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  1. Okay....maybe I'm misunderstanding your answer, Grabber, but.... The Cowboys actually won SuperBowls in their history. What have the Panthers won that would make the Franchise a household name? WINNING CURES ALL ILLS, or however the saying goes. If we started winning SuperBowls, then our "Brand" grows...in a POSITIVE manner.
  2. Meatloaf looks like MEATLOAF. Or at least 500 lbs of it. But McAdoo as the guy? I have no opinion on him aside from whether he'd be an upgrade from Brady or not...
  3. Kingsbury would be terrific... ...which is why we are NOT getting him. We will get an OC that we won't like and know he will fail from Day one.....and will eventually be proven right once his contract with us is over. Basically a repeat of Brady.....
  4. The Mark Sanchez(Buttfumble) one has GOT to sting a ton for Cowboys fans to see.
  5. How about also Kellen Moore (their Offensive Coordinator) getting some blame as well? I wonder if that QB Draw at the end there was more HIS idea than McCarthy's?
  6. The only thing I can remember is everyone sucking their dick after they beat the Panthers early this season and annointing them SuperBowl Champs. This outcome pleased me greatly.... ...and pleased Stephen A Smith, too :
  7. Skip doesn't work with Stephen A anymore. He's with Shannon Sharpe now.
  8. BTW, as I stated in the other thread(which I meant to post HERE), I despise Stephen A Smith but one of the very few things I enjoy about him is his trolling of Dallas fans. And I'm sure he's all like "Ha-ha" while pointing as if he was Nelson from the Simpsons. He's going to have an absolute ball with this. And I can't help (once again) to go back to that broadcast of the Cowboys against the Panthers where everyone was basically sucking their you-know-what. Love it when they're all made to look stupid.
  9. So many good things (even though the Panthers are once again on the outside looking in) happened thus far : Pats get STOMPED. (F.U. BelliDICK) Bengals FINALLY win a playoff game after 3 decades (I feel good for their fans as it must've been a running bad-joke for them all this time. I bet they placed bets on how they would choke this game away). And speaking of CHOKING : How about 'dem Cowboys? How about 'dem "Future Super Bowl Champs" that the league annointed them after they beat up a non-playoff-caliber Panthers team early in the season? Same old Cowboys....The Champions...of the REGULAR SEASON.
  10. I despise Stephen A Smith but I always look forward to his trolling Cowboy fans after every Playoff Failure. Get the popcorn ready...
  11. Yeah but that woman actually makes those two clowns look good and that's saying something. She sounds more like some female fan they plucked out of the crowd and was told to do "commentary" with zero training.
  12. Can't help but point out how CRINGE-WORTHY the Nickelodeon Wild Card graphics AND the Commentary is for the 49ers/Cowboys game. Who is the lady who is constantly doing a bad Cardi B imitation? Jesus Christ....wtf? I had to mute it.
  13. After today, everyone should understand that there are too many threads with the title "After today, everyone should understand..."
  14. What Happens If We Strike Out on a Legit OC Hire? Nothing. Life will go on and we will continue to suffer. Same sh*t, Different day.
  15. Sam doesn't need an O-Line. He needs a brain-transplant 'cause his current one is broken and can never be fixed. He was Carr'd in NY and further Carr'd here. Add to that.....that he wasn't all that good to begin with and you have a high-quality recipe for SUCK.
  16. Yep. He took the high road. This invalidates the whole premise of the thread. NEXT!
  17. To be fair, this alien-looking mofo didn't exactly throw anyone under the bus with the comments above. He took the high-road like he should (for a change).
  18. Nope. He reminds me of how I used to be earlier on this season : Making excuses for Sam Dumb-nerd.
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