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  1. Eric Clapton begs to differ... Eric Clapton blames 'propaganda' for 'disastrous' COVID vaccine (nypost.com)
  2. Changes nothing as it goes to the salient points made by @AceBoogie...
  3. It is becoming a concern. Treated TB5 worse than a dog too...
  4. I'd have been fine with him too. However, the massive contingent of "fans" who have consistently referred to him as "Rapistberger" would look like complete hypocrites if they support Watson.
  5. One thing I learned a long time ago is the difference between intelligence and expertise. Even an intelligent man isn't an expert on something he has no experience doing. And if he tries to act like he does over and above those who actually do, then maybe he's not that intelligent after all. The other alternative is to become an expert. "Football" really isn't very complicated and for a guy with Tepper's massive intellectual horsepower it's truly child's play... ...you're deluding yourself about the level of Tepper's involvement now, and going forward. [cue
  6. Roethlisberger seems to meet the description you have laid out.... ....you down with him?
  7. I think there were 3 cases at the time of the initial settlement overture... ...had Watson & Co hit the bid the other 37 probably would have never known. It would be interesting to know how things are within the Watson "camp". When the initial 3 case overture hit the mailbox Deshaun's agent/advisors surely discussed the situation and asked that he come clean so as to give him the most proper advice --- pretty clear now that he completely bullshitted them and the initial strategy was wholly inappropriate. So when he settles what prevents others from then coming forward?
  8. Sierra > G13 > Lagunitas > Green Man...
  9. I checked with a buddy who is a Giants season ticket-holder... ...he's 8th row on one of the goal lines and his were $10k. I do believe I remember another friend citing $25k for Giants seats that had been in his family for decades --- probably some kind of club type option. It's worth noting 2 different fan bases were paying for a PSL on the same seat...Jets prices were lower.
  10. Only if the local residents keep electing pussies who are afraid to tell the billionaires no. Watching Charlotte City Council fold to Richardson's L.A. bluff was hilarious...he had nothing. Gov. Pat McCrory actually told him no on behalf of the state. I'm sure the current Gov. will bend over and take it in the jacksey...
  11. Your point is? The original statement was: "...there is no precedent for it, the tax payers have always footed the bill..." Said statement is false.
  12. Your statement is categorically false. The new Jets/Giants stadium was built with 100% private funding.
  13. What are the underlying reasons for his "lack of consistency"...?? By definition "lack of consistency" dovetails with poor decision making... ...the root cause? Cleary athletic ability is abundant, so is it lack of intellect? Something else?
  14. Classic chuck...... I swear he makes a good point, then gos out the rails for the next 20 posts. Wait, am I no longer "Chuck"...?!?!?
  15. What were Lance's specific shortcomings as it goes to Brady's offense?
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