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  1. I wonder if that is why we see Evan Cooper with Rhule all the time. He's one of the only other coaches in the room with Rhule on Panthers confidential. Is he being groomed to replace Snow at DC when he retires in a couple years?
  2. I miss John Kasay. He was damn near automatic. Maybe he should he get some pointers from him.
  3. Curious, what was it that caused Sherman to drop to the 5th? Was it his speed?
  4. If we hired Cunningham as assistant GM and he eventually gets hired away to become a GM somewhere else we'd get 2 3rd round picks. That being said we should hire Morgan if he's the best choice.
  5. I saw a tweet that said he had blood clot issues in the past. He may have been off our board because of that
  6. Looks like QB Peyton Ramsey signed with the Panthers.
  7. They could have taken Marshall at 39 and it wouldn't have been a reach. By trading back they added picks and still got the player they wanted.
  8. 4th pick next year is the steal of that trade. Houston will be bad so it will be a very high pick.
  9. A breath of fresh air compared to Hurney and his tendency to trade up to get his guys.
  10. Jamar Johnson at Safety and the defense is looking good.
  11. If it makes anyone feel better the same GM who traded up to get Fields traded up to get Trubisky while Watson and Mahomes were on the board. Not exactly great QB evaluators there.
  12. With the low amount of draftable players. I wonder if we'll see teams trade later picks this year for picks next year. Fitterer mentioned the Panthers have 155 on their board.
  13. I believe there was a Tom Brady pass that was completed exactly that way that facilitated the rule change.
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