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  1. Payton expects most (but not all) to be back for the game but this can't be good for their preparation. Rejoice! https://www.ktbs.com/news/health/coronavirus/sean-payton-no-way-saints-will-be-without-all-their-coaches-again-vs-new-england/article_98eb721c-1bcf-11ec-93d3-eff1784ae7f1.html
  2. I'm sure this has appeared elsewhere but...
  3. This would be true of every person who is a member of the the human race.
  4. Agreed. D.A.T.'s track record of success is epic and we are all lucky he has chosen to focus his efforts on this franchise, and bring resources to the table hitherto unknown to the people of this area but destined to take the place of the mudshark in your mythology...
  5. Now that is FUNNY! The guy needs a dictionary but the message comes through loud & clear!!
  6. All home team advantages aren't created equal...prob 1-1.5pts here... ...get the Keep Pounding chant going organically probably add another .5pts.
  7. Whoa, wait just a doggone minute now!! Before you (and others) insisted I was the mythical "Chuck" -- have you reversed course?!? Which one of the voices in your head whispered this nugget to you? Chuck?? Sanjay??? Please do tell... HINT: It wasn't me
  8. "Final say" on the 53-man roster is the operative determinant in play here... ...only one guy has it. Here's an article from a few years ago that might (long shot) help you understand the issue at hand: https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2016/story/_/page/32for32x160417/nfl-draft-2016-ultimate-decision-maker-all-32-teams-general-manager-coach-both Hmm, seems your take on Jerry Jones is in opposition to what those with real "insider" sources know to be the truth -- no surprise
  9. So why don't the Texans make said announcement and force the commissioners hand? Doing so would free up a valuable roster spot for say, Cam Newton...
  10. Today on his show Mike Greenberg was effusive about Sam. Mike's been in the Silver Platter bandwagon all along and he's certainly not jumping off now! On a similar note, during their "hot takes" section one of his co-hosts picked the Panthers to advance to the playoffs AND win a game!
  11. Your imagination knows no bounds... ...talk about being wrong (hey, it's understandable...you have a half million posts...hard to remember what took place when you're jacking up 1,000 posts per day )
  12. You're seeing ghosts... (this in addition to being a huge crybaby) He's seeing ghosts...
  13. https://www.panthers.com/news/ask-the-old-guy-mattresses-pork-and-line-play
  14. Nonsense. 100% agree, very competent exec...but he works for the GM, and that's Rhule. He made the phone calls... The Appaloosa Model is collaborative in nature but Fitterer doesn't have "GM" powers, those powers reside with Rhule.
  15. Rhule controls the roster... ...Fitterer gathers info and executes on Rhule's calls. Fitterer's "GM" title is simply a PR courtesy -- Rhule is the GM.
  16. What are the "insiders" saying about his inability to get a head coaching job?
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