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  1. Can't watch but did he really just admit that Reich wanted Stroud and he didn't? fug...
  2. That isn't entirely true. Cam frequently drove us down the field and got us points and the D then gave up the lead. I said offense excelling too, not winning games - very hard to argue Cam was not the biggest reason for offensive succes in 2011.
  3. Cam frequently lost because our defense let him down in his first couple seasons. It is very hard to argue that is what is happening so far for Bryce.
  4. Bryce can be contributing to our offensive woes while also suffering because of them. He isn't making the most of every play, but he also isn't getting much help. Many of us expect a #1 pick to be the reason an offense excels, not need a lot of help. But it doesn't matter anymore where he was drafted... What matters is he needs help on O and he's getting very little.
  5. It really isn't just that Stroud looks so good... Bryce was supposed to elevate this team and instead he needs to be carried by them. Which obviously isn't possible.
  6. Hahaahahaha man you just captured me trying to read wtf is going on in this thread perfectly
  7. honestly, he hasn't shown enough to get much in trades. Incentive laden contract is the best bet.
  8. Really feel for him, but he can't stay healthy. For his career he really needs to make the most of the rest of this season ... Could mean a lot about reversing perceptions.
  9. Sure, but screens limit what a guy like Bryce can do. Yes, Bryce deserves the credit - but we actually had calls that allowed him to work a bit off script. We just don't have playmakers.
  10. Don't forget completely whiffing on tackles in the backfield counting for half of a TFL!!
  11. You and I had numerous posts earlier in the season that this part of his game wasn't seeming to translate from college basically for whatever reason... It's nice to see several plays today where he looks to be finding the playmaking ability he has at Alabama... Hopefully more and more every week
  12. Bryce is playing like the player we drafted from ALA - the play extensions have been remarkable and his off platform "elasticity" was actually on display today, really exciting. Give this guy a bit better OL play and a decent receiver and IMHO he's gonna be very good (is that not positive enough? haha). Bryce is playing better every week, I'm actually excited for his development.
  13. I mean he's our most consistent corner. ...that isn't saying much tbqh but hey, at least he's on the field!
  14. Bryce looking really, really good. Incredibly clear how much better this offense would be with a little more competency at WR. Hard to judge playcalling given this is the Texans D, but still. Looking better than the past weeks so far.
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