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  1. Gareon Conley or Mackensie Alexander plz
  2. Yep, you're right. So that's one gone
  3. We better be signing Dalvin Tomlinson or Shelby Harris soon
  4. Should be a QB competition for the starter job next year: Teddy Bridgewater vs PJ Walker vs FA signing: Trubisky/Brissett vs 1st round QB: Wilson/Lance
  5. Hunter Henry will be the pick. Either him or Derrick Henry
  6. Just figured out the troll tarheels. Got his team, trolling angle, & etc. Hint: Avatar
  7. Wait until after the Super Bowl (when he disappears). I guess a Cardinals fan
  8. The 1999 Rams won the Super Bowl with the number one Scoring offense.. and I can find more recent examples of a team winning the SB with a better offense/overall team, but it'll be a waste. @tarheels, I really hope you come back to the huddle after we win the Super Bowl to tell us how weak the whole NFL was or w/e excuse you can come up with.
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