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  1. I mean it would benefit if you can just provide the backup. No one’s gonna search for it and are curious.
  2. I don’t know though. I don’t think people realize Cade was a consensus high first round OT last year at this point. A fall like can happen for a reason but everything I see are he has to be close to family for undisclosed reasons. He seems legit, Deonte was a known question mark being so heavy and needing to work on his stamina.
  3. I just love how jump for joy Rhule looks on the inside and Scott's face is all business, like f*ck yeah. Those two have become quite a funny couple.
  4. That Matt & Scott high five lol
  5. I mean come on peeps...coming off injury and nothing being done during or right after the draft, the price should be going down on him. Hopefully we stay patient. We can basically swap out final years with Darnold and Jimmy (or if it's Baker), I don't believe there's a market of a team willing to eat that 2022 money, especially when it can easily become rollover cap without a move. Let SF and CLE suffer unless they eat these contracts. Is Jimmy & Corral much different than Darnold & Corral? No, but if we can manage a swap, it's at least novel. This is something the staff would do to roll the dice somehow but it depends on how low 49ers are willing to go. It's something to really just be indifferent about at this point.
  6. @Zod Let's wipe rep and all board data and start from scratch. That just sounds fun. Or maybe change some account names via polls. The good stuff.
  7. I'm not really a Chubba fan. Just don't see it with him and you should pretty quickly with RBs these days. Foreman played well in relief for Henry but wasn't that special. Between the two, we have guys that can effectively fill in if CMC goes down again but I don't see one that's a 2-4 year starter. BUT we have a guy to watch out for, it's the Rhule pipeline in full effect. We landed a Rhule special as a UDFA...recruited by Matt personally, coached him (knows very well) that ended up a transferring to Penn State after Matt left for the NFL. John Lovett. That was a crowded Baylor running group and he found success at Penn State. The Baylor & PA connections are endless with this team. And dare I say, he looks more exciting than anyone on our roster aside CMC...
  8. I mean they did. Made all the KP merch ridiculously cheap, took out the chants and said the fans should start it, took down the KP banners in prominent locations throughout the stadium. And now they're reincorporating it so the "they never did anything" card is now in play.
  9. Thanks for this. Don't know why it took this long to know what was said haha
  10. That being said, I don't see any FAs that are worthy to bring in. But with the recent success of 6th rounders to UDFAs, let's see what we've got. Was surprised we didn't expand Bonnafon more after that one Jags game but he must not have been clicking for full production at pratice or whatnot.
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