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  1. Neal > Cross > Ekwonu > Hamilton. If somehow all three of those tackles are gone then I guess we'll have to get creative, but Hamilton and Stingley are the two top-five prospects that I wouldn't be excited for at all. I could at least talk myself into Hutchinson and Thibodeaux because of the position.
  2. The defensive secondary was just as big a problem as the offensive was last year. We just got that fixed. We can't set that on fire just because we haven't fixed the other massive hole yet. If we want to be a man-heavy team that can cover well enough to dedicate extra bodies to stopping the run and rushing the passer--which is clearly the blueprint--then we can't just give up both dudes. Every team needs three guys who can cover. We finally have them. Let's keep them.
  3. Hell yeah, let's hire another QB coach/passing game coordinator so that Rhule can get pissed off when we don't run the ball 35 times a game.
  4. It's a vet min for a young QB. Even if he ends up on the PS he still needs to be under contract. I think the powers that be still know that they're toast if they don't fix the QB room, I still expect a big change there.
  5. Cross is pretty good. This team still needs help just about everywhere, though. It would help more if they can move back and grab Trevor Penning, Linderbaum, or Kenyon Green and add some picks to keep building the roster. Even if Cross is great and BC slots in at guard, they'll need one more guard and still be stuck with Elflein at center. This isn't a one player fix.
  6. It's a pretty good unit. Also our entire defensive secondary has been gashed by injuries lately--all defenses look worse when they lose top-ten draft picks (Jaycee Horn) and the defensive backfield is made up entirely of dudes who started this year on the deep bench or on other teams.
  7. Christensen's pretty good. I actually liked the last draft. Terrace Marshall isn't working out yet but everyone liked that pick at the time.
  8. I don't think anyone in the world has the balls to spend a top-ten pick on defense with an offense this bad.
  9. I have never seen this level of fanbase hype over a rookie 6th rounder with an obvious issue (weight). I don't know if it's just because he went to Bama and became internet famous or if everyone just thinks that all a good offensive linemen needs is to be huge but at this point I hope he plays just so that we can see what happens.
  10. Elflein is really really bad but I have been wondering lately whether it's better to spend a bunch of mid-level resources on putting together a line with no weak links or to fill the "premium" spots with two quality tackles and just deal with a hole or two in the middle.
  11. OP showed Miami trading up with no intention to get a QB. They already had Tua and wanted Waddle. There should be a deal available that keeps us in the top 15 and recoups some value. We just need to take it.
  12. To be fair the Saints have an elite edge rusher and Christensen didn't have to deal with him at all since Cam Jordan plays on the other side. I wonder how BC would have done against him, but at the very least it looks like he's better than the embarrassing example set by the interior linemen so far.
  13. Henderson’s tackling has been as bad as advertised, but he’s a good athlete in coverage. If he improves his tackling at all then we’re going to win that trade and have a good young secondary.
  14. According to the NFL chart, a trade back from around 5 should get back a mid and late first, not three day-two picks. Something like getting 14 and 23 from the Eagles for our first, fourth, and fifth. So Horn, Chuba, and Daviyon Dixon vs. Alijah Vera-Tucker and Christian Darrisaw is a closer comp.
  15. Taking Terrace Marshall over Creed Humphrey was the real flaw. The trade backs didn't take us out of the position to take good players, we just picked the wrong guys.
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