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  1. If Cam balls out for NE like I expect him to this year with an actual NFL level offense and an actual offseason with the playbook and teammates, and we are still stuck signing JAG FA Qbs I don't see how ANYONE on this board can say with a straight face we were right to move on from him. It will be the single biggest mistake of the David Tepper/Matt Rhule era if Cam Newton can still play at an MVP level - then they had no business letting him go.
  2. 2020: We believe in Teddy! 2021: We believe in Sam! 2022: We believe in [Insert JAG FA Qb]
  3. At some point a good Qb is going to have to make due with an imperfect roster and mask some problems around them. We don't have the benefit of Darnold on a rookie deal for 5 years so upgrading every single position on offense with a blue chip player just isn't going to happen. Good Qbs make those around them better if Darnold is going to be the leader of this franchise this offense is plenty good enough for him to do that with if he's worth his salt. I agree with you though that if that LT is there at 8 we need to pull the trigger. Otherwise we needed to use what we traded for Darnold in
  4. Gonna be some tough words to swallow when Cam has NE in the playoffs next year and we go something like 6-10 with Darnold and are essentially just treading water. You are kidding yourself if you don't think Cam will be an improved player this year with a full offseason and having an actual NFL offense at his disposal instead of back up STs players like Damiere Byrd as his #1. Just funny to me how everyone is calling it curtains on Cams career because of what happened last year. Even the greatest coach of all time gave Cam a mulligan for the BS he had to go through to play last year I
  5. No one really knows what transpired. Even if Cam was unhappy with his current contract situation and wanted an extension that doesn't mean he wouldn't have played on the last year of his contract. I don't see Cam ever holding out over a contract dispute so instead, they released him. Look at the Texans and how defiant they were about letting Watson leave even with a new regime coming in. Granted Watson is in a different spot career wise but Cam was only going to make just over $20 mill. They could have dug in and held their ground if they wanted too, but they didn't want to. Tepper didn't want
  6. Career #'s are no better than what Teddy's was last year when he came to us. The problem with this whole thing is we are once again banking on a guy to become something he has never been. Just like we did with Teddy last year. Part of that problem is we are essentially getting a rookie Qb without the 4 year + option year contract which is actually really valuable. This is my problem with this franchise and the decisions they made to put us into this position and I just can't ignore the fact we allow a former NFL MVP, proven franchise Qb to walk out of the door so we can constantly sign re
  7. Doesn't deserve to own an NFL Franchise and doesn't have a clue what he's doing but damn he sure does have a lot of money.
  8. He had a higher % of on target throws than Tom Brady did last year so I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say. Every Qb has bad throws throughout the course of the season you can literally go watch them on youtube. Fact of the matter is he had a 65.7% completion which was in the top half of the league last year
  9. Noodle arm = 2009 Jake Delhomme. I watched every Pats game last season and that was 10000% not the player I saw. If Cam's arm was truly done he would have thrown more than just 10 interceptions (50% of those came in the two games post covid). He had 3 interceptions from weeks 6 to 16. Weak armed Qbs are turnover machines which was not what Cam was. He had some off target throws like he has every year, still completed almost 66% of his passes with no TE and marginal at best Rbs/Wrs. Gonna be a lot of people eating some healthy heapings of crow this season just like they did last season wit
  10. The right thing to do would be retire the # of the greatest Qb thats ever played for this franchise. I expect Tepper to do the complete opposite though. I also think that any Panthers player inducted into the Hall of Honor should potentially have their Jersey retired for at least a little while.
  11. My post had absolutely nothing to do with Deshaun Watson. Other than the fact we shouldn't even be at this point with the most important position on the team but hey David Tepper is going to be David Tepper and that's pretty much that. As far as the Rhule hiring goes. Still more of a questionable hire than the "slam dunk" most people are pretending that he is. So far he is a 5-11 Head coach and until he does better that is what he is.
  12. Reap what you sow. The reason we are in this position is because of David Tepper. Every move he's made so far has blown up in his face. I have no faith in him being a successful owner in the NFL. Hope im wrong but so far its not looking like it
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