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  1. I assume you are referring to the vague allegations of skimming from the gate cut that is given to the away team? Was the allegation ever proven to be true?
  2. Sam Darnold or iamhubby1? Neither seems like they would be a pleasant hang. CMC and the inimitable #59 hang out with Silver Platter Sam on a regular basis... ...must have different taste in friends vs. you...
  3. Absolutely beautiful ... ...seen any bears ...
  4. Because the 49'ers are waiting for him to heal from surgery and show he's 100% so he can bring fair value. The GM is on the record saying he will be fine with it if The Jimmy-G Man comes back and plays for the 49ers again...
  5. Shoulder is fine. The Jimmy-G Man takes care of himself and he's only 30... ...sign him up and let's get down for some winning .
  6. Regardless, he got it wrong. You asked when he got it wrong... ...asked and answered. You think John "Long & Wrong" McClain had no inkling something was amiss... ...he was put out to pasture for a reason .
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