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  1. @LinvilleGorge go ahead and ban me since you always swoop in to be the savior of these closet racists. The Panthers will never see success until they look to be more progressive. The swap thing they hired to be a cheer leader is just a facade. Real change comes when you look in the mirror and realize what you have BEEN doing isn't working and what you SHOULD be doing is going to hurt a little but for the greater good it is necessary. fug that BLM poo you think this is about it's about letting a coach be one with his people and really resonate with them because he is one of them. Oh yea cracker. Just to make sure pussy mod bans me permanently. Tired of seeing you fine young males cry all the time yall are worse than the manboyladies you are mad you might have to piss next to in the urinal and get aroused because their clit is bigger than your cuckold code.
  2. Here come the fair skins making a mockery of a typo. I feel that Bieniemy is put into a bad light based on rumors that unfairly paint a picture of him based on a few instances. How can you defend Cam to the world that "doesn't really know him" but poo on this guy if the way he's being portrayed is akin to one of your own? If he was as bad as presumed would he still be employed by a franchise with as much recent success as the Chiefs? Byron Leftwich is also a solid candidate for numerous reasons, but naming too many black options would have brought over the nascar elite to blabber some count the votes, let's go Brandon nonsense. Question for you people (the ones pooing any conversation with promotion of ethnic awareness are always the easiest to trigger) that always have a problem when color is brought up.... why does skin color not matter when it comes to a situation that has a positive outcome for someone not the same color as you? If in turn skin color didn't matter wouldn't there be more black coaches, or does the majority of the people who play the sport you love so much not have the proper knowledge or experience for the position?? I love the fact that I have lived in a more progressive area for the better part of two decades and see how badly the south and how arrogantly prejudice people there are perceived outside of the comfort of their own cousin's vagina. Seriously, after all the Jerry Richardson antics and the blatant avoidance of giving coaches that aren't vetted by the good ol boys club of the NFL shouldn't we right the wrong and give a few of these hard working gentlemen a chance to show what they really can do? Do better NC, not only for yourselves but the biracial relatives most of you under cover racists have or will have once the younger generations realize how ass backwards some of you can be.
  3. I know this will rustle some feathers, but I would love to see what hiring a clack coach could do for this franchise. A name out there that hasn't gotten a shot but is continually making a mark with his current team is Eric Bieniemy. Yes we have heard the rumors but he continually gets the most out of the Chiefs offense. They do have a world beater at QB ( which can make him look better than he is ) but after watching the Chiefs v Cardinals game I am all in on taking a chance with him and his offensive approach. It's about time we had a coach of color come to the Bible Belt let alone an offensive minded one. Say what you will about other people being deserving and why does it have to be about color but killing two birds with one stone might break this god forsaken black cat curse and maybe just maybe finally Superb Owl for once in our miserable lives.
  4. This game had so much wrong on the coaching side that the talent we have on the team had to fix. Terrible play calling in the first half, did not set the tone with the run. Left Ickey on an island most of the day against a top 3 edge rusher. Did not play for the dagger and just went for the safe win. Why wasn't a timeout called before the FG attempt? The only positive from the game was the half time adjustments and the team playing a little better once involving CMC more. Terrible way to lose but not all is lost the team will be at least some what watchable the remainder of the year.
  5. hell of a come back but they cheated us on the roughing the passer that was pure bs but good game adjustments in the second half
  6. this is a poo show but to make it better most games are being played terribly rn
  7. this is the worst start I have ever seen this team have in the first game of the season
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