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  1. So which markets are comprised of low-IQ/no-morals fans? Philly? Chicago? Charlotte?!? This is exactly what was said at this exact same time, last year.
  2. How about overall….you prefer to have Jerry back?
  3. Who would Watson “waive” the no-trade clause for? Doesn’t appear anyone wants him at this point…
  4. The question/issue at hand was community/social side of the business….Jerry or Dave in your opinion?
  5. Payton’s starting QB was injured and out for the season in week #8… …since then Book, Siemian and Hill have all gotten turns at the wheel. Who else should Sean have looked to?
  6. Internal work environment & culture for the regular folks?
  7. Can you, and contrast that to what Richardson did/didn't do before him? You prefer Jerry here?
  8. How about the community/social side...anything good there?
  9. How about outside of football ops…anything positive there?
  10. Can you think of anything they have done right?
  11. 100% false statement by you. They do lots of things wrong…
  12. “Wait, it doesn't take 7 years to make a winning team?!?“ Relevance? 7 years?
  13. Lotta pundits picked SF… …thought they were crazy — kudos pundits
  14. Rhule has fully assimilated into Charlotte and intends to raise his family here — even dropped 6-figures to join a top private country club for the family to enjoy…settle in folks.
  15. Have the Buc’s already advanced to next werkend?
  16. There are only 32 of them…a small % of those turnover every year…then factor in competition & cultural-fit… …McAdoo nailed it in very short order, that much is clear. You should probably ABANDON SHIP🛥 and post up on a deserted 🏝 pal
  17. If you could collect full-pay from your Giants Head Ball Coach contract... ...all while sitting on the beach and not coaching QB's for some sh*t franchise... ...what would you do? Again, "bro", go educate yourself on the mitigation/offset language in NFL Head Ball Coach contracts
  18. Only because it was a box he needed to check in order to keep collecting his full paycheck from the Giants for the final 2-years of his contract. Educate yourself on the "mitigation" offset-provisions in NFL coaching contracts... ...then, maybe, you will understand... ...maybe.
  19. Actually I lived in Manhattan when it happened and 100% agree it was a laughable decision (because Geno is worse than Silver Platter Sam)... ...but you are wildly overstating the long-term ramifications of that decision... ...obviously because it's a convenient fantasy for the Gone Guys™...
  20. It's hilarious how sure of yourself and your opinions you still are... Exactly zero "opinions" offered in my post... ...only known facts.
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