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  1. Getting really tired of playing from behind.
  2. If anything it shows his clients and future clients how he does a good job. Really fought for Arnold and defended his hard work and ultimately got more money out of it. I doubt he cares at all what an average fan thinks.
  3. I'm as big of a Ned fan as there is but asking for 5 in a row with 2 being 2OT games is asking a lot. I know he'll give it everything but man, that's a lot to put on him. But I also don't trust Reims and not sure Petr is 100%.
  4. From my recollection, he was strictly used as a free safety. One thing I can definitely say though is that almost universally Muschamp players (especially DBs) have performed better in the NFL than they did in college.
  5. Don't get your hopes up for Ibe. He was nothing special at SC and didn't see anything that made me think he was even a low level NFL guy. I'll pull for him as a former Gamecock and a Panther but don't have high expectations.
  6. I don't usually put a lot of stock into who is mocked to which teams but generally can get a pretty good idea of overall rankings of prospects. It would be cool if someone did an analysis of different outlets projections vs results using standard deviation of where players are picked. That could at least tell you who is generally correct with their evaluations compared to the teams.
  7. I've watched every game. Jaycee Horn is the best pure CB to come through Columbia. He shuts down an entire side of the field. Can cover speed, height, strength, and can tackle and blitz. There is not a weak part of his game and that's why he was the first defensive player selected.
  8. One thing I've always noticed with Ned from juniors to AHL is that he really steps his game up in playoffs and other marquee games. His issue all along has only been consistency. I think he has really matured and even made the comment once that he learned to play every game as if it's a game 7 (or something like that). That has finally allowed his stats to match up with his talent level. PS I've followed Ned closely since he was drafted. I wasn't sure if he would ever put it all together but he has really stepped it up this year. Super happy for him and of course the Canes.
  9. Funniest part to me is Teddy had 16 completions on only 13 accurate passes. Curious how they came up with that number and he's the only one with more completions than accurate passes.
  10. Obviously I'm biased but I really think Horn is the best CB in the draft. As a true corner, he is the best to come out of Columbia that I have ever watched, including Gilmore. If he had INTs before this year (nobody threw at him) and the team was successful, I have no doubt he would be talked about top 10. His pro day numbers just solidified that to me. FTR, he also posted a 4.39. He's not slow by any means but I was not expecting that.
  11. Either Collins is an undersized C (a problem in itself) and this creates another hole at PF, or this gives up assets and ignores the C position - the biggest hole on the team. I don't think this does anything for the direction of the team. Also, I still have pretty high hopes for PJ and really like his overall game. The success of the team has had a lot to do with ball movement and PJ fits in that scheme very well.
  12. I'm usually pretty up to speed with prospects but never heard of this guy. Definitely smaller, even smaller than Ned, but that may become a market inefficiency going forward as the trend is for goalies to become bigger and bigger.
  13. Yeah, no way to PJ. I don't think you give up Miles just because his chemistry with Melo. Devonte is nice and I love him but he's somewhat redundant with Melo as the PG and you can sell high on Devonte. Not bad for a 2nd round pick. The first rounder is honestly not a big deal to me. Normally, I hate it, but I really don't see many guys in the draft that have even a decent chance of being an upgrade over anyone on the team currently. Honestly, that could be a really good team. I don't LOVE Vucevic because of his defensive limitations but he's still a big upgrade offensively over w
  14. There's just over a month until the Trade Deadline and if they're still not close there will be a tough decision to make from an asset management standpoint. Either trade him and get some value or keep him as your in-house rental.
  15. Stop buying Panthers and Canes calendars!!
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