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  1. I think he's got as good a shot as anybody especially since stats aren't solely what they go off of. Steve was a 5' 9 beast who played like he was 6'5. There was no one else like that in NFL History. Ontop of that he was catching passes from Delhomme and whatever camp arm we signed to the active roster. He even survived the train wreck that was the Jimmy Clausen fiasco. The only WR that can claim was in a similar situation was Andre Johnson and even his stats are inferior to Steve's. He's also 1/3 WRs to ever achieve the Triple Crown. The other two? Sterling Sharpe (HoFer if he played longer), and Jerry Rice (HOF). It wouldnt surprise me if he got in, he's the most deserving out of any of those guys 100%.
  2. I just looked, there is no one with more yards than Smith. Who would you think I'm wrong about? Marvin Harrison? Reggie Wayne? Andre Johnson? Anquan Bolden? Torry Holt? Nope. 2 of them have 1 more TD catch and a few more catches on him but no one has the yards. Just saying. Steve has a pretty great resume outside of a Sb ring and no HOF Qb throwing to him for the majority of his career. If any WR stands a chance at first ballot its definitely Steve
  3. I don't believe there to be any WRs with better #s than Steve Smith has waiting to get in.
  4. No parent should have to go through something like that. Even though I have no children of my own this makes me sad prayers young T.J. gets the helps he needs and lives a long and healthy life.
  5. Last game of the season was one of his better passing games of the year so no there is no "evidence" his arm got weaker. His worst performances came on the back of him returning from Covid. Not because his shoulder lost strength.
  6. If Cam balls out for NE like I expect him to this year with an actual NFL level offense and an actual offseason with the playbook and teammates, and we are still stuck signing JAG FA Qbs I don't see how ANYONE on this board can say with a straight face we were right to move on from him. It will be the single biggest mistake of the David Tepper/Matt Rhule era if Cam Newton can still play at an MVP level - then they had no business letting him go.
  7. 2020: We believe in Teddy! 2021: We believe in Sam! 2022: We believe in [Insert JAG FA Qb]
  8. At some point a good Qb is going to have to make due with an imperfect roster and mask some problems around them. We don't have the benefit of Darnold on a rookie deal for 5 years so upgrading every single position on offense with a blue chip player just isn't going to happen. Good Qbs make those around them better if Darnold is going to be the leader of this franchise this offense is plenty good enough for him to do that with if he's worth his salt. I agree with you though that if that LT is there at 8 we need to pull the trigger. Otherwise we needed to use what we traded for Darnold in a trade to move up into the top 5 somewhere to get our Qb. That didn't happen and they decided to roll with Darnold. Best bet is to just go all in with him and hope it works out
  9. Gonna be some tough words to swallow when Cam has NE in the playoffs next year and we go something like 6-10 with Darnold and are essentially just treading water. You are kidding yourself if you don't think Cam will be an improved player this year with a full offseason and having an actual NFL offense at his disposal instead of back up STs players like Damiere Byrd as his #1. Just funny to me how everyone is calling it curtains on Cams career because of what happened last year. Even the greatest coach of all time gave Cam a mulligan for the BS he had to go through to play last year It's just crazy to me that this is the logic fans are using. They get behind guys like Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold, two Qbs who have never been elite, have never been close to that level but its okay to make excuses for their poor play. They get a "pass" because of the situations they were in or the talent around them, yet when talking about Cam there aren't allowed to be any excuses made for his poor play last year even though he was in the worst siutation out of any starting Qb in the NFL last year. Boggles my mind.
  10. No one really knows what transpired. Even if Cam was unhappy with his current contract situation and wanted an extension that doesn't mean he wouldn't have played on the last year of his contract. I don't see Cam ever holding out over a contract dispute so instead, they released him. Look at the Texans and how defiant they were about letting Watson leave even with a new regime coming in. Granted Watson is in a different spot career wise but Cam was only going to make just over $20 mill. They could have dug in and held their ground if they wanted too, but they didn't want to. Tepper didn't want Cam Newton to be his Qb any longer because he has so much confidence in himself he thought we'd easily replace our Franchise Qb with poo like Teddy, and that just isn't going to get the job done Bottom line is, we had our guy in the building. Sure he was coming off injury but I would have rather taken a chance with Cam for 1 year returning to form in a stacked offense rather than bringing in a guy like Teddy every single year in hopes we finally get someone worthy enough to replace the guy we let walk out of the door. Relying on FA Qbs to become what they've never been, "Franchise Qbs," is a worse strategy than hoping your former MVP returns to form. Regardless of the contract Cam would still be here if they wanted him here. They didn't. Welcome Sam Darnold!!
  11. Career #'s are no better than what Teddy's was last year when he came to us. The problem with this whole thing is we are once again banking on a guy to become something he has never been. Just like we did with Teddy last year. Part of that problem is we are essentially getting a rookie Qb without the 4 year + option year contract which is actually really valuable. This is my problem with this franchise and the decisions they made to put us into this position and I just can't ignore the fact we allow a former NFL MVP, proven franchise Qb to walk out of the door so we can constantly sign retreads and pray to the football Gods they transform into a player they have never been before and are pretty much no longer on a rookie deal. Instead of you know, giving the guy one season to see if HE can still be the player we needed him to be but yet here we are. One year after the decision to move on from Cam and this is the position we find ourselves in, in the exact same position as last year with a new FA addition at Qb with no solid plan in place to get better at the position we are essentially throwing poo at the wall to see if it sticks. Yikes. What if we pass on a Qb at 8 and Darnold turns out to be TB 2.0? What a poo show this will turn out to be. But anyways the past is the past best of luck to Darnold he legit has every opportunity to succeed here, just like TB did last year. Hopefully he can come in and be better than he has been in the NFL thus far but I won't be holding my breath.
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