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  1. Yes but LOTS of people/fans who follow the NFL are fully aware of all that...as are the teams -- again, old news. Also, E.B. continues to get interviews from teams despite that info...there's something else out there.
  2. Old news. Would have to be something more, something that's currently unknown by the general public.
  3. I've been trying to rationalize how/why E.B. gets passed over every year and after so many times the only thing I can come up with is there's something out there lurking in his past that would put him at risk of being cancelled akin to what happened with Gruden.
  4. In fact is amount to EXACTLY "nothing in terms" of Big Dave's bankroll... ...see ya!
  5. No chance... ...Mr. Whip-It-Out is 110% toxic in the "Me Too" world we now live in... ...he might not ever again play in the NFL.
  6. This. Who do you suggest should replace the Head Ball Coach Matt Rhule?
  7. Yes, it is. That said, Big Dave don't give a flying F***... ...paying Rhule out is akin to loose change under the car seats for him. See ya...
  8. Wonder where Silver Platter Sam watched the game today? I hear he feels good, shoulder is fine, and he's ready to come back and rock & roll...
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