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  1. Yesterday during the Kyle Bailey Show on WFNZ... ...Stan Norfleet said that there's a lot of chatter on "black twitter" (not sure what that is) that if Joe Brady gets a head coaching job before Eric Bieniemy there will be hell to pay for Roger Goodell and the NFL.
  2. Fluent...an expert if you will. We at 40+ yet? Expand That was an easy win. 95 posts and still 3-hours to go... ...dauum! Looks like our boy clocked in at 96 posts on the day... ...that' is impressive.
  3. Fluent...an expert if you will. We at 40+ yet? That was an easy win. 95 posts and still 3-hours to go... ...dauum!
  4. I will be interested to see how much Fitterer interacts with the media.
  5. It's not an either/or proposition. Fitterer is fluent in analytics. Over/under on your Friday post count = 65... ...taking the over.
  6. Tepper wouldn't have hired him if he wasn't fluent in analytics... ...you can be assured he is.
  7. "The Seattle Seahawks have the NFL’s second-best winning percentage since 2012. One of the secrets to that success may lie within the team’s sports science department. Seattle has separated itself from competitors with its usage of technology and data analytics to help maximize player performance and ultimately win more games. The Seahawks were the first NFL franchise to establish a sports science group seven years ago, an effort spearheaded by general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll." https://www.geekwire.com/2019/seattle-seahawks-use-data-win-off-field/
  8. Was he in your top-50 before being "announced"?
  9. Yeah but you have insider-info and zeroed in on lots of candidates before any "announcements" were made... ...where was Fitterer? Was he even on the radar at all?
  10. Unlike you I don't spend 40 hours per week making 65 posts per day on the site... ...I simply responded to the first notification I had, didnt look at the home page. Have you ever stopped to consider how much time you spend on this site? I hope you are being paid...
  11. Yeah but he didn't make any of your lists. How did you miss him? Were your "insiders" put of the loop?
  12. Don't see Fitterer's name in this thread... Did anyone think he had even an outside shot at the job?
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