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  1. I can confidently say there has never been this much consensus among the fanbase in our history. This man is embarrassing the franchise, players & the fans who have paid their time and attention to this for 25+ years. He makes Bill Belicheck look like he's going to a black tie event and his shaky nervous sweaty talk is the most unnerving horrible vibe I've seen. Please. This man is not an NFL coach. Please come to your senses. College Bowl Record: 1-3 (The one win being a shootout with Vanderbilt roflol) NFL Record: 10-23 We've whiffed on: Teddy Bridgewater PJ Walker (Have now tripled down) Sam Darnold Cam 2.0 Joe Brady Not just Joe, but gave up on half our your hand picked coaching staff lol Derrick Brown Terrace Marshall (Until I see otherwise he was a waste of a 2nd rounder) Cam Erving Pat Elflein Dan Arnold LOL CMC's Second Contract Robbie Anderson Missing on Slater Missing on Wirfs and Wills The Dolphins & Giants beat us collectively 58-13 ...and here's the new info for this thread... WITH AN EXTRA GAME, the aggregated 2021 Panthers starting QB stat line: 3,573 yards 14 Passing TDs 21 INTs 58% completion Net yards gained per attempt was a 5.0 (The league average is 7.1) We gave up 52 sacks We are the trash heap of the league. Pretty please. GET A NEW COACH -Sax
  2. Can’t wait to hear his BS reasoning for benching Cam and then bringing him back out. Clueless man is clueless
  3. It’s like he wants to create the environment for PJ Walker to start. Nepotism to the max
  4. Hahaha. If you’re serious and not doing a gimmick, then you do you and let it shine. By all means
  5. Well at least I’m honest about my gimmicky nature and it being completely stupid but hey, people seem to like it. You’re being a dumbass
  6. Rhule wouldn’t know what nuance is if it farted in his cereal.
  7. Rhule has his best friend and his XFL-level college QB running the show. That’s what he keeps running back to. Absolutely embarrassing.
  8. David Tepper: Please make a decent move and can his ass. Prove you know what you’re doing plz. Thanks. -Sax
  9. Co-signed. This is embarrassing. Have never been this disinterested in the team. Not even watching. Redzone while cleaning the house.
  10. Bigger question is where Daquan Jones has been. Thought he was going to be this mentor and new vet anchor on the line?
  11. Yeah not huge on Willis. Corral, Pickett and Strong are my faves. Ridder and Howell not far behind. But Willis..I acknowledge the upside but his game v Corral was very underwhelming.. surrounding talent considered.
  12. Eberflus is still my top but y'all are convincing me on Hackett. Heck, sounds like Daboll is on the hot seat but one season's rut doesn't make a coach.
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