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  1. Tannehill's numbers declined his last two years in Miami. Darnold improved in his second year from his first. His third year he was hurt.
  2. Its not a bad move for what we gave up. Draft picks are overrated. You win in this league by being aggressive. Titans fans were saying the same thing about Ryan Tannehill when they got him, blah blah, he sucks.... It has worked out for them and they are now contenders.
  3. the CBA allows for suspension even if you are not proven guilty. its about your "personal conduct".
  4. "sources" lol. you say that as these sources actually know what happened. the only "sources" are Watson and the women. not bogus journalist that just write what everyone else is saying. that is not a source. they do not know anything more than anyone else does. they are just reporting what they hear.
  5. unfortunately, that is not true in the NFL. Zeek was proven innocent and was still suspended. The NFL CBA allow that to happen.
  6. present day you would have to be an absolute moron to trade for him.
  7. thats why I always choose a young, latino male
  8. i hope its not true. all signs point to a clown show lawyer working in the best interest of himself. so nine women suddenly are coming out? not one had the courage to do anything last year. im sorry but it takes no courage to report someone that whipped his cock out in front of you and you ran away? where is the courage behind that? but it takes courage now to try to hide behind a lawyer anony. to get 100k? thats justice? thats standing up for women everywhere? no it signals to women--dont report it because you can get a payday later.
  9. https://www.scribd.com/document/499216061/Second-lawsuit-filed-against-Houston-Texans-QB-Deshaun-Watson
  10. https://www.scribd.com/document/499162960/Deshaun-Watson-lawsuit
  11. the lawsuit are available to read. i wouldn't go off what any journalist writes.
  12. the allegations all seem B.S., especially, all brought by the same Plaintiff's attorney. What are the odds they all contacted his attorney. Now it is a mission for this attorney to make a killing off this. The attorney is likely recovering 40% of any settlement. The more women the more he has to gain. I see it too much in my line of work. Rape allegations coming out a year later?? Flying someone from Atlanta to Houston to give him a message?
  13. Its likely BS. I do what that plaintiff's attorney does for a living as well. Its all BS to get a pay day.
  14. If we don't trade for Watson. What are your FA wants, taking into consideration where we sit in the draft and can possibly address there?
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