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  1. could you imagine the chaos here if we traded the #1 pick for him? Lol
  2. Nice, good for him! always liked him. fwiw, this is why I love this board. aggregating interesting Panthers-related content from all sorts of sources. Appreciate it @GRWatcher!
  3. Unless HOU is enamored with Levis, we could have had him at #3 most likely. So, if they are, claiming we're very interested could create impetus for them to try to swap picks with us. But I kinda doubt it. They'd have to believe we might be moving down to #3 instead.
  4. That's a good question, Mr. Snow. How are you responsible for the Panthers draft!
  5. I highly doubt we trade down, but in a world where Houston is enamored with Levis and it's obvious, you never know. I don't think we are in that world but there's plenty of time left.
  6. I think you have to be very comfortable with at least one of the QBs and probably two to make the trade they did. I think they probably have an idea, but aren't yet 100% sold on who they will take.
  7. There is a small possibility we trade down, though I doubt it happens. I don't think they know for sure yet who they are drafting though.
  8. Darnold is at best a #2. Signing him tells me they're long term banking on Purdy getting healthy as their answer. Otherwise maybe they try to go for a better backup. Lance may not even be a #2, at least right now. He has looked the worst of the starting QBs on the niners. The 49ers are good enough a #2 can look very good.
  9. I was under the impression Purdy won't see the field for quite a bit of 2024. Hence why I said until Purdy was healthy. No way Darnold starts over him. Lance... Seems not very good. He could definitely turn it around. But I'm skeptical. I think the 49ers are, too.
  10. Darnold makes sense for them, I could see him being a decent starter until Purdy is healthy. I don't think he'll get them a Superb Owl, but still.
  11. Really hope it's CJ if it's down to Stroud vs Levis...
  12. This is... Surprisingly little compensation. Only giving up a first rounder next year is a massive win. I love DJ and his departure leaves a big hole, but if we were gonna move up this is about as good a deal as we could expect....
  13. I think in this context people are talking about elite like "can't miss" / "generational" Luck/Manning kind of prospect, since there are also elite prospects in this draft
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