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  1. Don't worry....Tepper & Co are gonna hit a homerun on his 12th coach hire in 2032. It'll be here before you know it.
  2. Yeah, I saw multiple "likes" by her on posts about how much Tepper sucks, Stroud was Reich's choice, etc.
  3. What a game..such a great memory. I remember Josh Norman's Mother was with us at the watch party that night in SC.
  4. Think of the fear they strike in defensive backs across the league. I bet they can't even sleep at night before they play Carolina.
  5. I just cannot believe that on this day of Nov 20, 2023, this fuging team is in the predicament it's currently in. I mean...I'm certainly well aware of it...but I just cannot believe how bad they have screwed EVERYTHING up. Just absolutely brutal.
  6. I cut it off late in the 4th. I don't know why I still watch. I should stop.
  7. Locked my bet in a cpl days ago. If we're gonna get embarrassed (we are), might as well make some money off of it.
  8. I mean...I did read one of the former graphic designers or social media dudes for the Panthers quit and he alluded to how toxic it is in the building because of Tepper and Co.
  9. Let me be the first to say, if Bryce starts looking like a franchise qb, I'll be the first to pull my Bryce jersey back out of the closet (where it's been since the first time I wore it for week 1). I have zero shame in admitting that.
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