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  1. Speaking to their 1st pro-day, I checked back and it looked like Rhule was not just intently watching Lance but Radunz was heavily on our microscope. He has one of the better NFL level frames in this class and one of the longer arms over 33". Under 33 isn't always a problem (See: Peters, most of this OT class, plenty of starting LTs), but he's got mad agility and athleticism. Ran what a 4.82 for a 300+ OT? We could be eyeing him with our second pick.
  2. My order without Lawrence, Wilson, Sewell or Pitts available: 1. Rashawn Slater LT 2. Jamaar Chase WR 3. Jaylen Waddle WR 4. Justin Fields QB 5. Jaycee Horn CB 6. Trey Lance QB -- Pre-Darnold, Fields and Lance would be at the top but I'd like to see how we do with the 23 y/o #3 overall surrounded with better linemen and weapons.
  3. That way we could put Elf on the shelf.
  4. Though ideally, I see Rashawn Slater in our future and would be thrilled.
  5. Generally speaking, if we go non-LT R1, there's Jenkins, Mayfield, Cosmi, Radunz, a handful of LT potential picks we could make a slight trade up for. Darrisaw & Vera-Tucker are R1 but unsure how the rest shake out. Thinking outside the box, I would not be dissapointed if we wound up doing something like: 1-Pitts/Waddle/Chase/Horn 2-Radunz/Cosmi/Mayfield -- It seems like we may be coveting skills guys up high to maximize our playmaking potential. We're a solid offense if Darnold doesn't fizzle out but we could use another special talent.
  6. Seriously. He would reek havoc in the Brady-spread. I also think Chase could be amazing. The other top WRs are hard talents to pass on even with the LT need. I wonder how we'd rank it if the choice was Slater, Lance, Smith, Horn, & Waddle?
  7. I doubt we land Sewell. He's the top non-QB talent in the draft IMO. Pitts is 2nd overall for me, Slater 3, Chase 4
  8. With the scenario they're saying, starting at ATL #4: Fields QB CIN 5: Sewell LT MIA 6: Chase WR DET 7: Slater (or....wildcard/could they trade w/DEN or NE? This would be Lance) CAR 8: Pitts TE -- That's the Pitts scenario I could see happening at #8
  9. He has to make it past MIA and CIN who both reportedly like him (along with Chase)
  10. Yep, just depends on if DEN would actually want to do it. Because then they're making a move for their bridge QB and future QB in one move. Probs unlikely
  11. -Game winning drives when it's not a blowout. Just want to see a guy actually leading a team downfield, taking charge like we've seen Cam and Jake do. Kerry, Beurlein, Peete, Moore, Bridgewater could never do it.
  12. I was thinking about that. 8+TB for 9+DEN 3rd/4th? It could assure them a QB since it doesn't appear MIA or CIN are moving and we still land Slater. Gain an extra mid rounder. Don't know how realistic it is but it's a way to get another midrounder which TB may not net on his own.
  13. And we weren't even going to get the #1 or #2 for that matter, all out of reach come the WFT game so it's such a stupid thing to keep bringing up. NYJ and JAX were never moving their picks. So Wilson and Lawrence would still be off the table. In a way, it saved us from people being butt hurt over us favoring Mac Jones over Fields & Lance and we'll likely get someone just as if not more impactful than who we would have gotten at #3.
  14. As a Hokie, Hokies are such a risk in the NFL and have short shelf lives. Let's just stick with Slater. He's #1 on many's boards for a reason. Pitts & Sewell are the top non-QB targets, then Chase and Slater.
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