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  1. I think we'll probably see a similar yardage profile as last year, but with a big jump in turnovers and drive-ending plays. Higher risk/reward spread, more sacks, more turnovers. The top-line numbers won't change, but the defense will contribute much more to winning.
  2. That's a slightly above-average stat line with a lot of picks. It would be a huge improvement over what Teddy put up. If he does that, we've got a good chance at the playoffs. It's also probably a best-case scenario.
  3. The flipside: How much value is destroyed when good quarterback prospects are wasted or outright ruined on bad teams?
  4. If "do Millennials watch baseball" is a question, then "do Zoomers watch baseball" is just as important since they make up most of the twenty-something population now. It's also easier to answer: no.
  5. An Iowa staff kind of famous for being draconian and out of touch with their players, though. I don't know what the note about avoiding suspensions indicates, but given the source, I'm not that worried about what the staff thought.
  6. Nah. 17 games is still way fewer than 82. The NBA has structural problems with talent concentration and travel exhaustion. The NFL schedule still keeps everything close enough that you can't just sit dudes in the middle of the season. Weeks 16 and 17? Maybe, but that's not different from what's happening already.
  7. It's a real potential liability. Just look at what Burns does to guys who can't get their hands on him fast enough. The question is whether elite athleticism/movement skills for his position and good technique can make up for it. He was a consensus All-American, so we know it was good enough in college. I've got hopes for him in the pros. And if he absolutely has to kick inside, I think he'll be great there.
  8. It is worth noting what's not included in this measure. Christensen's number probably looks worse if they include arm length with height and weight. His arms are shorter than Jaycee Horn's. Also, if you move him to guard, he jumps to a 9.97. Playing around with the positions really highlights how explosive he is. He'd have a good broad jump for a wide receiver.
  9. Maybe I'm petty, but I'd love to turn the tables on Buffalo and steal some of their smartest guys. And if it gets to be Morgan, all the better.
  10. It's a real credit to this draft class that we have this much to discuss about our sixth round pick. I get it, Brown was the coaches' first-team all SEC guard, he's a beast. But traditionally if we get anything out of a sixth rounder, it's a win.
  11. I love pairing a versatile tight end with CMC. Two guys who can flip numbers in favor of the run or pass game, they’re force multipliers for each other. Hopefully Tremble can keep teams out of some sub-packages and stretch the field with speed against linebackers.
  12. This one feels like a weird scheme fit but they’re loading up on good football players. I can’t ask for anything more.
  13. Did we get three picks for this? The two for trading back and the comp pick once we let Robby get signed by someone else since we have his replacement for cheap on the roster.
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