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  1. Ekwonu ran a sub-5.0 40. 97th percentile for all offensive tackles. His athleticism is his best trait. He’ll be fine in any run-blocking scheme ever devised. It’s the other kind of blocking that gives him trouble.
  2. They have not done that at all. Ekwonu, Moton, and BC were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks, respectively. Corbett was a premium FA. Bozeman's the only relatively low-cost signing of the starting five, and we've grabbed Mays and Zavala in back-to-back day 3's.
  3. Moton is our best offensive player and should stay where he is. We know the best five is Ekwonu - Christensen - Bozeman - Corbett - Moton. We've seen it be good when it wasn't complicated by injury. If you want to make an improvement, it's probably only done by drafting for immediate depth/competition and sliding those guys around as needed. You can do that at LT, kicking Ekwonu inside, or G, and in either case allowing BC to be a jack-of-all-trades reserve. Another option is to draft a C who can immediately play G, moving BC to the bench and eventually promoting him again when it's time for the C to replace Bozeman. Point is, the line is not as good as we thought it was going into last year, but it's not as bad as it looked, either. As always, smart investments to the depth of the line are useful. There will be injuries, and we must be prepared, but OL isn't the only place on the roster that needs help.
  4. Yeah but at least we know who our starting guard will be for the next 10 seasons.
  5. The grading system doesn't scale based on how important a play is. Icky's missed block on the 4th-down sack was just one missed block. Jamison's crushing Jefferson was just one tackle. If every other play slightly contradicts those two, we probably never notice and their grade comes out looking nuts.
  6. We got behind the sticks a lot this game, too. False starts are common in Seattle, but it's been bad all year. It's hard to come out and run on 1st and 15.
  7. People really start and stop at the weight column when they think about interior linemen.
  8. He’s very good. He doesn’t affect the QB enough to get to “elite,” but he’s as good of a run defender as you’re going to find.
  9. We're so close to being on the same page. We don't know how these guys are going to turn out. So you can't evaluate the players. But we do, generally, know how valuable each pick is. And we can evaluate whether you create or destroy draft pick value in a given deal. The results are unknown, but you can evaluate the process. We destroyed value here. Bad process.
  10. "These picks don't matter anyway" is how you slowly, invisibly lower you chances of winning until you take yourself out of contention completely. We're short a third from the Corral trade and a fourth from the DJ Johnson trade, when according to the front office, a third and a fourth is the price for a guy who's so good that you just have to jump up and take him. A guy like DJ Johnson or Matt Corral!
  11. There's no need to insist on ignorance in this situation. On the field it's going to look like we don't have a fourth-round pick that we would've had if we hadn't decided that we had to move up to get this guy. Plenty of publicly-available estimates exist that can tell you the value of a fourth round pick. We know what we lost immediately. The only thing we don't know is whether this dude would've been there when we picked next. As it stands now, there remain several free agent EDGE guys, and an unknown number of dudes will get cut as camp progresses, and an even greater unknown could be available for trade for, say, a third- and fourth-round pick. We also know who was still on the board at our actual pick, and "big edge who tested well" describes Dylan Horton, Ade Adebawore, Isaiah McGuire... It also reeks of the Seahawks' normal process from the past several years, which was to "get their guy" no matter what anybody else thought of them. It didn't work well for them, and they finally fixed it, but it looks like we're not going to do the same. https://twitter.com/benbbaldwin/status/1651930498350960640
  12. This is the downside of the Seattle draft strategy. Taking "their guy" whenever they feel like they need to, regardless of value or cost. We burned a ton of draft capital last year doing this to grab Corral. And now we're doing it again for a random edge.
  13. This thread is wild; there’s no reason for people to hate Burns like this. Charles Johnson didn’t start getting sacks until his fourth season. Addison took five years to become a player. Rucker had three, maybe four good years as a pass rusher. Burns has already basically matched the peak three-year stretches of every other edge in franchise history (Pep excluded), and hasn’t even gotten to his second contract yet. He’s number two. It’s not close. EDIT: Kevin Greene’s three years were better. Burns should pass him in a couple of years, but right now Greene’s got a better case than I realized.
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