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  1. Not quite the same but Corey Maggette and Ben Gordon. Basically the entire Bobcats era minus Wallace and Kemba.
  2. Saw a Canes shirt at my office today in Anderson, SC. There are literally dozens of us down here in SC!
  3. Alright, I had to look up the lines on Daily Faceoff. It’s been a long offseason- totally forgot about adding Burns, Stastny, and Kase. Also who the fook is Dylan Coghlan and Lane Pederson? I’m assuming Drury slides in somewhere too.
  4. Lol we need some help bad over here. I haven’t been this out of the loop on my teams in a long time. House has never been this messy either. Who knew a 2 year old could trash an entire house.
  5. Been out of the loop for most of the off-season with my 7 month old and 2 year old. What are our lines looking like right now?
  6. Unfortunately a database itself doesn't mean anything. The Hurricanes have done a tremendous job with theirs. On the other end of the spectrum you have former Hornets GM Rich Cho who bombed with his database.
  7. Who knew all it took was a picture of 3 circles to completely confuse a bunch of Tar Holes. I guess that’s what fake classes gets you.
  8. SoCal - Caleb Williams SCar - Spencer Rattler Panthers - Baker Mayfield The link is that all 3 have a former Oklahoma QB as their starter.
  9. This is my first time watching Fan Fest. This is extremely underwhelming.
  10. Thor is not an NBA player at the moment. At best an end of the bench rotation guy.
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