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  1. I think it can be negotiated. It doesn't have to be 2 firsts. The signing team has too give some compensation though.
  2. The rest of the staff. I believe Nathan Carroll is Pete Carrolls son.
  3. Roman Wilson. Intriguing WR for pick 33.
  4. More coaching experience than Mccown ever had.
  5. Still missing a QB and TE coach. Let's give this guy a call.
  6. What a clown take. I would say he is showing integrity by owning up to his past mistakes.
  7. Dave C seems like a better looking, more optimistic version of Mike McDaniel. Let's hope he has offensive genius as well.
  8. Canales emphasized turnovers in the press conference. If Evero is here I would think that's a big item they work on this year.
  9. Current look at Washington HC search.
  10. Evero would probably be the best choice. Has he interviewed in Washington?
  11. The OC is 4 years younger than the backup QB. Does continuity on the defensive side mean Evero is staying?
  12. Are you talking about this guy? He has a connection to Canales.
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