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  1. Pep Hamilton just declined an interview with us https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/01/18/report-pep-hamilton-declines-interview-with-panthers/
  2. Hopefully, Rhule/Fitterer have figured out that Elfien & Erving were both bad signings and look to replace them as starters for next year. If Elfien starts anywhere next year, we will guarantee a rough season.
  3. I was very weary of Tepper with the rumor that he wanted Mike Tomlin fired (Mike Tomlin has never had a losing record) Definitely lost trust after keeping Marty Hurney and now this Matt Rhule debacle. Now I'm really wishing Tepper isn't in the mold of Jerry Jones
  4. Gonna give Jeff Nixon some credit; definitely a better play-caller than Joe Brady Cam....smh horrible pick.
  5. Can I say that I love that “short arms” is the new “left-handed” LT thing?
  6. Would not be surprised if DJ Moore requests a trade this upcoming offseason
  7. I think if Rhule is here next year, there is 0% chance we go into week one with Cam Newton starting at QB. I'm close to 100% sure we won't even resign Cam in the offseason; Matt Rhule or not. Also, I believe there is 0% chance we go into week one with Sam Darnold starting at QB. I think Rhule and the whole staff realizes they've screwed the pooch on that one. As sickening as it sounds, our QB will be one we trade for. Again. Rhule would be desperate to keep his job and make things work so I can see a QB like Jimmy Garoppolo being our week one starter.
  8. Is it too early to mention we drafted Terrance Marshall over centers Josh Myers and Creed Humphrey?
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