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  1. He also went 1 pick in front of us... Exactly 🫵. 0.00% chance of Panthers ending up with Herbert with Nostradamus there at the tiller ... (or anyone else for that matter )
  2. Personally I haven’t done it but a friend and his wife did a strict 30-day “cleanse” and he lost over 20lbs in 30-days…
  3. Feel free to name someone else if the one you truly loathe isn't The Head Coach or The Owner ...
  4. Hater's gonna hate and the majority of huddlers do in fact hate The Head Ball Coach... (not to mention The Owner)
  5. You mean this one where he said Rhule appears to still be lead chair? It says the exact opposite of what you said. What exactly from John Ellis says that he has some source that Tepper reigned in Rhule? Ellis...
  6. 2/3'rds of The League have had playoff droughts of 10yrs or more, and several franchises have done it more than once... ...3yrs is nothing... ...perhaps switching to another team would be a good idea for you 🫵 because your expectations are unrealistic.
  7. Son, your positions/opinions are mindblowingly myopic -- this is what "failure" looks like ...
  8. Sure you are. Also, no way Herbert or any other “franchise” QB would be here now if you were owner. It’s WAAAAYYY too early to make a conclusion/statement of this nature… …such a statement demonstrates a complete lack of awareness (much less understanding ) of the concepts of cyclicality & volatility… …trust me, your owner has complete command of both and over the course of 25-years I’m betting on him to come out on top .
  9. I know, I was just joking around…
  10. Exactly what does this mean to you? Tepper is not selling the team so disavow yourself of that notion… …knowing that, what could Tepper do today to make you happy**? **Note: firing Rhule near-term isn’t going to happen either so don’t bring that up .
  11. Exactly . And while he officially moved into the house in July 2018 the die was cast for that season and Tepp had no ability to affect it — that one accrues to Jerry’s ledger. 5 > 5 > 5 since is disappointing and Tepper would be the first to say so but there’s only 1-out in the bottom of the 1st inning of this game… …R-E-L-A-X folks .
  12. So if you were the owner Herbert would for sure be in Panthers gear today, got it . You’d have seen fit to retain the almost universally loathed Hurdog, and as owner you would have completely removed yourself from the process and allowed The Hurdog to operate unfettered, and you’re 100% positive he’d have come back from the draft with Justin in tow, got it . If I remember correctly Justin was picked #6 and the Panthers didn’t pick until #7…
  13. I have no "allegiance" whatsoever but am willing to bet on the Appaloosa for a couple of reasons... ...(i) keen handle on the challenges and timing of complex turnarounds... ...and (ii) a true understanding of how Tepper put himself into a position to pay cash for the Carolina Panthers (and no it wasn't "systematic fractional pocket stuffing" ) and how those skills will transfer... ...all that's required from you, is patience . As Whiny Aaron would say, R-E-L-A-X .
  14. What great QB would we have right now if you were in charge? How does this "systemic fractional pocket stuffing" work? Is this a long-hidden strategy only you (and Tepper) are aware of? Also, where does the "handout" line start -- seems like a great gig!
  15. They need to add a Facepalm emoji to our options...
  16. That is truly amazing … …Jimmy G’s agent has to be licking his chops .
  17. I mean what other option does he have?
  18. "insane"...is spot on. No chance either of these guys live up to the $200+ million contracts...insane.
  19. This video is complete sh*t… …what an assh*le the narrator is … …and shame on you for posting and lending any credence to it whatsoever .
  20. This is the best answer. Don't know if it'll happen in my lifetime though. Right team… …wrong rationale .
  21. No. And FTR… …”market size” has absolutely nothing to do with it . Lasry & Edens are a prime example of what is required for success…
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