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  1. It’s ownership. Look at the Hurricanes. Two owners with no experience or expertise in the field. Look who did better and see why. It’s all Tepper
  2. And couldn’t even give us a common courtesy of a reach around…
  3. I mean it would be nice if Fritt could take us out to dinner first before he F*CAs us!
  4. Right now I’m rooting for us to win just enough games where our #1 pick we gave to Chicago is not insanely high. Talk about a kick to the nuts
  5. Stands are going to be EMPTY this year. Will give Tepper a reason to move team in the middle of the night somewhere else and start fresh.
  6. We always have the hurricanes. At least they can put a good product on the field. I have checked out from Panther football. These idiots have no clue how to run a franchise. This is from the owner all the way down to the head coach.
  7. Let the Carolina Hurricanes owner buy the Panthers. At least he knows what he’s doing
  8. Search for article online “why the canes are hot and the panthers are not” it’s a good read
  9. I’m just sick and tired of mundane football every fning year. No matter who we bring in, who we hire, it’s the same damn crap every year. I’m just sick of it. Every year it’s… ”it will get better” ”it’s a process” “give it time” ”he is a rookie” blah blah blah. winning teams don’t talk like that. They WIN
  10. Man it’s amazing what good ownership does to a team. Look at the hurricanes. How many playoff appearances now?
  11. Hey we have a good kicker guys? Good right?
  12. We don’t have a first round pick. Only people getting a top 5 will be Chicago with our pick…lol
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