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  1. Never seen a drive with nothing but throws. We got lucky on that 3rd down.
  2. Not trying to bring politics into this, but why are vaccinated people ordered to wear masks if “we will be just fine” ?
  3. I’m tired of the Panthers being the CMC Panthers. They need to stop running him in the ground like they did first game. Way to many runs, even though they said they will not overuse him. I feel we are relying way to much on him and when a team shuts him down, we are not going to know what to do.
  4. We cannot rely on CMC all season. That crap is not gonna work.
  5. Yeah this is gonna be a long season. Struggling against the Jets? Yeah we will be lucky to get to .500
  6. They don’t trust our OL that’s why they are doing quick passes/screens.
  7. I’m about sick of these announcers. Just go ahead and get on your knees and blow them already
  8. Are we listening to Jets announcers or just announcers? My god they are sucking him hard
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