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  1. I'm one of the first to tell you Darnold looks much improved from his days we ith the Jets, and I'll defend him against people saying he looks bad of mediocre etc... But it'll take more than what we've seen for me to get me even close to as excited about his play as I was our last franchise QB. No knock on Darnold there... Just want to see more first. It's only been 2 (promising) games.
  2. You can't say "he's going to look better because he's got a better team, but will commit as many turnovers as before, despite the fact he hasn't so far, but also he's made a couple of mistakes so he's going to definitely make as many mistakes as he used to despite not doing so so far!". It doesn't make sense. His first and 3rd season he had 5 and 4 fumbles, over 13/12 games, btw. Averages are pretty dumb when you've got observations that deviate substantially from others.
  3. So in his 2nd game as a Panther while working to learn a new offense and create chemistry with teammates he looks like a dude that once he became a veteran, consistently won plenty of games for his teams... Why is this a bad thing? Dude is 24. Alex Smith didn't even become the guy we refer to until like 7 years into the league. If Darnold already looks like a 7 year vet that is actually a good thing.
  4. the "CmC check down" stuff... Man, plenty of those throws are not check downs... They're designed plays to get CMC into mismatches... How can you simultaneously say "his turnover rate hasn't gone down" while saying "2 games worth of passes isn't enough to show his turnover rate has TRULY gone down"? It doesn't make sense. Either his play in these two games shows something, or it doesn't, it can't be that you get to ignore his int% while pointing to his one int as evidence he's "the same." If Darnold gets to a total of 27 turnovers it'll be significantly more turnovers than he's had in the last 2 years by quite a bit, despite a start with fewer turnovers, and with a better cast... Very unlikely.
  5. Anyone that thinks from his first two games he looks exactly like he did on average on the Jets is either not watching him on the Panthers, or didn't watch him on the Jets. Yes, the supporting cast is immeasurably better. But he is making smarter, faster decisions than most of the plays I saw while he was at NY.
  6. Darnold is a tier below Cam for certain in athletic ability and arm strength, but he's also tiers above Delhomme... As to the stupid decisions, through 2 games, Darnold has an *extremely* low percentage of INTs thrown per pass. I don't think we can assume he'll play as poorly as he did with the Jets there.
  7. I don't think we have a QB in our history that is a good comparison to Darnold, assuming he continues to improve... Frankly, his natural gifts put him closer to Cam than Delhomme in terms of raw ability, but he's obviously nothing close to Cam either. It is just that Delhomme wasn't Delhomme because of arm talent or athleticism. Darnold has a rare combination there, although not once in a generation or anything of that sort like Cam was. I think Darnold's leadership ability is heavily underrated by us fans, based on how many times he's been made a captain already in his short career, so we'll see if we get more hints of that as time goes on. That's some of the missing piece of what kind of player he will be for us.
  8. I think some of our fans just want to see fault where none lies... It is really hard to argue Darnold isn't spreading the ball around when it warrants it. Teams are having to choose where they want the mismatch to be. Going to CMC in a mismatch is a big boon for us. Yet DJ has more yards receiving than CMC, and our WRs have a total of 341 yards in 2 games. Given we've also had two TEs active in the passing game, this offense IS more than CMC through the air. Darnold is finding the right target consistently, IMO.
  9. This is such a stupid take this early. There is no point in reading into measures like that based on so little data. Are the Panthers really playing bad teams or are they making teams look bad (probably one of each)?
  10. It takes time to learn to pass block. It wasn't always a strength of CMCs, either. Given the state of the OL we need to be a bit patient there. I think these guys can get it together with reps. They will never be CMC, but they don't need to be.
  11. I wouldn't say we struggled to beat the Jets... It was closer than we as fans want, but I don't think that final score reflects the game. We should win Thursday but I wouldn't be surprised if it's much closer than we want. Although I'd love to finally stop making rookie/backup QBs look like All-stars...
  12. Thought I'd share some love our players are getting from USA Today, https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/lists/derek-carr-sam-darnold-rashawn-slater-underrated-players-nfl/amp/ ... First up... Darnold is one of their secret week 2 superstars. "Darnold has officially become yet another player allowed to excel once freed from the clutches of Adam Gase. In his first two games as the Panthers’ starting quarterback under Matt Rhule, Darnold has been a revelation." Next is Morgan Fox... "Phil Snow is in his second season as the Panthers’ defensive coordinator, and Snow — a longtime college defensive coordinator who Panthers head coach Matt Rhule took from Temple to Baylor to Charlotte — throws as much weird stuff at opposing offenses as any coach in the NFL. This was the defense Aaron Rodgers called “strange” last season, and Snow now has more players who fit with his schemes. One of those players is defensive lineman Morgan Fox, an undrafted free agent out of Colorado State-Pueblo who spent his first four seasons with the Rams, and signed a two-year, $8.1 million contract with the Panthers in March. If Fox plays as he did against the Saints on Sunday, this could prove to be an almighty bargain." Check the link for some videos and additional thoughts from Doug Farrar. Nice read overall, love the attention our players are getting!
  13. It's why he isn't here. If he'd manage to lead a few game winning drives... He had so many opportunities. Of course he then threw the coaches under the bus, which was also weird.
  14. We do know that mid game he can bounce back from a bad series, and get points on the board to keep us up by 2 scores at least. But I think you'll be right, we will need to see those two items to have a better idea what we have.
  15. What a weird thread. I guess this makes more sense to people that live in Charlotte? Ah well.
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