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  1. Dude he's blocking looks like he's rocking a red bonnet. Haha
  2. Having said this, there's no way I pay J No QB money. I probably wouldn't go north of 12 mil, even though I feel he deserves top QB money. I've been of the mindset that this is Josh's last year as a panther. Play out the tag, and then go get his big money.
  3. I hope Josh is able to get the money he wants and deserves, even if it's not with us. He bet on himself last year, and won. I don't blame any player for trying to get the most that he can.
  4. Guys if I could, I'd hug each and every one of y'all! We're going to the super bowl we're going to the super bowl!
  5. Palmer is not patient. The INT opps will be there. They will be going deep damn near every play
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