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  1. Making the rounds on Twitter, not seen any official confirmation, so either really bad accident, or really poor taste in promotion. Title will be updated when confirmed either way.
  2. Props to all of you. We got it filled and all 12 were present for the draft.
  3. Also original league info post had payouts as: 1st - 225 2nd - 50 3rd - 25 Is that ok, or do we want to add more to 2nd, etc?
  4. And just like that we have 12 confirmed, 12 joined, and 12 paid. Draft is tonight 8:30 pm et. 6 points/TD, PPR, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, W/R/T, W/R/T, K (new yahoo scoring 10 yds/point, -1 point for any missed kick), D/ST (standard yahoo)
  5. we have 10 confirmed, 1 that is about to join, and then I have to fill the last spot. I just messaged @countryboi to confirm whether he was still in, if not I have someone for the last spot. Should be full by 2:00 pm, and then I can either let yahoo randomize 1 hour prior, or do a duck race for draft order.
  6. Added them back. What are your thoughts on using the new yahoo Kicker format, which is point per yard, i.e. 19 yard FG is worth 1.9 points. 59 yard field goal is 5.9 points (as opposed to old format which is 3 points for 0 yd to 39 yd, 4 for 40-49, 5 for 50+)
  7. Working my way thru the thread looking for replacements. Messaging them in order of posts and/or messages received. Will replace unpaid/no contact teams as I get payment/confirmation from new teams.
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