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  1. Interesting they aren’t reporting 2nd game stats when I looked.
  2. He’s not getting good opportunities. When he is in they know it’s to give CMC a break and they are stacking the box. Thats why that early TD to Zylstra was so easy. Hell I’ll go as far to say CMC hasn’t been doing that great in the run game himself. Teams know great it’s a good chance 9/10 CMC is on the field they are trying to get the ball to him so they are stacking the line heavy.
  3. Once we see this against a legit D then I would say evaluate after. 10/10 we play the Eagles, this game will be a good test of how good our line holds up.
  4. ESPN isn't reporting stats from both games yet, wait for the update Monday. I got the stats I posted from NFL.com, that said both are doing way better than people expected.
  5. After Thursday we might be at or around 15 sacks and 5 interceptions. With that being said who do you think will lead the team in sack and interceptions by EOS and how many team sacks and interceptions could we see this year by the entire team. 60 is our record if I’m not mistaken. 60 in 2013 lead by Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy and 1996 led by Kevin Greene and Lamar Lathon. Where as we had 26 INTs in 2004 our team record led by Chris Gamble. This year might be crazy for our defense as long as Phil Snow keeps us confusing opposing offenses I hopefully can see one of these records broken sooner than later.
  6. Crazy to see after 2 games he has the 2nd most passing yards. Completed 77% of his passes. 4 TD 0 INT. Passer rating of 120.7. Ironically enough Darnold is right be hind him in 3rd place with 3 less attempts but only 8 less yards. Both are behind yet another ironic candidate in Stafford who has 15 more yards that Darnold with 17 less attempts. Just image Darnold could be close to 1000 yards passing in just 2 games if we didn’t take the foot off the throttle in the 2nd half of each game. TB is not doing too bad in Denver and they have Jeudy out a few weeks, hate to say it but sometimes change of scenery can really bring out the best in someone. Glad that it is helping Sam reinvent himself also.
  7. It seems in the 2nd half we take the foot off the game and let the defense play. They gauge how the defense is keeping them in the game before having to unnecessarily let Darnold loose. I think they are still a little afraid to go all in with him getting too fancy. I know it would kill his psyche to have a game under control then lose it because he tried to do too much.
  8. If that duck Jameis threw didn’t go so high Jaycee would’ve had 2 ints on the day. It’s crazy how much respect he’s been getting and how good he’s played in coverage so far. You barely notice him or hear his name called each game. Hopefully teams start to target his man more so we can see what he really is about.
  9. College student email. NFL game pass $100. You’re welcome.
  10. I wasn’t too upset with the second half like some in the game day thread were. The issues wasn’t with the defense. Not only did the Jets make a few adjustments and realize Wilson is better rolling out of the pocket but the defense was winded since Brady and the Offense went straight vanilla in the second half. TOP was handled terribly and aided in the comeback. Hopefully Rhule tears a new one with Brady and lets him know we need to be relentless. fug coddling Darnold’s psyche, we need to be a force on both sides and take chances. Look at the Cardinals, we beat them handily in 2019 and 2020, but they have gradually gotten better while we have been stagnant for the most part. Yesterday they had a moment of reckoning against one of the teams crowned preseason favorites to make a splash in the playoffs. We could’ve made a statement yesterday but for some reason the ghost of Rivera past decided to fug that up. NO will not be a game we want to get embarrassed in so early in the season. We have to show up, to build momentum for the future.
  11. Nobody is freaking out. If any of the neck beards read correctly I said outside of a few years of Gano we have had very bad luck with choosing kickers. Yes he made 75% of his kicks today but if we are punting multiple times when we could’ve kicked 50+ yard field goals that the average NFL Kicker could make, I mean come on now even the staff didnt have confidence in him.
  12. Was trusted to kick 3 times. Santoso was trusted to kick once and missed an XP. We have the worst luck with kickers. This has gone back for years a decade almost. Guano was good for a while but after the SB he fell apart again. Butker is a SB champion and a top3 kicker in the league while we continue to make dumb decision after dumb decision for another crucial position.
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