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  1. How many times do they have to let premium players walk before people stop making this argument? Terron Armstead, franchise left tackle, unable to be retained because of that strategy. There have been plenty of others. Nothing’s free.
  2. No JAG linebackers, please. There are bigger immediate needs at safety, slot corner, and pass-catcher. And if we're making depth moves, better to do it at basically any other defensive position or on the offensive line.
  3. lol they just hit 'undo' on the Amari Cooper trade. That worked out well for the Browns, so Dallas is smart to make basically the same move. Would've been nice to have been in on this move.
  4. Foreman's a very good runner. But Sanders' rookie-year reception count is more than double Foreman's career total. Foreman limits the offense; Sanders opens it up. That's the difference in value. A lot is being made of Foreman's RYOE, which was sixth the league. Guess who was right behind him at seventh? Chuba Hubbard! We still have a very good runner in the backfield, but now we have someone who can catch passes, too.
  5. Yes, and I hope it happens soon. We know he’s a backup now. And if we pay him like a backup, he’s a pretty good value. Athletic, positionally flexible, good vibes. Keep him around.
  6. Did you see anything with Jack Campbell that made you drop him below all of these guys? Also, if Evero wants to blitz a lot then it seems like we'll need some guys with pass-rush juice. I see it with Sanders; have you seen it with anyone else? I've heard Nick Herbig might be an edge-to-linebacker conversion but don't know who else might fit.
  7. I would really like to not overpay Bozeman. The hidden key to our run game last year was offensive line health. We only lost Elf through the first 16 games. It’s already guaranteed that we’ll be less healthy next year, so there’s a good chance that we’re about to pay more money to our O-line just to watch it regress anyway. I just hope they don’t get swept up in thinking that continuing to throw all of our assets at one spot is going to be the answer.
  8. I think you missed the exaggeration in my post. Also, that very same competent GM and coach decided to trade 3 1sts for a WB. Even they don’t agree with you.
  9. I’m not shocked given how bad the other QB options are all looking right now. I’m just surprised that people are being sensible enough to say Williams instead of obsessing over Drake Maye.
  10. Great point. We can wait on a QB if we simply assemble: - The league’s best play-caller - The league’s best defense - HOF left tackle - All-Pro wide receiver - All-Pro tight end - All-Pro running back Should be simple enough.
  11. I know QB coach -> OC is the norm, but I'd really like a candidate to have a background with the O-line or as a running game coordinator. We'll probably need to coach up some young QB's for a while here, but we've got an elite run game right now and need to keep it that way. The next OC needs to be able to keep the running game as varied and effective as it is now.
  12. Incredible thing to say about an NFL head coach. Absolutely wild.
  13. There’s basically no info from inside scouting departments yet, the mocks don’t mean too much yet. But he definitely has the kind of talent that teams fall in love with, and it only takes one.
  14. His rushing should give his offense a decently high floor, not too different from how the Giants use Danny Dimes. He’ll get beat up, though, and his passing is definitely going to set a low ceiling, at least at first. I wouldn’t expect those early Cam 300-yard games. But depending on where we end up he could be a great pick.
  15. If we can't find a way out of that spot, Bresee. He's just the best prospect as of right now, which is a huge caveat this early. Levis and Richardson offer floors because they can run. Tanner McKee is the better long-term passing prospect, though. He's flying under the radar on the east coast so far.
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