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  1. I challenge you to turn to the person next to you make a $1,000 > $1 bet on Deshaun playing next year...
  2. Harvey Weinstein is serving a long stretch of hard time due to a convictions for which there was no physical evidence whatsoever for incidents that were years in the past -- simply she said vs. he said.
  3. What kind of name is "Shi"...? Don't the Bobcats have a player of the same name?
  4. Nobody is in the mix. These rumors are coming from Mr. Whip-It-Out's agent, one David Mulugheta... ...he's just trying to stir the pot and get the media discussion going again. How many times is this now? (Note: McClain no longer has any legit Texans sources.)
  5. 22 seems to be the number I remember for accusers of Mr. Whip-It-Out ...what are the specific counts on licensed vs. un-licensed?
  6. We know that Tepper has big [email protected] He'll push for us to start Watson if we get him. According to one with "insider" access... ...this is not Tepper's call and he's at home twiddling his thumbs and waiting for the outcome just like the rest of us.
  7. Hear ya. Over the course of the season seems likely the vaxx'd population of NFL players will have more trouble w/ Covid for the reasons you mention... ...namely, they are not subject to "doing things right to avoid infection".
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