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  1. Less concerned with the numbers than his overall decision making and ability to make something happen with the game on the line. IMO, I'm treating this like his sophomore season in terms of expectations... I want to see someone that shows flashes of greatness, limits repeated mistakes, and improves over the course of a season. Having him play like an all pro, as some seem to want, would be great, but I don't think it is likely given how much work Darnold is going to need.
  2. I think if one of the non-Jones QBs is available, they probably will take him. But that would also be an attractive trade target for sure. But other than a QB, I'm not sure there will be a big market to trade down. Maybe if Pitts is still on the board, and some team is sold on him... I don't see anyone trading up for one of the defensive players, and there's good value there for us so it isn't like we NEED to trade down.
  3. I don't think Darnold will ultimately end up an All Pro, but it is worth noting that people touting how Tannehill showed more before Tennessee are right... but he showed more before Gase showed up, and he looked arguably as bad as Darnold did while Gase was there... Tannehill went from ~2% ints thrown before Gase, a fine number, to 3+%, which is bad decision making indeed. He went from multiple 4k yard, 20+ TD seasons with low int% to being a total disaster of decision making. But as a rookie, he showed as much or maybe less than Darnold did as a rookie. Hell, even his second year was pretty
  4. Teddy is not nearly as bad as many Panthers fans think... but he's not a franchise QB. Seems like a good to great backup and possibly a very good mentor for a young QB if talk of his demeanor / attitude are true. Wherever he ends up I wish him well... and hope he learns when to be aggressive...
  5. Right, but I wouldn't be surprised if we draft someone in a later round if it's somebody they like.
  6. Teddy still had his best season of his career with us. But he is physically limited... we will see what happens with Darnold.
  7. I wouldn't assume the Panthers avoid drafting a QB. Darnold wasn't handed the keys to the franchise. He's going to be given a chance to compete.
  8. I remember people talking about how Darnold had turned the corner and was posted for a great year 2. And even though he wasn't great he wasn't as bad as he was year 3, or even close...
  9. Darnold's decision making has been bad. His footwork seems not great either and perhaps that's why his decision making ends up looking so poor... But he has a very good arm. Seems to be someone that works hard. Maybe he hasn't had the right coaches. Guess we will see...
  10. Why not? He wasn't bad (especially for the Saints) and seems like a pretty good person.
  11. Honestly overall I like the trade. I do think a non conditional 2nd seems high... but ah well.
  12. A 2nd round pick next year is still a 2nd round pick...
  13. Don't like the 2nd next year in there too.. Seems way too steep.
  14. sure, there is some of that, but it is more than that. there are historical trends and at this point it just feels predictable what adjectives are being used for what prospects. blech.
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