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  1. You don’t appreciate my insider ? Give it a couple weeks that’s the deal that’s allegedly accepted. CNt announce now it’s in violation but that’s the offer that Houston accepted
  2. Look at mccaffrey Instagram he unfollowed the panthers
  3. According to my source we traded for him it’s a done deal
  4. Panthers to trade 4 first round picks and Christian mccaffrey . https://nesn.com/2021/02/nfl-rumors-panthers-will-do-whatever-it-takes-to-land-deshaun-watson/
  5. Tight end seems like an oddly undervalued position. Even with a very recent history where Greg Olsen was basically our number one receiver. And look at the conference playoff games— Gronk (1-29), Kelce (13-118-2), Tonyan (4-22-1), Knox (6-42-1) and then the Super Bowl— Gronk (6-67-2), Kelce (10-133). Now look at our production from our #1 guy Ian Thomas ALL SEASON (20-145-1). We gotta upgrade one way or another. Ertz and Rudolph will probably be cut this offseason. If the price isn’t too steep I’d be open to bring one of them in. There are also several good receiving tight ends who a
  6. We could have drafted cmac, traded 2nd next years first and cam to trade up for mahomes
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