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  1. Speaking of coaching staffs look at who was on the Washington staff when they hired Jay Gruden.
  2. Can he bring Jonathan Taylor with him. Lol. This guy was a terrible OC at Maryland and now he's gonna fix Rhules putrid offense.
  3. It matters in the NBA. In the NFL not so much with the shelf life of players being much shorter. Burrow was an older guy as well.
  4. Micah McFadden All American LB from Indiana Very good MLB.
  5. Don't be shocked if it's Kyle Hamilton they take at 6. Burris is a FA and that would allow them to move Chinn to the role he excelled at his rookie year.
  6. There needs to be some mandate that Rhule does not touch the 2023 draft picks. I am afraid he is going to use them to try and save his job.
  7. If Flores goes to Houston does that mean Watson stays?
  8. Is Mike Shula available? These candidates are awful , certainly not rockstars.
  9. A center at 6 is a reach. I don't care how good he is. Only take him if you can trade back and get additional picks.
  10. Root for the NY teams. Either of those 2 win and we move up in the draft.
  11. That's depressing. He needs to hire someone with NFL experience. Not his college buddies. Problem is nobody with good NFL experience will want to come to this poo show
  12. They would probably be better just letting Sam play it out and grab the #1 pick in 2023. Instead they will trade away picks for Baker Mayfield. Rinse and repeat.
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