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  1. Us fans just don’t give a F anymore. I bet many of us are not going to put up a fuss if he relocates the team. Im tired (like many of us) of this mediocre team year in and year out. 2015 seems like many decades ago.
  2. Let them relocate so we can start all over with a new owner.
  3. I’m more looking forward to seeing Tepper take a step back from the lime light and let the football people do football than the season
  4. Yes, because I’m tired of hearing how Chicago is going to be the best franchise in the history of the NFL after using out #1 pick to draft Caleb.
  5. I put in 25$ of my own money to get the free 250$ bonuses and ended up with 344$ so I’m still going……..
  6. Caleb Williams comes off as a prick who you just want to b*tch slap. Don’t get me started on his father. That family has not one ounce of humility and only cares about me, me, me, me, me. You really think vets in the NFL gonna follow a dude like that?
  7. Can we stop with the “what could have been” and look to the future? I mean this group (forum) acts like a guy who dated a hot girl once and keeps reminiscing of the “good times”
  8. Not me. I can’t stand San Francisco as a team and city.
  9. I couldn’t even imagine how that dude feels fumbling that ball on the biggest stage like that. Dude!!!
  10. 49ers have no chance against the swifties. its like when we played the Broncos during Manning retirement season. Was a no win situation for us. NFL wasn’t going to let Manning lose the big game on his last game of his career. NFL is not going to let the swifties lose with all the revenue coming from from Taylor Swift fans.
  11. Yall joke about the Panthers living rent free in Matt Rhule head. But damn. Looks like Steve Wilks lives rent free in a lot of peoples head here
  12. Trade Horn away and his injuries “magically” disappear and he becomes an HOF player
  13. Rome wasn’t built in a day. With that being said I want to see at least 1 step forward and no step backs next season. Then I will start to become optimistic. Hopefully in 2-3 years we can be relevant again.
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