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  1. I like PFF but there seems to be a glitch. I always seem able to trade down from 8 to SF for 12, 44, 113 and 153 this year plus their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round in 2022 and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round in 2023. Which I would gladly take but there is no way it would ever happen.
  2. Glad they got that group instead of Book, Franks and Ehlinger
  3. You cant consider a team that you play once every 4 years a rival.
  4. Call me absolutely crazy but I don't completely hate the idea of adding Smith, trying to trade Teddy and signing Winston. At least he isn't afraid to take chances. And maybe sitting and learning from Brees for a year helped. I know it didn't help for Teddy but maybe.
  5. If Lawrence, Wilson and Fields are gone, I'm trading down to someone who really wants Lance and looking at Newman later.
  6. Although not realistic I would love this. End up with 3 additional 1st in 2022, 2 additional 2nds in 2022, 1 additional 1st and 2nd in 2023. It sucks not getting a QB but ended up 6 top 75 picks this year and 8 next year. We can completely rebuild the roster quickly and plenty of draft capital to trade up next year for a QB
  7. I think Fields saw your post
  8. As much as i want a qb, if they are gone im finding myself wanting smith more and more. The wr group with a healthy cmc would be insane
  9. Watson is in the AFC too...for now. If i’m him i’m only wanting to go to an NFC team.
  10. AFC: Mayfield: 25 Years, 272 Days Mahomes: 25 Years, 116 Days Allen: 24 Years, 235 Days Jackson: 24 Years, 4 Days NFC: Brady: 43 Years, 161 Days Brees: 41 Years, 362 Days Rodgers: 37 Years, 40 Days Goff: 26 Years, 89 Days Somehow Mayfield is the oldest QB left in the AFC. But also, if we can get a great QB we could be set up for a long stretch of success!
  11. Anyone know much about him? He sat out this season to get ready for the draft. Gainwell seems like a potential replacement for Samuel if we can't resign him. He played RB but some are projecting as a slot.
  12. I live in KC now so I'm pulling for them. It was a lot of fun in the city last year when they made their run. But man I really really really wanted Slye to hit that FG this year.
  13. Most Efficient Pass-Rushing Edge: Brian Burns, Panthers Second Team: Bradley Chubb, Broncos Burns flashed as a rookie, and like the case for him when he entered the league out of Florida State as a first-round pick in 2019, he simply needed to add weight/strength to complete his game as an edge rusher. And boy did he ever do that in his sophomore NFL campaign. Burns pressured the opposing quarterback 57 times on just 418 pass-rushing snaps. That's tremendous production. He was downright unblockable during a four-game stretch in the middle of his second season with 21 pressures
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