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  1. What's the likelihood he stays? Crappy owners have a lousy track record of being able to hold onto premier talent...look no further than the New Orleans Hornets (Pelicans). #4 pick Chris Paul, left. #1 pick Anthony Davis, gone. #1 pick Zion Williamson, sure sounds like he's got one foot out the door. Why? Because ownership sucks and these players can see there is no path toward consistent success for the organization (much less a championship). If the key operating hierarchy within the Bobcats remains Mike Jordan > Mitch Kupchak (age 67) > James Jordan > Buz
  2. Does it? The team has consistently lost money on an operating basis. Ever notice that MJ & Co never provide any disclosure on who his local partners are and/or that they can't attract any local investors? That's because there aren't any. There used to be a bunch...McColl, Sabates, Beck, Schwab, etc...but all tired tired of writing checks every year to cover operating losses and gradually their stakes were nearly worthless and MJ owned 97% when he recently sold an undisclosed stake to the 2 hedgies from NYC --- nobody in Charlotte is interested. Compare & contrast that
  3. Absolutely. Bought the boat cheap and then caught the tide that lifted all boats...his boat has definitely increased in value. On paper, yes. From a cash flow perspective, definitely not. For him the Bobcats have been the same as a house in a Dilworth. A lot of folks bought houses right in Dilworth...and while the area has exploded and home values have skyrocketed, the longer-term homeowners have only written checks to maintain the home, and pay the mortgage, etc... ...until they sell their gains are only on paper. MJ first invested 15 years ago and the
  4. It's like 8-9 teams, right? In the last 30 years only 3 teams have won more than 2 Super Bowls and they are: Patriots (6), Cowboys (3), Broncos (3). In that same time frame 5 other teams have won 2 Super Bowl titles and they are: Packers (2), Steelers (2), Giants(2*), Buc's (2), Ravens (2). The 30 games are rounded out with 8 teams who won a solo title and they are: Eagles, Redskins, Seahawks, Rams, Saints, 49ers, Chiefs, Colts. *Giants would have 3 if the time-frame were expanded to 31-years. Two (2) seems like pretty goof company to me...
  5. It's like 8-9 teams, right? Not sure but it's certainly not something to sneeze at!!
  6. Certainly not as a result of anything MJ has done... ...he lucked into a broken down yet barely sea-worthy boat just before the tide came in. It would be interesting to know how much of the team he sold to the 2 hedgies from NYC and what price they paid. Prior to their arrival he was seriously underwater...
  7. How many teams have won 2 or more Super Bowls in last 30 years?
  8. The Packers compete year in and year out. They have a total of four losing seasons since we entered the league. We have a total of seven winning seasons in that same timeframe. I wouldn't say they're the absolute gold standard either, but they're certainly one of the better ran teams in the league. Since 1995 (26 seasons): Packers = 19 playoffs appearances, 38 playoff games, 21 playoff game wins, 2 Super Bowl titles. Panthers = 8 playoff appearances, 17 playoff games, 9 playoff game wins, 0 Super Bowl titles.
  9. Packers "stockholders" are that in name only...they do not, nor have they ever shared in any "profits". In fact, the franchise operates under a not-for-profit corporate structure and is the only NFL for which annual financial statements/information is available to the general public... ...some starter reading here if you're interested: https://shareholder.broadridge.com/pdf/gbp/green-bay-packers-2020-annual-report.pdf
  10. Absolutely. Make him play for the Packers, or retire... ...his choice.
  11. How'd that work out for him? Their playoff streak didn't end with his departure, they went back to the Finals, again. The last 2 seasons have been dominated by injuries that no team could overcome but rest assured, they'll be back. So let's cut to the chase... ...do you believe Mike Jordan is a good owner? Do you believe Mike Jordan can lead this franchise to consistent success? If so, why & how?
  12. Great example of excellent ownership. Playoffs 7-of-last-8 seasons and a 9-6 winning playoff-series record in that time frame. By comparison your Bobcats led by Mike Jordan have made the playoffs 3 times in 15 years under his control, and have an 0-3 series record. Very few teams will be consistent title contenders but regularly making the playoffs is a legit goal -- MJ has failed miserably.
  13. Ya think maybe those brilliant owners had something to do with convincing him to stick around?
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