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  1. Did we hear Corral will get more game time / a game plan?
  2. I get bringing him back at the time... But it does feel like he's not gonna make it to the regular season roster. I'm hoping speculation yesterday was to help him land some place else is true.
  3. Two seniors and what might as well be the coach's son..
  4. I would have loved for him to look amazing but I'm not surprised or discouraged that he didn't. I'm as hungry for a long term, cheap answer at QB as anyone else, but Corral always was gonna need time. Anyway, my main concern with him is our coaches, not him.
  5. Yes, for sure. And coaching. Who knows if we have that. In the mean time, other players need a QB that can execute the offense, too... Which PJ appears to be able to do. I'd rather we ditch Darnold or PJ sooner than later, so that clears out some of the "rep" logjam. Corral will be on the roster regardless of preseason. PJ is unlikely to be unless they determine he's better than Darnold (possible)
  6. Yeah. I hope for the best for Corral as with all Panthers, but I worry about if we can actually develop him. I'm not ready to throw him out yet though.
  7. Corral not looking great was predictable with practice / the reps he's been given. Doesn't mean much for him long term. Still plenty of time for him to develop.
  8. Its fine, we knew he'd take work. Again, some are going to overreact to this. He's a third rounder for a reason. Ignore the first round bullshit. He could still very well be the franchise guy, but he has a ways to go. That's OK. Hopefully he keeps getting more and more playtime, but PJ appears to be ahead of him, albeit from limited play time. Fwiw, I think PJ is more like Baker in how he allows the offense to open up since he isn't afraid to make all the throws, even tho he shouldn't always make the throws he does, lol. Sam is just gunshy now. The offense looked better with Baker and PJ.
  9. fug man. Kirkwood goes up and makes a nice catch and then gets DESTROYED like that.
  10. Corral's roster spot is completely safe. If by some chance PJ is more equipped to run an NFL offense right now - which IMO is perfectly reasonable to think could be true - its helpful to have him playing with guys that are trying to make the roster. Ideally Corral will get more reps with higher string players later on, once those slots are better worked out. I wouldn't be surprised if he was given the coaches we have, yes. Players development is influenced by the coaches and other players around them. Very possible Willis is in a better situation and further along.
  11. Suspect the 4th quarter is for Corral. If he doesn't get the quarter, it probably indicates he is very far behind.
  12. I think its very likely Rhule is garbage at talent evaluation, but PJ is a veteran and Corral is not. Corral has a huge learning curve. This is as much about the players around PJ as anything else IMO. I think that's okay for the first preseason game (3 quarters in). I mean, we are JUST now seeing Howell too. Rhule may suck at evaluating, but I don't think its a big deal PJ is playing right now. I also don't think this is at all about Darnold's feelings right now - its about the fact Rhule is used to college, and doesn't belong as an NFL head coach. RE: the OL, yes, there's very weird choices going on there.
  13. Based on reporting and how Rhule has behaved. Rhule is dense, but if Corral was the best QB on the team, we'd be seeing him. It would be absolutely normal for a 3rd round project to be behind a veteran at this point in the season - give it time. Again, this isn't about the QB. The reality is, Corral gets a spot over PJ nearly regardless of how either plays from here on out. But it is realistic to think PJ can run the offense better than Corral. That isn't crazy. And this game is for players whose position isn't settled yet. Corral's, honestly, is. He's safe this year.
  14. Again. It isn't about PJ, but the players around him, that are also competing for spots.
  15. There's plenty of preseason game left for Corral to play... Its been pretty clear that PJ was ahead of Corral in terms of running the offense, so unsurprising he gets in first. We always knew Corral was a project. PJ may suck, but he's likely ahead of him right this second, and the other players competing for roster slots also deserve a QB that can in theory run the offense better. But there's plenty of time. Its possible Corral will get more playing time than any other QB still this game. I doubt it, but its possible.
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