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  1. Much as I hate to say it, with as many holes as this roster still has, I don't think the goal is to contend next year either. You can probably replace as many linemen as you want; the lack of continuity isn't going to torpedo next year's championship run.
  2. Please, we're finally putting together a team full of guys who make good decisions with the ball, don't add the dude with the worst shot selection of any big man ever.
  3. It’s almost like that was a period where college and NFL offenses have never been more different and the NFL as a whole did a poor job of projecting, developing, and building around young quarterbacks. It’s almost exactly like that.
  4. This isn’t crazy. Points to him being pretty good as a deep coverage player, bang average in the slot, and absolutely awful in the box. Given that most free safety coverage reps aren’t on the normal viewing angle, I can’t say whether they’re wrong or right about the deep coverage stuff. But they sure are right about him near the line.
  5. LaMelo's going to win this--Wiseman got benched as Melo got pushed into the starting lineup, and Edwards is getting totally ignored on one of the saddest teams in basketball. LaMelo just went through his national media hype cycle, so even if Ant or Wiseman starts to get some attention later in the year, Melo's numbers are just going to be too great to overcome.
  6. If it plays out at all like the NBA then good ownership is about to be rewarded even more than it has in the past. If that’s the case then we picked the perfect time to upgrade from Richardson to Tepper.
  7. The good news is that Slater's also very highly-regarded, so it looks like we'll have a shot at a franchise LT if we want one. I wanted one of the tackles last year and still think it's a good idea.
  8. If Samuel leaves then there's going to be a gap to fill and we can't just give up on trying to fill it until another QB comes along. Maybe tight end shouldn't be priority #1 because the whole roster is, you know, suboptimal. But an upgrade at tight end and a mid-round slot guy could fill in for Curtis at a much lower cost than what he'll demand in FA. That's a good ROI.
  9. Right but the Lions do not need or want immediate help.
  10. Snow has already said that China probably can’t expect to keep playing in the box at his size and stay healthy. Flexibility is always nice, but the rock-paper-scissors game hasn’t changed. Just get good players.
  11. Gase kept Tannehill from being great, I'd love to see if he was holding Darnold back, too.
  12. We didn’t even have a GM when we met with him, not surprised he didn’t end up here. I doubt taking a flier on a QB3 was at the top of Fitterer’s list when he got started
  13. I do think that it helps that the ceiling for basically any recent trade is three firsts. It makes it that much harder for the Texans to ask for five. Washington basically treated RG3 like he was going to be what Watson is now, so the anchoring effect to keeping it around 3 picks is that much stronger. I’m sure it’ll eclipse the RG3 deal, but not by as much as Watson’s probably worth.
  14. If Cosmi or another tackle is there at 39, I’d be happy with that. If it’s going to be an interior lineman, I hope they move back and grab an extra fourth and play a numbers game at those positions.
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