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  1. Yeah the lame-o CLT sports press has been propagating that rumor for a good while... Problem is highest and best use of that site portends for a valuation that won't pencil out when modeling the economics of a new stadium. The Carowinds site would be an amazing spot for a new stadium!
  2. Where do you anticipate the "new one" will be located?
  3. Bailey was reporting the same on the radio today...
  4. If players daring to be outspoken is such a burden on your psyche there are other sports you can follow. Which ones do you recommend?
  5. Good catch on your part with the news... Nice try on the cherry-picking.
  6. Unlike the other 99.8%... ...you do deserve credit for a modicum of logic and a somewhat cogent position. Good onya mate.
  7. Teddy is 100% simpatico with Coach Rhule... ...team first. TB5 is the consummate professional and will be ready to roll and fulfill the terms of the contact he signed his name to. (unlike some)
  8. Is it Sanjay? Or Chuck? Or someone else? Or none of the above?!? Like Darnold you're seeing ghosts... While you may not like the positions I take they all have merit and in the great United States of America we are all entitled to an opinion... ...and, it's beneath you to be groveling for a ban -- weak sauce there bud. (was there a Chuck? think I remember you rolling that one out there?)
  9. Question for the group... ...which 2 or 3 mock-drafts are considered to be the most legitimate?
  10. We'd actually have 3 first-round QB's on the roster... ...has this ever happened before?
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