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  1. Surprised they didn't call him down with forward progress stopped.
  2. I think Steve is underrated. Put him with an above average QB for most of his career and if he doesn't miss time being injured, he is in the conversation for GOAT.
  3. I was not. I probably should have put a smiley face or something.
  4. This McCaffrey kid may turn out to be a heck of a player.
  5. Yep, you'd rather it be a bit underthrown than overthrown with no chance to catch it.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Only have to convert 50% for it to be a wash.
  7. Okay, I found it. Golf was listed on CBS, but it's the game.
  8. I got freakin NASCAR on NBC. Oh well, at least I get play by play in this thread.
  9. Why is the game not on NFL Network? Is it on Spectrum?
  10. At least the Hurricanes are good and have a bright future.
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