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  1. I think he's a mixture of Gamble and Norman with elite speed..this year I can see him becoming a top DB, his tackling improved tremendously, and that was my only fault with him, years past, but I saw him on a couple run stops. He really has grown up before our eyes in my opinion.
  2. He is going earn that check this year. Think Norman type of year, Im curious to see his character, Chase the big money or continue something special and give a hometown discount...them type of players win rings...
  3. It's been the same, I never changed my opinion on Darnold but if he didn't throw a pick and we won, hey ain't too much too say, at least I gave him his due...when not if PJ starts and wins, the same people hating on him still will hate, no difference.
  4. It's the Saints, exactly why this is the best response... Payton will show what Darnold is really made of...
  5. To be fair, Wilson did look better than Darnold...I dislike both... Darnold won, Wilson played better. Switch QBs, same outcome different score, that was very evident. Wilson first game in the NFL >Darnold 1st game with the Panthers after 3years in the NFL... The Jets slept on our Defense ... Against Darnold this defense would've had 2 pick 6s....
  6. I liked that 5 wide look, when Darnold ran it in...that was it though...
  7. up 16-0 at half, 2 to 3 possession game... they played not to lose, simple. 16-8, you started to see some urgency, play to win.
  8. So happy we didn't have to play the NFC West this year...
  9. DUMB has many definitions, one being temporarily unable or unwilling to speak.
  10. When the only word he knows, describes him so well...
  11. This was his response And the crazy thing is...those complaints come from the likes of that jet fan and Mr.Scot...who I never once called a name but I've been called damn near everything but it's cool because its the net where trolls can troll...i mean if u think about it, who's the real trolls then It all started with Mr.Scot saying PJ wasn't a NFL QB, I said he was, he said that comment was stupid... So Rhule and Fitterer are stupid...or Mr.Scot, see I made him look dumb, but I didn't say he was, and technically he did that to himself. I at least for today said Darnold did good, but I'm still not convince
  12. He said he was banning me anyway, because he was tired of me personally I asked him if Darnold lose would he ban himself, he never replied....
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