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  1. If both are worthy of the first pick ,then neither are worthy of the first pick.
  2. And if I had a huge wiener, then... well, I'd have a huge wiener and probably wouldn't care who they picked. You get the point.
  3. Dumb to still have CMC in the game.
  4. Hopefully, he received the CPR quick enough and for long enough to keep his O2 levels up.
  5. Unless every single one of the Bills voted to keep playing, McDermott should tell the NFL to fug off and no way they're going back out there.
  6. I've not read the thread, but is there speculation that the hard hit to the chest may have stopped his heart?
  7. But those teams can trade with teams that do need a QB.
  8. With the shortage of quality QBs, he'll get another shot to be a starter. (Not here though.)
  9. You may be too young, but check out the Hershel Walker trade from Dallas to Minnesota. Crazy what they gave up for Walker, even back then.
  10. 1st and a 3rd from the Bills. Why wouldn't they? The picks will likely be at the end of each round. CMC in that offense would scare the poo out of defenses.
  11. Gambling and Fantasy are keeping the NFL alive.
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