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  1. Level headed, he certainly doesnt belong on the huddle then. Its all anout knee jerk reactions here. Had we eon people would be calling sam the savior
  2. Slater is not a member of the Panthers so move on
  3. Because in the finite amount of practice time where we are trying to evaluate who should make the roster, it is crazy they didnt spend time working on the silent count for the 1st preseason game. Absolutely crazy that wasnt one of the first things we put in for the 1st preseason game. Everyone know preseason games are historically loud and a silent count is an absolute must.
  4. These colts announcers are absolutely terrible.
  5. watch his pick 6 vs Penn St. Lets make him the next Fridge!
  6. Depends, if I'm trading down, I'm using the San Francisco trade chart if I'm trading up the JJ chart.
  7. Williams in the 2nd then Roundtree (another RB) in the 6th
  8. If that is the case I run to the podium and take Chase
  9. If somehow Pitts, Chase and Slater are all there, who do you think we go with?
  10. You think 2 CBs after drafting 2 last year and having Jackson and signing Bouye and Melvin?
  11. KJ Wright wasnt resigned and is a free agent, Jayon Brown had 154 tackles last year, Van Noy had 69 tackles and 6 sacks (then got cut), Greenlaw the 5th round pick from 2 years ago??
  12. Not an A+ draft but I guess I'd take it.
  13. Bucs going with Moore when they have Evans, Godwin (can be a FA next year), Scotty Miller and possibly bringing Antonio Brown back?
  14. Just one persons opinion but its mentioned here someone has Slater moving to G and rates him as the 5th best guard and 53rd best player overall https://www.profootballnetwork.com/rashawn-slater-nfl-draft-player-profile-northwestern-offensive-tackle/
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