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  1. Just because the defense has been playing well doesn't mean Burns has been playing good or living up to everything we turned down for him. You guys want to harp on everything we gave up for Young because he's not flourishing in a severely flawed offense that has no foundational pieces to build on. Yet Burns is in the perfect system on a good enough defense with good enough players around him and not living up to everything we turned down for him, and some how that's okay and he gets a free pass. That makes absolutely no sense.
  2. Lol. Man. I can't with you. Your thinking is so ass backwards it's insane. Bryce Young is in an impossible situation as a rookie QB. I'm sorry that's so hard for you to see. Show me another rookie QB with a worse Oline and WRs than Bryce has had to work with all year. Show me. His OC has never called plays in the NFL before. The scheme is unimaginative, and rarely has play designs that help our league worst WR core get open. The Oline allows the most pressure up the middle in the NFL. The owner is calling plays lol its a fuging circus and an Impossible situation. Meanwhile Brian Burns is surrounded by one of the best DTs in the NFL as his running mate and is now playing in a scheme that should MAXIMIZE his skill set. Even with all of the injuries in the secondary they have been more than serviceable. Brian Burns is the one with no excuse for lack of production. Not Bryce fuging Young.
  3. So they took their LBers out of the game to add more DBs. Wouldn't that single they are not afraid of the running game since that is where LBers have most of their impact? Putting more DBs in the game would signal they are afraid of the pass and are daring us to run the ball. Now if they crowded the LoS with nothing but Dlineman and LBers to stop the run and left the CBs in press man across the board with no saftey help or a single high, then that would signal that they do not respect our passing game and are selling out to stop the run. The situation you described is the complete opposite of that.
  4. Wow a lot of big brains in this thread with some very definitive statements. Just think so far in your lifetime every single choice you have made has lead you to poo posting on a 1-11 football team's message board. Ya'll aren't as bright as you think you are and that is a fact. The all knowing voices of the Carolina Huddle. Lol. At this point I hope Bryce is the starter for the next 10 years maybe it will get some of you clowns to finally abandon ship
  5. More exaggeration. Doesn't need to be league best. No where has anyone said something that stupid. He needs better than the worst collection of oline/rb/te/wr talent in the league. Period.
  6. Thinking teams remain the same from year to year and thinking prior year records are some sort of indictment on the current year is actually the comedy part. It just shows you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to this sport. Every team starts completely over in the offseason. Especially teams that change their entire coaching staff. The personnel change, the players change. Injuries. There are so many different factors that weigh on a team from year to year. Look at the 2015 Panthers. They went 15-1 to 6-10 the following year. First team in NFL History to go 15-1 and miss the playoffs the following year. What's your explanation for that? By your logic they should have went undefeated or at the very least secured double digit wins. Would love to hear an explanation
  7. Pretty sure he made a similar pass to Thielen after spinning out of a sack but it was to the opposite side of the field. Grasping at straws trying to find anything to throw shade on our QB. I think it's time for some of yall to finally go root for a new team because garbage takes like this are getting really really old. https://youtube.com/shorts/uZOESVlpNdk?si=ksAtrj9iz9itpAi1 Only difference is the college WR actually had separation for his QB to throw the ball. Thielen had 0 separation and Bryce still threw a dot. Similar route both are running to the corner pylon Penix had about 37 air yards compared to Bryce's 35.
  8. I'm still waiting. Since, you know, elite QBs are supposed to "lift" the talent around them there should be plenty of examples of good/great QBs doing just that. Bottom 3 offensive line, bottom 3 receiving core, HC that just got canned. Yet still produced pro bowl numbers and a top 20 offense? Who? Which QB had a complete s*** show going on around them yet still produced. I'm dieing to know some of these guys but no one has been able to produce any names
  9. Pressured on 24% of dropbacks Nowhere to go with the ball on 33% of dropbacks And you guys expect him to put up probowl numbers week in and week out because he was a #1 overall pick? The logic just doesn't make sense
  10. Which QB in NFL History had a successful season with an offense on par or worse than what Young is currently playing with? Care to list some examples because I'm genuinely curious
  11. -31st ranked offensive line -29th ranked receiving core -7th most QB under pressure -Old and outdated offensive scheme -First HC in NFL History with back to back midseason firings -OC that has never called plays in the NFL before Huddle: OUR QB SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES SHORT AND HAS A NOODLE ARM!!!!!!! Must be something in the water down there in Carolina because that is one backward ass thought process.
  12. Yea almost like NFL teams gave us the blueprint on how to have your young QB be successful early on in their career. The Texans followed that blueprint. The Panthers did the complete opposite. They gutted their offense. Can you imagine what DJ Moore and CMC could be doing for Young right now? I'm sure Frank would still have a job but that's beside the point. Most QBs need weapons to be successful. That's why 95% of teams do everything they can to surround their QB with as much talent and firepower as possible. Except the Carolina Panthers.
  13. Trevor definitely does deserve credit. He didn't achieve those numbers by mistake he put in a lot of effort and I'm sure he studied film. But it just goes to show that even generational can't miss prospects like Lawrence need some sort of help in the NFL and can't get by on just talent and name alone. That sentiment echoes even louder for Bryce Young because he has even more to overcome
  14. The only reason I bring up Lawrence is because its a lot similar of a comparison than Joe Burrow (curious why he chose to use Burrow as his example as well). Lawrence had Chark and Shenault as WRs that year (chark only played 4 games, laviska all 16) Lawrence threw 12 TDs to 17 INTs has a YPA of 6.0 and a QBR of 71.9. Young has a 5.4 YPA and a 74.9 QBR. Both had dysfunctional coaches for very different reasons but both were fired during the season. Reich after 11 games, Meyer after 13. With a new outlook and solid HC hire in Doug Pederson Lawrence was able to have a very good year 2 under Pederson and Co. Why is it such an asinine thought on this board that our rookie QB could be better with a better staff that actually knows what the fug is going on and isn't living on a name that they made for themselves 5-10+ years ago? The Jags retooled their offense and brought in legit talent surrounding their young QB with young playmakers and he improved. However, I'm sure the coaching changes and personnel had very very little to do with Trevor Lawrence's big turn around in year 2 and the only reason he improved was because he's 6'6 220 pounds with a laser rocket arm. /sarcasm /huddlelogic2023
  15. And Trevor Lawrence's rookie year?
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