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  1. I thought it was him but couldn't tell. In that case the past 2 goals are 100% on him. Absolutely awful.
  2. Also the TNT crew absolutely sucks tonight. The broadcasts have been progressively getting worse to the point where they are starting to actively root for Boston.
  3. Who the F was it that just passed the puck backwards into the D zone and onto the tape of the Bruins player?
  4. That was one of the laziest defensive shifts I have ever seen. No urgency to get to the puck and terrible clearing attempts. What a joke that was.
  5. Don't feel good about this at all. Bruins have a ton of experience, a horseshoe up their arses, and are dirty as fug. Game 7 even at home is not good.
  6. Yep. Gonna need a lot of guys to step up tomorrow. And stop taking stupid penalties.
  7. Thought about him after I posted. I agree with TDA too.
  8. Brendon Smith was the only one who brought it last night. After the first hit he took and another dirty hit later he started destroying guys.
  9. I don't think anybody disagrees with you and pretty certain the front office agrees and wants to grab a QB. But, nobody thinks one of these QBs available is worth risking next year's draft.
  10. 2021...at pick 8 we select the first defensive player in the draft. 2022....at pick 6 we select the first offensive player in the draft. What does it mean? Not sure. But I think we did very very well in both cases.
  11. Definitely needs to learn to hang onto his stick. And his aggressiveness is going to lead to some awesome saves but some mild heart attacks too. I'm excited for more!
  12. https://twitter.com/Canes/status/1517874682510422017?t=VNbdgw0imLowvthzGg0sJw&s=19
  13. I asked Walt Ruff on Twitter if he could help solve the mystery. He responded that he will look into it and see what he can find out. It makes sense that he would be listed larger in pre-draft reports since he is from Russia.
  14. One thing I notice is his height is all over the map. The Wolves roster lists him at 6'0 and I've seen different profiles list him all over from 6'1 - 6'4.
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