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  1. That actually sounds pretty fair to me. It's also very unlikely he does that (I would be stunned if he did that WITHOUT a safety blanket like CMC to throw to) but yeah...I guess. He wouldn't be the starter (he'd be holding a clipboard and cheering on his teammates which is what he does better anyway) so whatever.
  2. I love your gimmick. Now do Matt Rhule : "I'm a good Football Head Coach" Audience reaction :
  3. Only scenario I can see Sam Delusional staying is if he accepts the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM salary....as a BACKUP and understands that he will never start another NFL Game except for injury. If Sam's delusions on that Podcast are any indication, though, I think he honestly believes he's still "starter material" in the NFL, in which case I'd just let him walk and move on.
  4. And he probably won't care 'cause he's set for life, thanks to a fuggin' idiot of an owner.
  5. FUG HIS PRIDE!! Wilks just proved Matt is a Never-will-be (not a Has-been).
  6. You know....I once referred to Sam Darnold as Sam Delusional after that Podcast where he overrated his abilities much to our astonishment (and amusement). It seems Matt overrates his abilities as a Coach (but we're not amused). Difference? Sam, for all his faults, is not a frickin' douchenozzle a$$hole like Matt who throws an ENTIRE ORGANIZATION under the bus. FUG YOU, MATT! Hope the Nebraska program fails harder than your diet.
  7. Hard to tell the NFL was too big for him as his GUT challenged the NFL's size on a daily basis.
  8. meh. Matt would've ruined him, too. It didn't matter what QB we got.
  9. Don't worry, Matt. We wish you never took this job either. But Tepper is an idiot and gave you a blank check (basically) so you would've been an idiot to turn that down from an even bigger idiot. Everybody is an idiot in the business side of things of the Panthers.
  10. More like the Denver Broncos are the Worst team in the NFL right now.
  11. Having more arm talent means nothing if you don't have it up here (*points to head*).
  12. Let me just say this as I drop by (since I'm paying more attention to my NJ Devils than the Panthers this season) : The Broncos have to be embarassed to have been beaten by Sam friggin' Darnold. I mean...damn. That's about as low as you can go. Bright side is the Panthers have got quite the Running Back.
  13. It's a real bummer that Fitt actually rejected the deal as it guarantees that we are going to tie up a huge part of the cap onto one player who isn't at all an Elite pass rusher. smh. Only the Panthers, man. Only the Panthers.
  14. anyway, it's looking like Fitts really did reject the offer so I guess this discussion is over. Whatever.
  15. Don't mean to re-hash old news but there was zero guarantee he would've been available. sure hindsight is hindsight but we didn't know that at the time.
  16. And? So we stop looking for a QB because of this? How are we going to find one if we don't draft one?
  17. Nothing is guaranteed. But when you can get two freebie 1st rounders to go along with your own 1st rounders in 2 upcoming drafts, you do it. This isn't like they're offering two 2nd rounders or anything (in which case I'd tell the Rams GM to go screw himself)....
  18. Yeah I don't get the reluctance around here. The rams are bent over a barrel just waiting for the Panthers, and the Panthers are like "oooh...look at the turtles over there!"
  19. Who are the upcoming QB's in the next draft? Shroud and who else?
  20. And that's something the Burns Fan brigade isn't considering. These two draft picks have the possibility (a real one) of turning into Top 10 BOTH SEASONS. To pass on that in favor of someone who is not that much of an impact player on Defense (he's good but not elite), would be a complete and total fail on Fitt's part. And I truly hope there is no stupid handshake deal by Fitts to re-sign him 'cause that would be an idiotic move on his part as it would handcuff him.
  21. Wanna know something scarier than Halloween? Believing that Brian Burns is Lawrence Taylor. Get the deal done, Fitz. Don't mess around here. The Rams are asking....no...BEGGING to be fleeced here. Might as well oblige them.
  22. Or we don't waste two firsts and instead draft a QB one of those seasons. You know... A QB that has been in a position of absolute NEED for a long time. So unless Burns can also play QB (and he should, for the amount of money he's asking for), I'm going to say "Good Luck in LA" and collect my 2 1st-rounder winnings. Actually there is because there are other teams in the NFL that could offer a deal that the Rams would accept, thereby the Panthers losing out on a once-in-a-blue-moon deal.
  23. Fitt would pass on 2 1st rounders to hold onto a "young core" that hasn't done jacksh-t? Come on, Fitt. Use some common sense. The Rams are not going to be "all that" by the time 2024 and 2025 rolls around which would make those 2 1st rounders VERY valuable. Plus, let's not forget we will have our OWN 1st rounder as well. This is a tremendous opportunity here that I would be hard-pressed to pass on if I was Fitt.
  24. Multiple 1st round picks? From a team that is not guaranteed to go to the heights it did when it went on its SuperBowl run with a QB that is hot-and-cold? I'll take that deal and run away with it.
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