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  1. I love the panthers so much I come here and deal with huddlers on the daily. I can start listing names...
  2. Hate the fact we haven't played a legit team yet (with a real QB) hard to tell what we have and will be until we face the Hawks week 6.
  3. your age is showing, you clearly don't know the Panthers and obviously play far too much Madden.
  4. i think shula may see this as the perfect time to smoke screen and go west coast offense
  5. is that chandler peeping over cam's shoulder? maybe he can learn something.
  6. god I can't wait until the oline gets to a point where Chandler isn't even on the fuging roster... good lord, I garauntee a bottom 10 tackle oline. again.
  7. Ah, yes...reminds me of last year when smart asses would say everyone is being stupid to panic and we would be fine with Bell and Chandler. I for one, think once again, it is very stupid for the team to ignore this position as they continue to do. And before the 'well, who was better, who could've come in/draft blah blah', how many years do you go with that story? Surley 4 years have not gone by with a better option. Oher is NOT the answer and neither is Martin and both are going to look horrible this season. Watch. In the rare event Oher turns out to be serviceable or slightly better than Bell, the worst LT in the league, we can consider ourselves luck. At this point in baffles me we spend years trying to figure out a solution to the most important position on the offense not being QB.
  8. as a childless pimp... feels well done
  9. Car choice is more disappointing
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