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  1. Funniest part to me is Teddy had 16 completions on only 13 accurate passes. Curious how they came up with that number and he's the only one with more completions than accurate passes.
  2. Obviously I'm biased but I really think Horn is the best CB in the draft. As a true corner, he is the best to come out of Columbia that I have ever watched, including Gilmore. If he had INTs before this year (nobody threw at him) and the team was successful, I have no doubt he would be talked about top 10. His pro day numbers just solidified that to me. FTR, he also posted a 4.39. He's not slow by any means but I was not expecting that.
  3. Either Collins is an undersized C (a problem in itself) and this creates another hole at PF, or this gives up assets and ignores the C position - the biggest hole on the team. I don't think this does anything for the direction of the team. Also, I still have pretty high hopes for PJ and really like his overall game. The success of the team has had a lot to do with ball movement and PJ fits in that scheme very well.
  4. I'm usually pretty up to speed with prospects but never heard of this guy. Definitely smaller, even smaller than Ned, but that may become a market inefficiency going forward as the trend is for goalies to become bigger and bigger.
  5. Yeah, no way to PJ. I don't think you give up Miles just because his chemistry with Melo. Devonte is nice and I love him but he's somewhat redundant with Melo as the PG and you can sell high on Devonte. Not bad for a 2nd round pick. The first rounder is honestly not a big deal to me. Normally, I hate it, but I really don't see many guys in the draft that have even a decent chance of being an upgrade over anyone on the team currently. Honestly, that could be a really good team. I don't LOVE Vucevic because of his defensive limitations but he's still a big upgrade offensively over w
  6. There's just over a month until the Trade Deadline and if they're still not close there will be a tough decision to make from an asset management standpoint. Either trade him and get some value or keep him as your in-house rental.
  7. Stop buying Panthers and Canes calendars!!
  8. If your answer isn't Eric Fisher and Devin White then you're wrong.
  9. Reminds me of everybody on here saying Alshon would bust because he was too fat.
  10. I think he may make it over Bersin, Hill, and some other guys because of his ST play. That's where Byrd's real value is. And no, I'm not talking about as a returner. I'm talking about as a gunner.
  11. Either way, putting Collins in the same sentence as Carruth is absolutely tacky and unethical journalism. He's being questioned and has been explicitly stated as being "not a suspect". That is like saying anyone whose friend is murdered might be the next Aaron Hernandez. It's just a lack of respect for the system and the person. But again...didn't want to make this about Voth.
  12. Didn't mean to make this about Voth. Just pointing out that he has no idea what he's talking about. He has good articles every once in a while but it's clear that when it comes to talent evaluation and guessing what the FO is thinking, he has absolutely no clue. Take he what he says with a HUGE grain of salt.
  13. Not going through days worth of his tweets but two quick ones that don't explicitly state it but point towards what he's thinking... He has many more in response to other people.
  14. I'm not referring to that tweet. Voth has been saying it the past few days.
  15. He's been saying since the situation started that the Panthers won't touch him because they don't want "the next Rae Carruth" or "another Rae Carruth".
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