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  1. I think you show off your insecurities more with these whiney passive aggressive posts moreso than the people who just want to see Cam AND The Carolina Panthers succeed
  2. While Rivera does deserve some blame for how the back end of Newton's career has gone, I don't believe for a second injuries derailed Cam's career as much as you guys think it did. A lot of big name QBs have had season ending injuries only to come back and find themselves in a familiar situation or at least a "good situation" after their injured seasons...except Cam. Cam hasn't been given a fair chance to come back from his injured season the way Aaron Rodgers got too, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Dak Prescott, Ben Roethlisberger etc. ALL of these guys had pretty serious injuries at one point in their career. Now compare the situations they got to play into after their injured year and compare that to Cams last year. Has he been honestly given a fair chance to prove he's not damaged goods? The guy put up 3200 yards of offense 21 total tds 10 ints and 66% completion on 368 attempts with one of the worst supporting casts in NFL History and only 5 weeks to learn their system. It hasn't been anywhere close to the same as those other guys. And now he signs with a team halfway through the season to prove he can still play. What could have been had we never released him in the first place. Cam just needed a fair opportunity, hopefully it works out this time around
  3. Can you imagine trying to throw deep consistently with Damiere Byrd and N'keal Harry as your outside WRs? Yikes
  4. Cam is no different than he's always been. Genuine. He's always been about winning and putting the team first by doing whatever means necessary. I think it took him leaving/being cut for people and fans to realize what was truly lost. There will never be another QB like Cam and I'm grateful that he's being given somewhat of a chance to continue his career with this franchise. If there's a QB out there that can wait to suit up until half way through the regular season to help carry a team to the playoffs, it's definitely Cam Newton.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if we're still paying Jake Delhomme
  6. "pass after pass" He had a 66% completion with the worst offensive starting unit in the entire NFL. Glad Cam's back to put dumbasses like you in their place. Sounds like you should start cheering for a different team based on today's news bud
  7. 5 weeks to learn the offense and Damiere Byrd as his #1 WR. What a dumbass comment
  8. You guys remember the time Cam grabbed that Packers Banner from those fans and threw it in the garbage? I do. Miss those days of being a Panthers fan.
  9. So would I but that's not going to happen. I also doubt that Cam would even entertain the thought of playing for Carolina again
  10. Music to my ears. Sadly he is what this fan base deserves and they have to live with the dumbass decisions that they have supported since day one.
  11. Told you all Rhule and Tepper were clowns from the very beginning. Sucks to be right but i can't help but laugh watching the very same sheeple who were in denial now the ones with the pitchforks! Gotta love society and how easily people are brainwashed from media hype.
  12. Why? Because he got injured and missed 14 games then went on and joined the Patriots 5 weeks before the season started and played in one of the most talent deficient offenses in NFL History? On top of a COVID year? That's what you're basing Cam's current ability on? Yikes. Typical blind sheep only believing what you read and hear instead of actually thinking for yourself. I'm sure you were one of the many excited for this season and believed this current team was a playoff team at the beginning of the year too weren't you? Lmao!
  13. Seeing everyone praise Rhule like the second coming after our 3-0 start to now seeing everyone begin to turn on him, makes me feel so good and happy. Thanks guys, thanks a lot. David Tepper, you're next bud.
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