 (Oct 7). Just throwing it out there with fingers crossed
  18. Did a pickup at Mcd counter the other day instead of the drive thru. The staff seemed annoyed about having to deal with people inside the store. Still got a free refill
  19. CONFIRMED: Netflix will carry both Christmas Day games this year and in 2026. Teams announced later today. Good news is you only need to subscribe for one month to watch the two games (if you're out of market*) AND can catch up on all the rest of whatever Netflix is selling that month (*In keeping with the NFL’s long-standing holiday tradition, the Netflix Christmas Day games will air on broadcast TV in the competing team cities.) https://www.netflix.com/tudum/articles/nfl-games-on-netflix
  20. Supposedly, McDonald's and other fast food chains have decided to remove the self-serve beverage machines from the front of house (*leaving it to the individual operator to decide). They'd rather focus on the drive-thru vs having customers come inside, plus maintaining/cleaning a customer-facing soda machine is extra burdensome for the staff. Not specifically mentioned? Those ne'er-do-wells who bring their own cups or otherwise fill a free "water" cup with "expensive" soda and ruined the self-serve convenience for everyone else. https://nypost.com/2024/05/14/lifestyle/mcdonalds-is-getting-rid-of-free-refills-and-more-fast-food-chains-may-follow/
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