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  1. Yeah, it's a good ying-yang. Arnold is perfect until Tremble can hopefully get there as a receiver and then take the reigns as an all-arounder. They allow us to truly run the spread, get the wide shotgun sets with max protection. I can already see a play written up where Tremble is the 3rd-4th read in a slip screen off to the left. Off the ball in H-Back as eligible, quickly stalls an edge rush w/Erving, slips past and finds himself open in the left flat for a huge gain. What draws him open is the combo of CMC running to the right flat and DJ in the slot running a slant to pul
  2. Yup. The rookies I'm hesitating with after a greater draft breather are Marshall (he looks awesome but doesn't give the best durability vibes aka Hurns) & Brown. Also think Brady will be good but may take a minute. Too many are assuming his immediate floor is a great LG. Tremble gives me good vibes though. I'm all in on Horn, Tremble, Taylor, Smith, & our UDFA in Moore.
  3. This is where I think Tremble surprises. I just have a good feeling about the dude. I don't believe Rhule picked a TE in the 3rd to just be this adaptable blocker.
  4. Also forgive the grammar in the OP, it was early morning and was holding off work lol
  5. Yeah that's the nice thing with Tremble. He can really help on stretch run plays and flank left of Erving at LT. Could help provide great protection against the lighter edge rusher which are much more abundant these days.
  6. From all the insider footage and interviews post-draft, it seems like Rhule was set on landing Tremble. He's clearly super excited about him even when compared to our other picks. (A side note--the team also seemed pretty set on targeting Hubbard as well) Furthermore, in the limited action we've seen in camp, he's been looking sharp and seems to be transitioning pretty easily. Made some acrobatic catches and just looks beastly. Reading up, I've seen Kittle comparisons and a few analysts that have pretty hefty expectations. And I see why. It helps he absolutely, without a doubt, has
  7. Oh crap forgot we had a really bad gimmick lurking. Though did determine a coordinate from a Makeface command based on a 0,0,0 from an ancient monument for someone to figure out. Dammit! Lol
  8. This is where I Baker Street this mother to oblivion. Adios muchachos
  9. I’ll only give you a 0,0,0 coordinate and then! 1123.45, 19998.32. hint of the 0,0,0 (and then you’ll have to run some CAD commands): megalithic temple, Carnac, Atlas Mountains
  10. And furry parties in the woods with Geoff and Stephanie
  11. And by electricity, I means SAX
  12. Sometimes the crazy is too easy to call crazy. It is then when we jump on the escalator and shout: “there’s electricity!”
  13. We’re looking through a wormhole at microwaves on a projected wave.
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