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  1. He was on the roster but we cut him before camp.
  2. Lol. Watch Slye become an all world kicker on the Texans now.
  3. Same here. I liked it when they had narration before and they need more behind the scenes stuff with Fitterer and Morgan.
  4. Michael Penix. With him being left handed it also solves the LT issue as Moton would be protecting the back side at RT.
  5. Pretty good slot receiver at Indiana. He got the name Whop because he loved eating whoppers as a kid and the nickname stuck.
  6. Got the #1 pick and took CMC. He better stay healthy.
  7. They probably plan on stashing Fletcher on the PS and he can take over next year if JJ retires.
  8. Looks like Ammendola, who we cut before training camp is going to win the Jets kicking job. He nails a 54 yarder here.
  9. I found an app that streams the games over YouTube and then you can cast to your TV.. It has worked the last 2 years.
  10. You left out Michael Penix. If he stays healthy he's better than everyone on this list.
  11. Not with Hurney/Rivera making the decision. It was Gettleman that drafted Butker.
  12. I wonder if that is why we see Evan Cooper with Rhule all the time. He's one of the only other coaches in the room with Rhule on Panthers confidential. Is he being groomed to replace Snow at DC when he retires in a couple years?
  13. I miss John Kasay. He was damn near automatic. Maybe he should he get some pointers from him.
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