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  1. God please let Fields turn out a better QB than Lance if we end up taking him 8th. I wont be able to stand watching the guy we didn't pick ball out for the next decade and our guy be a dud after 3 years.
  2. I've really wanted to get a bidet recently because I feel like I'm living like a caveman for no reason but I know my two toddlers would never leave it alone if I got one.
  3. Oh, this is serious!?!? I thought the last guy that said it a few posts back was joking. Wow LOL
  4. Good lord some of yall live to complain about people's posts. It's the offseason, who gives a poo? Plus we were THIS close to trading for this man and it's the biggest story in football right now.
  5. He's been on IG the past few days dancing shirtless on top of his car and drinking lean. I don't think football is his top priority at the moment.
  6. This poo is crazy as hell. He said Watson did this poo again AFTER his agent/lawyer was contacted about the first woman/lawsuit.
  7. I'd imagine theres a LOT of scared athletes (& musicians, celebs, etc) out there worried they're going to be next. All these dudes me$$ with IG hoes.
  8. No, no, no, no, no and one more no for good measure. Rather roll w/ a rookie.
  9. HEY EVERYONE! I just woke up from a coma I fell into after reading Verge's post yesterday morning. Did we trade for Watson yet!?!? Let's GOOOO!!!!
  10. Why go for Watson when we could get the real South Carolina QB for cheaper?
  11. Amazing amount of potential with this kid. I'd be fine with this being our guy.
  12. Lifelong Gamecock fan but If we land Watson, I'll be the first in line to buy a jersey.
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