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  1. It was Doc Walker, an old Redskins player and he is their version of Smitty, in personality that is. He was god awful, even my brother who is a WFT fan for decades even said dude was getting on his nerves. Usually it's Joe Theismann for them but I'm guessing they wanted more "rah rah" for this matchup smh.
  2. Use sarcasm font so the pleebs know what’s going on or you will look like a douche akin to the know it all @LinvilleGorge
  3. The guy clearly wasn’t set up for success. Our 3rd string or worse players are clearly terrible in comparison to the competition. Corral wasn’t confident out there and looked completely lost. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge until he actually gets a shot with some NFL players on his side. This doesn’t take away from the fact that he in fact stunk up his first NFL action badly. Food for thought.
  4. @TheSpecialJuan you are one of the biggest cry babies on this board. For years now biased pessimism. One preseason game in bs 3rd and 4th string players and you’re ready to fully judge. Damn bro you are a sad little man.
  5. Corral is in with predominant players that won’t even make a PS. To fully judge him or Howell for that matter rn is an expected knee jerk reaction of this premie fan base.
  6. Dude stfu about it already we get it you didn’t wanna draft him. Take a seat.
  7. Rivera out here trying his hardest to win against nobodies lol
  8. Man whatever they are calling for Corral is disturbing there’s nobody open and protection is abysmal. He should’ve gotten a chance with the 2nd team offense at the least.
  9. Rivera is out here trying too hard in the first preseason game, lol pathetic. Also the Commanders announcer Doc Walker is annoying as poo stfu bro it's preseason.
  10. Normally I don’t agree with you because you come off as a douche, but this show is terrible. A few solid guests but like he said it’s reminiscent of Jersey Shore.
  11. This is the smartest response possible in this scenario. Knowing who he is makes it redundant to play in the preseason. He will be in game shape and just needs to be eased in properly. Finding a diamond in the rough is more important prior to the regular season either way. Since seeing him in college I always pegged him as the "White" LaDanian Tomlinson just a little leaner. Both ran the same, was a dual threat out of the back field, and unfortunately also very injury prone because of these intangibles. We just need a compliment to him or two to bring him closer to 60%-70% touches rather than 90%+, IMO.
  12. @rippadonn Stats like these annoy the poo out of me because it doesn't take a lot of factors into account. Look at the O line we fielded, our OC poo the bed after the Cowboys game, no CMC most of the year, receivers started dropping literally everything no matter how bad the pass was. We brought Darnold in from a situation that didn't favor him to literally the same thing but expected more? You and others might not like dude but he's young put him in a decent situation for a few years before asking judgment on skewed stats. I don't want him to be our future QB but to continually use stats that suggest everything last year was his fault just like people like you did the year before is immature. We all know the years Cam and the defense carried us we were playing with house money, we never had a true rebuild until now. These past few years of eating humble pie were necessary, now it's up to this coaching staff and front office to build a winner out of it. Be patient and stfu (not just you but every one crying like we should've been good every damn year) enjoy growth and hope and maybe one day this sorry ass fanbase will get the SB they don't deserve.
  13. If I were to say this I would get banned. Gotta love this poo. Hopefully there's a huddle meet up this year.
  14. Man stfu. Do you ever say anything optimistic. You need some good pussy in your life to clear your head off this pessimism.
  15. QB play wasn’t the worst problem the last two years. Joe Brady wasn’t ready for prime time. We had a terrible O Line and CMC didn’t even play half a year between both combined. The QBs we fielded weren’t world beaters but they for damn sure weren’t set up for success.
  16. This is his opinion. He has a decent amount more experience watching film than any of us. Let alone he’s not going to be as biased as we are. His evaluation of Darnold is fair. If you take away his mental mishaps he’s a top 20-25 QB in the league. The first 3 games of last year prove it. Hell even the come back attempt in the Dallas game shows he has some talent. You guys have been so hard on everyone since Cam. Let the guy have a chance to figure it out this year. If he doesn’t we have Corral if he does then a team will sign him next year and we will get a decent comp pick. Win/win situation.
  17. Clowned would be great. It would have to be a fit. I.E. in the plans for the defense. Honestly would love it solely to have someone out there to “set the edge” per say but something is telling me he either wants too much knowing the cap we have or we are waiting things out. It will be interesting to see how much cap we roll over next year. It will be telling if we think this year is all in, like we approached the begging of last year or if we are playing the long game.
  18. Mainstream rap is horrible. Rap in general isn’t that great TBH. I listened to predominantly R&B and Jazz growing up. I appreciate a good rap song with a sample or actual live instruments used and some nice vocals. Nothing new coming out has that, especially not mainstream.
  19. Their model gets poo for being too early and making too many changes throughout the year but this time it's kind of scary how well they were able to frame most scenarios especially Carolina. Carolina Panthers: Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi State Matt Rhule believes he's the Jay-Z of NFL head coaches, but he's more Silkk the Shocker than Jay-Z at the moment. For Rhule to truly be Jay-Z, he needs his Beyonce, but he doesn't have a better quarterback option than Sam Darnold, who is basically Rebecca Black. The Panthers whiffed on all the quarterbacks they could've obtained via trade, so they could use this selection on a signal-caller, given that this is the only pick the team has in the top 100. However, it's sounding like the Panthers will use this pick on a tackle. Carolina doesn't have second- and third-round picks, but it could use the ones it has in 2023 to obtain someone like Matt Corral. If so, the Panthers can take one of the top three tackles. Charles Cross has great feet as a former five-star recruit. Charlie Campbell reported that Cross has impressed team evaluators this season. *** OTHER 2022 NFL DRAFT POSSIBILITIES: *** 1. Ikem Ekwonu/Evan Neal, OT - I now believe Carolina is going tackle... 2. Malik Willis, QB - However, quarterback is still a possibility. Pick change: previously Ikem Ekwonu, OT Yes Ekwonu was mocked then changed but only because of how other teams saw him and they didn't see a possibility of him being available. The scenario about Matt Corral was spot on like they actually got some inside perspective or they are actual savants, lol. Either way I tend to get a general consensus for mocks to gain perspective. I just found this very interesting that this was so close to reality and hopefully it all plays out for the best.
  20. If this guy can return kicks or punts we have a special teams star on our hands.
  21. Solid but not sexy pick. If he can stay healthy he seems to be an able body.
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