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  1. the nfl hasn't announced much of anything, which is why its "leaked"
  2. if that is all legit then week 9 bye before TNF is a must.
  3. 1. @ Falcons 2. Saints (MFN) 3. 4. Vikings 5. @ Lions 6. 7. 8. Texans 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Packers 17. @ Jaguars 18.
  4. I live and Florida and grew up outside of Jacksonville, trust me. it could be 81 that day.
  5. hoping we finish either home against falcons or buccs
  6. feel free to fill in, but these dates have been confirmed but numerous sources.
  7. 1. @ Falcons 2. Saints (MFN) 3. 4. Vikings 5. 6. 7. 8. Texans 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Packers 17. @ Jaguars 18.
  8. the game is all mental and if you're bright you can work around your limitations/"flaws". Manziel, Baker, and Kyler aren't in the same ballpark as how Bryce sees the game/field. Brees was. Russell is. that is why they thrive. if you're 6"3 and a doof it doesn't matter if you can sling it or not. yes, putting on weight is important to prevent injury, but none of that will make him a better "football player."
  9. what about Bucs v Car...Baker returns..
  10. Talent at their position in no order: 1. Cam 2. Luke 3. TD 4. Gross 5. Peppers
  11. i went to FSU, so im bias. but I loved this kid.
  12. I see no chance this happens. We brought in Dalton because you need a competent back up in the NFL. We pay him next to nothing. He knows how to run an offense. He can help Bryce young on the sidelines when the defense is on the field. Help communicate the plays. Dalton is there more than to be on the field.
  13. love it for a rookie QB. next year we do need to find a #1 WR though.
  14. i doubt they would put it primetime. with all the moving parts - KC gonna be Thursday. Rodgers in NY is a lock to be SNF. 1 of the 2 MNF would be cool though - NFL would be smart to feature young talent. give them the Herbstreet crew on MNF that really knows CFB.
  15. any guesses? Does Houston seems like the obvious choice for Young v Stroud. I remember the NFL doing this for Winston v Marriota. The schedule for us I think is very important this year. Praying for a weak first 4 games to get this offense to click. would love to see it start - hou, tb, atl, tenn/ind
  16. a lot of really good TEs left, but do we carry 4 TEs on the roster?
  17. oh, and anyone who wants Mingo does not watch CFB. Hardest pass of all time.
  18. im not too familiar with 3-4 and who would fit better to have a guy slide to a better role. but in terms of talent Branch and Sanders are just great players that will find a way on the field and contribute no matter what. I do not think a WR left brings anything to the table we do not already have. OG - few guys out there that can be long term players and I wouldnt be upset if we took, but we also like our Gs. I do no think we should draft just because someone might not be ready to start the year.
  19. 1. can anyone simply define what you are looking for in your front 7 here? 2. if we do not draft anyone, what is our week 1 starting lineup looking like and why a guy might thrive there/or not? (i've really only followed 4-3 defense because we have primarily been 4-3, with exception of 1 season from what I can remember.) 3. bonus questions where would a Campbell or Sanders fit in 3-4 and where would it move someone to benefit us?
  20. i do not think you can miss on either guy.
  21. anyone that has thrown Shade at Tepper at any point is crazy. it was clear after year 1 Rhule was the shits. Tepper is aggressive and that is what you want in an owner. his best trait though is he is not afraid to admit something didnt work any move away from it.
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