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  1. Have you never sat down in a chair before? It's quite obvious Bryce is slouching compared to Dalton who is sitting up straight lol you people will try and make a big deal out of quite literally anything. What a fuging potato comment
  2. Lol people like you are so silly and the only reason I seem to care to log on to post these days. How can you sit there and say Bryce was the reason Williams hurt his knee on that play. Maybe it's because you dislike Bryce so you are somewhat blind as to what actually happened? Not quite sure but maybe you should get your eyes checked. Williams hurt himself by trying to make a cut after spinning around to make that catch. Pause it at 3:24. Had he landed and ran like normal instead of going to plant his foot in the ground and make a cut he doesn't get hurt. Don't put that on Bryce. That was 100% Williams fault he got injured
  3. Also the oline/protection was really good for CJ. As was the overall scheme that they designed for their offense. CJ definitely deserves a lot of credit he made a lot of elite throws, but at the same time Hats off to the Texans for implementing a system for their young QB to succeed in. The complete opposite of what the Panthers did for Young. Edit: And for those that say Bryce doesn't have an "NFL" arm the throw at 1:25 disproves that theory. That is one of the harder passes if not the hardest pass to make in the NFL. Opposite side of the hash ~25-30 yard out route and it was on the money
  4. I call BS. People get all giddy at the amount of yards he threw for but fail to acknowledge he had to attempt 58 pass attempts to hit that number. Almost 60 passes to get 360 yards. That is pretty awful and no way in fuging hell is that a viable strategy to do in all 17 games
  5. Moton went from fringe starter to one of our most reliable O lineman in our Franchise's History. The cap hit itself is not a good look but he has more than earned the money we've paid him. Glad we stopped kicking the can down the road
  6. Going from the worst OG unit in NFL history to it now being a possible strength on the team is going to do wonders for the offense alone. I expect the scheme not to be too crazy but definitely a step up from the archaic philosophy Reich/Brown came up with. Skill positions should also be much better on offense too with Diontae + draft pick + a full NFL offseason for Mingo and of course Thielen not having to be the focal point. Hard to be super optimistic with how many times we've been let down the last 6+ years however, on paper it's looking pretty damn solid so far.
  7. You strawmen might have something to grasp at if the entire offense wasn't a complete dumpster fire from the scheme, to play calling, all the way down to the personnel. You guys keep harping on things like Young was the only problem on offense last year and that couldn't be further from the truth. As bad as Young was the OG position was probably the worst display of OG play in NFL history. No QB can operate efficiently with that level of Guard play. Miles Sanders? 0 separation from the WRs? Roll all of that into a ball and then throw a 5'10 QB behind center and wonder why it's such a disaster. Young was part of the problem but a small part. If the rest of the offense gets fixed and we have a coach that actually coaches the offense won't be anywhere near as bad as it was last year.
  8. That's on you! I'd have taken a ham sandwich at the end of the day
  9. Not that many good TEs in the NFL currently. I struggle to name a top 10 without looking at a chart.
  10. He's got a defender within a fingers graps of his face and he's rolling out to the right towards the sideline. If he throws the ball anymore inside he'd be throwing across his body while on the run with a defender in his face. Where exactly is he supposed to put that ball aside from the perfect spot he threw it to on the sideline? If Mingo didn't overrun/adjust his body in a weird angle that should be an easy pitch and catch
  11. Just for the lolz but let's say Young turns it around and becomes the unquestioned Franchise QB this team desperately needs. What color jersey you buying white, blue, or black?
  12. Where do you recall seeing those stats?
  13. Wonnum had 38 pressures. Maybe you're thinking of QB hits? The real question is how many times did Wonnum let a TE make him look like a complete b****? Burns was at least double digits in that category
  14. If Evero wanted him he'd still be here. Best of luck
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