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  1. I felt a deep tone from the huddle and had to drop in...
  2. Today it’s 30 min on the stair stepper and live from the steam room
  3. We could also do what I call the Fresno package: Derek Carr (FA) & Jake Haener (R3) Trade back a tad for an extra future 1st (Could be a high 2024 pick or ammo for Caleb if it doesn’t work) Land Jordan Addison, Dalton Kincaid & Charbonett and flier mid round weapons QB: Carr/Haener/Corral RB: Charbonnet/Foreman/Blackshear TE: Kincaid WR: Moore/Addison/TMJ/Reed
  4. But to the point… Irsay and Rodgers are the two that could swerve the entire trajectory of things league wide. More than Carr, NY teams and Todd
  5. Or we just go for a SB this year and trade 9 and some for him. The only non negotiable pick being 2024’s first which we draft Cam Ward or J Daniel’s with late 1st who learns behind him while we get 2 Lombardis. Land Rodgers, get desperate vets wanting a ring on discount. Musgrave R2 Some defense for the rest… SB jk or am I?…
  6. Who? THE COLTS & AARON RODGERS Oddsmakers aren't counting out Indy-Rodgers by any means after Steichen joined the fold. https://www.si.com/nfl/colts/news/colts-aaron-rodgers-derek-carr-daniel-jones Now THIS, I find interesting. Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman, a good OL coming back from an injury plagued season, the easier division in the AFC, and the most wildcard owner in the league. If Indy lands Rodgers, Pick 4 is far from being guaranteed QB. Bears may not have as many suitors for #1 overall, and we could be in a great spot to not have to trade it all away. This right here could crack this league wide open. Scenario: 1. Bears: Carter DT 2. Texans: Levis QB 3. Arizona: Anderson EDGE 4. Colts: ....or is it the Packers who have Love? Then come pick 5, Stroud, Young, Richardson are all still available...
  7. It is crazy how much of a spiral Denver has been in, even compared to us. SB Karma.
  8. Honestly, Richardson may benefit more from shadowing/being an understudy than just going to a pass-heavy/stat padding Pac-12 offense. He needs refinement as a passer and needs to learn the NFL game, maybe the sooner he starts at that the better? Where he ends up will definitely be interesting.
  9. I've got Collins, Proehl, & Kuechly, would consider a Chinn one but I don't even wear them on gamedays so they just collect dust honestly. If I had bought any of the QBs, they would likely already be at goodwill. Wouldn't want to keep a Rhule remnant.
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