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  1. Bears oline is actually vastly underrated. It's one of the better units in the NFL
  2. He only threw the ball 318 times and had 60% completion and 7.0 YPP. You aren't going for 3500+ yards 20+ TDs throwing the ball 318 times with his supporting cast on offense. He's not as bad of a thrower as a lot of you guys are making him out to be.
  3. If you were to look at the entirety of Fields passing numbers and not just how many yards he threw for you'd see hes right on par with Cam when it comes to throwing the football. He only threw the ball 318 times. The avg QB that starts 17 games probably averages close to 500+ attempts. He had 60% completion and avg'd 7.0 YPP. Solid numbers. He plays in a pretty crappy offense like Cam did in NE, Cam threw the ball only 368 times that year with 65% completion and 7.2 YPP and everyone gave him crap for how bad of a year he had statistically yet when you break it down and consider the offense the player is playing in the numbers aren't nearly as bad as the casual couch potato makes them out to be. Like Cam, Fields will be an awesome QB with a chance to be great if Chicago ever gets their head out of their ass and learns how to build an offense around their young QB.
  4. I used to really hate Sean Payton. I don't see how he could ever really bleed black and blue after all of the rivalries of the last 10+ years. But if there's one thing I can say I 100% hate more than Sean Payton it would definitely be losing. I feel like he gives us a good chance at making this team competitive year in and year out.
  5. No one knows how these kids will do in the NFL. Playing QB is more than just stats and arm talent. A lot of it goes into the make up of the person and how dedicated they are to their craft. You don't find that out by simply looking at stat sheets and watching tape. Way too early to tell if they are worth drafting or not
  6. Yes exactly if we hire an offensive minded HC would he not also have a say in the QBs in this draft? Even if we hire a DC I'm sure the offensive staff he beings with him will also have input.. How is that information even out yet? 100% this guy has no clue what he's talking about this early into the draft process
  7. Will depend on who we hire as HC. Until that happens Carr will not be a Panther
  8. I mean, Justin Fields is a raw talent when passing the football yes but if you look at his totals in an offense that doesn't have a great offensive line or receiving threat, he had a pretty damn good season. He only threw the ball 318 times in 15 games. He completed 60.4% of his passes and avg'd 7.1 YPP. Not amazing numbers but not bad either for someone who is as great of a rushing threat as he is. He had 3300 total yards 25 TDs and 11 INTs in a less than stellar offense. His numbers are actually similar to Cam's in NE (3300 total yards 21 TDs). On paper the stats look bad but when you break it down and consider the offense they are playing in and who they have around them it makes a huge difference. Fields will be a good/great QB for Chicago if he can stay healthy and they upgrade the players around him. To the OP I think our best bet if we want a QB would be to move up 3 spots to the Lions pick. Texans will probably draft a QB, Colts forsure will be taking a QB, Seahawks could also possibly take one. If they don't and Richardson or Stroud are available at 6 I think we have to make the call.
  9. Imagine having multiple early day picks where we could get not only one DE to replace Burns but another DT/DE as well. Both on rookie contracts. That is how you build a super bowl winning team and ensures you aren't over paying for talent for a 5-6 win team. Think about it. Burns just had 12.5 sacks and we still miss the playoffs and barely churned out 7 wins. Our run defense AND pass rush is still a problem. Now we are about to commit a large % of cap space to a guy where it doesn't matter if he has a good or bad year stats wise. His IMPACT on each game is what matters and Burns impact on a play to play basis is so God awfully low compared to other top DEs in the game. Burns is NOT someone you build your defense around. He's a luxury addition for a team on the cusp. That is not the Carolina Panthers. Signing him to a multi year extension at the $$ it will cost is 100% not the move to make. Best bet is trade him for w.e day 2/3 picks you can get come draft time
  10. You can't honestly believe Jim Harbaugh is cut from the same cloth as Matt fuging Rhule
  11. The problem is we are going to have to pay him like a top 5 DE when he isn't. Trade him for picks get some younger players to fill the void and they could possibly develop into better all around DE's than he is currently. He is a pass rush specialist and nothing more. The contract he is going to demand is not going to be worth it for a team that is in the position we're in
  12. Yea we're in a tough spot if we can't get at least a 1st. Anything less would feel really bad but it's better than handing out a max contract that pays him like a top 5 DE or letting him go for nothing. Will be interesting to see what happens
  13. He is a very replaceable player on our defense. Luvu and others have shined and shown up in more big time moments this season than Burns has. There is still a chance he is dealt this offseason although I don't see us getting the original haul we could have gotten. He is NOT worth franchising or handing out monster $$ too. Maybe if our defense was more complete it'd be nice to have a guy like that but he is 1000000000000% not someone you build your defense around
  14. And how many teams have we lost to that we should have beaten over the last 3 seasons? Doesn't matter. Any Given Sunday in the NFL. People don't remember or care who you played. How many people try to make the excuse Tom Brady only has as many rings as he does because he's played in cupcake divisions his entire career? That argument just doesn't hold weight like you think it should
  15. Is this game really not going to be flexed? It could be Tom Bradys last meaningful game he plays. Of course if the NFL is planning on rigging this game (I'm sure they will try) they probably don't look at it like that. Now if we beat the Bucs and the Saints somehow beat the Eagles next week's game should definitely be a prime time game in a winner takes all match for the South. If we beat the Bucs and lose to the Saints who is getting in if the Saints lose to the Eagles this week if we end up with the same record?
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