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  1. This is by far the most pathetic I have ever seen the panthers play. The coaching staff is abysmal. To the point where it’s either Tepper corrects it asap or becomes worse than Shad Khan, as an owner.
  2. You guys are jokes. Bunch of fuging internet pansies.
  3. He's a joke. There are teams with way less talent and look better than us on offense.
  4. He may do good. Who cares he's gone. Move along.
  5. There are plenty of other teams with worse offensive talent and have done more. Brady was in way over his head. Just accept it. In a few years he may be better but this was way too soon. Who knows in 10 years he could be another Pete Carroll, older posters on here remember how that went his first go in the NFL.
  6. Only way Harbaugh would consider is if he won the National Championship. To be continued.....
  7. Byron Leftwich, the slight Steelers connection. His cohesiveness with Tom Brady. And also not to be that guy but it would be nice to have a black head coach for once. If not him I could see the Steelers moving on from Tomlin and I feel Tepper would be on that in a heartbeat. I know some will poo this or ask why it has to be about race but idk man sometimes its nice to see people that resemble the majority of the team take direction from them and get a chance to win one.
  8. Lmao when it rains it pours. Top 10 pick incoming.
  9. Honestly whoever we draft or put at QB won't do poo to help us because this staff is full of nincompoops.
  10. Hopefully next few home games fans don't show up. Less people buy new gear over the remainder of the holidays. Ratings dip. Anything to catch his attention financially. We need to stand strong as a fanbase and say fug the rest of this season and force his hand. This is worse than mediocrity, we are a cesspool of an organization. I do not feel confident that we can beat anyone else this year. Unless they are trying to out tank us. Sad to say since Jerry got forced out we have been on the longest streak of being bad in the teams history. It needs to stop sooner than later. If you love this team leave them alone until what needs to happen happens!
  11. I hate to say it but he will never be the same. Trade him now before he's worthless. I will miss his potential and if he's good with another team hopefully he gets a SB. This black cat curse we have sure is humbling year after year.
  12. Idk about the new head coach but the rest needs to happen.
  13. There might be a light at the end of the tunnel. We could see Rhule get fired in the next two weeks. If so what type of coach do you feel is best to take over. Offensive minded or Defensive. Retread coach trying to regain footing or new up and coming coordinator. Sound off in the comments and lets hope this change is best case scenario this time with NO COLLEGE ONE HIT WONDERS.
  14. It's funny to see a team get a lead hold it and put their foot on the other teams throat. We can't do that at all. I hate this team.
  15. I have been a fan for over 2 decades now. I am tired. I love this team and football but I am sick and tired of being one of the organizations deemed "worst in sports". We have had success here and there but when it's bad it gets fuging ugly. I don't know what to complain about anymore. I used to envy the teams that won consistently or had multiple championships but now I'm at a point where I almost understand the mindset of people that don't care for sports. God this is tragic.
  16. This is abysmal. How are these guys allowed to still coach in the NFL.
  17. Can’t blame cam for everything when you have the worst OL in the league too.
  18. Why isn’t CMC. What kind of play calling is this. fug this OL. I hate watching this team play now man wtf.
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