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  1. It's gonna be Macdonald. He's one of the good ones.
  2. 2 up^^ It's okay to dislike a team you're a fan of if they're not good and haven't proven to be capable of building anything worth a damn in 20+ years.
  3. That's a concise and fair assessment lol
  4. Yeah Cody is a dude to not forget. He had a nice 21-22 season, +20 min/game avg and was simply out this past year. His brother shined this postseason for MIA but Cody is the better of the two. Given Clifford's preferences, he'll at least be getting ~15 min/per if there's not a legit guard signing/trade. (All assuming Rozier is gone)
  5. Barnes is definitely more perimeter but he has good rim stats and attacked a lot, not just in transition this year. High IQ, stand up dude, brings a lot IMO. I'm more trying to place myself in what are realistic targets rather than best fits that won't come here haha. edit -- also started all 82.
  6. I gotta think Miller starts out at the 2 if that's the case. I don't see him fairing well against NBA level wings on d (at least at the onset) and will need to get eased in. Plus we've got this dingus in Clifford still here. Operating in a 2-role where Bridges can create some spacing at the 3/4. In our small ball lineup, we'll need a balanced shot creator and rim guy at the 2 w/Miller at 3. So, maybe the FA/Trade is like you say... My best idea on, again, a realistic Hornets-level target could be Time Hardaway Jr. He'd be a great vet presence. I think we've gotta eat the end of this Hayward deal and use him for what he's worth (~30-40 games) 1st team Rotation Ideas: During MB's suspension: Lamelo-FA/Miller-Hayward-Washington-Williams Lamelo-FA-Miller-Bridges-Williams Lamelo-Miller-Bridges-Washington-Williams Lamelo-Miller-Hayward-Bridges-Williams
  7. The higher level obvious needs -- New GM, New Coach With new ownership coming in, we're at the end of the road with Mitch & Clifford. We were before. We're going nowhere with these guys and need someone better for this young group.
  8. Alright, so we've got the draft in the books. yay. Added: Brandon Miller - 6'9, 200 - W/G, bucket getter & good enough defender. Thrives off-ball, in-space and should defend against 2s well. NBA level 3s may give him some fits & is not yet refined to be an effective finisher. Nick Smith Jr - 6'5, 185 - Combo Guard - Arguably the most natural shooting form in the draft, awesome handles & functional playmaker. Top-10 prospect that had injuries. James Nnaji - 6'11 250 - BIG - Mitch Rob meets Nic Claxton type upside. Love the swing we took here. If we deal Kai or Richards, he could work his way to some minutes by year 2. Development is key. Amari Bailey - 6'4 190 - Combo Guard - 2-way, super quick, ton of potential, development is key. Needs some mechanical refinement & better shot creation Pending RFA Decisions: *Miles Bridges - This could be really tough to accept if he comes back. Melo's BFF, inevitable choice, but it will be bitter. PJ Washington - I see him back UFA: Dennis Smith Jr. - I see him back on a deal. He played well and resurrected his career Kelly Oubre - I'm gonna say gone Svi Mykhailiuk - I could actually see him back but will go with gone for now. Was our compensation for JMcD and played decent down the stretch. Team: G: Lamelo Ball, Terry Rozier, Dennis Smith Jr., James Bouknight, Nick Smith Jr., Bryce McGowens, Amari Bailey W: *Miles Bridges, Gordon Hayward, Brandon Miller, Cody Martin, F/C: Mark Williams, PJ Washington, Nick Richards, Kai Jones, James Nnaji -- Two-Way: Xavier Sneed Next Steps: We are guard heavy and have no veteran leadership. Lamelo, Mark, & Miller are the 3 that have a career potential 3rd Team All-NBA type ceiling but can't say much for the rest. I think it's abundantly clear we need a veteran leader that can play the 3/4 regardless if Bridges comes back. Absolutely eed more rim presence. I also am pro-trading Bouknight for anything we can get. He's not amounting to anything and we're stocked at guard, especially if Miller rotates 2/3. Ship him before he's even more worthless. A few guys that I think we could realistically target (not necessarily like, more expectation setting): Harrison Barnes, Derrick Jones Jr. ... not much out there (realistic) My two cents: A trade is on the horizon using Terry, Bouknight & Picks but 1000% target a veteran that can help guide this misfit group.
  9. Rhule already feels like a fart in the wind but this reminds me how painful that all was. 2 1/4 years of whatever that was.
  10. Yeah that's where you've got to give some benefit of the doubt. On the flip-side (not directed at you), it seems there's a perception for some that gun possession for 18-19 y/os, male, in a college town, at 130AM, is somehow common or not a baseline issue here...so that's where there's some gap for me. Must be a generational thing. I don't think, as some say, its a high horse type thing or being self-righteous. Seems like common sense to veer away from gun activity when you have a highly public career on the line and millions upon millions of dollars at stake. Especially considering this was coming to the hands of someone who had been drinking and you are apparently sober...but Miller was initially trying to get in the club/bar with them. So his initial intent was to hang out with these guys at the bar? I guess he was just considering sober chilling with them until his next DD call? He simply didn't have to drive back there and seeing that text should have prompted any "normal" person, as some put it, to not come. The risk unto himself as an individual should have made him not go. Anyways, the PD shut the case down quickly to confirm Miller was not an accessory. So that's what we've got. It's still sketchy as hell. A woman, young mother died. You don't have to be at the beck and call of your sh*tty teammate. Especially when you're the blossoming star. Considering the personalities of his new coworkers, like Bouknight & Bridges, it makes me super nervous. If this team wanted to look serious about Miller's development and the build, they would ship Bouknight, not bother re-signing Miles, and get some better dudes around Mark, Miller & Lamelo. That's my wish. This dude is on the team now so it is what it is.
  11. Some rather obvious options: D. Miles: "Bring me my gun" B. Miller: "No" -- D. Miles: "Bring me my gun" B. Miller: <never answers, turns around & goes to bed bc it was early morning>
  12. Our ability to space/open the floor for 3s is entirely reliant on the return of Mile Bridges. That makes my stomach turn. This guy does not excite me in interviews but it seems he's got a dart. Hoping for the best.
  13. Yeah, there's a few fine lines here. Pushback will say he didn't do anything, shouldn't be punished, it was a teammate, he was a "DD" sure. Fine, let's accept he's not culpable under the law, and was just at the behest of his older teammate as a DD...that doesn't mean you should take him with the #2 overall pick. It means he shouldn't go to jail. The text said "Bring me my gun". He made a bad call and has to live with it. The Tuscaloosa PD, Sponsored by the Crimson Tide, deemed he was not an accessory. So at this point, let's take him for his word and the PD for their investigation. K. Bad judgement, shady situation. Where I'm even more nervous is his demeanor and interviews. Personality is everything in an NBA locker room. It's not 53 guys and 15 coaches. We don't have any real vet leaders and a bunch of goofy kids, Bouknight's partying-to-pass-out self and potentially a legit wife beater coming back in Bridges. I already don't trust the brothership Lamelo+Bridges have, Lamelo needs to be shown how to lead. Miller seems introverted, very pushable, and has the personality of a wet paper bag. He just makes me so freaking nervous being thrown into this locker room. He's got a shot. We've got a guy who has off ball skills from deep. Nervous about his defense in the pros when at the 3 & his on-ball driving skills. Rim stats were bad. A lot to be quite hesitant about and fair that so many fans are ticked off.
  14. Deal with BOA could still get done. If not, needs to be a company with enough to support the naming rights contract (which will be bonkers). It will probably be Delhaize America Stadium or some sh*t
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