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  1. At least we're trending in the right direction.... oh wait.
  2. lol..of course. Man, this team is going to suck for a LONG time.
  3. What's with the BLING BLING on there? Special edition for the big ballers?
  4. Impressive press conference. Seems like a more mature and focused Cam.
  5. Well, guess I can pull the Cam jerseys back out of storage.
  6. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the Panthers somehow pull of an upset. Probably wont, but let's not pretend this poo doesn't happen all the time. Hell, look at the Bills losing to the Jags Sunday.
  7. This conversation is in no way related to "cancel culture".
  8. As someone already mentioned, there's a pic on Twitter of that same banner up in 2019. If you recall, after he got hurt in 2019, the Panthers quit including Cam in any of their graphics. it was very noticeable if you were paying attention. I don't know when this banner originally went up, but it makes zero sense that he wouldn't have been included in it.
  9. I don't have my glasses handy. Did Darnold make the top 5?
  10. Hell no, I don't want that dude on the Panthers (for several reasons).
  11. BORING?!?! This season has been amazing! In fact, so amazing I sprung for the $$$ tix for the Giants game and let me tell you...that kind of Panthers performance was worth every penny!
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