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  1. I saw him a little bit but it didn't change my opinion much. He is a smart QB that can run with very limited throwing ability. I don't think he can make NFL throws. He will probably make a great coach if he decided to do that because he is very intelligent and makes good decisions but he is not better than any QB on the Panthers current roster including Grier.
  2. If you think Teddy has a weak arm and checks down too much you will not like Ramsey. Hes a good college player but nothing more than a backup project in the NFL. This is from somebody who watched every one of his games at Indiana. There is a reason they let him go to Northwestern as his throwing ability is limited.
  3. His cap hit this year is only $15 million. We can afford it. Next year it goes way up but we have more dead money coming off the books in 2022.
  4. Great news. This pretty much guarantees one of the top 4 qbs will be available at 8.
  5. Stafford for Goff would be ideal for us as it would likely take Detroit out of selecting a 1st round QB.
  6. I'd rather have Newman after a trade down.
  7. This week is going to be big for him since he opted out of the season.
  8. Lance is Russell Wilson with size. Fitt should love him. He is my favorite QB after Lawrence.
  9. If Ron plays Heineke the full game we probably lose. Haskins was awful.
  10. What are your thoughts on trading for him? He is only 23 and has had some bad head coaches around him and still put up some decent numbers. He probably could be had without giving up the #8 pick. I'm curious how he would be ranked among the crop of QBs in the draft.
  11. Sure you do if there is a 25 year old franchise qb on the table.
  12. Seattle is in the upper half of the league as far as comp picks historically so Fitt comes from an organization that takes these in consideration. Panthers are in the bottom half of comp picks received. Sea: 30 comp picks total Panthers: 16 comp picks total https://overthecap.com/compensatory-pick-history/
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