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  1. Z.Wilson do not want... I see the Jets taking Jones...
  2. I wish at least one of the reporters would have asked "How many ghosts you see out on the field? You know maybe it's down from 22 to 13 you know, you just never know, you know?
  3. As much I would like to believe that, I think Tepper's ego didn't want to see his new coach lose to his old coach.
  4. Are any of the Panther's personnel attending? https://www.google.com/amp/s/ninerswire.usatoday.com/2021/04/10/qb-trey-lance-schedules-2nd-pro-day-kyle-shanahan-john-lynch-expected-to-attend/amp/ If so can we assume we are still looking at QBs. I mean Fitter did say it's still a possibility. Say maybe Joe Brady?
  5. Yeah the same effort they put into....wait for...it...beating WFT.
  6. Prime example: Teddy this year, his stats doesn't tell the whole story that we all know to well.
  7. Regardless his numbers, I have a gut feeling he is not the answer long term unfortunately, but I believe he will serve as a great backup as in a D.Anderson. Better than Teddy I assume because he beat out Teddy in Jets camp. Then again that could've been the staff consume with the thought they found their QB so maybe Teddy really never had a chance.
  8. So if Sam gets injured... 2022 Huddle, "Sam was hurt all year give him one more year he started off...."
  9. Say Teddy gets traded to WFT and next year they go deep in the playoffs and Sam sucks. Is the staff at fault then??? Or will there be more excuses... Cam look better than Teddy before he caught Covid-19, I'm just saying. Teddy might do good over there, and Rhule might look like he can't evaluate QBs
  10. Lance is the only option I see being available. Go for it, who's to say we build a wall and Sam still rolls out, it's in his nature what good is the o-line if your QB is still seeing ghosts of Xmas past. Lance behind Sam for a year. FA comes around again pick up some vets on the o-line or through the draft but at least we have our QB for the future. Do we really want to be the team always looking for a starting QB. Regardless the staff, excuses for Sam has to stop. He was/is who he is. Turnover machine.
  11. SMH...Did he really just compared Rodgers to Darnold...??? We have serious mental health issues going on here.
  12. Destroyed either way you look at it (mentally or physically)so I see the same results incoming, Panthers looking for a QB next year, the year after that, and so on until we get our own hand pick QB.
  13. That's the problem, looking for a starting QB. There's plenty of starting QBs in the NFL. And Drew Brees was a FRANCHISE QB. So again I ask when will the Panthers realize the only way to the mountain top is with an elite talent at the QB position? Or do they keep settling for MEDIOCRITY
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