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  1. I'm pretty sure those same receivers had a horrible QB too. Who doesn't get the ball out quick enough, makes poor reads, and throws to the other team.
  2. yet we go get some1 worst because he can throw further, but doesn't have the accuracy....so expect alot of ints trying to move the ball downfield. Report Reveals How Carolina Panthers Will 'Take Advantage' of QB Sam Darnold (msn.com)
  3. Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr,...is his ceiling i guess poor man's Matt Stafford
  4. 17 tds 15 ints...out of 414 attempts 2018. 19 tds 13 ints.....out of 441 attempts 2019. 9 tds 11 ints.....out of 364 attempts 2020. ...hmmmm I can honesty say I see double digit ints incoming...as far as TDs...i don't know but i don't even see 20. I bet he hits 10+ ints before 10+ Tds...
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